17 Best Baby Diaper Brands in India

Are you a parent of a newborn baby and looking for the best baby diaper brands in India? Choosing the right diaper is crucial for your baby’s comfort and well-being. In India’s bustling market, numerous diaper brands offer different types of features, but finding the perfect fit for your little one can be overwhelming. To help you with this, we have prepared a list of the top diaper brands in India for newborn babies.

In this comprehensive blog post, we will navigate through the top baby diaper brands available in the Indian market and discuss their key features, absorbency levels, material quality, and suitability for different baby needs. Whether you prioritize eco-friendly options, ultra-soft materials, or maximum absorbency, this blog aims to simplify your decision-making process. 

Did You Know…

Disposable diapers comprise 50% of a baby’s trash. Their decomposition duration remains uncertain, possibly spanning generations.

Our Top Picks:
Before we look into the top diaper brand recommendations, it’s important to understand the methodology behind our selection process. Our team at GrabOn conducted thorough research, taking into account crucial factors like pricing, size, material quality, and more. The ensuing list highlights our top picks, showcasing each brand’s outstanding features within their respective categories.

Best OverallPampers
Best QualityHuggies
Best For Sensitive SkinSupples
Best BudgetHimalaya

List Of The Best Diaper Brands – Reviews & Key Features

Here in this section, we will discuss our listed diaper brands and why to choose them. Each brand listed below offers distinct features across various price ranges. So, let’s check out the best baby diaper brands in India. 

1. Pampers

  • Price Per Diaper: ₹19.85
  • Available Sizes: Newborn (NB), S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
  • Material Used: Cotton
  • Wetness Indicator: Yes

Pampers provides a range of newborn diapers in taped and pant styles, designed for delicate babies. Its taped diapers offer stability for comfort for babies. These diapers are made from soft, stretchy material with added fragrance, ensuring prolonged dryness. They feature wetness indicators for easy changes and a special design for the umbilical stump. You can consider Pampers Preemie Swaddlers New Baby Diapers for extra softness and protection. Their ultra-absorbent gel keeps babies dry for up to 12 hours, featuring double leak guards to prevent allergies.

What Our Experts Liked:

  • Pampers diapers ensure quick absorption and even distribution for a dry and comfortable experience.
  • The diapers come with adjustable tapes, allowing for a snug and comfortable fit tailored to your baby’s needs.
  • With a user-friendly design, it’s easy to tighten or loosen the diapers for a secure yet flexible fit.
  • These diapers are designed to cater to the needs of newborns to 3-year-old kids, providing reliable protection and comfort.
How To Save On Your Pampers Orders?

Always opt for purchasing diapers in combo packs which will decrease the per diaper cost. Apart from this, you can also check the latest offers by Pampers for extra savings.


  • Price Per Diaper: ₹11.48
  • Available Sizes: NB, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
  • Material Used: Cotton (Chlorine Free)
  • Wetness Indicator: Yes

When you’re searching for reliable diapers, Huggies diapers stand out with their thoughtful design. These diapers ensure all-around protection, keeping your baby dry, comfortable, and free from redness or rashes. With a 3-D bubble bed, they provide extra softness, while their stretchy fit prevents discomfort and rashes. Additionally, the double leak guards available in its diapers offer added protection against leaks, and their tear-off sides make disposal quick and hassle-free.

What Our Experts Liked:

  • Huggies diapers come with innovative technology for enhanced absorption and distribution, keeping your baby dry and comfortable.
  • Each diaper has a specially designed waistband for a secure and comfortable fit, ensuring your baby can move freely.
  • These diapers come with advanced leak protection with a triple guard mechanism, providing extra security during the day and night.
  • Thoughtfully added padding to minimize red marks on sensitive skin, promoting a gentle and irritation-free experience.
How To Save On Your Huggies Orders?

Save more by opting for the “Subscribe” option where the brand will deliver your order every month. However, you can also check out various coupons for Huggies available only for additional savings.

3. Supples

  • Price Per Diaper: ₹9.04
  • Available Sizes: NB, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Material Used: Cotton
  • Wetness Indicator: Yes

Supples offers a diverse range of diapers tailored to protect your baby from allergies and skin concerns. The soft cotton material of these diapers ensures your baby’s skin remains comfortable all day, making them ideal for toddlers weighing between 9 to 14 kg. These diapers feature specially designed layers that effectively absorb liquid and facilitate quick-drying, while the trickle lock cuff prevents any leakage. Beyond diapers, if you’re in search of additional baby items, consider exploring leading baby shopping websites for cost-effective options on toys, clothing, baby care essentials, and more.

