Types of Bras – Complete Guide

With the ongoing fashion trends and designs, women love to look stunning. However, it is also essential to keep you safe and protected. A recent survey reveals that 6 of 10 women wearing a bra feel uncomfortable during their travel to colleges, workspaces, and other official meetings. It is due to the undergarments they opt for such occasions. However, an unsuitable bra may lead to skin allergies and other diseases. Especially those that do not allow proper air circulation can increase temperature making it uncomfortable to wear.

It is quite often that women make wrong choices, be it the color combination, strip designs, sizes while wearing a bra underneath. With the ocean of possibilities flourishing every day in the e-market, women might be baffled with a plethora of choices to pick the best quality bra that fits their requirements.

Are you searching for the fashionable products that perfectly fit your body shape and skin tone? Well, you are in the right place. Here we have compiled different types of bras in India 2022 that suit every woman based on comfort and quality. Let’s get started!

Different Types of Bras for Lustrous Look



Padded bras are the most popular and widely used undergarment types among teenagers and adults. They come in a unique style with extra pads added to each cup. Some pads are in-built, and some can slide in/out of interior sleeves. It is designed in such a way that it prevents breasts from sagging and provides an appealing look.

Due to their versatile functionality, padded models can fit on Indian ethnic sarees, T-shirts, or formal dresses. However, if you have chosen the wrong size, you may end up looking weird. So, be wise enough to pick the padded bra size that fits your body type.

Push Up

push up
Do you want to look special at parties? Well, grab Push Up bras from the online stores that offer a huge collection of women’s clothing like GrabOn with exclusive coupons to save your penny. They give you a gleaming look by using extra padding and angled cups. They tend to showcase breasts larger in size and works exceptionally great for neckline dresses and tops. Adding up, the push-up models come in different sizes and shapes complimenting the women’s attire.


Sports Bra comes into play for women who indulge in physical activities like yoga, running, swimming, aerobics, gym, etc. They tend to minimize body movements and stress by offering multi-level comfort and coverage. They can be worn under workout clothes or on stylish leggings.

Wireless /Non-Wired

wireless non wired
Wireless bra types are found in different combinations ranging from sports to padded-up and demi-cup bras. As the name suggests, a Wireless model comes with the wireless option to offer maximum comfort and look ultra-modern during night parties. The main advantage is that wireless type supports women of all sizes and shapes.



Strapless bras come in multiple color combinations supporting women of all ages without the straps attached to them. They support women’s body through anti-slip lining and underwire that keeps from slipping away.



Underwire Bra is best suited for women who desire to look young and bold. They come in a variety of bra styles ranging from demi cups to strapless models and can be worn under all types of garments. They lift the mood and offer premium comfort levels due to the presence of thin wire adjoined into the fabric, just beneath each cup. If you are experiencing any sort of allergies, it’s better to avoid underwire models.

Full Coverage

full coverage

If you are looking for a bra that adds great value to your outfit, then you must prefer buying full coverage bras from the e-stores. Full coverage models are available in different brands, colors, sizes, and stitching patterns supporting young, teens, and adults. It gives you a cozy look any day of the week as full coverage bras offer underwire beneath the cups. Adding up, it is comfortable to wear on dresses, tank tops, and t-shirts.

Demi Cup

demi cup

Do you want to look lustrous wearing a bra? Well, opt for demi cup bras as they come in low-cut shapes and are lined around edges to give you a unique shape. The only drawback is that they cannot provide support for women with large breasts.



Balconette bras are perfect for women who desire to wear low-cut tops, revealing plunges, wide necklines, and dresses. Although Balconette style bra supports all shapes, best fits for women with fuller cup sizes. It is not an ideal choice for women with loose tissue, causing the breast to appear flat and squishy.

Convertible / Multiway


You might be frustrated if the undergarments do not fit your body shape. What if you get a bra with the convertible option? One such type in the list is convertible bras. The convertible models come in a flexible style with straps adjusted (rearranging the straps) across your shoulder and back to offer extra support. They can be a great add-on to your wardrobe as they even offer padding to small and medium breast sizes.

Front Closure

front closure

Front closures are considered as the traditional bras as they offer front closure with a single or multiple clasps. Most Indian women prefer the front closure type due to the easy accessibility nature, and robust design. They come in T-back or clear back straps to wear under sarees and other formal dresses.

Although, front closure resembles sports and push-up bras; perfectly suits pregnant ladies during breastfeeding and women who find difficulty using the back closure bras. They look smooth and flatter on women of all shapes.



Petite bras are well-crafted for petite women (having small, and trim figure) who find hard to find the right-size undergarments. They come in a variety of shapes along with small cup sizes and bands to fit precisely.

Maternity, and Nursing


Buying a maternity bra online is a daunting task as you may end up buying the wrong sizes. Maternity bras are designed for women to wear during pregnancy and do not have dropdown cups for breastfeeding the babies. Whereas, Nursing bras are specially curated for breastfeeding and can be worn post-pregnancy. It primarily focuses on providing the convenience of opening a flap and fits your body shape.



