10 Best Dark Chocolate Brands in India

If you’re a dark chocolate lover, then you know the joy of savoring a decadent piece of rich, velvety goodness. Dark chocolate not only satisfies your sweet tooth but also offers a myriad of health benefits. From its antioxidant properties to potential mood-boosting effects, dark chocolate has captured the hearts of chocolate enthusiasts around the world.

In this blog post, we’ll help you discover the best dark chocolate brands that have perfected the art of crafting exceptional cocoa creations. From artisanal chocolatiers to globally recognized brands, we will explore their unique flavors, quality ingredients, and ethical sourcing practices. So, without any further ado, get ready to indulge your senses as we explore the most-loved chocolate brands and uncover the true essence of pure chocolate bliss.

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Oh, how we savored every moment of our quest to unearth the finest dark chocolate brands. Our journey began with a team of chocolate lovers armed with insatiable appetites and a passion for all things cocoa. We scoured the length and breadth of the country, embarking on thrilling chocolate-tasting escapades that would make even the most daring adventurer jealous.

Armed with a checklist of criteria, we sought out brands that danced on our taste buds, tickled our senses, and left us yearning for more. We indulged in countless tasting sessions, passionately debating over flavors, textures, and cocoa percentages. We even enlisted the help of discerning chocolate connoisseurs to aid our quest. It was a labor of love, a chocolate-fueled odyssey that led us to discover the most popular dark chocolate brands in India. So, buckle up, fellow chocolate enthusiasts, as we unveil the tantalizing treasures that have made it to our exclusive list.

Best OverallAmul
Best Value Nestle
Best Taste Cadbury
Most Healthy Sugar Free

Top 10 Dark Chocolate Brands in India 

Indulging in the rich, velvety taste of dark chocolate is a delight for chocolate enthusiasts across India. To help you navigate through the vast options available, we present a curated list of the top dark chocolate brands in India. From renowned chocolatiers to emerging artisans, these brands offer a range of delectable choices that will satisfy your cravings for quality and decadence.

1. Amul

Amul chocolate logoAmul, an iconic name in the dairy industry is also often referred to as ‚ÄėThe Taste of India‚Äô, holds a special place in the hearts of millions of Indians. Established in 1946, Amul is a cooperative brand that operates under the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF). It was formed with the aim of empowering local farmers and ensuring fair prices for their milk.

What about Dark Chocolates by Amul?

  • The brand‚Äôs dark chocolates are crafted using the finest ingredients and delicious cocoa.
  • Amul‚Äôs dark chocolates generally contain between 40-55% cocoa content, making it a rich and intense sensory experience.
  • Apart from being a delightful self-indulgence, Amul‚Äôs dark chocolates can also be used for baking and cooking purposes. Its high-quality composition allows it to add depth and richness to various recipes, making it a versatile ingredient in the kitchen.

2. Cadbury

CadburyCadbury instantly conjures up images of deliciously smooth and velvety chocolate, is a beloved brand with a rich heritage. Established in 1824 by John Cadbury, the brand has been tantalizing taste buds for nearly two centuries. Cadbury’s passion for crafting exceptional chocolate experiences is evident in every delectable bite. What began as a small confectionery shop in Birmingham, England, has evolved into a global chocolate empire, captivating chocolate lovers worldwide.

What about Dark Chocolates by Bournville?

  • Bournville is the dark chocolate division of Cadbury, and it is known for offering a premium experience to its users and is made from the finest cocoa sourced from around the world.
  • They often contain a delightful combination of crunchy almonds and delicious dried fruits, all enveloped in dark chocolate, creating a unique chocolate bar experience.
  • Their dark chocolate bars usually are rated as premium baking grade chocolates with over 70% chocolate content.

Cadbury’s dedication to crafting exceptional chocolate, its commitment to quality, and its ability to create emotional connections through advertising have solidified its position as a beloved brand worldwide. One can also find Cadbury coupons online, to make the most of their savings.

