10 Best Shirt Brands For Men in India


It’s true what they say: all that a man needs is some cufflinks and a perfect button-down shirt. While you might argue that there is nothing like a “bad” button-down shirt, we beg to disagree.

The suitable fabric, the proper trim, and the straight cuts go a long way in making your shirt alive and premium. There are brands whose shirts become a part of the wearer’s personality, and it is these brands that we have our eyes on today.

These shirts become you, and if there is any truth in the saying “shirts are clothing for the soul” (which is a trustworthy saying and not something we just made up), we will uncover it today.

Below is a list of the best shirt brands you’ll find for men in India. These are not just the most popular brands, but also those with a story that they convey perfectly well with their clothing.

List of Top 10 Shirt Brands for Men in India

1. Arrow


Bearing the face of Hrithik Roshan on its labels, this brand is all about the fit. We’re talking neatly ironed boardroom-ready shirts that make a statement. Arrow’s shirts are sleek, and they bring fun into simple designs. In theory, a plain beige shirt is in Arrow, one of the most desirable clothing pieces. This philosophy of “elegance in simplicity” makes Arrow a leader in the Indian market.

Price: Rs.500 – Rs.5999
Sizes: 38 – 48
Occasions: Work, Casual, Smart-Casual, Party
Fit: Slim fit, Regular fit, Skinny fit, Super Slim fit
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2. H&M

For the quintessential young man, H&M poses a lot of opportunities. The brand takes shirts away from the corporate office and makes them edgy and cool again. It’d be wrong to call them all-play shirts. They’re formal, but in the laid-back kinda way. The “I-know-I’m-late-to-work-but-I-was-petting-my-cat” kinda way. You get the drill. H&M shirts are also priced a little above regular brands. They have a starting price of Rs.799, but don’t let that stop you. GrabOn has just the coupons to bring that number down.

Price: Rs.799 – Rs.5499
Sizes: XS – 2XL
Occasions: Casual, Formal
Fit: Regular fit, Slim fit, Muscle fit, Relaxed fit
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3. Peter England

Endorsed by the king of cuteness, Ayushmann Khurrana himself, Peter England has all the shirts to make a man swoon-worthy. The brand features contemporary workwear that is breezy, bright, and all sunshine. In fact, the tagline of the brand is “Beginning of Good Things”, which is very close to the feeling its clothing evokes.

Price: Rs.343 – Rs.2299
Sizes: 36 – 48
Occasions: Formal, Causal, Business Casual
Fit: Slim fit, Regular, fit, Super-slim fit, Comfort fit, Nuvo fit, Ultra slim fit
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4. United Colors of Benetton

Sharp collars, trimmed fits, and vibrant colors are all the things that separate this Italy-based brand from others. Founded in 1965, UCB enjoys a fair share of market across the world. In India too, it takes the center stage on Myntra and Ajio.

Price: Rs.719 – Rs.2799
Sizes: 36 – 50
Occasions: Casual, Formal, Semiformal, Party
Fit: Regular fit, Slim fit
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5. Raymond

Run by Sanjay Behl, it is no surprise that the century-old textile conglomerate made it to our list. Raymond is known for its sophistication. The clothes speak quality and a sense of fine taste on the part of the wearer. But we wouldn’t say Raymond is highly priced. If anything, it is a luxury brand made accessible to all.

Price: Rs.629 – Rs.4499
Sizes: 38 – 46
Occasions: Casual, Formal, Semiformal, Party
Fit: Regular fit, Slim fit, Tailored fit
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6. Levi’s

Highly individualistic choices come from the warehouse of the Californian brand Levi Strauss & Co. For a brand that shot to success through its jeans, Levi’s offers a pretty fool-proof collection of shirts. The brand’s shirts are comfortable, trend-setting, and do not steal the limelight from you. The feeling of exclusivity is a part-and-parcel of Levi’s clothing, and is a major part of what makes it so desirable. But having said that, Levi’s is also a go-to brand for Indian consumers for its durability. A piece of clothing from here can last you a good couple of years no matter how roughly you use it.

Price: Rs.639 – Rs.3599
Sizes: S – XXL/ 36 – 52
Occasions: Casual, Formal
Fit: Regular fit, Slim fit
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7. Rare Rabbit

For the believers of “less is more,” Rare Rabbit is a blessing in disguise. What Rare Rabbit brings to the table is minimal artsy clothing. These pieces are unique, they are instagrammable, and as the brand name promises, they are “rare.” While several websites offer Rare Rabbit merch, a scroll through them will tell you that Myntra stocks its best pieces.

Myntra is India’s #1 website when it comes to shopping online for fashion products. You can always use Myntra’s coupons to get these at a real slick deal.

Price: Rs.999 – Rs.3499
Sizes: 38 – 46
Occasions: Casual, Semiformal
Fit: Regular fit, Tailored fit
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8. John Players

John Players
For the highly popular brand John Players, breezy, playful, color-blocked themes are the USP. The essence of casual shirts is captured better by no other brand than John Players. These shirts are what you wear on days that could turn from workday to party-day really quick. The brand has a truly diverse range, and can be found easily on Ajio.

Price: Rs.450 – Rs.1699
Sizes: S – XXL
Occasions: Work, Casual, Universal
Fit: Slim fit, Extra slim fit, Regular fit
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9. Highlander

One of the most popular and affordable shirt brands in India is Highlander. The brand’s forte is sharp, crisp semi-formals that come in your budget. You can find an array of prints, stripes, and checks in Highlander, apart from the show-stealing solid shirts.

Price: Rs.299 – Rs.1799
Sizes: 38 – 44
Occasions: Casual, Formal, Semiformal
Fit: Regular fit, Slim fit
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10. Wrogn

Co-created with India’s youth icon Virat Kohli, Wrogn believes in edgy, functional fashion. The brand’s clothing aims to make you feel refreshed, powerful, and confident. Its shirts do precisely that, and the brand makes it evident that even though it has got its name wrong, it has nailed fashion just right.

Price: Rs.849 – Rs.2299
Sizes: S – XXL
Occasions: Formal, Casual, Party
Fit: Slim fit, Regular fit
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This was our list of the ten best shirt brands for men in India. Which of these brands have you tried? Which did you like best? Let us know in the comments below.


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