Tata Play (Tata Sky) DTH Packs, Price and Channel List for 2023

Tata Play (Tata Sky) is probably the first you might have heard of in DTH providers. Tata Play (Tata Sky) DTH service began in 2006 and soon it became a household name. Everybody wanted to make their lives jinga lala. Now Tata Play (Tata Sky) is the biggest DTH service provider in India with a 32.09% market share.

Tata Play (Tata Sky) has a total of 652 channels which you can add on with any basic pack. There are multiple packages including sports packs, kids’ packs, regional packs, and more. All the plans are spread across 13 different categories that you can choose from. You can get started with a starter pack in Hindi, English, or other languages and buy more Ala Carte channels by paying individually. In this article, you will find the list of all the channels and their prices that you can get with Tata Play (Tata Sky).

Top Tata Play(Tata Sky) DTH Packages with Details for 2023

Hindi Entertainment: (30 Channels)

Who doesn’t love a daily soap after a tiring day? And what better than Star Plus, Sony, Sab TV, Colors, etc. to enjoy stories from different parts of India. You can get all of these channels in the Hindi Entertainment pack. Some of the channels are available in HD as well.

English Entertainment: (10 Channels)

Can’t get enough of FRIENDS, or How I Met Your Mother? You don’t have to compromise on your love for them. Simply subscribe to the English entertainment channels mentioned below and watch the hilarious English sitcoms as and when you like.

Hindi Movies (32 Channels)

Nothing can beat the flamboyance of Suryavansham or that of Sholey’s. Classic Hindi flicks never get old. And don’t even get me started on the hundreds of newer Hindi movies that are waiting to be watched out there. Comedy, or drama, a crime thriller, or a chick flick, subscribing to the Hindi movie channels will get you the dose of Bollywood entertainment that you need in your life.

English Movies (14 Channels)

Many new English movies are directly showcased on TV channels in simply months of their release. Sit back and stretch your recliner with a popcorn bucket in your hands. Enjoy all the latest English movies and never let the entertainment supply from Hollywood stop for you. You can also subscribe to select channels that you love to watch the most from the Ala Carte packs.

Hindi News (37 Channels)

Keep up with the latest happenings and current affairs in politics, climate, and the globe with ABP News, Star News, Aaj Tak, and more Hindi news channels. Select the news channels that you enjoy watching the news on and enhance your knowledge with some newest headlines every day.

English News (24 Channels)

Indulge in quality debates, interviews, and news readings in English from some of the most famous anchors in the news section. Some channels like Headline Today, NDTV 247, or Times Now are where you give to get your daily English news updates.

Sports (24 Channels)

For some ports is passion, and for others, a way to kill time. But none can beat the happiness when an Indian wins a match. So, subscribe to the sports channels and be ready for the biggest games in Cricket, Hockey, or even soccer as and when they come.

Kids (22 Channels)

Kid’s entertainment is not just a great way to keep your child busy, but also to improve their knowledge at the right age. Subscribe to the coolest kids’ channels like Nick Jr, Pogo, and even Discovery Kids and let your kids’ minds grow at the right time. At the same time, a MARVEL HQ might be just the thing your child needed to believe in miracles.

Music (15 Channels)

Enjoy Bollywood and Pop songs both with the unlimited music channels at Tata Sky. Some of the best channels include VH1, Zoom, 9XM, and MTV where your needs for Bollywood gossip, songs, and entertainment would be fulfilled.

Knowledge & Lifestyle (28 Channels)

Hardly any other feeling matches watching a tourism show on TLC on a Sunday. But if you talk about educational content, how can we forget Historic channels, National Geographic, Discovery Science, and more to improve your knowledge about heritage, ancient culture, and modern science. Really, you get the best of all  worlds!

Spiritual (19 Channels)

Uplift your inner self with meditation and be in touch with who you really are! Simply subscribe to the spiritual channels and learn from gurus, pandits and more learned folks on channels like Sanskar, Aastha, Awakening, etc.

Hindi Regional (46 Channels)

Interested in content in Bhojpuri, Rajasthani, or from MP? The Hindi Regional package is for you where you can enjoy the content in Hindi. This is a great way to know different parts of India without being physically present there.

Bengali Regional (28 Channels)

Indulge in some Bengali entertainment content by purchasing Bengali channels. The channels are affordable and will give you the best of Bengali news, movies, and music!

Gujarati Regional (13 Channels)

Get content from the land of Khandvi, Dhoklas, and Theples. Or catch your personal Jignesh on air through the heart-pleasing Gujrati entertainment shows and music. You can get regional News in Gujrati too.

Marathi Regional (24 Channels)

So many channels for so little rate! Ayyo! That can be your reaction too when you check out the range of Marathi language channels with the best of regional music, movies, and news on Tata Sky.

Odia Regional (16 Channels)

Tata Sky Odia package has a bunch of channels in the Odia language including Kanak News, Kalinga TV, or Kanak TV and OTV. If you are from Odisha, or simply enjoy the language people in Orissa speak this package is for you. You get the best Odia channels at extremely affordable rates.

Punjabi Regional (23 Channels)

Get the spice in your life through Punjabi films, music, and TV shows. Adding the Punjabi channels as a pack of ala carte will give you access to the awesome content channels like PTC Punjabi, 9X Tashan, and Balle Balle has to offer.

Tamil Regional (61 Channels)

Enjoy Tamil tv shows and content. Watching Tamil movies is also another way to enhance your language skills if you are new to the South. And if you already live there, nothing better than indulging in some real deal at the Tamil channels.

Telugu Regional (51 Channels)

You should not watch a Tollywood movie if you don’t like getting hooked on things as Tollywood will surely give you the tea. Subscribe to these Telugu channels and enjoy movies, news, and other reality shows, and more on the go.

Kannada Regional (34 channels)

Enjoy Kannada special channels from Star Suvarna Plus to Colors Kannada (HD) and remain entertained with the regional content from down South. Simply subscribe to the Kannada pack, or Buy the channels separately, you are sure to have a lot of fun.

Malayalam Regional (39 Channels)

Check out quirky and entertaining content from Kerala, God’s Own Country, in the Malayalam packs. Keep up to date with the latest happenings and current affairs with a Malayalam news channel, or just treat yourself with movies, educational content, or spiritual shows in Malayalam.