3. Sugar Free

Sugar FreeSugar Free has become synonymous with healthier alternatives to sugar, has been revolutionizing the way we approach sweetness for the past 25 years. Originally designed as a sugar substitute for diabetics, Sugar Free has evolved into a lifestyle brand catering to the needs of health-conscious individuals seeking to reduce their sugar and calorie intake. With its commitment to providing sweet satisfaction without compromising on taste, Sugar Free has become a trusted name in the realm of healthier indulgence.

What about Dark Chocolates by Sugar Free?

  • Sugar Free‚Äôs dark chocolates are premium quality and have high melting points, making them versatile and baking grade.
  • They usually contain several different flavour combinations including hazelnut, roasted almonds, crispy quinoa and dried orange.
  • As the name suggests, the brand‚Äôs chocolates have no added sugar, making them healthy and diabetes friendly.

4. Bogatchi

BogatchiBogatchi, the fastest growing chocolate brand in India, has captured the hearts of chocolate aficionados with its commitment to superior quality and the genuine taste of chocolate. With a focus on maintaining top standards for food safety, Bogatchi delicately handcrafts its chocolates in various shapes, ensuring a delightful chocolate experience for true chocolate lovers.

What about Dark Chocolates by Bogatchi?

  • Bogatchi‚Äôs dark chocolate varieties are known for their sugar and sweetener-free as well as preservative-free formulations.
  • They usually include a combination of 50% dark cocoa, cocoa butter and almonds.
  • These chocolates are healthy, rich in antioxidants and is a perfect way to treat your cravings.

5. The Hershey Company

The Hershey CompanyThe Hershey Company, a name synonymous with chocolate bliss, has been crafting irresistible treats since its inception in 1894. With a rich history spanning over a century, Hershey has become one of the most recognizable and beloved chocolate brands worldwide. Founded by Milton S. Hershey, the brand has a deep-rooted commitment to quality and innovation, offering a wide range of chocolate delights that have captured the hearts of millions.

What about Dark Chocolates by The Hershey Company?

  • Unlike the other brands on this list, the dark chocolates from The Hershey Company are mildly sweet, while containing a high percentage of chocolate.
  • They contain both soy and milk, so they are vegetarian and free of any more processing.
  • They have a shorter shelf life due to the ingredients used and points towards the most natural form of chocolate.

6. After Eight

After EightAfter Eight, a timeless and elegant chocolate brand, has been delighting chocolate lovers with its luxurious creations since 1962. With its distinctive thin square shape and indulgent mint-flavored filling, After Eight has become synonymous with sophistication and refined indulgence. The brand is known for its exquisite blend of rich dark chocolate and refreshing mint, creating a harmonious combination that captivates the senses.

What about Dark Chocolates by After Eight?

  • After Eight dark chocolates exude an air of elegance and luxury, making them a perfect choice for special occasions or moments of indulgence.
  • Their delicate flavour combinations such as the balance between the smooth dark chocolate and the cool mint flavor creates a truly decadent experience.
  • The brand‚Äôs chocolates are well-recognised for their elegant presentation of chocolates, particularly their iconic green and gold box, adding to the brand’s allure.

7. Lindt

lindtLindt, a Swiss chocolatier with a history dating back to 1845, is renowned for its exquisite chocolate creations that have captured the hearts of chocolate connoisseurs worldwide. Founded by David Spr√ľngli-Schwarz and his son Rudolf Spr√ľngli-Ammann, Lindt has become synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship and the finest quality chocolate. The brand’s dedication to using the finest ingredients, innovative techniques, and a passion for perfection has solidified its position as a leader in the chocolate industry.

What about Dark Chocolates by Lindt?

  • This brand‚Äôs dark chocolates are well-known for their exceptionally smooth and velvety chocolate.
  • Their dark chocolates are made using a unique chocolate-making process, including conching, which results in a luxurious, melt-in-your-mouth experience that sets Lindt apart from the rest.
  • All of their dark chocolate varieties have a high melting point, making them suitable for baking and cooking.

Lindt’s legacy of craftsmanship, its signature smoothness, and its extensive range of chocolates have made it a beloved brand among chocolate enthusiasts. One of our favourite ways to enjoy a piece of Lindt is sandwiched between biscuits. We have a comprehensive list of the best biscuit brands to truly elevate this already decadent snack!

