18 Best Pure & Organic Honey Brands in India

Honey is one of the most versatile kitchen ingredients that find its use not just in cooking but in skincare, haircare, weight loss treatments, and other health conditions. In India mainly, honey is also used in religious ceremonies. Pure honey tastes sweet, smooth, and has a warm undertone that leaves one feeling refreshed and healthy. No matter how you consume honey – it is always wholesome, delicious, and full of health benefits.

With so many benefits that honey offers, it is natural to want to consume the best honey from the best brands. Since honey comes from entirely natural processes, organic honey is the best, and some top brands sell pure honey at affordable prices. However, this healthy food comes in so many variants that you can get confused. That is why we bring you the best honey brands in India. Pick your preferred one and watch your health and well-being go to another level.

How We Tested The Purity of Honey?

Our team at Indulge by GrabOn, tested the purity of honey from a variety of brands using three key methods. First with water, followed by vinegar and fire.

How to check the purity of honey:

#1 Method – With Water:

  • In order to check the purity of honey, take a tablespoon of honey and add it to a plate containing water.
  • If the honey dissolves in water, it is considered ‘not pure’.
  • Please make note that pure honey stays together (as solid) when it is submerged in water.

#2 Method – With Vinegar:

  • Add two to three spoons of vinegar to the plate.
  • Then take a tablespoon of honey to test its purity.
  • If you witness any foamy substance, you can be rest assured that the honey is not pure.
  • This means that the honey may be diluted/adulterated with chemicals like gypsum.

#3 Method – With Fire:

  • In this method, dip a tissue/a cotton ball in the honey to check its purity.
  • Once you add/dip the honey, shake off/remove the excess honey, dry it for a while and burn.
  • If you find the cotton ball catching fire/burns, it is considered pure.
  • Impure honey usually does not burn as it contains excess water, which eventually keeps the honey from burning.
  • Note: We used a candle to burn the honey-dipped cotton ball.

You can also follow the above simple steps at your home to know if the honey is pure or adulterated.

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List Top 18 Best Brands of Honey in India 2023

The Indian market has a lot of brands that sell honey. However, to get maximum benefits from consuming honey, you should opt for raw honey that offers loads of nutrition without added sweetness and preservatives. Although bottled-brand honey may look more appealing and attractive, it is natural honey that really should be consumed. It looks cloudy, crystallises over time, and is not very sweet. Always check the label for added sugar- and if it does state so, leave the bottle there and then. Below, we give the list of the top best brands of honey in India, however, do read the labels and decide on your own which one you’d like to consume.

With glass-bottle packing, one does not have to worry about harmful substances from plastic leaching into the honey.

Hitkari Honey

Hitkari Honey
Hitkari honey is one of the most trusted brands of honey in India. In 2010, it was established that Hitkari honey manufacturers do not use antibiotics in honey, and their product is genuine. The brand claims that it operates only in season, unlike the big manufacturers who push antibiotics in bee colonies to prevent infections. The brand is also into manufacturing health drinks and Sharbat.

Why Choose This?

  • This particular product is pure and has passed all 22 parameters set by FSSAI. Hence, proving it comes with zero adulteration and is one of the best honey in India.
  • Hitkari honey helps you lose weight when consumed with warm water on a regular basis.
  • The antioxidant and antibacterial properties present in the honey helps your immune system fight off various diseases.

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Merlion Naturals

Merlion Naturals

Honey is best in its raw form. This organic honey can be differentiated based on the USDA Organic certification badge on the label. Need to know one brand that sells pure organic honey for you directly from the honeycombs? Merlion Naturals’ honey is unpasteurized, unprocessed and unheated. It is drawn out from the combs and packaged after simple filtration through a mesh or a nylon cloth. The brand sells honey that is really nutritious and keeps all the nutrition intact from pure honey. You can buy it from the Merlion Naturals website. The company started in 2017, also offers many other Personal Care and Dietary supplement products at an affordable price.

