13 Best Lipstick Brands In India, According To Expert

Have you ever wondered how a swipe of lipstick can transform your entire look and boost your confidence? Well, yes, it’s true because lipsticks have become fashion sidekicks over the period of time. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that lipstick is the best cosmetic to amp up your complete look. And today we are your beauty scouts, here to spill the beans on the safest and most popular lipstick brands online.

But wait, the most exciting part is yet to come. In this article, we are not just going to list the best lipstick brands but also the insider scoop on prices, best-selling collections, and obviously, the pros, and cons for each. Be it glossy, matte, or ayurvedic in that matter, the list here will help you choose the best brand for your preference and budget. So, whether you’re a makeup maven or a newbie, this article can surely be your beauty roadmap.

Our Top Picks

Our selection of the best lipstick brands in India is a result of meticulous research and careful consideration. We’ve taken into account various factors, such as product quality, shade range, longevity, and customer reviews.

To provide a well-rounded perspective, we collaborated with renowned beauty and lifestyle influencer, Ridhisha Agarwal. Her insights, especially regarding organic lipstick brands, have enriched our list. By blending expert insights with real-world experiences, we’ve crafted a list of the best lipstick brands in India that go beyond the ordinary. Our goal is to provide you with the most trustworthy advice, enabling you to select lipsticks that not only enhance your beauty but also align with your values and preferences.

So, dive into our curated list, and let your lips do the talking.

Best OverallMaybelline
Most AffordableLakme
Most OrganicBelora
Best Smudge-proofSugar

13 Popular Lipstick Brands

You can scroll down and look for the best lipstick brands curated with a perfect comparative analysis as per affordability and luxury. Let’s first have a look at the table below for a broader understanding:

1. Maybelline


When discussing cosmetics, particularly lipsticks, Maybelline stands out as a prominent brand. This American-based cosmetics company has established itself as a leading provider of a diverse array of lipsticks, spanning from understated and subtle shades to vivid and bold hues.

In order to enhance your lipstick application, you may take heed of Ridhisha Agrawal’s valuable advice, “to always use a lip balm to prime your lips, a lip liner to define your lips, and a translucent powder to set your lipstick.” Therefore, whether you’re gearing up for a cocktail party or a grand occasion, these expert tips perfectly complement Maybelline’s lipsticks, seamlessly elevating your beauty regimen.

Best Selling: Dress your lips with Maybelline’s Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick which is available in 4 red shades to suit every Indian skin tone.


  • Affordable and effective lipsticks.
  • Longer shelf-life.
  • Available for every skin tone.
  • Long-lasting lipsticks that won’t dry out lips.


  • Darkens lip after regular use.
  • Limited pigmentation.

Price Range: Rs 299 – Rs 849

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2. Belora


Belora, synonymous with clean and conscientious beauty, is making waves in cosmetics. Committed to clean beauty, Belora crafts vegan lipsticks, entirely free from common toxins. As Ridhisha Agrawal attests, “Belora is one of her favorite brands for vegan lipsticks as they are ultra-pigmented in nature.” She lauds Belora’s mini lipstick collection, boasting a range of shades for every mood and occasion.

Notably, their “Paint & Pout” lipsticks add versatility to your makeup repertoire. Therefore, whether opting for a soft, understated look or a bold, vibrant statement, Belora lipsticks excel.

  • Highly pigmented.
  • Does not cause feathering.
  • Deep matte finish.


  • Less transfer-proof than other brands.
  • A little thick and difficult to apply.

Price Range: Rs 499 – Rs 599

3. Lakmé


Being one of India’s first cosmetic brands, it wouldn’t be fair if Lakme is not on this list. Known for its affordability and inclusivity, Lakme lipsticks are a staple in every makeup lover’s collection. Their collection offers a diverse range, from cushion matte to ceaselessly smooth finishes. Lakme’s best-selling products often include the iconic “9 to 5” range, known for its long-lasting formula that stays put throughout the day.

On top of this, their lipsticks are renowned for their vibrant color range, ensuring that there’s a shade for everyone, whether you prefer a subtle nude or a bold statement color. If you’re looking to effortlessly extend your beauty while staying within a reasonable budget do look out for the fabulous offers by Lakme and pick your favorite product at an extremely reasonable price.