DD (30 Channels)

The old classic Doordarshan is here to give you the best of curated news bulletins, shows, evergreen Bollywood movies, and more entertaining content. The channels that first brought shows like Shaktiman and Shakalaka Boom boom to the audience still continue to provide amazing content in the form of thriller shows or the latest movies.

Others (19 Channels)

Check out infotainment channels like Naaptol where you can buy awesome products by ordering through TV, or other channels like Urdu news and more. Tata Sky is the one-stop solution to amazing channels at a good price. There are channels that you don’t have to even pay for or pay less but still enjoy the marvelous content.

Top Tata Play (Tata Sky) DTH Plans for 2023

Tata Sky Services Pack

You should only pay for the channels you want to watch and the DTH provider helps you with that. It offers all the flexibility with its service packs. These channels based on the genre are primarily curated for the convenience of the customers. The Tata Sky Services and Specials are best when it comes to quality matched with affordable prices.

Channel NamePackage IDMRP
Tata Sky Vedic Math (Per Month Pricing)293300.00
Tata Sky Tamil Cinema(Per Month Pricing)1792745.00
Tata Sky Smart Games (Free for first 5 days)/Month1842659.00
Tata Sky Music (Free for first 5 days)/Month1842459.00
Tata Sky Seniors(Free for first 10 days)/Month2712260.00
Tata Sky Hollywood Local(Free for first 5 days)/Month2791660.00
Tata Sky Bollywood Premier SD(Per Month Pricing)1114475.00
TataSky Fun Learn (Free for first 5 days)/Month960.00
Tata Sky Aradhana(Free for first 5 days)/Month1879459.00
Tata Sky Kannada Cinema (Free for first 5 days)/Month2576145.00
Tata Sky Beauty (Free for first 10 days)/Month1394360.00
Tata Sky Aradhana (Free for first 5 days)/Month1793459.00
Tata Sky Javed Akhtar (Free for first 5 days)/Month1899560.00
Tata Sky Adbhut Kahaniyan (Free for first 10 days)/Month2862960.00
Tata Sky Hits HD (Per Month Pricing)2862875.00
Tata Sky Bollywood Premier HD(Per Month Pricing)1114575.00
Tata Sky Acting Adda(Per Month Pricing)168581.00
Tata Sky Music South (Free for first 5 days)/Month99835.00
Tata Sky Telugu Cinema (Free for first 5 days)/Month1697545.00
Tata Sky Gujarati Cinema(Per Month Pricing)/Month2704345.00
Tata Sky Acting Adda (Free for first 10 days)/Month1051559.00
Tata Sky Cooking(Free for first 5 days)/Month2091360.00
Tata Sky Shorts TV HD (Free for first 5 days)/Month1901975.00
Tata Sky Punjab Da Rang (Free for first 5 days)/Month941945.00
Tata Sky Marathi Cinema (Free for first 5 days)/Month1405945.00
Tata Sky Fun Learn(Free for first 5 days)/Month1492460.00
Tata Sky English-Telugu (Free for first 5 days)/Month1591360.00
Tata Sky Classic Cinema (Free for first 10 days)/Month1212559.00
Tata Sky Dance Studio (Free for first 5 days)/Month2091160.00
Tata Sky Music Plus(Free for first 5 days)/Month1492675.00
Tata Sky Smart Games(Free for first 5 days)/Month2602759.00
Tata Sky Comedy (Free for first 5 days)/Month2740960.00
Tata Sky Bangla Cinema (Free for first 5 days)/Month1673145.00
Tata Sky Ibadat (Free for first 5 days)/Month1794359.00
Tata Sky Fun Learn(Free for first 5 days)/Month17760.00
Tata Sky Ibaadat(Per Month Pricing)/Month2172259.00
Tata Sky English(Free for first 5 days)/Month2860660.00
Tata Sky Shorts TV SD (Free for first 5 days)/Month1901475.00
Tata Sky Theatre HD (Free for first 10 days)/Month1829675.00
Tata Sky Theatre (Free for first 10 days)/Month1829275.00
Tata Sky Smart Manager (Free for first 5 days)/Month312300.00

Tata Play (Tata Sky) Channels Packages & Plans

The list of channels with their prices is as listed below. Now you can choose from a variety of packs and pay only for what you want to watch. These include platform service charges as applicable. When per month is mentioned, it means 30 days.

Tata Sky Hindi Entertainment Plans and Price List

Channel NameHD/SDEPG No.MRPMRP+Tax
Sony SABSD134₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Star Plus HDHD115₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Zee TV HDHD141₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Star Bharat HDHD121₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Star BharatSD122₹ 10.00₹ 11.80
SET HDHD128₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
SETSD130₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Sony SAB HDHD132₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
DD NationalSD114FTAFTA
&TV HDHD137₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
&TVSD139₹ 12.00₹ 14.16
Star PlusSD117₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Zee TVSD143₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Colors HDHD147₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
ColorsSD149₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
UTV BindassSD153₹ 1.00₹ 1.18
Investigation DiscoverySD155₹ 1.00₹ 1.18
Star UtsavSD171₹ 1.00₹ 1.18
Zee AnmolSD172₹ 0.10₹ 0.12
Colors RishteySD173₹ 1.00₹ 1.18
Sony PalSD174₹ 1.00₹ 1.18
Big MagicSD176₹ 0.10₹ 0.12
Shemaroo TVSD181FTAFTA
IsharaSD182₹ 5.00₹ 5.90

Tata Sky English Entertainment Plans and Packages

Channel NameHD/SDEPG No.MRPMRP+Tax
Star World HDHD202₹ 9.00₹ 10.62
Star WorldSD203₹ 8.00₹ 9.44
Star World Premiere HDHD206₹ 9.00₹ 10.62
Zee Café HDHD210₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Zee CaféSD211₹ 15.00₹ 17.70
Colors Infinity HDHD214₹ 9.00₹ 10.62
Colors InfinitySD215₹ 5.00₹ 5.90
Comedy Central HDHD218₹ 9.00₹ 10.62
Comedy CentralSD219₹ 5.00₹ 5.90
Disney International HDHD221₹ 12.00₹ 14.16