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Bonphool Mangrove Honey

Bonphool Mangrove Honey

Are you in search for a new brand that offers the purest form of honey? Then look no further than Sundarbans Mangrove Honey. It is made of key ingredients and aromatic flowers like Khalisha, Bani, and Garan to enhance your skin texture. The main reason to choose this product is the 100% natural ingredients with no added sugar, chemicals, and preservatives. Due to its medicinal properties, Sundarbans honey also helps minimise the risk of cancer, asthma, and heart disease. 

Why Choose This?

  • It contains antiseptic properties and micronutrients to boost immunity.
  • Made of aromatic flowers for better taste.
  • Very economical to buy online.

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Honey and Spice

Honey and Spice

The honey from Honey and Spice is pure and sweet due to the presence of floral ingredients. This honey is extracted from the orchard’s nectar in Kashmir. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and anti-aging properties that help fitness enthusiasts who desire to lose weight. On the whole, the honey from this brand also improves digestion and appetite.

Why Choose This?

  • Affordable to buy online
  • FSSAI Certified organic honey
  • Rich in carbohydrates and proteins
  • Easy to store and can be used for cooking needs

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The Indian Beekeepers Organic Raw Honey

The Indian Beekeepers Organic Raw Honey

The Indian Beekeepers is the one-stop destination for raw honey that is popularly known for its therapeutic benefits, and its use for varied cooking needs. You can get raw honey from the hive with no added preservatives, and all the products are cruelty-free. Without further ado, check out the Indian Beekeepers Organic Raw Honey and get some fantastic deals from GrabOn while buying online.

Why Choose This?

  • 100% raw and unprocessed honey
  • Available in multiple quantities – 150, 200, 275, 300, 325, 365 grams
  • Can be used as a flavoured pack on crispy dishes

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Eiwa Honey

Eiwa Honey

Eiwa Honey is a trusted name that you can trust for consistent quality and value. Boasting years of experience in the industry, Eiwa has mastered the art of harvesting honey from the hive democratically and sustainably. They also work with beekeepers who practice safe beekeeping practices, which ensures a good environment for bees.

Eiwa uses only organic methods to extract honey from hives; this means that they do not add any harmful chemicals or pesticides during processing. Their promise to always provide 100% pure and premium products makes them an ideal choice for those who care about their health and well-being.

Why Choose This?

  • They use the latest honey harvesting and processing techniques to ensure that their honey is of the best quality.
  • Importantly, they follow a cruelty-free processing technique.
  • It is organic and free from any artificial flavors or colors.
  • Their products are traceable, meaning you can get the exact details about the farmer who sourced them, including location details.
  • The honey by Eiwa contains all the nutrients and enzymes that are necessary for proper digestion, promoting well-rounded health.
  • With a delicate floral flavour, this honey is perfect for people who want to enjoy the natural sweetness of honey without any artificial additives.
  • It is best known for its benefits in boosting the immune system due to a substance called mangiferin.
  • It is also good for weight loss, and people suffering from blackheads, and acne.

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Under The Mango Tree (UTMT)

Under The Mango Tree

Under The Mango Tree, is one of the best honey brands in the market known its delivering 100% pure and organic honey. The honey from UTMT is harvested from Kedar mountains and is NMR tested, an advanced test to check for adulteration and verification of the origin of honey.

The honey from UTMT is free of artificial flavours, colors, and preservatives. It is rich in vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants, and aids in weight management, and digestion.

Why Choose This?

  • It is single-sourced and is collected directly from beekeepers across the country to make sure the flavours are unique.
  • They are not blended or pasteurized, unlike supermarket honey, meaning they are not processed.
  • They come in their distinct flavors and colors which can vary from year-to-year.
  • Offers unique flavours ranging from Coriander, Curry Patta, to Jhandi, and more.

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Vanalaya forest honey

Vanalaya is your answer if you are a die-hard fan of organic and natural products. It has an array of healthy, unprocessed and hygienic food items that are sure to be loved by your taste buds. The most popular and top-selling product of Vanalaya is its 100% pure and organic raw honey. It is made using all-natural ingredients, natural sugars and has stunning added nutrients. The brand has 3 types of honey and all of them are equally beneficial and delicious.