What Our Experts Liked:

  • Supples’ diapers feature an innovative zig-zag channel top layer for efficient absorption, keeping your baby dry and comfortable.
  • The brand offers an economical choice without compromising quality, ensuring affordability while maintaining high standards for baby care.
  • These diapers are designed with convenience in mind, making them easy to put on and take off for hassle-free diaper changes.
  • They are crafted with a gentle touch, suitable for babies with sensitive skin, providing comfort and protection.
How To Save On Your Supples Orders?

You can visit the Supples Store on Amazon and check out its “Deals” tab to get access to the latest offers on them. For more savings, you can look for online Supples coupons.

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4. Himalaya

  • Price Per Diaper: ₹13.3
  • Available Sizes: S and M
  • Material Used: Cotton
  • Wetness Indicator: Yes

Himalaya, an iconic Indian brand, crafts products using natural ingredients. Their baby diapers feature Aloe Vera and Yashada Bhasma extracts, curbing germ growth and averting rashes. These diapers boast breathable fabric for air circulation, leak-proof elastic edges, and a super absorbent layer handling multiple wettings. They’re gentle, easy to put on and remove, and suitable for overnight use.

What Our Experts Liked:

  • Himalaya diapers feature a natural anti-rash shield, promoting skin health for your baby’s well-being.
  • Crafted with aloe and Yashad Bhasma, these diapers ensure a gentle and soothing experience for sensitive skin.
  • They are ideal for heavy wetters, providing reliable protection and keeping your baby dry and comfortable.
  • These diapers include a Wetness Indicator, turning green when full, making it easy for parents to monitor and change.
How To Save On Your Himalaya Orders?

Make sure to regularly check the official website for the most up-to-date sales. Additionally, take the time to explore various offers and coupons provided by Himalaya, accessible on several coupon websites. This proactive approach can lead to potential savings, allowing you to indulge yourself as a commendable parent.

5. Little’s

  • Price Per Diaper: ₹9.97
  • Available Sizes: NB, S, M, L, and XL
  • Material Used: Cotton (Alcohol-Free)
  • Wetness Indicator: Yes

Little’s is a renowned diaper brand that delivers top-notch quality and exceptional features. Celebrated for its commitment to ensuring a comfortable and safe experience for both babies and parents, its diapers boast premium materials that are gentle on your baby’s skin. These diapers are available in sizes from newborn to extra-large, their range accommodates babies of all sizes and stages. Little’s offers both disposable and washable options, allowing parents the flexibility to choose what suits their lifestyle best.

What Our Experts Liked:

  • Little’s diapers offer 12 hours of reliable absorption, keeping your baby dry and comfortable throughout the day and night.
  • The trickle-side cuff effectively prevents leaks, ensuring a mess-free experience for both babies and parents.
  • Crafted from breathable cotton material, these diapers prioritize comfort and ventilation for your baby’s sensitive skin.
  • The front side indicator simplifies the fitting process, ensuring a secure and proper fit tailored to your child’s needs.
How To Save On Your Little’s Orders?

Purchase baby diapers using your credit cards to get additional cashback. Along with this, search for various Little’s coupons available online to save more on your purchases.

6. MamyPoko Pants

  • Price Per Diaper: ₹20
  • Available Sizes: NB, S, M, L, and XXXL
  • Material Used: Cotton
  • Wetness Indicator: Yes

MamyPoko Pants, favored by many moms, claims to absorb up to 7 glasses of water. These diapers’ crisscross absorbent sheet evenly spreads fluids without swelling on one side. With easy-to-tear sides on the waistband, removing them after use is hassle-free. They come with an impressive thigh support that prevents leaks, making them suitable for overnight use. To use, pull up the diapers like pants and remove them easily by tearing them on both sides. And, a single wipe removes any stickiness for added convenience.

What Our Experts Liked:

  • MamyPoko Pants offer stretchable thigh support for a comfortable fit that adapts to your baby’s movements.
  • They are designed for easy wear and tear, simplifying diaper changes for parents while ensuring convenience.
  • These unisex diapers cater to both baby boys and girls, providing versatile and practical usage.
  • With a capacity to absorb for up to 12 hours, these diapers offer long-lasting dryness, ensuring comfort throughout.
How To Save On Your MamyPoko Pants Orders?

