Videocon d2H Packages and Prices for 2024

Videocon d2H is an age-old name in most Indian households. They have been offering an array of packages tailored to suit various tastes and preferences. From sports enthusiasts craving the adrenaline of live matches to movie buffs seeking an immersive cinematic journey, Videocon d2H has something for everyone.

We took the liberty of exploring the diverse range of packages offered by Videocon d2H to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of their features and prices. We’ll dive into the specifics, shedding light on the channels, genres, and additional services each Set Top box provides, empowering you to make an informed decision that aligns with your entertainment needs and budget.

Videocon d2H: What Does the Brand Stand For?

Videocon d2H is a renowned Indian direct-to-home (DTH) television service provider that has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. Following its merger with Dish TV in 2017, Videocon d2H solidified its position as the largest DTH service provider in India, serving approximately 29 million subscribers nationwide.

The company takes pride in its extensive offering of over 650 channels and an impressive array of content, all delivered to users through satellite transmission. With a remarkable selection of 60 high-definition channels, Videocon d2H ensures a visually stunning and immersive TV viewing experience.

Beyond channel offerings, Videocon d2H has distinguished itself through its commitment to value-added services. These services are designed to cater to the diverse entertainment needs of every member of the family, spreading the joy of entertainment to all corners of households.

Driven by a clear mission and vision, Videocon d2H aims to intensify the TV viewing experience, transform the world of entertainment, and bring the ever-evolving digital plethora directly to consumers’ homes. The company upholds values of respect, humility, and integrity while maintaining a customer-first approach. Additionally, Videocon d2H strives for frugality, ensuring efficient and cost-effective solutions for its valued subscribers.

Videocon d2H: Pricing and Plans 

Here, we present a detailed breakdown of the subscription options and associated costs offered by Videocon d2H. Explore the range of packages available, along with their respective prices, to help you make an informed decision that suits your entertainment preferences and budget.

Plans  Pricing  Description
Basic Service Tier (BST) 0.00/- per month Two sports channels – India News and One Sports
Hamara Hindi  Starts at 141.27/- per month 68 channels including 3 business channels, 14 GEC channels and 12 movie channels
HD Promo Pack English  Starts at 41.53/- per month 7 channels including infotainment, 3 GEC channels and 2 movie channels
Amara Odia Starts at 87.15/- per month 28 channels including 5 music channels, 1 sports and business news channels
Tamil Smart  Starts at 102.00/- per month 33 channels including 4 movie channels, 9 GEC channels and 4 kids’ channel
New Telugu Non-Sun  Starts at 100.88/- per month 30 channels including 8 news channels and 3 lifestyle channels
Value Lite Malayalam  Starts at 117.93/- per month 36 channels including 3 movie channels, 6 kids channels and 4 infotainment channels
Kannada Smart  Start at 105.00/- per month 12 channels including 6 GEC channels and 1 music channel
Aamar Bangla  Starts at 153.48/- per month 62 channels including 15 GEC channels, 4 music channels and 2 business channels
Guj Value Plus  Starts at 199.67/- per month 97 channels including 3 business news channels, 18 movie channels and 7 sports channels
Aamcha Marathi Combo Starts at208.77/- per month 97 channels including 19 GEC channels, 18 movie channels and 11 kids channels.

Videocon d2H: Watcho OTT Packs

Plans  Pricing  Description
Watcho OTT Masti Value Lite Starts at 193.51/- per month 222 pay channels, *2 HD l 220 SD channels, 10 OTT Apps
Watcho OTT Masti ODIA Value Lite Starts at 217.57/- per month 211 pay channels, *2 HD l 209 SD channels, 10 OTT Apps
Watcho OTT Masti Tamil Value Lite Starts at 208.51/- per month 201 pay channels, *2 HD l 199 SD channels, 10 OTT Apps
Watcho OTT Masti Telugu Value Lite Starts at 219.05/- per month 198 pay channels, *2 HD l 196 SD channels, 10 OTT Apps
Watcho OTT Masti Malayalam Value Lite Starts at 189.15/- per month 193 pay channels, *2 HD l 191 SD channels, 10 OTT Apps
Watcho OTT Masti Kannada Value Lite Starts at 228.05/- per month 204 pay channels, *2 HD l 202 SD channels, 10 OTT Apps
Watcho OTT Masti WB Value Lite Starts at 199.38/- per month 213 pay channels, *2 HD l 211 SD channels, 10 OTT Apps
Watcho OTT Masti GUJ Value Lite Starts at 202.95/- per month 220 pay channels, *2 HD l 218 SD channels, 10 OTT Apps
Watcho OTT Masti MH Value Lite Starts at 224.85/- per month 223 pay channels, *2 HD l 221 SD channels, 10 OTT Apps

