10 Best Medicine Delivery Apps in India

The traditional buying medicines process looks somewhat like this: you get a prescription, go to your local pharmacy and find out it’s not available. Then, you go to a farther pharmacy, and you meet with the same hands. And so, as you go farther and farther, the possibility of your med’s availability seems to be getting larger and larger. But that’s not how math works. So, you let the prescription sit at home, and your dosage meds become a distant dream. What a saddening picture!

Here’s the alternative: Online Pharmacy

  • Click a picture of the prescription, upload it on the pharmacy app (or search for your medicine directly)
  • Find your medicines, read about them, and put them in your cart
  • Place your order and complete the payment
  • A pharmacologist or a specialist will check your cart before it is delivered for genuine and safe meds
  • Ding dong! It’s the medicine guy

Now that’s the convenience we were promised at the advent of the internet!

But wait, which online pharmacy should you go for? Internet-city is chockablock with at least a dozen! We’ll tell you. Here is a list of 10 of the best e-pharmacies in India. These are ranked based on several factors, including Google Play Store ranking, user interface, responsiveness, delivery time, membership benefits, and discounts offered. Please read the descriptions to know what makes each of them unique.

List of Top 10 Medicine Delivery Apps in India for 2023

Practo 1mg Apollo stats

1. Practo

Google Play Store ranking – 4.5

Practo LogoFounded in 2008, Practo is a complete solution for all your medical needs. The app lets you book appointments with doctors near you, order medicines, buy health plans, or consult a doctor online. What sets Practo apart from most other e-pharmacies is that it lets you consult doctors in more than 25 specialties. The app is easy to use. You can schedule your consultation for later or start it instantly within 2 minutes. As for ordering medicines, Practo boasts more than 50,000 medicines and health products and can deliver in less than two hours.

Membership benefits – Practo Plus lets you get unlimited online consultations for you and your family.
First-purchase offer – Get 20% on your first order

2. 1mg

Google Play Store ranking – 4.4

1mg LogoRanked as one of the best ‘Made in India’ apps by Apple in 2014, 1mg was bound to be on this list. Like the other apps, 1mg also lets you buy medicines, book lab tests, and consult doctors. But there are features above and beyond these that make 1mg worth a try. For one, you can view medicine information, get tips and expert advice, and get your queries and concerns answered. Secondly, every time you search for a medicine, you will be shown alternate brands and their prices. This way, you can save a lot while buying your meds.

We have a dedicated page for 1mg coupons at our website. Check out the top coupons from 1mg now and shop with the app or website.

Membership benefits – With a 1mg Care Plan, you get 2% off on all orders, an extra 5% 1mgCash, free delivery across India, one free lab test, one free consultation, and early access to sale periods.
First-purchase offer – Get 18% off + 20% cashback

3. Apollo 247

Google Play Store ranking – 4.4

Apollo 247 LogoFor about 32 years, Apollo Pharmacy has been providing genuine medicines round-the-clock, through 24-hour pharmacies. Now, with Apollo 24/7, they want to make medicine buying more convenient than ever. With over 3,500 stores under its belt, delivering medicines is a breeze to Apollo. This is why, in some cities, they may even get delivered within an hour! Some extra benefits of ordering from the Apollo 247 app include Apollo Health Credits (points you earn every time you place an order), Symptom Checker, Digitized Health Records, Doctor Consultations, and Diagnostic Tests. You also have the option of speaking with a pharmacologist about medicine interactions before you place an order.

Membership benefits – Apollo 247 CIRCLE gives you services such as free delivery, priority shipping, exclusive discounts on doctor consultations and lab tests, and an emergency doctor-on-call.
First-purchase offer – 10% off on all medicines.

You can get the latest Apollo Pharmacy offers and coupon code to save further.

Pharmeasy Medplus Mart Sastasunday Stats

4. PharmEasy

Google Play Store ranking – 4.5

PharmEasy LogoFounded in 2015, PharmEasy is a relatively new app in the e-pharmacy segment. However, that isn’t a disadvantage for PharmEasy, which is known for its intelligent UI and the refreshing in-app experience. The company delivers to more than 22,000 pin codes, spanning across 1200 cities, which alone puts it above most other apps. Apart from your medicines’ doorstep delivery, PharmEasy also offers services like booking lab tests, getting medicine information, and ordering medical equipment.

Shopping at the app is better beyond this ranking. The brand value and the discounts from Pharmeasy make it the first choice amongst all medicine apps in India.