If you are a desperate parent running low on diapers from MamyPoko Pants, make sure to quickly glimpse through our biggest upcoming Amazon sales compilation for some incredible deals on diapers and other baby products.

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7. Little Angel

  • Price Per Diaper: ₹7.4
  • Available Sizes: NB, S, M, L, XL, and XXL
  • Material Used: Cotton
  • Wetness Indicator: Yes

Little Angel diapers are crafted to ensure your baby stays comfortable day and night. They come with 360-degree soft elastics to provide a snug fit while allowing your little one to move freely. The fluid channels evenly distribute the liquid, keeping the surface dry. Plus, the brand’s advanced double leak protection guarantees no spills. Overall, Little Angel diapers are ideal for infants weighing over 12 kg.

What Our Experts Liked:

  • Little Angel diapers feature ultra-soft elastic fabric for a gentle and cozy feel against the baby’s skin.
  • The design ensures breathable comfort, providing long-lasting freshness throughout the day for your little one.
  • Their advanced double leak protection offers reliable security, keeping your baby dry and free from discomfort.
  • Crafted to keep baby skin dry and rash-free, Little Angel diapers prioritize both comfort and skin health.
How To Save On Your Little Angel Orders?

Maximize savings on Little Angel orders by subscribing to newsletters, using promo codes, and taking advantage of seasonal sales.

8. Pampimo

  • Price Per Diaper: ₹10.98
  • Available Sizes: NB, S, M, L, and XL
  • Material Used: Cotton
  • Wetness Indicator: Yes

When choosing diapers for your baby, it’s important to consider their weight. If you find yourself unsure, Papimo has you covered. Their diapers are made of non-woven, soft, and breathable materials, suitable for babies weighing 7 to 12 kg. The inclusion of aloe vera safeguards your baby’s sensitive skin from diaper rash and irritation, while the super lock gel effectively locks in wetness. Overall, the cottony-soft layer of these diapers ensures a comfortable experience for your little one.

What Our Experts Liked:

  • Papimo’s diapers are suitable for both baby boys and girls, ensuring convenience for all parents.
  • These diapers feature advanced diamond core technology for efficient absorption and dryness.
  • They are equipped with a reliable leak guard mechanism, preventing any unwanted mess and ensuring cleanliness.
  • Perfectly tailored for children below 3 years old, these diapers address the specific needs of infants and toddlers.
How To Save On Your Pampimo Orders?

To save money on Pampimo orders, consider taking advantage of bulk discounts and keep an eye out for bundled deals and special offers. This way, you can maximize your savings when making purchases.

9. LuvLap

  • Price Per Diaper: ₹16.65
  • Available Sizes: NB, S, M, L, and XL
  • Material Used: Cotton
  • Wetness Indicator: Yes

Ensure your baby enjoys a tranquil sleep with LuvLap baby diapers. The brand’s diapers feature aloe vera lotion to prevent rashes and maintain a pleasant scent without causing any irritation. The inclusion of gel lock technology and a superior top sheet available in them ensure prolonged dryness and comfort. They come with ADL technology and an elastic waistband, which help them distribute liquid evenly, providing a lightweight feel for your baby.

What Our Experts Liked:

  • LuvLap diapers feature cutting-edge gel lock technology for superior absorption, keeping your baby dry and comfortable.
  • Manufactured from skin-friendly materials, these diapers prioritize your baby’s comfort while preventing irritation and discomfort.
  • These diapers are designed for easy wear and removal to simplify diaper-changing moments, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both parents and babies.
  • They are available at an economical price when purchased online, providing value without compromising on quality and performance.
How To Save On Your LuvLap Orders?

Optimize your savings on LuvLap orders by keeping an eye on flash sales, exploring combo deals, and taking advantage of loyalty programs. Plus, consider purchasing during festive seasons for potential discounts.

10. Bambo Nature

  • Price Per Diaper: ₹49.45
  • Available Sizes: NB, S, M, L
  • Material Used: Cotton
  • Wetness Indicator: Yes

Bambo Nature baby diapers are an excellent pick for newborns with delicate skin. These diapers are thin, made from breathable materials, and provide a comfortable fit. They’re free from lotions, fragrances, allergens, and harmful ingredients, minimizing the chances of diaper rashes. For babies needing extra care, Bambo diapers are top-notch. Just keep in mind, that because they’re imported, they might be a bit pricier compared to other brands.