Videocon d2H: FTA

Plans  Pricing  Description
BST Rest of India 0.00 /- per month 106 channels, *1 HD l 105 SD channels
BST South 0.00 /- per month 106 channels, *1 HD l 89 SD channels
BST East 0.00 /- per month 106 channels, *1 HD l 89 SD channels
BST North` 0.00 /- per month 173 channels, *1 HD l 89 SD channels
BSt Bo 0.00 /- per month                               32 channels, *1 HD l 89 SD channels
BSt Kannada 0.00 /- per month 82 channels, *1 HD l 89 SD channels

Videocon d2H: Add-On

Plans  Pricing  Description
Bengali HD Starts at 66.95/- per month 7 channels, *7 HD l 0 SD channels
English Movies HD Starts at 66.95/- per month 6 channels, *6 HD l 0 SD channels
Cricket HD Starts at 29.66/- per month 4 channels, *4 HD l 0 SD channels
Gujurati HD Starts at 66.95/- per month 7 channels, *7 HD l 0 SD channels
HD Promo Pack Engal Starts at 41.53/- per month 7 channels, *7 HD l 0 SD channels
HD Promo Pack South Starts at 41.53/- per month 7 channels, *7 HD l 0 SD channels

Videocon d2H: FTA Add-on

Plans  Pricing  Description
BST All South 0.00 /- per month 88 channels, *1 HD l 87 SD channels
BST East 0.00 /- per month 103 channels, *1 HD l 102 SD channels
BST GEC 0.00 /- per month 59 channels, *1 HD l 58 SD channels
BST Infotainment 0.00 /- per month 32 channels, *1 HD l 31 SD channels
BST Kannada 0.00 /- per month 83 channels, *1 HD l 82 SD channels
BST Malayalam 0.00 /- per month 87 channels, *1 HD l 86 SD channels

Videocon d2H: A-la-carte

Plans  Pricing 
& Picture HD Starts at 19.00/- per month
& TV Starts at 6.00/- per month
&Flix Starts at 15.00/- per month
7S Music 0.00 /- per month
Colors Kannada Starts at 19.00/- per month
DD Bangla 0.00 /- per month
News18 Gujurati Starts at 0.10/- per month
9X Jhakaas 0.00 /- per month
DD Kashir 0.00 /- per month
News 18 North East Starts at 0.10/- per month

Videocon d2H: Broadcaster Bouquets

Plans  Pricing  Description
Colors Bengali Budget Starts at 25/- per month 0 channels, 0 SD channels
Colors Marathi Budget Plus Starts at 25/- per month 0 channels, 0 SD channels
Colors Bangla Value Plus Starts at 29/- per month 0 channels, 0 SD channels
Colors Gujarati Value Starts at 28.7/- per month 16 channels, 16 SD channels
Colors Gujarati Value Plus Starts at 28.7/- per month 18 channels, 18 SD channels
Colors Wala Bangla Value HD Starts at 41.5/- per month 0 channels, 0 SD channels

Other Services Offered by Videocon d2h

Videocon d2h: HD Set Top Box

The Videocon d2h HD Set Top Box offers a crystal-clear high-definition viewing experience. Priced at Rs.636, it comes with the convenience of doorstep delivery. With advanced features and a user-friendly interface, it ensures a seamless entertainment experience. The set-top box also boasts a remarkable 5-year warranty, ensuring long-term reliability and customer satisfaction.

Key features offered by Videocon d2h set-top box

  • High definition (1080i/p)
  • Fast processor speed
  • 5X picture quality
  • Wide range of channels available in a variety of languages (Hindi, English, regional).

Videocon d2h: d2h Magic and Alexa-Based voice-enabled solution

The Videocon d2h Magic is a cutting-edge, Alexa-based voice-enabled device that transforms your television experience. With this innovative tool, you can effortlessly play music, book tickets, and perform various tasks with voice commands. Its integration with Alexa lets you control your set-top box using intuitive voice commands, providing a hands-free and convenient entertainment experience.