8. Fabelle Wood

febelle woodFabelle, a luxury chocolate brand, is the epitome of fine craftsmanship and indulgence. With a commitment to creating exquisite chocolate experiences, Fabelle is renowned for its meticulous attention to detail and the use of premium ingredients. The brand believes in elevating the art of chocolate-making, blending innovation with traditional techniques to create unique and luxurious creations. Their passion for chocolate is reflected in every aspect of its offerings, from the selection of cocoa beans to the final presentation.

What about Dark Chocolates by Fabelle?

  • Fabelle‚Äôs dark chocolates have several flavour combinations such come with a unique cr√®me-filled bar variety.
  • Their dark chocolate is a smooth combination of 60% dark cocoa and comes at a reasonable price.
  • Their packaging is aesthetically pleasing, and their dark chocolates are often offered as a part of a gifting bundle.

9. Nestle

NestleNestle, a global powerhouse in the food and beverage industry, is a brand that needs no introduction. With a rich history dating back to 1866, Nestle has become a household name, known for its wide range of products that cater to diverse consumer needs. While Nestle is recognized for its extensive product portfolio, it has also established itself as a prominent player in the chocolate industry. Nestle’s commitment to quality, innovation, and responsible sourcing sets it apart as a trusted chocolate brand.

What about Dark Chocolates by Nestle?

  • Nestle‚Äôs dark chocolates are offered in several flavours including dry fruits, roasted hazelnuts and almonds.
  • They can be also used as cooking and baking grade chocolates.
  • Nestle has a large legacy in chocolatiering and is one of the most affordable brands in the market.

10. Ambriona

AmbrionaAmbriona is a luxurious chocolate brand that offers a unique blend of indulgence and wellness. With a vision to redefine the chocolate experience, Ambriona combines the richness of dark chocolate with the goodness of superfoods. The brand’s commitment to sourcing high-quality ingredients and its dedication to craftsmanship set it apart in the world of premium chocolates. Ambriona takes pride in creating chocolates that not only delight the taste buds but also provide a nourishing and guilt-free treat.

What about Dark Chocolates by Ambriona?

  • Ambriona is known for infusing its chocolates with a variety of superfoods, such as almonds, cranberries, matcha, and more.
  • Their chocolates have high cocoa percentages, focusing on the health benefits associated with dark chocolate, such as antioxidants and mood-enhancing properties.

Indulge in the Versatility of Dark Chocolate 

  • Mole Sauce Twist: Incorporate dark chocolate into traditional mole sauce for a rich and velvety finish. The bitterness of the chocolate complements the complex flavors of the sauce, adding depth and complexity to savory dishes like chicken or enchiladas.
  • Decadent Salad Dressing: Melt dark chocolate and combine it with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and a touch of honey to create a luscious dressing. Drizzle it over salads that feature ingredients like fresh berries, spinach, and goat cheese for a unique flavor combination.
  • Spiced Hot Chocolate: Enhance your favorite hot chocolate recipe by adding a dash of ground cinnamon, a pinch of chili powder, and a few squares of dark chocolate. The result is a warm, indulgent beverage with a delightful balance of sweetness and spiciness. In case you are looking for vegan milk recommendations, make sure to check out our review of the best almond milk brands.
  • Dark Chocolate Marinade: Create a tantalizing marinade for meats by melting dark chocolate with ingredients like balsamic vinegar, garlic, and herbs. Allow the meat to marinate for a few hours or overnight before grilling or roasting for a savory and slightly sweet flavor infusion.
  • Gourmet Pizza Topping: Grate dark chocolate over a freshly baked pizza just before serving. The heat of the pizza will melt the chocolate slightly, creating a heavenly blend of sweet and savory flavors. Pair it with toppings like caramelized onions, goat cheese, and prosciutto for a truly gourmet experience.

Dark Chocolates and its Pairings 

When it comes to dark chocolate, its rich and intense flavors can be even more enjoyable when paired with the right companions. If you’re ready to embark on a delicious adventure of flavor combinations, here are some of the best ways to pair dark chocolates that will take your taste buds on a wild ride.