What Our Experts Liked:

  • Bambo Nature baby diapers are universally designed for boys and girls, ensuring versatility and convenience for all parents.
  • They are engineered with breathable cotton material to provide optimal comfort for your baby’s delicate skin.
  • These diapers are free from parabens and harmful chemicals, prioritizing your baby’s health and well-being.
  • Thoughtfully packaged in eco-friendly bags, aligning with the brand’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.
How To Save On Your Bambo Nature Orders?

To save on Bambo Nature orders, consider choosing recurring deliveries to access subscription discounts. Utilize referral programs to earn credits, and shop during clearance sales for cost-efficient options.

11. Mee Mee

  • Price Per Diaper: ₹15.5
  • Available Sizes: S, M, L, and XL
  • Material Used: Cotton
  • Wetness Indicator: Yes

Mee Mee diapers, crafted from a breathable cloth-like material, are designed with your little one’s comfort in mind. These diapers feature a leak lock system and Superabsorbent Polymers (SAP) to keep the top layer dry and ensure your baby stays comfortable. They are ultra-thin, and equipped with stretchable leg cuffs to prevent leaks. The Wetness Indicator line that is available in its diapers turns green, serving as a convenient signal for parents to change them promptly.

What Our Experts Liked:

  • Mee Mee diapers incorporate skin-friendly technology, prioritizing your baby’s comfort and well-being.
  • These diapers are made with latex and chlorine-free components, ensuring a safe and gentle experience for your baby’s delicate skin.
  • The use of wet absorbent polymers in these diapers enhances absorption, keeping your baby dry and comfortable throughout the day.
  • Featuring stretchable leg cuffs, Mee Mee diapers provide a secure and flexible fit, accommodating your baby’s movements with ease.
How To Save On Your Mee Mee Orders?

Always check with its official for any ongoing sales; plus you can use various verified Mee Mee coupons found online to get extra price cuts on your diaper purchases.

12. Doobidoo Diapers

  • Price Per Diaper: ₹10.08
  • Available Sizes: S, M, L, XL
  • Material Used: Cotton
  • Wetness Indicator: Yes

Doobidoo is yet another awesome baby diaper brand. It stands out for its commitment to caring for babies and their delicate skin. Designed to suit sensitive skin, this brand’s products ensure dryness. Its bubble-soft technology, akin to feathers, ensures a gentle touch. These diapers boast absorbent properties that last up to 12 hours, safeguarding the baby’s skin from rashes. Additionally, the anti-leak side cuffs provide a snug fit, effectively preventing any leakage.

What Our Experts Liked:

  • Doobidoo diapers maintain freshness and dryness for your baby’s delicate skin, ensuring comfort throughout the day.
  • Its diapers feature anti-leak side cuffs, which provide reliable protection against leaks, keeping your baby comfortable and dry.
  • These diapers’ 3D bubble soft technology ensures a gentle and cozy feel, promoting your baby’s comfort during all activities.
  • They are available in small, medium, and large sizes, which cater to different stages of your baby’s growth, ensuring a perfect fit.
How To Save On Your Doobidoo Orders?

Opt for Doobidoo’s free trial period to try its diapers before purchasing them. This will help make strategic decisions and save a ton of money.

13. Wowper Fresh

  • Price Per Diaper: ₹7.77
  • Available Sizes: NB, S, M, L, X, XL, XXL
  • Material Used: Cotton
  • Wetness Indicator: Yes

Wowper Fresh diaper pants are a top choice for your little one’s comfort and protection. With the special ADL layer, these diaper pants remain light, ensuring a comfortable night for your toddler. Their double-layer side walls and ultra-soft cotton top sheets provide excellent leakage prevention. Thanks to their breathable fabric, Wowper diaper pants can absorb up to 6 glasses of water. If you’re in need of XL-size diapers, consider Wowper for reliable protection against moisture and skin rashes for your little bundle of joy.

What Our Experts Liked:

  • Wowper diapers feature a 3D diamond core for superior absorbency, keeping babies dry for longer durations.
  • They come with the ADL quick lock absorption technology that swiftly distributes wetness, ensuring comfort and preventing leaks.
  • These diapers are designed to withstand weights ranging from 15 to 25 kilograms, providing ample coverage for growing babies.
  • Easy to put on, remove, and dispose of, simplifying the diaper-changing process for caregivers.
How To Save On Your Wowper Fresh Orders?

To economize on Wowper Fresh orders, wait for introductory offers for first-time buyers. Also, engage with social media promotions or participate in surveys to unlock exclusive discounts.