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Dabur Honey

Dabur Honey
India’s largest Ayurvedic medicine & natural consumer products manufacturer, Dabur, has been around for centuries and holds strong footprints in people’s minds. Dabur Honey, too, echoes the brand’s promise to uphold purity and health and bring you 100%, pure honey. The Sundarbans forests are the sources of honey for Dabur, and rest assured, it is free from chemicals and preservatives.

The glass bottle packaging is an added advantage. It ensures no harmful matters are transferred unline plastic or metal containers.

Why Choose This?

  • The Dabur Organic Honey is arguably the best organic honey available in India because it’s unprocessed and unpasteurized. It’s like being given honey directly from the honeycomb.
  • It’s your best bet for completely organic honey because it’s procured from select apiaries which are located near only organic farmlands.
  • To prove the honey is pure, Dabur has put this product through NPOP certification. So, you can be sure that you only receive the purest of honey.

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Saffola Honey

Saffola Honey

Saffola is owned and operated by Marico, which is a multinational consumer goods manufacturer. Honey from Saffola goes through various processes so that you get the purest form of honey. Their honey contains zero added sugar and helps build immunity, which is why it has earned its spot on the list of best honey brands in India.

Why Choose This?

  • This honey from Saffola has gone through a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance test to prove its purity.
  • It has zero added sugar and is packaged in a USFDA registered facility.
  • The honey helps build immunity and provides a natural source of energy.
  • Saffola Honey provides you with a healthier alternative to sugar, while being one of the purest options available in the market.

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Though a new brand, Indigenous honey has been making natural, high-quality honey for over ten years. Their state-of-the-art processing plant ensures zero to least interference by hand. They provide many types of honey for various purposes and even export their premium quality honey to other countries globally.

Why Choose This?

  • This honey from Indigenous honey has passed various tests to prove its purity and provides one of the best organic honey in India.
  • Some of its benefits include healthy glowing skin, and weight management and it has been proven to be great for your gut.
  • Indigigenous Honey follows an extensive process of procuring honey to produce the best honey in India.
  • It’s NMR tested and NPOP organic certified to provide the best organic honey in India.

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Little Bee Organic Honey

Little Bee Organic Honey
Premium and prominent, Little Bee manufactures various honey types, such as natural honey, blend honey, premium honey, and organic honey. The process of extraction of honey is by hand, under the strictest hygiene standards. The brand has also won the APEDA award once for its purity and quality. Being a premium brand, it comes across as expensive, but you will become a loyal customer once you taste it.

Why Choose This?

  • This honey from Little Bee is produced by stingless bees in organic farmlands.
  • It provides a host of health benefits and because of its organic nature, it helps you stay away from harmful chemicals.
  • It’s great for the heart and overall health, as it’s unprocessed and raw.
  • With years of expertise in producing honey, Little Bee has earned its place amongst the best honey brands in India.

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Apis Himalaya Honey

Apis Himalaya Honey
Apis Himalaya honey is processed with modern technology and without using chemicals. The quality is good, and the prices are affordable. The company has an in-house laboratory and a world-class processing plant that prepares honey, retaining its nutritional aspects. It offers various variants of honey, and you can choose based on your needs or specific requirement. It tastes sweet, is easily spread on bread and rotis, and is instantly liked by everyone. It can also replace the sugar in your cup of tea or coffee. You can use it for cooking and baking, as well.

Why Choose This?

  • Passing the harshest regulations set by ISO, Apis Honey has proven to produce only the purest of honey from honeycombs across the nation.
  • This honey from Apis has a unique flavour, which was missing from your morning breakfast.
  • It helps you with all the bad habits and aids in losing weight.
  • The Apis honey is a dense source of nutrients and vitamins.

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Dyu Honey

Dyu Honey
Dyu in Sanskrit means ‘glow’, and that is what the brand stands for. Every drop of honey from Dyu glows with the natural ingredient. The brand sells pure, artisanal, and naturally extracted honey with little human-made processes to pack it from the hive to the bottle. It also has therapeutic properties, and everyone can benefit from the Dyu honey. It is naturally sweet and does not contain added sugars. It makes for an excellent accompaniment to your food and otherwise.