Fruity Fantasia:

Dark chocolate and fruits are a match made in heaven. The fruity sweetness complements the bittersweet notes of dark chocolate, creating a symphony of flavors. Try pairing a piece of dark chocolate with fresh strawberries or raspberries for a burst of juicy goodness. The tartness of citrus fruits like orange or grapefruit also adds a delightful zing to the chocolatey experience. For an exotic twist, experiment with tropical fruits like mango or pineapple. Each bite will transport you to a fruity paradise.

Nutty Nirvana:

Dark chocolate and nuts are like two peas in a pod. The crunchiness of nuts provides a delightful contrast to the smoothness of dark chocolate. Whether it’s almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, or cashews, the nutty flavors complement the deep, earthy tones of the chocolate. You can enjoy a simple pairing by nibbling on a piece of dark chocolate with roasted almonds or go all out by indulging in a chocolate-covered nut cluster. It’s a nutty nirvana that will have you reaching for more.

Coffee Connoisseur:

Dark chocolate and coffee are a power couple that knows how to awaken your senses. The bitterness of dark chocolate pairs wonderfully with the rich, robust flavors of coffee. Take a bite of dark chocolate and savor it alongside a sip of your favorite coffee. The flavors will intertwine, creating a harmonious blend of cocoa and caffeine. For an extra touch of luxury, try pairing dark chocolate with a cup of freshly brewed espresso or a velvety cappuccino. It’s a match made in coffee connoisseur heaven.

Remember, these are just a few ideas to get your taste buds tingling. Don’t be afraid to explore and experiment with different flavors. From spicy chili to fragrant spices like cinnamon or cardamom, the possibilities are endless. So, go ahead, grab a bar of dark chocolate, and let your imagination run wild as you embark on a delightful journey of flavor pairings.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are dark chocolates really good for you? 
Absolutely! Dark chocolates are not only delicious but also packed with health benefits. They are rich in antioxidants, which help fight free radicals and promote overall well-being. Dark chocolates also contain minerals like iron, magnesium, and copper, which are essential for a healthy body. So go ahead and indulge guilt-free.

2. How do I choose the best dark chocolate brand? 
Choosing the best dark chocolate brand can be a tough decision, but fear not, chocolate lover! Look for brands that use high-quality ingredients, have a higher cocoa percentage (around 70% or more), and minimal additives. Don’t forget to read reviews and ask fellow chocoholics for their recommendations. Trust your taste buds and go with a brand that makes your heart (and taste buds) sing.

3. Can dark chocolate satisfy my sweet cravings? 
Absolutely! Dark chocolate is your sweet tooth’s best friend. The rich and intense flavors of dark chocolate can satisfy even the most persistent cravings. Plus, its bittersweet taste makes it incredibly satisfying, so you can indulge in a smaller portion and still feel completely satisfied. It’s the perfect balance of sweetness and indulgence.

4. Can I gift dark chocolates to someone who doesn’t usually eat them?¬†
Dark chocolates make a fantastic gift for anyone, even those who may not be regular dark chocolate enthusiasts. You can opt for brands that offer a milder, sweeter version of dark chocolate or choose flavors like sea salt, caramel, or fruit-infused dark chocolates to add a touch of familiarity. It’s a thoughtful and delicious gift that might just convert them into dark chocolate lovers.

5. Are there any unique flavors or variations in dark chocolates? 
Oh, you bet! Dark chocolates are a playground for flavor exploration. You can find dark chocolates infused with spices like chili or cinnamon for a fiery twist. There are also dark chocolates with added fruits, nuts, or even aromatic herbs like lavender or rosemary. Get ready to embark on a flavor adventure like no other and discover the delightful world of dark chocolate variations.


When it comes to indulging in the rich and satisfying world of dark chocolate, these top brands have proven themselves to be the finest choices. With their meticulous craftsmanship, dedication to quality ingredients, and commitment to sustainable practices, they have elevated the art of dark chocolate-making. Whether you’re a connoisseur seeking complex flavor profiles or simply someone looking for a guilt-free treat, these brands offer a range of options to satisfy every palate. So, treat yourself to a square of decadence and discover the unparalleled pleasure that these best dark chocolate brands have to offer.

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