Best Eco-friendly Diaper Brands For Babies

14. SuperBottoms

  • Price Per Diaper: ₹264.5 (Cloth Diaper)
  • Available Sizes: Free Style
  • Material Used: Cotton
  • Wetness Indicator: No

SuperBottoms is a highly trusted brand known for its exceptional quality in the market. Founded by mothers who deeply understand baby needs, the brand carefully selects premium cloth and eco-friendly colors for their diapers. They prioritize comfort, ensuring your baby experiences the utmost coziness. This brand caters to two main categories: newborns under 7 kilograms and a free-size range for babies over 7 kilograms. Their diapers are designed to last up to 12 hours, allowing your little one a peaceful night’s sleep.

What Our Experts Liked:

  • SuperBottoms offers reusable diapers crafted from advanced, gentle cloth material for maximum comfort.
  • These diapers are 100% organic, free from harmful chemicals like Lead and Phthalates, ensuring safety.
  • They feature a special dry-feel magic pad to keep the baby’s bum dry and comfortable.
  • The diapers are designed for a snug fit and cater to babies from newborns up to 3 years old.
How To Save On Your SuperBottoms Orders?

SuperBottoms comes with an offer zone section on its website where it provides details of all the ongoing deals. Plus, you can also get access to various coupons for SuperBottoms to make your purchase cost-effective.

15. Tinyrabbit

  • Price Per Diaper: ₹649 (Cloth Diaper)
  • Available Sizes: Free Style
  • Material Used: Organic Cotton
  • Wetness Indicator: No

Tinyrabbit specializes in baby diapers, delivering innovative baby care items right to you. Safety and quality are the MSP in their products. Their eco-friendly diapers use bamboo cotton, a PUL layer outside, and a microsuede layer inside, ensuring water resistance to prevent rashes and skin allergies for your baby. To use these reusable diapers, simply pre-wash them with water and detergent to remove stains and germs that could cause illness.

What Our Experts Liked:

  • Every diaper from Tinyrabbit features a soft microsuede layer for a gentle and comfortable experience for your baby’s delicate skin.
  • Made from natural bamboo cotton, these diapers provide a breathable and eco-friendly solution for your baby’s well-being.
  • Tinyrabbit diapers are designed with a focus on safety, ensuring a secure and protected environment for your little one.
  • They offer three adjustable rise levels, accommodating the growth stages of your baby for a customized and snug fit.
How To Save On Your Tinyrabbit Orders?

If you are new to Tinyrabbit, you will be eligible to get a 15% discount on your first purchase by using the provided coupon code.

16. Bumbio

  • Price Per Diaper: ₹699 (Cloth Diaper)
  • Available Sizes: Free Style
  • Material Used: Cotton
  • Wetness Indicator: No

Bumbio diapers offer all-encompassing care for your baby, inside and out. The outer layer is soft and waterproof, while the inner layers consist of highly absorbent materials. These reusable diapers come with replaceable inserts made of either bamboo fiber or microfiber, catering to your specific needs. Each diaper is durable, enduring at least 300 washes. You also have the option to opt for bamboo fiber inserts for up to 12 hours of dryness. They are perfect for overnight use and reduce the frequency of diaper changes.

What Our Experts Liked:

  • Bumbio diapers feature reusable cotton cloth, promoting sustainability while ensuring comfort for your baby’s delicate skin.
  • Tailored for newborns to 3-year-olds, Bumbio offers versatile support throughout your child’s early years.
  • These diapers offer a trim fit and efficient absorption, thanks to the bamboo fiber inner pad equipped with QUA technology.
  • The innovative design combines eco-friendly materials and advanced technology, making Bumbio a reliable choice for modern parents.
How To Save On Your Bumbio Orders?

To save on Bumbio orders, explore their loyalty program for member-exclusive discounts and perks.

17. Kindermum

  • Price Per Diaper: ₹679 (Cloth Diaper)
  • Available Sizes: Free Style
  • Material Used: Cotton
  • Wetness Indicator: No

Kindermum offers the slimmest selection of top-quality cloth diapers in India. These diapers boast CPSIA and GOTS organic certifications, proudly made in India with input from fellow parents. Their primary focus is not just on your baby’s comfort but also on preserving the environment. Using advanced cloth-based technology, Kindermum provides long-lasting, washable, and cozy diapers that can be adjusted to fit babies up to 17 kg. Featuring a gentle inner fleece, these diapers keep your little one dry throughout the night. The organic cotton inserts are incredibly soft, while the diaper shell ensures waterproof protection.