Tata Sky Hindi Movies Channels Pricing

Channel NameHD/SDEPG No.MRPMRP+Tax
Zee Cinema HDHD319₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Star GoldSD310₹ 8.00₹ 9.44
&pictures HDHD331₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Sony MaxSD314₹ 15.00₹ 17.70
Star Gold HDHD308₹ 10.00₹ 11.80
Zee CinemaSD321₹ 15.00₹ 17.70
UTV HDHD322₹ 8.00₹ 9.44
UTV MoviesSD323₹ 2.00₹ 2.36
UTV ActionSD325₹ 2.00₹ 2.36
Zee BollywoodSD327₹ 2.00₹ 2.36
Zee ClassicSD328₹ 0.50₹ 0.59
Sony Max HDHD312₹ 17.00₹ 20.06
&picturesSD332₹ 6.00₹ 7.08
Colors Cineplex HDHD344₹ 5.00₹ 5.90
Colors CineplexSD345₹ 3.00₹ 3.54
Star Gold 2SD317₹ 1.00₹ 1.18
Zee ActionSD349₹ 1.00₹ 1.18
Sony WahSD351₹ 1.00₹ 1.18

Tata Sky English Movies Channels List With Price

Channel NameHD/SDEPG No.MRPMRP+Tax
Movies Now HDHD420₹ 12.00₹ 14.16
&flix HDHD412₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Sony Pix HDHD406₹ 15.00₹ 17.70
Sony PixSD407₹ 10.00₹ 11.80
Star MoviesSD403₹ 12.00₹ 14.16
&flixSD413₹ 15.00₹ 17.70
Star Movies Select HDHD418₹ 10.00₹ 11.80
Star Movies HDHD402₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Movies NowSD421₹ 10.00₹ 11.80
Romedy NowSD429₹ 6.00₹ 7.08
MNX HDHD425₹ 9.00₹ 10.62
MNXSD426₹ 6.00₹ 7.08
MN+ HDHD423₹ 10.00₹ 11.80
&prive HDHD431₹ 19.00₹ 22.42

Tata Sky Hindi News Packages and Pricing

Channel NameHD/SDEPG No.MRPMRP+Tax
NDTV IndiaSD506₹ 1.00₹ 1.18
Aaj Tak HDHD508₹ 1.50₹ 1.77
Aaj TakSD509₹ 0.75₹ 0.89
News 24SD516FTAFTA
News18 IndiaSD519₹ 0.10₹ 0.12
Zee HindustanSD520₹ 0.10₹ 0.12
Zee NewsSD511₹ 0.10₹ 0.12
India NewsSD522FTAFTA
News NationSD523FTAFTA
TV9 BharatvarshSD524FTAFTA
Good News TodaySD525₹ 0.25₹ 0.30
Times Now Navbharat HDHD528₹ 1.50₹ 1.77
Times Now NavbharatSD529FTAFTA
News India 24×7SD530FTAFTA

Tata Sky English News Recharge Plans

Channel NameHD/SDEPG No.MRPMRP+Tax
CNN News18SD608₹ 0.50₹ 0.59
Times Now World (HD)HD603₹ 5.00₹ 5.90
Times NowSD604₹ 3.00₹ 3.54
India TodaySD606₹ 1.00₹ 1.18
NDTV 24×7SD601₹ 3.00₹ 3.54
Mirror NowSD612₹ 0.50₹ 0.59
Republic TVSD616FTAFTA
India AheadSD617FTAFTA
WIONSD613₹ 1.00₹ 1.18
NDTV Profit PrimeSD623₹ 1.00₹ 1.18
CNBC TV18 Prime HDHD625₹ 1.00₹ 1.18
CNBC TV18SD626₹ 4.00₹ 4.72
ET NowSD627₹ 3.00₹ 3.54
CNNSD631₹ 0.50₹ 0.59
BBC WorldSD633₹ 1.00₹ 1.18
Australia TVSD642FTAFTA
Channel News AsiaSD638FTAFTA
France 24SD639FTAFTA
TV5 Monde AsieSD640FTAFTA
Al JazeeraSD637FTAFTA
Russia TodaySD643FTAFTA

Tata Sky Sports channel list and Packs

Channel NameHD/SDEPG No.MRPMRP+Tax
Star Sports 2 HDHD456₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Star Sports 1 HDHD454₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Star Sports 1SD455₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Star Sports 2SD457₹ 6.00₹ 7.08
Star Sports 3SD458₹ 4.00₹ 4.72
Star Sports 1 Hindi HDHD459₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Star Sports 1 HindiSD460₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Sony Ten 3 HDHD475₹ 17.00₹ 20.06
Star Sports Select 1SD464₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Star Sports Select 2 HDHD465₹ 10.00₹ 11.80
Star Sports Select 2SD466₹ 7.00₹ 8.26
Sony Ten 1 HDHD470₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Sony Ten 1SD471₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Sony Ten 2 HDHD473₹ 17.00₹ 20.06
Sony Ten 2SD474₹ 15.00₹ 17.70
Star Sports Select 1 HDHD463₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Sony Ten 3SD476₹ 17.00₹ 20.06
Sony Six HDHD483₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Sony SixSD484₹ 15.00₹ 17.70
Eurosport HDHD495₹ 6.00₹ 7.08
EurosportSD496₹ 4.00₹ 4.72
Star Sports FirstSD497₹ 1.00₹ 1.18
1SportsSD498₹ 4.00₹ 4.72

Tata Sky Kids Packages Price List

Channel NameHD/SDEPG No.MRPMRP+Tax
PogoSD670₹ 4.25₹ 5.02
Sony YaySD676₹ 2.00₹ 2.36
DisneySD658₹ 8.00₹ 9.44
Nick HD+HD662₹ 10.00₹ 11.80
NickSD663₹ 6.00₹ 7.08
Cartoon Network HD+HD666₹ 5.00₹ 5.90
Cartoon NetworkSD667₹ 4.25₹ 5.02
Hungama TVSD652₹ 6.00₹ 7.08
Discovery KidsSD672₹ 3.00₹ 3.54
Sonic NickelodeonSD674₹ 2.00₹ 2.36
Marvel HQSD655₹ 4.00₹ 4.72
GubbareSD678₹ 0.65₹ 0.77
ETV Bal BharatSD680₹ 4.00₹ 4.72
Baby TV HDHD684₹ 1.00₹ 1.18
Nick JrSD685₹ 1.00₹ 1.18
Disney JuniorSD686₹ 4.00₹ 4.72
CBeeBiesSD687₹ 5.00₹ 5.90
Kushi TVSD692₹ 4.00₹ 4.72
Chutti TVSD693₹ 6.00₹ 7.08
Chintu TVSD694₹ 6.00₹ 7.08
Kochu TVSD695₹ 5.00₹ 5.90