Device Name Device cost Monthly Charge Key Features
Videocon d2h Magic stick Rs. 399/- Rs. 25/- GST Extra
  • Access Live Channels Beyond Regular TV
  • Universal Remote to Control It All
  • Internet-based Services on Your d2h HD Box
Videocon d2h Alexa-Based Voice Enabled Rs. 1199/- Rs. 49/- GST Extra
  • Alexa Built-in
  • Control your cab booking
  • Control Your Set Top Box with Voice

Features of Videocon d2H Connection

Videocon d2H is one of the most accessible options for television streaming services in India and includes a wide variety of channels in English and other regional languages. However, there are a few features that Videocon d2H apart from other streaming services:

  1. Wide variety of channels: Name a channel or a genre, and Videocon d2H probably has several options to offer. This includes channels across various languages and niches including sports, entertainment, and more. Their official website also provides a comprehensive list of channels that allows you to pick your combination of channels available within your package.
  2. Customizable channel definition: Videocon’s subscription plans are designed to be effective and useful based on customer requirements. Both High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) channels are available separately or together for frequent and occasional television watchers.
  3. Live pause and recording option: It doesn’t matter if you have the patience to finish your favourite programme or if you are busy with your daily hassles, because Videocon allows users to pause live television and schedule the recording of multiple shows at once.
  4. Multiple language audio options and subtitles: With Videocon d2H, you can select your language requirements from a wide range of options and enable subtitles for an effective and convenient TV-watching experience.
  5. Parental controls: Accessibility was a key concern regarding the designing of the plans offered by Videocon. All of the plans offer parents special controls to restrict or time access children have to channels based on age-appropriate watch time.
  6. Customer support: An excellent customer support system backs up the services offered by the platform, and they are available 24/7 via phone, email, and text.
  7. Videocon Infinity: Videocon d2H Infinity is the newly launched phone application that can be used for instant recharges, registration of requirements, complaints, and change of subscriptions, watching and following shows, setting reminders, and social connection with fellow watchers.

How to Join/Set Up a Videocon d2H Subscription 

Getting a Videocon d2H subscription is as simple as it gets. The process of signing up is quite easy, and hassle-free, and will take you about two minutes. Given below is a comprehensive guide comprising of the few steps involved in getting yourself a Videocon d2H subscription.

  • If you already have a Videocon d2H account, log in using your credentials. If you are a new user, sign up for an account by providing the required details.
  • Look for the option on the website that says, “Subscribe Now”. Click on it to initiate the connection process.
  • The website will prompt you to enter the pincode of your location.
  • Select the language preference for your Set-top box (STB). Videocon d2H offers various language options to cater to different regions and user preferences.
  • Fill in your residential address, contact, and payment details, including your complete address, locality, city, and state. Ensure that you provide accurate and valid information.
  • Review the information you have provided and make any necessary corrections. Once you are confident that all details are accurate.
  • After applying, the Videocon d2H customer care team will contact you for confirmation. You might need to complete a few KYC requirements as well. They will verify the information provided and confirm the installation appointment.
  • The Videocon d2H service team will visit your residence at the agreed-upon time and install the Set-top box (STB) and dish antenna. They will also provide any additional equipment necessary for the setup.

Generally, the installation of Videocon d2H set-up costs are about Rs 1200/- to Rs 3500/-. However, the price variation generally occurs depending on the type of set-up boxes required for your connection.

Videocon D2H Set Top Box: Price Comparision

Currently, Videocon d2H offers three set-up box television streaming connections: HD, SD, and Hybrid connection:

Type of Set Top Box  Pricing  Features 
SD Set Top Box Rs 699/- Offers superior picture quality, is multilingual, has a preview screen option, and door-to-door delivery.
HD Set Top Box Rs 636/- High definition, 5-year warranty, 5X picture quality, quick processor speed, and free HDMI cable.
D2H Hybrid Stream Rs 2199/- Built-in Google Assistant, Dolby audio, antenna, in-built Wi-Fi, 2k HD quality, compatible with gaming, browsing, and downloading apps.

What’s New with Videocon d2H?  

To keep up with the changing demands and requirements of the TV-watching audience, Videocon has launched two new products: Videocon Infinity and d2H Magic.

