10 Best Yoga Mats In India For 2020

Whether you are a yoga enthusiast or a newbie trying to get in shape with workouts, the right type of yoga mat can help in perfecting your postures and performance. A low-quality slippery mat can make you lose focus on the asanas while paving the way for injuries. A perfect yoga mat must be lightweight, supportive, and grippy. Plus, its thickness, size, material, and texture should meet your specific personal needs.

We have evaluated the yoga mats in the Indian market to compile a list of top 10 yoga mats that can elevate your practice sessions. Be it an intense session of Vinyasa yoga, powerful Bikram yoga, challenging Ashtanga yoga, or the flowy Ashtanga yoga, these yoga mats can help you have a perfect balance while striking a pose.

List of Top 10 Yoga Mats In India For 2020

1. AmazonBasics Yoga and Exercise Mat

AmazonBasics Yoga Mat
The AmazonBasics yoga mat designed with an extra thickness of 12 inches to take your practice sessions to the next level. It creates the much needed cushioning effect between the floor and you to perform workouts, yoga, meditation, or pilates with ease. The textured surface of this yoga mat promotes traction effect for better stability while trying planks, tricky poses, or a downward dog posture.

It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran yogi or a beginner. This mat can keep you comfortable throughout any workout session. This exercise mat is durable and lightweight, which lets you roll it up and carry it with the elastic shoulder strap.

Price: Rs. 919

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2. VIFITKIT® Yoga Mat Anti-Skid EVA Yoga mat with Bag

The VIFITKIT yoga mat is a premium unisex product that is created with 3 mm thick foam of high density to provide excellent cushion support for your elbows, knees, hips, and spine on hard floors. It is a sweat-resistant mat designed with Moisture Resistant technology, which makes it a washable product.

The extra-thick foam of this 6 feet long and 2 feet wide mat offers protection to your joints while not compromising stability. This eco-friendly yoga mat is made of biodegradable EVA material that makes it five times durable than other regular products. Plus, it is free from toxic substances like latex, silicone, and PVC.

Price: Rs. 399

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3. Fitness Mantra Yoga Mat Anti-Slip and High-Density Yoga mat

Fitness Mantra Yoga Mat
The premium yoga mat from the house of Fitness Mantra is designed with the innovative moisture resistant technology, which helps you maintain it easily using soap and water. This mat is crafted out of TPE biodegradable silicone material that makes it a 100% non-toxic product. You need not worry about making your mat damp with sweat while practicing hot yoga, as it does not absorb sweat or water.

The non-slip textured surface of the yoga mat prevents issues like skidding and slipping while working out. It has a thickness of 4 mm and measures 60 cm in width and 180 cm in length.

Price: Rs. 239

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4. VI FITKIT® Anti-Skid Yoga mat with Bag

This VI FITKIT product is a double-sided yoga mat that flaunts a non-slip surface to help the users perform any workouts without worrying about getting injured. This lightweight mat is designed using sweat-absorbing Eva foam material to assure long-lasting service. The anti-skid feature makes it an apt choice for practice sessions for both men and women.

This durable yoga mat has no deformation issues, as it has an anti-tear feature. This digitally printed mat with a colorfast feature prevents it from fading. Its 4 mm thickness offers ample support to your joints and spine. The closed-cell construction of the exercise mat keeps mildew and bacterial growth at bay.

Price: Rs. 469

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5. Brandvilla Anti-Skid Yoga mat with Bag

Brandvilla Anti Skid Mat
The workout mat from the house of Brandvilla is an apt choice for use at home, studio, and outdoors, as it is crafted using 8 mm thick foam for great comfort. It is crafted with 6 feet length and 2 feet width to accommodate the users of all ages and shapes.

Both the sides of this yoga mat are designed with non-slipping exterior surfaces to prevent injuries caused by slipping. It is based on moisture resistant technology and can be washed with water to clean it. Carry this mat wherever you go using the carrier bag with nylon mesh design and fixed straps.

Price: Rs. 449

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6. VELLORA Anti-Skid Yoga Mat

VELLORA Anti Skid Yoga Mat
The Vellora yoga mat packs in an array of top-notch features that you will look for in a premium mat right from non-slip exteriors, stability, dual side usage to slip-resistant ability. It has an exceptional resilience feature that lets it maintain your balance even while doing a strenuous workout. This washable product is simple to clean, as it is designed with the latest moisture resisting technology.

It is made from lightweight and reliable TPE biodegradable material that is free of phthalates, latex, PVC, and silicone. The well-integrated anti-tearing net of this yoga mat measuring a width of 24 inches and length of 72 inches makes it an excellent choice for yoga and gym workout activities.

Price: Rs. 449

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7. VI FITKIT® Anti-Skid Eva Yoga Mat

The VI FITKIT mat is specifically designed for adding great comfort and support to your fitness regime, irrespective of the place you wish to workout. The surface with textured design helps the mat have a good grip on smooth and rough surfaces to deliver traction, balance, and safety.

The cushion padding material of this anti-skid product prevents damage to the knees and other joints while doing yoga. The double-sided yoga mat made of moisture-absorbing Eva foam is a perfect choice for rigorous workout practice. The 4 mm thick exercise mat can be used for performing asanas on hard floors made of cement, wood, concrete, etc.

Price: Rs. 449

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8. Strauss Anti-Skid Yoga Mat

Strauss Yoga Mat
The yoga mats offered by the renowned brand, Strauss are designed to last longer, remain hygienic, and easy to maintain, as they are made using closed-cell rubber technology with antimicrobial properties to keep dirt and sweat away. This odor-free yoga mat is created with a textured slip resilient layer on top to offer better grip and optimum stability.

The skid-proof layer at the bottom anchors to the floor entirely to prevent the mat from sliding and slipping. The 4 mm thick cushion offers excellent support. This double-sided mat has a lightweight structure and keeps your joints and spine injury-free. The mat has an anti-scratch feature, compression resistance ability, and can be rolled before storing it in its travel bag.

Price: Rs. 378

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9. Fitness Mantra Health & Fitness Non-Slip Yoga Mat

 Fitness Mantra Health Yoga Mat
The yoga mats offered by the best-selling brand, Fitness Mantra are known for their toxic-free cushion and excellent comfort. This yoga mat measuring a thickness of 4 mm is created with the advanced innovative moisture resistant technology to prevent it from getting wet with sweat during workouts. It can be maintained easily by washing it regularly with mild soap and water.

This exercise mat is developed with 100% biodegradable, toxic-free TPE silicone material for assuring durable service. The anti-slip textured surface of this anti-tear workout mat measuring 72 x 24 inch offers a better grip to prevent injuries due to slipping and skidding. It is easy to carry this lightweight mat to gyms and yoga studios.

Price: Rs. 239

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10. Strauss Anti-Skid Floral Yoga Mat

Strauss Yoga Mat
If you are on the lookout for a yoga mat that can provide a durable service, stay hygienic and offer top-notch support to your joints while sweating out in the gym, then look no further than the ones offered by Strauss. This yoga mat with smell resistant and sweat-absorbent foam with a textured pattern offers great support during workouts.

The anti-slip bottom of this washable product helps in achieving perfect balance even on hard and smooth floor surfaces. With the measurements of 173 x 61 cm, this yoga mat is much longer and spacious than the standard products in the market. The compression-resistant ability and rebound resilience feature of this workout mat makes it look like new even after practicing asanas and exercises on it regularly.

Price: Rs. 715

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Yoga mats are handy tools, which makes them find a compelling place in your workout gear. Choose from any of the products mentioned above to master that challenging pose without worrying about skidding and getting injured.


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