Tata Sky Music Recharge Plans

Channel NameHD/SDEPG No.MRPMRP+Tax
ZoomSD811₹ 0.50₹ 0.59
MTVSD807₹ 3.00₹ 3.54
MTV HD+HD806₹ 5.00₹ 5.90
MTV BeatsSD821₹ 0.10₹ 0.12
ZingSD826₹ 0.10₹ 0.12
MTV Beats HDHD820₹ 1.00₹ 1.18
ShowboxSD835₹ 0.10₹ 0.12
Vh1 HDHD855₹ 2.00₹ 2.36
Vh1SD856₹ 1.00₹ 1.18

Tata Sky Knowledge & Lifestyle Plans & Price

Channel NameHD/SDEPG No.MRPMRP+Tax
Animal Planet HD WorldHD716₹ 3.00₹ 3.54
National GeographicSD709₹ 2.00₹ 2.36
Nat Geo Wild HDHD711₹ 5.00₹ 5.90
Nat Geo WildSD712₹ 1.00₹ 1.18
Discovery HD WorldHD713₹ 6.00₹ 7.08
Discovery ChannelSD714₹ 4.00₹ 4.72
National Geographic HDHD708₹ 10.00₹ 11.80
Animal PlanetSD717₹ 2.00₹ 2.36
Discovery ScienceSD719₹ 1.00₹ 1.18
EpicSD735₹ 2.00₹ 2.36
History TV18SD721₹ 3.00₹ 3.54
Sony BBC Earth HDHD724₹ 10.00₹ 11.80
Sony BBC EarthSD725₹ 4.00₹ 4.72
History TV18 HDHD720₹ 7.00₹ 8.26
Fox Life HDHD753₹ 1.00₹ 1.18
Fox LifeSD754₹ 1.00₹ 1.18
DD Gyan DarshanSD755FTAFTA
Swayam PrabhaSD756FTAFTA
TLC HDHD759₹ 3.00₹ 3.54
TLCSD760₹ 2.00₹ 2.36
Good TimesSD762₹ 1.50₹ 1.77
Discovery TurboSD764₹ 1.00₹ 1.18

Tata Sky Spiritual Channels and Packs

Channel NameHD/SDEPG No.MRPMRP+Tax
MH One ShraddhaSD1061FTAFTA
Sharnam TVSD1064FTAFTA
Subharti TVSD1082FTAFTA
Jinvani ChannelSD1066FTAFTA
Satsang TVSD1073FTAFTA
Aastha BhajanSD1077FTAFTA
Peace of MindSD1065FTAFTA

Tata Sky Hindi Regional Channels Plans

Channel NameHD/SDEPG No.MRPMRP+Tax
B4U BhojpuriSD1120FTAFTA
Enterr10 RangeelaSD1104FTAFTA
Zee BiskopeSD1113₹ 0.10₹ 0.12
Oscar Movies BhojpuriSD1118FTAFTA
Bhojpuri CinemaSD1119FTAFTA
Zee GangaSD1102₹ 0.50₹ 0.59
News18 Uttar Pradesh UttarakhandSD1125₹ 0.10₹ 0.12
Zee Uttar Pradesh UttarakhandSD1126₹ 0.10₹ 0.12
Filamchi BhojpuriSD1114₹ 0.25₹ 0.30
News18 Bihar JharkhandSD1129₹ 0.10₹ 0.12
Zee Bihar JharkhandSD1130₹ 0.10₹ 0.12
India News UP UKSD1136FTAFTA
News State UP UttarakhandSD1137FTAFTA
Sadhna Plus NewsSD1138FTAFTA
Kashish NewsSD1139FTAFTA
DD BharatiSD1152FTAFTA
DD Uttar PradeshSD1153FTAFTA
News18 Madhya Pradesh ChhattisgarhSD1155₹ 0.10₹ 0.12
Zee Madhya Pradesh ChattisgarhSD1156₹ 0.10₹ 0.12

Tata Sky Bengali Regional Channels Packages

Channel NameHD/SDEPG No.MRPMRP+Tax
Sun BanglaSD1317FTAFTA
Colors BanglaSD1303₹ 7.00₹ 8.26
Zee Bangla HDHD1306₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Zee BanglaSD1307₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Star Jalsha HDHD1309₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Sony AathSD1312₹ 4.00₹ 4.72
Colors Bangla HDHD1302₹ 14.00₹ 16.52
Aakaash AathSD1320FTAFTA
Ruposhi BanglaSD1321FTAFTA
Enterr10 BanglaSD1322FTAFTA
Jalsha Movies HDHD1326₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Jalsha MoviesSD1327₹ 6.00₹ 7.08
Zee Bangla CinemaSD1329₹ 2.00₹ 2.36
Colors Bangla CinemaSD1331₹ 1.00₹ 1.18
Khushboo BanglaSD1341FTAFTA
Star Sports 1 BanglaSD1350₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Star JalshaSD1310₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Zee 24 GhantaSD1362₹ 0.10₹ 0.12
Kolkata TVSD1363FTAFTA
News18 BanglaSD1365₹ 0.10₹ 0.12
TV9 BanglaSD1366FTAFTA
Republic BanglaSD1367FTAFTA
News Time BanglaSD1368FTAFTA
Calcutta NewsSD1370FTAFTA
Sangeet BanglaSD1380FTAFTA

Tata Sky Gujarati Regional Channels Price

Channel NameHD/SDEPG No.MRPMRP+Tax
Colors GujaratiSD1702₹ 5.00₹ 5.90
Colors Gujarati CinemaSD1711₹ 1.00₹ 1.18
TV9 GujaratiSD1720FTAFTA
Gujarat Samachar TVSD1721FTAFTA
Sandesh NewsSD1722FTAFTA
CNBC BajaarSD1724₹ 1.00₹ 1.18
News18 GujaratiSD1726₹ 0.10₹ 0.12
VTV GujaratiSD1729FTAFTA
Zee 24 KalakSD1731₹ 0.10₹ 0.12
India News GujaratSD1732FTAFTA
Mantavya NewsSD1734FTAFTA