Why Choose This?

  • Help your skin get the natural glow back with this Artisanal honey.
  • It’s a great replacement for sugar and tastes quite good.

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Zandu Pure Honey

Zandu Pure Honey
There is no denying the fact that Zandu pure honey has been around for many years now. The distinct taste, aroma, thickness of unprocessed natural honey can be well experienced with a bottle of Zandu pure honey. It does not contain added sugars and does not have any fat. A German laboratory has confirmed that Zandu honey is pure and does not contain added sugars.

Why Choose This?

  • This honey has a blend of honey from Sundarban and Tulsi, which creates a unique flavour that will delight your taste buds.
  • It’s cleared of adultartions, such as C3/ C4/Rice/ Corn/ Cane Sugar.

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24 Mantra Honey

24 Mantra Honey
Certified organic, without preservatives and chemicals, 24 Mantra honey is naturally processed from various flowers in the Himalayan ranges. 24 Mantra honey gets packed after filtering with little interference and zero contamination, thus retaining its natural and healthful properties. It has a great, delectable taste and is free of any preservatives or harmful chemicals. 24 Mantra honey can is used for various purposes like cooking, beauty, and therapeutic purposes.

Why Choose This?

  • 24 Mantra provides honey that is truly natural with zero added sugar or preservatives.
  • Over 60,000 farmers collect honey throughout the year to provide organic, chemical free honey.

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Patanjali Honey

Patanjali Honey
Patanjali has carved a niche for itself in recent years. The brand claims its honey is unprocessed and natural, though there has been some concern over honey’s deposition at the bottom in Patanjali bottles. The brand has clarified that pure honey tends to change its composition as per the seasons. Patanjali has taken Ayurveda to another level, so many people are sure about the brand’s commitment to purity.

Why Choose This?

  • It’s a pure and natural honey which is really good for your health.
  • It’s great for curing colds and coughs and strengthens your immune system.

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Baidyanath Madhu(Honey)

Baidyanath Madhu Honey
Talking about honey, it is unlikely that the Ayurveda brand Baidyanath honey does not get a mention. Renowned for its purity and authenticity, Baidyanath Madhu comes from Sundarbans’ forests and some Himalayan ranges. There is no question of chemicals and additives, and rest assured you get the benefits of natural honey with this one.

Why Choose This?

  • 100% pure unprocessed and unsaturated honey.
  • It can help you lose weight.

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Salem Mango Pure Raw Honey

This honey from Salem is directly sourced from the tribes and retains its natural taste forever. Also, it is packed without adding artificial chemicals, hence the minimum shelf life. Once you order, the item will be shipped within 5-7 business days. Also, do not feed this to infants below two years as it may result in infant botulism.

Why Choose This?

  • 24 months of shelf life
  • It helps to prevent cancer and heart disease.

Used as a natural sweetener in tea, sweets, cakes, and cookies

Final Result

Three honey brands – Merlion Naturals, The Indian Beekeepers, and Sundarbans JFMC passed all three key tests, according to the testing methods we followed.

Most Loved Raw & Organic Honey Brands

1. Madhdhara Farm

Madhdhara FarmShop healthy & organic honey at Madhdhara Farm. This Brand was established in the year 2007 with the promise to deliver for purity for health. They combine tradition with modernity to bring out the best of both worlds for enhanced quality & quantity. Madhdhara Farm produces different types of honey by migrating their honeybees to places with abundance in flowers like Celery, Germplasm, Lychee, Kashmiri Acacia and Desi Acacia.

Madhdhara Farm is extremely generous and distributes approximately 200-300 liters of Buttermilk every single day. Their methods are completely organic and wholesome. This gives rise to products that are as healthy for the environment as they are for you!

2. Vantattva Honey

Vantattva HoneyVantattva Honey is one of the purest forms of honey you will ever find in the market. It is collected and processed in the most organic form to keep its nutrients and quality intact. From Himalayan to Sunderbn to Sheesham, you can find a variety of honeys available with Vantattva. Be it honey comb packs to raw honey to wild raw honey, you can get the most premium quality products at an affordable price.