What Our Experts Liked:

  • Kindermum diapers feature a booster pad for enhanced protection, ensuring your baby stays dry and comfortable throughout the day.
  • These diapers provide a dry feel, promoting comfort for your little one and minimizing any potential discomfort.
  • Kindermum offers cost-effective solutions to purchase its high-quality diapers conveniently and affordably through online channels.
  • They are made from 8 layers of 100% organic cotton for a soft and gentle touch on sensitive skin.
How To Save On Your Kindermum Orders?

You can avail of free shipping for purchasing on Kindermum. Along with this, you can also check out the clearance sale tab for exciting deals.

Curating Best Diaper Brands For Babies

We’ve compiled a table featuring the best baby diaper brands in India based on important factors such as comfort, softness, absorbency, leak protection, and value for money. These ratings stem from comprehensive testing and analysis by our dedicated team at GrabOn. Have a look:

BrandsComfortSoftnessAbsorbencyLeakproofValue For Money
Little Angel3.
Bambo Nature3.
Mee Mee3.

Types of Baby Diapers

The most common types of baby diapers that you will come across are

  1. Pant-Style Diapers

For older babies, pant-style diapers are much preferred because they can be easily pulled up like underwear. The sides can be easily removed to dispose of or change.

  1. Taped Style Diapers

These are more suitable for newborn babies when you place their bum on the diaper and fasten the sides. This way, you don’t have to lift a young and move him while changing. Apart from these, you can also look at the best adult diapers to keep yourself comfortable and free from infections.

  1. Swim Diapers

These diapers are specifically meant for babies who wish to have fun in the water. They are made of superior absorbency power material that neither lets fluids in nor out.

  1. Training Diapers

These are underwear-shaped diapers with a larger surface area but thinner material. These are used during the potty training phase of babies.

  1. Preemie Diapers

Specially made to cater to the needs of premature babies, these diapers come in smaller sizes than regular diapers with a provision to accommodate the umbilical stump that may still be healing.

Things To Consider While Purchasing Baby Diapers
If you are planning to purchase baby diapers there are a few points you should always keep in mind. Some of them are

  • Size Matters: Ensure the diaper size is appropriate for your baby’s weight and age. A snug fit prevents leaks and provides comfort, allowing your baby to move freely.
  • Absorbency: Look for diapers with high absorbency to keep your baby dry for longer periods. This helps prevent rashes and discomfort, promoting a happier baby.
  • Material Quality: Opt for diapers made from soft, breathable materials to prevent skin irritation. Quality materials also contribute to better absorption and overall comfort for your baby.
  • Wetness Indicator: Consider diapers with a wetness indicator. This feature makes it easy to know when the diaper needs changing, reducing the chances of diaper rash and discomfort.
  • Allergen-Free: Opt for hypoallergenic diapers to minimize the risk of skin allergies. These diapers are free from harsh chemicals and fragrances that may irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: While cost is a factor, consider the overall value. High-quality diapers may cost more upfront, but their effectiveness in terms of absorbency and comfort can outweigh the initial expense.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, choosing the right diaper for your baby is crucial for their comfort and well-being. After thorough research, the above-discussed top diaper brands in India stand out for their quality, absorbency, and skin-friendly features. However, the choice depends on your baby’s needs and your preferences. Invest in a brand that aligns with your priorities, ensuring a happy and healthy experience for both you and your little one.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Which is the best diaper for a baby in India?

Pampers baby diaper brand is our top choice among the best diaper brands in India because of the soft, stretchy sides and skin protection mechanism to offer comfort. Also, it keeps the baby’s skin dry for 12 hours without causing allergies.

2) Are organic diapers safe to use for newborns?

Organic diapers are safe for newborn babies as they are manufactured using plant extracts like cotton, hemp, and bamboo and offer extreme comfort throughout the usage.

3) What materials are used for manufacturing baby diapers?

A normal diaper is made using polypropylene, polyethylene, cellulose, polymer, small amounts of tape, elastics, and other adhesive materials to support the baby’s overall health.

4) How much weight does a baby diaper support?

Check out the given below table to start using diapers for your kids and also know the age groups w.r.to the weights.

Baby AgeSupported Diaper Weight
Up to 2 weeks4.5 Kgs
4 to 6 months6.5 kgs
6 months to 1 year10 to 12 kgs
1 year to 3 years15 kgs or more


5) What is the recommended age for using diapers?
As suggested by the doctors, it is good to start using diapers from day one to newborns and continue till 3 years.

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