Tata Sky Marathi Regional Channels Packs

Channel NameHD/SDEPG No.MRPMRP+Tax
Colors Marathi HDHD1201₹ 17.00₹ 20.06
Colors MarathiSD1202₹ 10.00₹ 11.80
Zee Marathi HDHD1203₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Zee MarathiSD1204₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Star Pravah HDHD1207₹ 15.00₹ 17.70
Star PravahSD1208₹ 9.00₹ 10.62
Zee YuvaSD1211₹ 1.00₹ 1.18
Sony MarathiSD1213₹ 4.00₹ 4.72
Sun MarathiSD1217FTAFTA
Zee Talkies HDHD1225₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Zee TalkiesSD1226₹ 2.00₹ 2.36
Fakt MarathiSD1229FTAFTA
Shemaroo Marathi BanaSD1230FTAFTA
News18 LokmatSD1257₹ 0.10₹ 0.12
Zee 24 TaasSD1259₹ 0.10₹ 0.12
Jai MaharashtraSD1262FTAFTA
TV9 MarathiSD1263FTAFTA
DD SahyadriSD1274FTAFTA
9X JhakaasSD1276FTAFTA
Sangeet MarathiSD1277FTAFTA
Zee VajwaSD1278₹ 0.10₹ 0.12

Tata Sky Odia Regional Channels Packages

Channel NameHD/SDEPG No.MRPMRP+Tax
Colors OriyaSD1752₹ 6.00₹ 7.08
Tarang TVSD1754₹ 10.00₹ 11.80
Zee SarthakSD1756₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
AlankarSD1763₹ 4.00₹ 4.72
Zee OdishaSD1773₹ 0.10₹ 0.12
Kanak NewsSD1774FTAFTA
News18 OdiaSD1776₹ 0.10₹ 0.12
Kalinga TVSD1777FTAFTA
Prameya News 7SD1778FTAFTA
Nandighosha TVSD1779FTAFTA
Argus NewsSD1780FTAFTA
Tarang MusicSD1786₹ 2.00₹ 2.36
Prarthana TVSD1795₹ 2.00₹ 2.36

Tata Sky Punjabi Regional Channels Plans

Channel NameHD/SDEPG No.MRPMRP+Tax
Zee PunjabiSD1903₹ 3.00₹ 3.54
Pitaara TVSD1911FTAFTA
PTC Punjabi GoldSD1912FTAFTA
Zee Punjab Haryana Himachal PradeshSD1920₹ 0.10₹ 0.12
News18 Punjab Haryana HimachalSD1922₹ 0.10₹ 0.12
India News PunjabSD1923FTAFTA
India News HaryanaSD1924FTAFTA
Living India NewsSD1928FTAFTA
DD PunjabiSD1935FTAFTA
9X TashanSD1939FTAFTA
Balle BalleSD1940FTAFTA
Punjabi hitsSD1942FTAFTA
Chardikla Time TVSD1945FTAFTA

Tata Sky Tamil Regional Channels Packages

Channel NameHD/SDEPG No.MRPMRP+Tax
Zee TamilSD1511₹ 12.00₹ 14.16
Sun TVSD1504₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Sun LifeSD1506₹ 9.00₹ 10.62
Mega 24SD1524₹ 1.00₹ 1.18
Star VijaySD1508₹ 17.00₹ 20.06
Zee Tamil HDHD1510₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Sun TV HDHD1503₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Vijay SuperSD1513₹ 2.00₹ 2.36
Colors Tamil HDHD1514₹ 7.00₹ 8.26
Colors TamilSD1515₹ 3.00₹ 3.54
Jaya TV HDHD1517₹ 6.00₹ 7.08
Kalaignar TVSD1518FTAFTA
Raj TVSD1520₹ 3.00₹ 3.54
D TamilSD1521₹ 4.00₹ 4.72
Raj Digital PlusSD1522₹ 1.50₹ 1.77
Mega TVSD1523₹ 3.00₹ 3.54
Star Vijay HDHD1507₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Tamil NaaptolSD1525FTAFTA
Vasanth TVSD1530FTAFTA
Polimer TVSD1532FTAFTA
Peppers TVSD1534FTAFTA
Vendhar TVSD1536FTAFTA
KTV HDHD1540₹ 19.00₹ 22.42

Tata Sky Telugu Regional Channels Packs and Price

Channel NameHD/SDEPG No.MRPMRP+Tax
Gemini LifeSD1415₹ 5.00₹ 5.90
Zee TeluguSD1404₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Gemini TV HDHD1405₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Gemini TVSD1406₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Star Maa MoviesSD1433₹ 10.00₹ 11.80
Star MaaSD1409₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
ETV HDHD1411₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
ETV TeluguSD1412₹ 17.00₹ 20.06
Zee Telugu HDHD1403₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
ETV PlusSD1417₹ 7.00₹ 8.26
Telugu NaaptolSD1419FTAFTA
Studio YuvaSD1423FTAFTA
Gemini Movies HDHD1430₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Gemini MoviesSD1431₹ 17.00₹ 20.06
Star Maa Movies HDHD1432₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Star Maa HDHD1408₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Star Maa GoldSD1435₹ 2.00₹ 2.36
Zee Cinemalu HDHD1437₹ 16.00₹ 18.88
Zee CinemaluSD1438₹ 10.00₹ 11.80
ETV CinemaSD1440₹ 6.00₹ 7.08
Gemini ComedySD1442₹ 5.00₹ 5.90
Star Sports 1 TeluguSD1446₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
ETV LifeSD1451₹ 1.00₹ 1.18
ETV AbhiruchiSD1453₹ 2.00₹ 2.36