Membership benefits – PharmEasy Plus membership gives you free shipping, free doctor consultation, 5% cashback on all orders and 10% cashback on booking a lab test.
First-purchase offer – Flat 15% off + 10% Cashback

5. MedPlus Mart

Google Play Store ranking – 4.6

MedPlus Mart logoOne of the most reviewed, most downloaded, and highly ranked medical apps is MedPlus Mart. The app lets you order meds and other over-the-counter health products with the touch of a finger. With MedPlus, you get the convenience of setting up a pill reminder, printing your bills anytime, keeping all your health records in one place, and getting information about medicines, their side effects, alternatives, and more. The app has an innovative interface that is easy to navigate through. This is probably the reason why it sees over 3,50,000 customers each day. But it could also be because of its rewards program – FlexiRewards. Another factor that sets MedPlus apart is that it is purely for ordering meds and healthcare products. On the other hand, diagnostic tests are booked on its other app, MedPlus Lab, which also has equally good discounts and offers.

Membership benefits – MedPlus Mart’s FlexiRewards program lets you save up to 35% through points, which you can redeem either via receiving cash or household products.
First-purchase offer – Get flat 25% off on medicine orders

6. SastaSundar

Google Play Store ranking – 4.6

SastaSundar logoFounded in 2013, SastaSundar is an all-in-one wellness app that offers Free Delivery on all its products. The app believes in providing healthcare that is genuine, consistent, convenient, and affordable. This is why it is not difficult to find good discounts on SastaSundar now and then. Apart from regular medicines, SastaSundar is also a very few apps to facilitate ordering generic medication. It also removes generic drugs’ ambiguity by providing accurate medicine info, usage instructions, and warnings. The app has three unique features. One, it uses AI to show you articles and products that are relevant to you. It has health-based articles that you can read or listen to in English, Hindi, or Bengali. And three, it offers helpful tools such as a vaccination tracker, BMI & pregnancy calculator.

Membership benefits – SastaSundar does not offer any membership programs as of yet.
First-purchase offer – Get flat 20% off + free home delivery.

Medlife Netmeds Truemeds Phable Stats

7. Truemeds

Google Play Store ranking – 4.4

Truemeds LogoTrusted by people across India, Truemeds is all about genuine and high-quality medicine. The e-pharmacy supplies medicines only from India’s top 50 medicine makers. This helps Truemeds ensure the best quality for its users. Before dispatching, all of its orders go through a Triple Check. The orders are checked by a doctor, a pharmacist, and their proprietary AI-based algorithm in this stage.

Membership benefits – Truemeds do not have a membership program yet.
First-purchase offer – Up to 72% off + free consultation

8. Netmeds

Google Play Store ranking – 4.3

Netmeds LogoRanked as ‘Asia’s Most Promising Brand 2018’ by WCRC International, Netmeds is the perfect place to get convenient and affordable access to everyday medicines. The unique feature of the app is that it gives you timely reminders to refill your medicines. This way, you can order with just a click, and at the same time, avoid missing doses before ordering the next batch.

Apart from medicines, the app offers a complete range of wellness items, including vitamins, fitness supplements, herbal products, and beauty care products.  Adding up, you can also save money by adding Netmeds coupon code during the payment checkout process while shopping online for medical equipment and tablets.

Membership benefits – Netmeds First Membership gives you benefits such as free delivery, priority processing, 2.5% NMS Cash on all orders, 5% off on pathology tests, free unlimited consultation, and a primary health check-up.

First-purchase offer – Flat 18% off + 10% NMS SuperCash

9. Phable

Google Play Store ranking – 4.1

Phable LogoPhable is designed to be much more than a medical app. It is designed to be your intelligent care companion. The app is a boon for people with lifestyle diseases, as it keeps them connected to their doctors throughout the day. You can sync your Fitbit, Accu-check, Omron, and other fitness/health trackers to Phable. In this way, whenever there are problematic symptoms, your doctor will be alerted instantly. The app manages all your health records immediately and makes sure that lifestyle disease patients get the continuous care they need. As for medicine, yes, you can order them on Phable at great discounts. You can even choose to receive medical reminders for your doses.

Membership benefits – Phable does not offer any memberships as of yet
First-purchase offer – Get 20% off on medicine orders

That brings us to the end of the list if you found the answers to your questions; yay! Having an excellent online pharmacy app on your phone is super important, as it bails you out at crucial times. Some of the pharmacies listed above also assign you an emergency doctor-on-call, which can be helpful.

Tell us in the comments if you have used more than one of these apps and find it more convenient and affordable. Refer to our other articles for more lists such as this one.

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