Best Selling: Have fun with different shades of Lakme’s Forever Matte Liquid Lip Colour which has a lightweight texture and long-lasting appearance to make you look gorgeous anytime anywhere.


  • Comfortable to wear for long hours.
  • Available at budget-friendly rates.
  • Keeps your lips supple and smooth.


  • Turns your lips dry and patchy.
  • Does not come with quality packaging.

4. Just Herbs

Just Herbs 

In a world full of chemically rich cosmetics, we have Just Herbs, one of the promising Indian brands for organic beauty care. By serving a wide range of natural products, especially premium quality lipsticks, they have become one of the most reliable ayurvedic lipstick brands in India. According to Ridhisha, “Just Herbs lipsticks are more than makeup; they’re a blend of nature and beauty. Their herb-enriched formulas not only add vibrant color but also nourish and protect your lips.”

Among their best-sellers, the “Botanical Bliss” and “Herb-Infused Allure” lipsticks have garnered immense popularity, offering long-lasting color and the goodness of natural ingredients. If you aspire to enhance your lips naturally while prioritizing purity and quality, this is the brand for you. Don’t forget to use Just Herbs promo codes to enjoy substantial discounts on these botanical treasures.

Best Seller: To feel that ultra-smooth texture on your lips, you can buy the Herb-Enriched Ayurvedic Lipstick Kit from Just Herbs which comes in 16 stunning shades. And using this product, you can prevent your lips from darkening because they have the right amount of pigmentation.


  • Free from chemicals and artificial pigments.
  • Contains a natural formula to keep your lips nourished.
  • Comes with excellent packaging.


  • The lipstick lid is not tight enough.

5. Revlon


With a rich history of producing high-quality makeup products, Revlon is a brand that beauty enthusiasts worldwide trust. Their diverse range of lipsticks is no exception. From classic matte to lustrous shine, Revlon offers a lipstick for every occasion and style. One of the most popular and beloved lipstick lines from Revlon is the “Super Lustrous” collection. These lipsticks are celebrated for their intense color payoff, creamy texture, and long-lasting formula.

For those who prefer a hydrating experience, the Revlon Kiss Cushion Lip Tint provides a burst of moisture and vibrant color. Choosing Revlon means embracing a legacy of beauty excellence. Their lipsticks not only enhance your natural charm but also offer lasting comfort. Trust Revlon for a lipstick that effortlessly elevates your look, day or night.

Best Sellers: For radiant lips, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick has become a go-to for many women. The best thing about this product is its pigmented texture, which can make you look gorgeous inside out.


  • Lightweight lipsticks, great for daily use.
  • Comes with a longer expiry duration.
  • They have lipsticks for every Indian skin tone.


  • Their lipsticks as compared to other brands, can break quite easily.
  • Some of their lipsticks have a watery texture that’s difficult to apply.

Price Range: Rs 800- Rs 1200

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If you are looking for a new-age make-up brand, RENEE should definitely top your list. They are known for meeting the cosmetic craving of every pretty woman. And if lipsticks are what you love, then you will find everything from matte liquid and matte crayon to liquid shine in their amazing range of products. RENEE prides itself on using high-quality formulations that provide long-lasting color, ensuring your lipstick stays put throughout the day.

Their lipsticks are known for their comfort and easy application, making them suitable for daily wear. With this brand, you can elevate your makeup game and embrace your unique style. So, why wait? Explore the world of RENEE cosmetics and experience the beauty of self-expression.

Best Seller: To get that extravaganza look, you have RENEE FAB 5 Matte Finish 5-in-1 Lipstick to bless your lips with a creamy matte texture. This is a must-have during traveling because it comes with five flawless shades.


  • Extremely easy to carry and use.
  • Very consistent when applied.
  • Paraben-free lipsticks with no added mineral oils.


  • Not very waterproof or smudge proof.

Price Range: Rs 250 – Rs 1999

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7. Nykaa


For a hassle-free cosmetic shopping experience, Nykaa has everything you ever require. And if you follow a proper make-up routine, you know that lipstick is what really satisfies a complete look. For those seeking long-lasting wear, Nykaa offers a selection of waterproof and transfer-proof lipsticks that won’t let you down. The brand’s commitment to delivering high-quality lip products has earned them a loyal customer base.