Tata Sky Kannada Regional Channels Plans List

Channel NameHD/SDEPG No.MRPMRP+Tax
Zee KannadaSD1612₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Udaya TVSD1604₹ 17.00₹ 20.06
Colors Kannada HDHD1605₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Colors KannadaSD1606₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Star Suvarna HDHD1609₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Star SuvarnaSD1610₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Zee Kannada HDHD1611₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Udaya TV HDHD1603₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Colors SuperSD1615₹ 3.00₹ 3.54
Kannada NaaptolSD1617FTAFTA
Colors Kannada CinemaSD1632₹ 2.00₹ 2.36
Udaya MoviesSD1626₹ 16.00₹ 18.88
Udaya ComedySD1628₹ 6.00₹ 7.08
Star Suvarna PlusSD1630₹ 5.00₹ 5.90
Sirikannada All TimeSD1618FTAFTA
Zee PiccharSD1634₹ 3.00₹ 3.54
Public MoviesSD1639FTAFTA
Star Sports 1 KannadaSD1645₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
TV9 KannadaSD1653FTAFTA
Asianet Suvarna NewsSD1654FTAFTA
News18 KannadaSD1656₹ 0.10₹ 0.12
TV5 KannadaSD1657FTAFTA
Raj News KannadaSD1658FTAFTA
Dighvijay 24×7 NewsSD1659FTAFTA
News 1stSD1661FTAFTA
DD ChandanaSD1672FTAFTA
Udaya MusicSD1673₹ 6.00₹ 7.08
Raj Musix KannadaSD1674FTAFTA
Public MusicSD1677FTAFTA
Sri Sankara TVSD1685FTAFTA

Tata Sky Malayalam Regional Channels Packs

Channel NameHD/SDEPG No.MRPMRP+Tax
Zee KeralamSD1812₹ 0.10₹ 0.12
Surya TVSD1803₹ 12.00₹ 14.16
Mazhavil Manorama HDHD1818FTAFTA
AsianetSD1807₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Asianet PlusSD1809₹ 5.00₹ 5.90
Zee Keralam HDHD1811₹ 8.00₹ 9.44
Surya TV HDHD1802₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
FlowersSD1814₹ 10.00₹ 11.80
Asianet HDHD1806₹ 19.00₹ 22.42
Mazhavil ManoramaSD1819FTAFTA
Kairali TVSD1820FTAFTA
Naaptol MalayalamSD1823FTAFTA
Surya MoviesSD1826₹ 11.00₹ 12.98
Asianet MoviesSD1828₹ 15.00₹ 17.70
Surya ComedySD1830₹ 4.00₹ 4.72
Asianet NewsSD1841FTAFTA
Kairali NewsSD1842FTAFTA
Manorama NewsSD1843FTAFTA
Mathrubhumi NewsSD1844FTAFTA
News18 KeralaSD1846₹ 0.10₹ 0.12
Media One TVSD1849FTAFTA
Raj News MalayalamSD1853FTAFTA
Twenty fourSD1854FTAFTA
DD MalayalamSD1874FTAFTA
Surya MusicSD1875₹ 4.00₹ 4.72
Raj Musix MalayalamSD1877FTAFTA
Harvest TV 24×7SD1888FTAFTA

Tata Sky Others Channel Packages and Plans

Channel NameHD/SDEPG No.MRPMRP+Tax
Nepal 1SD1951FTAFTA
Rengoni TVSD1953FTAFTA
News18 Assam North EastSD1971₹ 0.10₹ 0.12
News LiveSD1973FTAFTA
DD Port BlairSD1985FTAFTA
Prag NewsSD1975FTAFTA
North East LiveSD1976FTAFTA
Hornbill TVSD1978FTAFTA
Protidin TimeSD1974FTAFTA
DD ArunprabhaSD1986FTAFTA
DD ManipurSD1987FTAFTA
DD North EastSD1988FTAFTA

Popular Tata Sky New Connection Packs

Explore the all-new Tata Sky connection packs, prices, and more, all curated for different types of viewers with different interests, and tastes. Enjoy unlimited content, and get access to top-notch regional channels, that will best suit your budget and needs. Currently, Tata Sky is offering four categories – Binge Combo, Curated, Add Ons/Mini Packs, and Regional Packs with different pricing plans as per preferred regional content, and broadcaster. Here’s a breakdown:

Tata Sky Binge Combo Plans and Pricing

All the plans under this category come with free access to Netflix. Read more.

  • Rs 389 per month: This Odia Regional TV Netflix Basic Combo pack comes with 8 SD channels, and offers access to news, movies, entertainment, and more.
  • Rs 389 per month: News Kids TV Netflix Basic Combo offers 26 SD channels which include access to Hindi and English news channels, and kids-specific channels like Cartoon Network, Disney, Pogo, Nick, etc.
  • Rs 399 per month:News Kids TV HD Netflix Basic Combo supports 2 HD and 24 SD channels. It provides access to news, and children’s television channels.
  • Rs 409.01 per month:Bengali TV Netflix Basic Combo has a total of 41 SD channels to offer to its users, which include categories like news, movies, sports, entertainment, kids, etc.
  • Rs 419 per month: Malayalam Regional TV Netflix Basic Combo supports 11 SD channels, while the Rs 439 per month plan offers 3 HD + 8 SD channels.
  • Rs 459 per month: This Tamil Regional TV Netflix Basic Combo pack supports 26 SD channels. You can get the best of content which includes movies, entertainment, and news.
  • Rs 459 per month: Watch your favorite movies, and get access to regional content with Tata Sky’s Kannada Regional TV Netflix Basic Combo pack with a total of 13 SD channels.
  • Rs 469 per month: ThisTelugu Regional TV Netflix Basic Combo pack supports 19 SD channels. Categories in the offering are news, cinema, comedy, movies, music, etc.
  • Rs 1529 per month: Premium TV HD Binge Netflix Premium Combo supports 56 HD channels, and 78 SD Channels, covering news, music, sports, kids, entertainment, movies, knowledge & lifestyle, etc.