3. The Honey Shop

The Honey Shop

The Honey Shop India is one of the renowned brands in the market dealing in pure and organic honey. Usually, honey available in the market is from bee keeping. But Honey Shop India is one of the few brands that collects honey from natural hives present in forest (Apis Dorsata Honey Bees). The honey from this brand can be used for preparing delicious food, for skin care and for medicinal purposes.

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4. Honey Basket

Honey BasketLooking for a pure honey brand that extracts honey from natural bee-hives? If yes, Honey Basket is all you need! With zero-added sugar, Honey Basket sells honey, which is unprocessed and unheated. You can rely on the brand as it is FSSAI certified and NABL lab tested. The company has expertise in honey production and offers around 20 different variants to choose from. Packed in a gorgeous bottle, the natural honey from Honey Basket is not just rich in minerals and antibiotics but also boosts your immunity naturally.

5. Bharat Honey

Bharat Honey“Bharat Honey” is a product of Unani Pharmacy. It is an AGMARK grade “A” honey brand. The brand is famous for providing pure and raw honey since 1986. They claim to pack honey in Raw form without disturbing it’s the nutritional value of honey. This honey is also an NMR test passed honey. The analysis reports are present on their website.

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6. Standard Honey

Himalayan Multifloral HoneyHoney is considered to be the best natural sweetener which has tremendous health benefits. The quality of honey depends on the habitat where it is produced. A habitat like that of a Standard store, which is exceptionally maintained and monitored, leads to the production of high-quality premium honey. Standard honey is extracted from honeycombs that are looked after by remote beekeepers at the Standard stores. This honey is 100% pure, totally unprocessed, unheated, and has 0 additives. Thus, it is rich in nutrients too. Moreover, the honey comes in the retail packaging of a squeeze pet bottle that makes it easy to apply.

Standard was also ranked first amongst leading brands in recognition for its purity and taste. Thus do not think twice before trying out Standard’s honey.

What are the benefits of consuming pure honey?

There are enough proved evidences that recommends the use of honey in management of several disease conditions. The topical application of honey also enhances your beauty and appearance. No wonder honey is one of the most sought-after food by the health and beauty industries. Let’s discuss some of the top benefits of consuming honey regularly:

1. Helps in allergies and infections

Sinus, allergic reactions, throat infections, cough, colds – you name it, and honey is the natural medicine for all these infections and allergies. Just have it in your regular tea, or mix up a spoon in some warm water, or have it as it is – pure organic honey would give you immediate relief.

2. Great for the digestive health

Honey is believed to be a mild laxative. Having a spoonful of honey in warm water is known to boost digestive health and loosen your stools. If you have irregular bowel movements, add some lemon to your honey and warm water mixture as well.

3. Boosts the immune system

A healthy immune system will make sure you stay healthy and fit- no matter what the season. Raw honey has many antibacterial and antiviral properties that boost your immune system to fight illnesses.

4. For wounds and cuts

The antibacterial properties of raw honey make it an excellent ointment to heal and cure burn wounds, cuts, and bacterial infections. Dab some honey on the site of the wound and cover with dressing or gauze.

5. Cures obesity and helps in losing weight

Haven’t we all know this? As honey boosts the digestive system, it improves the metabolic process and helps in flushing out toxins from the body. Have honey in warm water and lemon every morning to get accurate results.

6. Enhances skin and hair

Oral consumption of honey gives your skin a healthy glow. You can also use honey in homemade face packs to treat skin problems like dryness and acne. For hair, a pack of honey and yogurt would work wonders to give you manageable, silky, and smooth hair.

7. Good for brain health

As we age, our brain tends to forget things sooner. To keep your brain working well, one should consume raw honey regularly. The antioxidants in honey boost brain health and fights the loss of memory.

Honey has its significance in ancient Indian medicine, and Ayurvedic medicines are more effective when taken with honey. Modern science confirms the importance of taking honey regularly for our well-being and health. We hope you pick your preferred brand from the list above and take a step to healthy living today.