Their best-selling lipsticks, such as the Nykaa So Creme, known for their comfortable matte finish and intense pigmentation, are a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality. The Nykaa Mattelicious Lip Crayon, with its velvety matte texture and a wide array of shades, is another crowd favorite.

Best Seller: Get your own Nykaa MATTE-ilicious Lip Crayon to shape your lips in the most elegant way. It will give you that effortless matte finish without causing feathering.


  • Gives a good color payoff.
  • Weightless and crinkle-free.
  • Contains healthy formulas for long-lasting comfort.


  • Some lipsticks at least need three strokes to get a full-color payoff.
  • Nykaa’s lipsticks might get off easily after eating oily food.

Price Range: Rs 199 – Rs 650

8. Sugar Cosmetics

Sugar CosmeticsSugar Cosmetics has lately become a go-to companion for millennials by offering a diverse line of skincare and makeup essentials. So, if you are confused thinking about which lipstick brand will be best in terms of quality and longevity, you can definitely trust them.

But in the middle of your purchase, if you feel your budget is crossing, you can check out Sugar Cosmetics ongoing deals where you can save lots of bucks on your favorite product. Their ‘Mettle Matte’ and ‘Smudge Me Not’ lipsticks are a few examples that you can add to your cart.

Best Seller: The Wonder Woman collection of Sugar Cosmetics is the best lipstick collection that can define your true style and hidden beauty. Available in 10 amazing shades, this lipstick has a creamy and matte texture to keep your lips intact and super-defined.


  • Their lipsticks help to give you super-defined lips.
  • Carries a range of high-performance lipsticks.
  • Ensures to keep your lips intact.


  • A special lip cleanser is needed to remove their lipsticks.
  • Not very ideal for the winter months.

Price Range: Rs 199 – Rs 1199

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9. MyGlamm


There are days when you might be in a hurry and won’t have enough time to follow the same makeup routine. During such situations, only a touch of lipstick can create that magic. And when we say lipstick, MyGlamm will definitely cross your mind. This brand is especially known for its great makeup lineup. Their lipsticks are not only great in quality but also light on the wallet, making beauty accessible to all.

Some of their best-selling ones include the LIT Liquid Lipstick range, known for its intense pigmentation and long-lasting wear, K.Play Flavoured Lipstick, and more. MyGlamm offers enticing lipstick combos that include a variety of shades and finishes. These combos are perfect for those who love experimenting with different lip looks, from bold to subtle. Their lipsticks provide a perfect balance of affordability and quality, making them a must-try for all beauty lovers.

Best Seller: If you want a lipstick with true shade and true beauty, you can try Manish Malhotra Beauty Hi-Shine which is one of the most loved lipsticks of MyGlamm as of now. This particular product comes in many classy shades and its glossy finish and intense colors can give an altogether new dimension to your lips.


  • Could be long-worn.
  • Vegan-friendly and have opaque application.
  • Absolutely smudge-proof.


  • Sometimes, their lipsticks can settle into lines.
  • Does not stay long on the lips.

Price Range: Rs 295 – Rs 995

10. Faces Canada

Faces Canada

With their unique selection of quality cosmetic products, Faces Canada has made a close place in the hearts of every Indian woman. Under their makeup category you will find a diverse range of best-quality lipsticks including lip tint, matte finish, lip crayon, and many more. The lip tints are perfect if you wish to go for a natural, flushed lip look that lasts. For the ultimate convenience, Faces Canada’s lip crayons provide a blend of precise application and rich pigmentation.

Their lipsticks not only coat your lips evenly with intense and rich color but also provide hydration and nourishment. This combination ensures that your lips stay beautiful and healthy. Now, if you want to get their lipsticks at an unreal price, you may head to Faces Canada’s ‘Offers’ section to get a wholesome shopping experience. Also, if you wish to stack up your premium lipstick collection, ditch those low-quality ones and shop from Faces Canada.

Best Seller: You can buy Faces Canada Weightless Matte Lipstick which has some pretty shades and comes at a decent price.  Plus, it also gives a good amount of color at a single stroke itself.


  • Extremely skin-friendly.
  • Does not fade away easily.
  • Enriched with great minerals.