Tata Sky Curated Packs Plans and Pricing

Users can avail of an FTA Basic pack for free of cost which supports up to 90 SD channels. You can get access to music channels, English news, Sports, and free access to regional channels from a variety of Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Bangla, Telugu, Malayalam, Odia, etc. Here’s a list of other packs:

  • Rs 60.48 per month: The Marathi Super Value pack offers 17 SD channels and provides access to regional Marathi channels like Colors Marathi, Sony Marathi, etc, and Hindi news and entertainment channels like NDTV, Aaj Tak, Colors Rishtey, etc.
  • Rs 72.34 per month:Bangla Super Value pack offers a total of 13 SD channels that also includes access to Hindi channels. Some of the Bangal regional channels in the offering are Colors Bangla, Jalsha Movies, News18 Bangla, Zee Bangla Cinema, etc.
  • Rs 81.66 per month:Malayalam Super Value offers exclusive regional content with a total of 11 SD channels that include Asianet, Asianet Movies, Surya Comedy, News18 Kerala, Surya Music, etc.
  • Rs 82.72 per month: TheOdia Super Value pack comes with Odia regional and Hindi entertainment channels. A total of 13 SD channels are up for grabs.
  • 97 per month:This Telugu Super Value pack has about 32 SD channels that include Hindi news, and entertainment channels, apart from regional Telugu channels.

Curated HD plans:

  • Rs 95.94 per month: Bangla Super Value HD – Supports 4 HD and 9 SD channels.
  • Rs 98.54 per month: Marathi Super Value HD – Supports 6 HD and 12 SD channels.
  • Rs 102.78 per month: Malayalam Super Value HD – Supports 3 HD and 8 SD channels.

Tata Sky Add Ons/Mini Packs Plans and Pricing

This package contains two free subscriptions, known as FTA English News and FTA Complimentary Pack. Under the FTA English News, users can get news from popular news agencies like Al Jazeera, Republic TV, Channel News Asia, India Ahead, and more. While the Complimentary Pack offers a whopping 153 SD channels and 1 HD channel for free, covering news, entertainment, movies, music, spiritual, and more. Here’s a list of paid plans:

  • Rs 3.54 per month: Under this Hindi News package, users can get popular Hindi news channels in India like Aaj Tak, Zee Hindustan, Zee Business, CNBC Awaaz, and more.
  • Rs 5.55 per month:The Music Mini Pack offers access to top music channels in India like MTV, MTV Beats, Vh1, Zoom, and Zing. At Rs 10.15, you can get a total of 5 channels (3 HD, and 2 SD) under the Music HD plan.
  • Rs 21.83 per month: Stay updated with the latest developments in the world with this English News package. Get access to BBC World, CNBC TV18, Mirror Now, etc.

Tata Sky Regional Packs Plans and Pricing

Under this Regional Pack category, users can get free access to six packages such as FTA Kannada Regional, FTA Malayalam Regional, FTA Bengali Regional, FTA Tamil Regional, FTA Telugu Regional, and FTA Punjabi Regional. Here’s a list of other paid packages.

  • Rs 8.49 per month: Gujarati Regional Pack supports 5 SD channels like CNBC Bajaar Colors Gujarati, Colors Gujarati Cinema, News18 Gujarati, and Zee 24 Kalak.
  • Rs 87.32 per month:Telugu Regional Mini supports 4 SD channels, all of which are for entertainment purposes. You can watch movies, shows, serials, and more on channels like ETV Telugu, Gemini TV, Star Maa, and Zee Telugu.

Other Telugu Regional packages:

  • Telugu Regional Mini HD at Rs 89.68 per month.
  • Telugu Regional at Rs 135.70 per month.
  • Telugu Regional HD at Rs 215.94 per month.
  • Rs 75.05 per month: Tamil Regional Mini pack supports 10 SD channels which include news, music, cinema, and more.

Other Tamil Regional packages:

  • Tamil Regional Mini HD pack at Rs 90.39 per month.
  • Tamil Regional pack at Rs 116.94 per month.
  • Tamil Regional HD pack at Rs 168.85 per month.

Tata Sky Coupons and Offers

GrabOn offers exclusive discounts and deals on Tata Sky packages. To get your hands on some of the best Tata Sky coupons, do stay connected with us. Enter these codes at the checkout page when making your purchase to score big savings!

Frequently Asked Questions About TATA Sky DTH Plans

What happens to my bill if I change my pack mid-month?

If you make changes to your account mid-month, your new balance will be shown in your account that you can pay.

Is there a limit on channels that I can add?

There is no limit to the channels that you can add to your base pack. First, select a base pack and then go to the add-ons or Channels section to add additional channels.

Where do I see my pack information?

You can see your pack information in your TATA Sky online account. Just log in using your subscriber id or RMN and click on the view list. Here you can see all information related to your current package.

How can I create a custom pack?

You can create a custom back by adding Broadcaster packs and channels to it. Visit the channel list to start creating your custom pack.

What’s the minimum cost of a TATA Sky DTH pack?

Tata Sky DTH packs range from as little as Rs 3.54 per month to up to Rs 1550 per month, depending on channels in the offering. Visit the official website for pricing information for over 100 packages.

Can I get a discount on a new connection because I am already a customer?

TATA Sky provides sign-on cashback of Rs. 200. You will have to refer the person who is getting the new connection. Once they subscribe using your referral code, they too get a cashback of Rs. 200. In addition to that, they will also get more discount that is provided by TATA Sky.

What should I do if any of my channels don’t work?

Channels may now work due to rains or cloudy weather. This phenomenon is called rain fade. TATA Sky has automated the solution to this problem and you may suffer downtime of up to a few minutes only. It is better to wait until the weather clears if you are in such a position.

Where to find my TATA Sky due amount?

To see your account balance on the TATA Sky bill, you have to log in to your account by using your subscriber id, or registered mobile number. When you use your RMN, you will get an OTP that you must enter. Keep this OTP safe and do not share it with anyone. Once you are in your account, your balance will be visible on the home screen.

How can I pay my TATA Sky bill?

In order to pay your TATA Sky bill, go to the amount due and click on Pay Now. You will be redirected to the payment screen where you can choose any of the payment methods and pay your TATA Sky bill.

What are the payment methods to pay the TATA Sky bill?

You can pay your Tata Sky bill with the help of your credit or debit cards. Just visit the official website and log in to your account to pay your bill.

If you have an ICICI bank you can also pay your bill by using the SMS service. You just must type an SMS in the following format

For ICICI bank users: DTH(space)Subscriber ID(space)tatasky(space)Amount(space)Last 6 digits of your ICICI bank account number.

Send this SMS to 9222208888 from your registered mobile number and your recharge will be successful.