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  1. these are the best brands for buying honey

    • Not True ! Sorry you r I’ll informed. Or u have personal interest in promoting these. Did u check the Report in News papers tht these have FAILED the internationally accepted NMR TEST ?

  2. HoneyBasket – Honey Brand is a premium honey brands sells only original raw honey, direct from tribals, Free shipping, comes with money-back guaranteed.
    * The honey is from Forest trees and not by bee farming box based honey
    * Unprocessed and un-heated
    * No chemicals, no added sugar
    * As-is form, highly rated and reviewed by customers.

  3. Patanjali is definitely not pure dear. I have used it. In winter, the honey turned into frozen sugar. Pure honey never freezes. U can try on Ur own.

  4. I have very good experience with Dabur honey, can’t say about another brand

  5. Reply Author
    সুরজিৎ সি্্হ বাবু July 22, 2019 at 12:19 pm

    ডাবর খুবই ভালো

  6. Patanjali milawati hai kuch khul ke rakhna shakar niche ajage

  7. I saw another local brand which sells raw honey direct from the beekeepers of West Bengal. It is “NectarCart” Honey. Search on Google. It’s not like Dabur or Patanjali adulterated with sugar syrup, its pure and contains all the ingredients for health benefits. A must-try.

  8. Thanks.. It helps me a lot in my project ?

  9. These are the best brands for buying honey.

  10. Some people are commenting that brands mix sugar in their honey, because they dont know that crystallisation of honey depends on the source of nectar. There are testing methods available to check all these adulteration; one can get the product tested before blaming the brands.

  11. Why patanjali make adulterated honey. I thought the patanjali products are gueniun

  12. Any experience on BB Honey ?- BB means BIG BASKET sells them in different variety BB Royal Honey, BB Royal Kashmir Honey etc….

  13. Reply Author
    DEVISIVAPRIYA PAMUJULA July 15, 2020 at 6:04 pm

    Any honey company/brand is certifying/mentioning that moisture is below 20% and no added sugar.

  14. Reply Author
    DEVISIVAPRIYA PAMUJULA July 15, 2020 at 6:07 pm

    Is there any company/brand, which is actually brought and prepared from Himalaya. Because only keeping Himalaya name is not sufficient. People are getting confused.

    • Reply Author
      Iqbal ahmed Dantroliya November 9, 2020 at 1:12 pm

      Yes APERA INDIA do bee keeping in Himalaya also…. Make sure if uh get a chance to taste it …And please let us know !

  15. The moment I saw Dabur Honey on the list,I lost faith on this article! This article is based on brand value rather than purity of the product which, in this case, is honey! Misleading article

  16. True Patanjali honey got deposited in crystal sugar
    Even Dabur once had same issue
    Apis is good I am using since 3 years now no issues

  17. i love to eat GROFER’s HONEY. more cheap n good taste.YOu can try and u will love it

    • dont go for good taste, if the taste is good that means that the honey may not be authentic, cheap is always bad, go for quality saving money will compromise on your health

  18. What about isha honey?

  19. Almost all brands of honey sold in India are adulterated. Only Zandu claims to have certification from German Labs. But does this claim apply to all zandu honey sold in the market?
    But what is not adulterated in India? Show one product which is really pure.
    We Indians are so used to adulteration, that we might feel pure is not normal.

  20. I am really confused ! Your information about the Quality of Honey has been a big ? Mark.Using Patanjali honey is very good.But should I switch on to other Brand. However comments are based on each of the consumers’ opinion. I am not blaming any one
    Right from Day one of Pathanjali is used by me
    To my utter surprise patanjali’s Honey has taken as # 9.I have to check with others about
    This.I don’t mean or passing any of the persons.Thanks to the info on this Platform.

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    Patanjali it’s not good sugar added in that
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  23. I am in Chennai, I’ve tried raw forest honey from nature’s shadow. They are selling pure honey extracted from dense forests.

  24. Why did you not mention Manuka Honey?
    (raw, wild and unpasteurized)
    I believe it is probably the best.

  25. Reply Author
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    Out of above brands, Patanjali is better..raw honey directly from fields are best..

  26. Natural honeys of Iran are among the best honeys in the world that have a reasonable price.

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