  • Easily melts in a humid climate.

Price Range: Rs 249 – Rs 1199

11. Elle18


Elle18, a beloved name in the beauty line, brings a touch of youthful charm to your makeup collection. Their lipstick collection, in particular, is a standout offering that captures the essence of fun and vibrancy. Elle18 is all about affordable beauty without compromising on quality, making it an ideal choice for makeup enthusiasts. Elle18’s lipstick range is a delightful blend of trendy and classic shades.

From bold and sassy reds to soft and natural nudes, they cater to various moods and occasions. What makes Elle18 lipsticks special is their creamy texture that effortlessly glides onto your lips, delivering a burst of color that stays put. Their affordability, variety, and hydrating properties make them a fantastic choice for everyday wear and experimenting with new looks.


  • Budget-friendly and accessible to a wide audience.
  • Shades for every mood and occasion.
  • The hydrating formula prevents dryness and flakiness.


  • Requires more frequent reapplication.
  • Lacks diverse finishes like matte or satin.

Price Range: Rs 90- Rs 500

12. Colorbar


From the date of its establishment, Colorbar has not failed to meet the beauty cosmetic requirement of women. Whether you are looking for matte, metallic, or gloss, they have lipsticks of every texture as per your preference. Colorbar’s Velvet Matte Lipstick is an iconic favorite. It offers a rich, velvety texture that glides on smoothly, providing intense color with a matte finish.

Colorbar’s Sheer Touch Lipstick is a must-try for those who prefer a sheer and glossy finish. It provides a subtle hint of color while keeping your lips hydrated. One great aspect of purchasing Colorbar lipsticks is that they come with top-notch quality without a hefty price tag. Whether you’re experimenting with makeup or looking to enhance your beauty regimen, go through the Colorbar deals section and enjoy a happy purchase.

Best Seller: Select different shades and get different fun with the VELVET MATTE LIPSTICK of Colorbar which is transfer-proof and absolutely smooth on lips.


  • Contains a non-greasy formula to keep your lips healthy.
  • Contains highly pigmented formula.
  • Dermatologically tested.


  • Dry out lips after a few hours.
  • Not on the budget-friendly side.

Price Range: Rs 399 – Rs 1299

13. Swiss Beauty

Swiss Beauty 

Whether you have dry or moist lips, Swiss Beauty will definitely serve you with the right lipstick of your choice. From smooth and non-transfer matte to lip crayon, they have plenty of options for you. It won’t be wrong to say that they have some of the best long-lasting collections of lipsticks as compared to other popular brands.

Swiss Beauty’s lipstick collection is indeed a gem in the beauty world. The “Stay Matte” range, for instance, is a fan favorite known for its intense pigmentation and the ability to stay put for hours, even through meals. They offer a wide spectrum of shades, from bold to everyday neutrals, allowing you to express your style effortlessly. Whether you’re a makeup pro or just starting your beauty journey, Swiss Beauty lipsticks offer a winning combination of variety, quality, and value.

Best Seller: Give that soft lipstick touch to your lips with one of the bestselling products of Swiss Beauty, i.e., HD Matte Pigmented Smudge Proof Lipstick.  It comes in a total of 24 sassy shades to beautify your lips perfectly.


  • Absolutely mess-free.
  • Comes with travel-friendly packaging.


  • Leaves patches on lips.
  • Carries an unwanted cosmetic smell.

Price Range: Rs 199 – Rs 509

Things To Remember While Purchasing The Best Lipstick 

Know Your Undertone: Determine whether you have warm, cool, or neutral undertones to choose shades that complement your skin tone.

Consider Occasion: Select shades based on the occasion – lighter shades for daytime and bolder ones for evenings.

Skin Tone Matters: Fair skin looks great with pinks and corals, medium skin tones can rock most shades, and deep skin tones shine in rich reds and plums.

Texture Choice: Pick the right texture – matte for long-lasting, satin for a blend of matte and shine, or gloss for a shiny finish.

Longevity: Consider lipstick longevity; matte lipsticks tend to last longer than creamy ones.

Hydration: If you have dry lips, opt for moisturizing lipsticks to prevent chapping.

Price Range: Decide on your budget; there are great lipsticks available at various price points.

Storage: Store lipsticks in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain their quality.