Other methods to pay the bill are through the ATM. People who have an account in Yes Bank & DCB can avail of this service. Just go to your bank’s ATM and follow the instructions on the ATM screen/. You will be prompted to your TATA Sky bill payment screen where you can pay the bill with ease.

What is the base pack in TATA Sky DTH?

There are many base packs to choose from. Read more about packs and how to change them here.

What is the validity of each pack?

Each pack has a duration with it. Check the duration across the pack details when you select or change your DTH pack on the website.

Do you have packs for kids?

Yes. There are many packs that have channels like cartoon net6wok, pogo, Disney channel, and many others that kids love to watch. You can add these packs to your base pack or select a base pack that already has these.

How often can I change my DTH pack?

There is no limit. You can change your DTH as many numbers times and as often as you like. Everything is online and your bill is calculated automatically too. However, you may not want to change It too frequently as that may hamper your TV watching experience.

How long does it take for my changes to reflect after I change my pack?

Your changes to the pack will reflect on your TV within a few minutes after you change it online.

Can I call customer care and ask them to change the packages for me?

It is advisable to do it yourself. TATA Sky customer care are trained professionals however in order to change any account pack, you need to login into your account with the credentials which you have. TATA Sky does not keep access to our customer’s personal information. However, if you have any doubts or questions you can call customer care at 1800 208 6633 which is a toll-free number and is available 24/7. If you must get it done by the agent itself, you can check with them to see what they can do.

TATA Sky Set Top Boxes

TATA Sky SD Digital Set Top Box

Enjoy all your favorite channels in Standard Definition with the TATA Sky SD Digital Set Top Box. The SD STB brings you exciting shows and movies in excellent video and audio quality. You can enjoy videos of DVD quality and audio on a CD.

TATA Sky Pay Per View

Moreover, you can order movies on a pay-per-view basis from TATA Sky. So why spend time looking for movies online at risky websites. Just make use of the TATA Sky Showcase service and watch your favorite flick. Once you order the movie, you will get the channel number on which it will play. Just tune in and create a personal theater in your living room.


Enjoy ACTVE services and indulge in live darshans, cooking programs, and more with the help of your SD set-top box. Kids can also play exciting games and have fun. You get a 3-year annual service commitment from TATA Sky after you buy a new subscription.

Other Features

A TATA Sky SD STB lets you enjoy cool features like reminders for the shows that you are excited about, marking channels as a favorite, and browsing for up to 4 days of programme schedule while reading descriptions of the content being played.

TATA Sky HD set-top box

Own an HD TV? Get a TATA sky HD Set Top Box and level up your entertainment experience at home. The HD STB comes with a 3D-ready display with 5x sharper images. It gives you the perfect picture in a 16:9 display and a 1080i resolution on all of its 80+ HD channels. You can watch everything from Bollywood and Hollywood movies, TV shows, cartoons, sports, news, wildlife, politics, and more at super-sharp video quality and Dolby Digital Sound. Sounds like a must-have, doesn’t it?

When the TV shows are shot with high-definition cameras, you may not get its best advantage with non-HD TV or a Set-Top Box. You can observe the change as soon as you view the HD channels on an HD Set-Top Box for the first time.

TATA Sky services are available 24/7 and will enthrall you with devotional content, Vedic math, English lessons, TATA Sky fitness and so much more. Opt for an HD service and enhance your TV viewing experience with TATA sky.

TATA Sky Universal Remote Control

Tired of juggling between 2 separate remote controls for your TV and the Setup box. With a TATA Sky Universal Remote control, you can do it all with just one! Manage the TV power on and off, TV volume, the AV input, mute feature, and more. All you have to do is set up the remote to function with the TV and the Set-Top Box (STB).

How to configure your TATA Sky Universal remote control with your TV?

Things you need: TV with electric connection, working TATA Sky STB, TATA Sky Universal Remote Control, TV remote


Includes TV and STB: Manually press the TV power button and the STB power button simultaneously. In about a few seconds, you will see the LED light blink twice. Release the power button once that happens.[Text Wrapping Break]

Includes Universal Remote and the TV: Point the universal remote control towards the TV and press and hold the applicable number key as per the model of your TV.

How to decide which number key to press?

If your TV has an LG make, you will need to find the button on the remote control that has the first letter of the brand name, i.e. ‘L’. In TATA Sky remotes, just like any other remotes, the letter ‘L’ is printed on the ‘5’ number button.

Quick test: What number will you choose for a Sony TV?

Options: 7, 8, 9
Answer: ‘7’ (P,Q,R,’S’)[Text Wrapping Break]

Now you know how to choose the button for your TV, you should press & hold it and wait until your TV turns off. Once the TV is off, your remote is configured. Now you can control the TV’s operations by using your TATA Sky Universal Remote Control.

TATA Sky Remote

Use a TATA Sky remote for operating all the functions on a TATA Sky set-top box like changing channels, volume, displaying your account information, and organizing your TV viewing experience. A TATA Sky remote control can be bought in black or white color. You can get your hands on one from Amazon for about Rs. 170. To get further discounts, check out Amazon coupons here.

A TATA Sky remote control has an ergonomic design that can fit well in your hands. It allows you to change channels, volume, mute and to execute all other operations on the TATA Sky STB. The list of function as per the buttons are mentioned below:

  1. Power: Turns the STB on or off
  2. TV: Takes you to the last viewed channel on TV
  3. Home: Takes you to the TATA Sky home screen to browse channels and select the one that you would like to watch
  4. Guide: View all the channel as per their categories
  5. Organizer: Lets you change settings like brightness, language, parental controls, or check signal strength.
  6. ACTVE: Easy access to TATA Sky’s ACTVE services
  7. Arrow keys: Easy navigation between menu items and channels
  8. Volume keys: Change the volume of the STB
  9. Channel keys: Change the TATA Sky channels
  10. Mute: Reduce the volume to minimum with one press of a button
  11. Info: Read a short description about the programme, or movie that is playing.
  12. Fav: List of favorite channels
  13. Red button: Info of new services, active applications
  14. Green button: View the channel list and check other programs without any disturbance to the current channel being viewed
  15. Yellow button: Lists messages, reminders, alerts from TATA Sky
  16. Blue button: Change language of the channel being played currently
  17. Number keys: Lets you go to specific channel by entering its channel number

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