During pregnancy, women tend to gain weight due to several health reasons. Hence, a pregnancy bra can be worn throughout the pregnancy and breastfeeding process. However, it is important to consider undergarments with soft, adjustable, and drop-down cups for easy access.



Racerback bras are stylishly designed with a center and crisscross strap between the shoulder blades. They are great at providing support and aligning the spine with a proper posture.

Racerbacks are perfect to wear under sleeveless, tank tops, gym clothes, for everyday use. These are usually made using lace fabric and does not contain hooks; hence it is suitable for women with narrow and sloped shoulders.

Deep Plunge

deep plunge

Having Deep plunge bras in your wardrobe outfit collection is what every teenager wishes for. It makes you look ultra-stylish when worn on necklines and plunging design dresses. It has got a deep dip between the cups and a padded plunging to keep away from stripping in public places.



Adhesive bras come with two cups connected with strips in the middle. They are made of silicon material and ideal for revealing outfits. If you are not a big fan of strapless models, you can prefer buying adhesive bras.



A T-Shirt bra is yet another popular model that comes with smooth, seamless cups without any lace. Hence, it won’t reveal your body when you wear under the garments, especially tight-fitted clothes.

Stick On

stick on

A Stick-On bra is just like an adhesive bra without any straps or bands. It is perfectly suitable for ladies who love to wear undergarments with a low cut back.


non padded

Compared to padded bras, the non-padded bras come without any foam padding. They are made of fabric materials and make you look comfortable and natural. What are you waiting for? Switch to the latest non-padded models from the online store.



The maximizer bra is quite similar to the push-up bra and the only difference is it comes with extra padding on both sides.

Plus Size

plus size

Plus size bras are specially designed for women with large breast sizes. They come with long underwires and wide straps for more coverage and support, making them suitable for all age groups. Women who frequently shop for big sizes can opt for Plus size models as they come in different patterns, and perfectly suits for office use, dating, and workouts. GrabOn provides exclusive coupons for women lifestyle to save your budget.



Unlike other models, the Shelf bra comes in two different types – built-in and quarter cup. The Built-in bra is an extra piece of fabric and an elastic band that uses compressions attached to the outwear. If you are prone to excess heat during the summer months, then it is advised to use dark colors to prevent sweat stains. Quarter cup bra is composed of lace fabric that covers the lower part to ensure a smooth, supple look.



In contrast with other models, longline bras extend till bustline depending upon the design. They are most popular to wear on strapless gowns or bridal collections to achieve a seamless look and improves body posture.



If you are looking for a lightweight undergarment without an underwire, then you must prefer Bralette. It is a perfect blend of a crop-top model with a slip-on style design. It can be considered as the fashionable outwear suitable for parties and supports small to medium sizes.



You may probably know that there are different types of undergarments to wear on every occasion. They come in unique designs to meet the requirements of all body shapes. The main advantage of the caged bra is that it is available in classic and contemporary styles to supports all cup sizes. They come in different types of straps, forming a grid pattern across the back and sides.



Transparent bra types feature transparent back straps and shoulder straps. They look invisible on tube tops, backless and strapless clothes, giving you a lustrous look. They are available in small, medium, large sizes and perfect to wear for weddings and parties.



Bridal bras are the most common type of undergarments worn during the bride’s wedding and honeymoon trips. These are available in plenty of options to complement your overall wedding outfit. Compared to other innerwear, bridals are a bit expensive because of the beading and embroidery. They offer maximum support to the cups by slimming the ribcage and waistline.



Are you in your early teen-ages and wearing a bra for the first time? You must consider purchasing a beginner’s bra online. The beginner’s model comes in a lightweight, hook-free design to look like crop tops and is comfortable than regular types.



Of all the types in the list, the Lace bra is the most purchased and widely available in the market. It makes an ideal choice for a honeymoon to cherish the moments spent with your partner. It has come with extra lace fabric supporting the small, medium, large cup sizes and thereby enhance your appearance.



Do you feel embarrassed while wearing body-hugging tops? Well, your inner garments will show up. All thanks to the seamless bra types that are available in an ultra-smooth design to offer comfort under tight clothes and enhance the overall appearance.



Halter neck types are a must-have collection in girl’s wardrobe as they go well with tank tops, tubes, strapless dresses, and t-shirts. They have single or double straps around the neck and hooks on the back for support. They are available in plus sizes, and all you need is to pick the right size for your body type. They are super comfortable and make them easy to wear for all sorts of events.



Sheer bra exposes your body skin with the type of fabrics used like satin, tulle, lace, etc. It has come with convoluted designs that are fashionable yet supportive too. The main purpose of sheer types is to make sure the sweat doesn’t accumulate on the body and easy to maintain. So, if you are willing to have something new and pretty, then you must consider sheer innerwear.

Final Verdict

Wrapping up, women tend to purchase an undergarment from an online store without actually checking the bra size. It keeps you annoying, and you will end up wasting your time, money, and efforts. Fashion experts do claim that choosing the right-sized bra makes women look beautiful. Hence, it is vital to know that sizes vary for different brands, and one must check the measurement before ordering online. So, what are your thoughts on different types of bras? Which one do you prefer the most? Do you have any queries? Let us know in the comment section below. Our team of experts will be right away to clarify them.

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