1). Videocon Infinity

Videocon Infinity is a comprehensive app by d2H that revolutionizes your entertainment experience. With d2h Infinity, your entire entertainment world is now at your fingertips. Users can easily navigate through the app to find what’s playing and stay updated on their favorite programs by setting up reminders.

Besides this, the platform allows users to personalize their channel selection and quickly access their preferred channels with just a few taps, with the ability to streamline TV listings by filtering them based on genre. No matter what, Videocon Infinity truly puts you in control of your entertainment journey by offering a seamless and convenient way to access and manage your d2H experience.

A few unique experiences offered by Infinity include: 

  • Partnerships with other OTT platforms such as Watcho, SonyLiv, and Eros Now and offers free subscriptions and discounted offers on the said platforms.
  •  The d2H Smart Remote App Infinity is a powerful tool that enhances your TV viewing experience. With this app, you can control your d2H set-top box, access your favorite channels, and manage your recordings, all from your smartphone.

2). d2H Magic (Alexa Built-In)

d2h Magic is an essential accessory for d2H subscribers, offering an extensive selection of OTT apps like ZEE5, ALT Balaji, Sony Liv, and more, granting access to a vast library of online videos, catch-up shows, and webseries. It brings the power of Alexa to your set-top box, allowing you to enjoy Alexa features seamlessly. This service is free of charge, requiring an active d2h connection to fully utilize its impressive range of features.

Videocon Offers and Coupons

Videocon d2H is one of the most affordable television service providers in the Indian market. They offer a variety of 650+ channels including news, infomercials, kids’ TV, sports, and entertainment in a wide variety of local and regional languages besides English. Additionally, they also have offerings such as Infinity and Magic with a built-in Alexa response system, making it truly worth its cost. But for more exclusive discounts, stay connected to GrabOn for all the latest Videocon d2H coupons.

Alternatives to Videocon d2H

  1. Tata Sky: Tata Sky is a popular alternative to Videocon d2H, offering a wide range of channels, including HD and regional options. With its user-friendly interface, interactive features, and access to on-demand content, Tata Sky provides a comprehensive and immersive viewing experience for subscribers.
  2. Airtel Digital TV: Airtel Digital TV offers a diverse range of channels and interactive services. With features like recording, pause live TV, and multi-room connection options, Airtel Digital TV provides flexibility and convenience to its users.
  3. Dish TV: Dish TV is a tried and tested DTH service provider known for its extensive channel offerings and competitive pricing. With a wide selection of channels across genres and languages, Dish TV caters to the diverse entertainment preferences of viewers.
  4. Sun Direct: Sun Direct is one of the most popular regional DTH service providers, focusing primarily on South Indian languages and content. With its targeted regional offerings, Sun Direct provides a comprehensive package for viewers interested in regional programming, including movies, music, news, and more.
  5. Reliance Digital TV: Reliance Digital TV is a reliable DTH service provider offering a range of channels, including HD options, and interactive features. They aim to provide a seamless entertainment experience to its subscribers.


1). How many channels are included in Videocon d2H plans? 
Videocon d2H offers a wide variety of channels, with packages including over 650 channels to cater to different viewing preferences.

2). Can I customize my Videocon d2H package?
A3: Yes, Videocon d2H allows users to create their package by selecting channels from the Videocon d2H channel list, ensuring personalized and tailored entertainment options.

3). Are there any interactive services available with Videocon d2H plans?
Videocon d2H offers interactive services like games, astrology, and shopping channels, adding an engaging and interactive element to the viewing experience.

4). What is the process for subscribing to a Videocon d2H plan?
To subscribe to a Videocon d2H plan, visit their official website or contact their customer care. Provide the necessary details, choose your preferred package, and follow the instructions provided to complete the subscription process.

5). Can I change my Videocon d2H plan after subscribing?
Yes, Videocon d2H allows you to change your plan even after subscribing. You can upgrade or downgrade your package as per your preference by contacting their customer care or using their online self-service options.

6). How long does it take for a Videocon d2H connection to be installed?
Typically, the installation of a Videocon d2H connection takes around a week, but the exact duration may vary based on your location and scheduling availability. The Videocon d2H service team will coordinate with you to arrange a suitable installation time.

7). Can I access Videocon d2H services in multiple rooms?
Yes, Videocon d2H offers multi-room connection options, allowing you to access their services in multiple rooms within your home. Additional set-top boxes may be required for each room, and there may be associated charges for this facility.


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