What Are the Ways to Fix Chapped Lips?

  1. Drink enough water– The best way to keep your lips moist is by drinking enough water in a day. If you are unable to keep track of water intake in a day, you can check for apps like HealthifyMe, which will keep nudging you to drink water after small intervals. You can also drink coconut(dab) water to keep yourself hydrated.
  2. Try home remedies– Rather than using branded or chemically infused products for everything, you must sometimes try natural home remedies as well. To fix your chapped lips, you can start applying any of the below-mentioned products for a couple of weeks or more to see positive results:
  • Homemade Ghee will help restore the natural oils from your lips and provide them with maximum lubrication
  • Coffee & sugar scrub is the best way to get rid of dead skin, thereby keeping your lips flawlessly nourished.
  • You can directly take the Aloe Vera gel from the plant and apply on your sunburnt or chapped lips.
  1. Use organic lip balm– Make sure to carry a lip balm with you every day. You are advised to use natural lip balm which contains ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, honey, and other organic ingredients. On frequently applying the lip balm, you can very soon get rid of those dry lips.
  2. Do not lick your lips- Whether it’s your habit or you think licking your lips will keep them moisturized, then, my friend, you are wrong. It’s because, you are coating your lips with saliva which will get evaporated quickly, leaving your lips drier and more uncomfortable.

Wrapping Up!
Different makeup trends may come and go, but lipsticks will always be a timeless beauty. Be it a cocktail party or a regular office day, no look is complete without lipstick. “Lipstick application is an art that can improve your entire makeup appearance and boost your confidence. Which is why you should never hesitate to explore the vibrant world of lip shades, finishes, and styles,” says your very own Beauty & Fashion influencer, Ridhisha Agrawal. To every beautiful woman out there, all we can say is, don’t forget to Experiment and have Fun.

Lastly, if you are a makeup enthusiast and want to learn about the best cosmetic brands on the market today, simply click on the link.

Things To Remember While Purchasing The Best Lipstick

What Are the Ways to Fix Chapped Lips?

  • Drink enough water– The best way to keep your lips moist is by drinking enough water in a day. If you are unable to keep a track of water intake in a day, you can check for the apps like HealthifyMe, which will keep nudging you to drink water after small intervals. You can also drink coconut(daab) water to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Try home remedies– Rather than using branded or chemically infused products for everything, you must sometime try natural home remedies as well. To fix your chapped lips, you can start applying any of the below-mentioned products for a couple of weeks or more to see positive results:
  • Homemade Ghee will help in restoring the natural oils from your lips and provide it with maximum lubrication
  • Coffee & sugar scrub is the best way to get rid of dead skin, thereby keeping your lips flawlessly nourished.
  • You can directly take the Aloe Vera gel from the plant and apply on your sunburnt or chapped lips.
  • Use organic lip balm– Make sure to carry a lip balm with you every day. You are advised to use natural lip balm which contains ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, honey, and other organic ingredients. On frequently applying the lip balm, you can very soon get rid of those dry lips.
  • Do not lick your lips- Licking your lips may seem like a quick fix, but it can actually have counterproductive effects on lip hydration. This occurs because saliva, when applied to the lips, tends to evaporate rapidly, leaving your lips in a drier and more uncomfortable state. It is advisable to explore alternative methods for lip care to ensure optimal lip health and hydration.


1. Which lipstick shade can give a natural look?
To complement the natural color of your lips, you can try a nude shade lipstick, especially during the daytime. There are many brands like Lakme, Faces Canada, etc., where you will find the best waterproof nude lipstick you have been looking for.

2. Which lipstick brand is more affordable, Lakme or Faces India?
Both these brands offer a colorful range of best-quality lipsticks. But Lakme lies on the more expensive side than Faces India.

3. What is the shelf period to store lipsticks?
There are brands that claim their lipsticks have a longer shelf life of more than 2 years or so. But it’s all just a myth. After reading some reviews, we have come down to this conclusion that it’s important to get rid of lipsticks after one to two years’ time.

4. Which texture of lipstick can stay longer?
If you are tired of reapplying your glossy lipstick after every hour, or even after eating anything, then girl you need to change your type. You can start using the matte liquid lipstick that will keep your lips intact and stay for a whole day without smudging.

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