Best Airtel DTH Packages, Channel Number and Price for 2022

India’s one of the most trusted brands, Airtel Bharti launched its direct-broadcast satellite service in 2008 to provide digital television service to its users. After a few years of its launch, it crossed the total subscriber base of 10.07 million, becoming a pioneering leader in the Indian DTH market. Currently, it has more than 12.50 million subscribers and offers nearly 506 HD channels. Airtel’s DTH service comes with free installation with brilliant 4k clarity.

With over 300 million subscribers across the world, Airtel’s telecommunication service ranks third in the world. The brand left no stone unturned to make its DTH service the top-most player in India’s DTH market.

Weekly Bouquets of Pay Channels and their Retail Price

Airtel Bouquet NameDurationDRP (Rs.)(Rs. incl Tax)
Star Sports 1- 7 days Upfront NRC(Rs.5)Weekly45
Star Sports 1 HD- 7 days Upfront NRC(Rs.5)Weekly45
Star Sports 1 HD Hindi- 7 days Upfront NRC(Rs.5)Weekly45
Star Sports 1 Hindi- 7 days Upfront NRC(Rs.5)Weekly45

Monthly Bouquets of Pay Channels and their Retail Price

Airtel Bouquet NameDRP (Rs.)(Rs. incl Tax)
Airtel all Kids topup (Rs.35)3035
Airtel Bengali regional topup Rs. 675767
Airtel English Entertainment HD topup Rs. 877487
Airtel English Entertainment SD topup Rs. 494249
Airtel English Movies HD topup Rs. 159135159
Airtel English Movies Mini HD topup Rs. 766476
Airtel English Movies SD topup Rs. 847184
Airtel Gujarati Regional topup Rs. 767
Airtel Hindi Entertainment HD topup Rs. 166141166
Airtel Hindi Entertainment Mini HD topup Rs. 897589
Airtel Hindi Movies 1M Topup Rs 604654
Airtel Hindi Movies HD topup Rs. 11497114
Airtel Hindi Movies Mini HD topup Rs. 937993
Airtel home Banglore Sports and Kids pack424500
Airtel home Banglore Sports pack350413
Airtel home Bengali Hindi sports pack350413
Airtel home Bengali sports and Kids pack424500
Airtel home chennai Sports and Kids pack424500
Airtel home chennai Sports pack350413
Airtel home Gujarat Hindi sports pack350413
Airtel home Gujarat sports and Kids pack424500
Airtel home Hindi sports pack350413
Airtel home sports and Kids pack424500
Airtel Kannada regional topup Rs. 11497114
Airtel Kids HD topup Rs. 474047
Airtel Main Hindi Entertainment Topup123145
Airtel Malayalam regional topup Rs. 705970
Airtel Marathi regional topup Rs. 524452
Airtel Mini Bengali regional topup Rs. 413541
Airtel Mini Hindi Entertainment Topup7589
Airtel Mini Kannada regional topup Rs. 867386
Airtel Mini Malayalam regional topup Rs. 544654
Airtel Mini Marathi regional topup Rs. 443744
Airtel mini Tamil regional topup Rs. 705970
Airtel Mini Telugu Regional topup Rs. 877487
Airtel Oriya regional topup Rs. 463946
Airtel Sports HD English topup Rs. 443744
Airtel Sports HD Hindi topup Rs. 423642
Airtel Tamil regional topup Rs. 11396113
Airtel Telugu Regional topup Rs. 135114135
All channels 1 M pack- add on channels8601015
All channels 1 M pack1,4191,675
AP Mega HD Pack_New602710
AP Mega SD Pack_New441520
AP My Family HD Pack_New502592
AP My Family SD Pack_New403475
AP Value Lite HD Pack_New282333
AP Value Lite SD Pack_New248293
AP Value Plus HD Pack_New403475
AP Value Plus SD Pack_New297350
AP Value Sports SD Pack_New331390
BST Pack ROI Pack (Rs. 153)130153
BST Pack South Pack (Rs. 153)130153
Dabang HD Pack_New310366
Dabang SD Pack_New237280
Dabang Sports 1 M pack246290
Dabang Sports HD 1 M pack305360
Freedom Entertainment HD Pack305360
Freedom Sports & Kids HD pack361426
Freedom Sports & Kids HD Pack_Guj348411
Freedom Sports & Kids HD Pack_Mah366432
Freedom Sports & Kids HD Pack_Oriya358423
Freedom Sports & Kids HD Pack_WB364429
Guj Dabang Sports 1 M pack246290
Guj Dabang Sports HD 1 M pack305360
Gujarat Mega HD Pack_New592699
Gujarat Mega SD Pack_New432510
Gujarat My Family HD Pack_New488576
Gujarat My Family SD Pack_New381450
Gujarat Value Lite HD Pack (ZEE-TV18)_New247291
Gujarat Value Lite HD Pack_New242286
Gujarat Value Lite SD Pack (ZEE-TV18)_New215254
Gujarat Value Lite SD Pack_New203240
Gujarat Value Sports HD Pack_New403475
Gujarat Value Sports SD Pack_New285336
Hindi Mega HD Pack_New592699
Hindi Mega SD Pack_New432510
Hindi My Family HD Pack_New492580
Hindi My Family SD Pack_New403475
Hindi Shubharambh HD Pack (ZEE-STAR) _New285336
Hindi Shubharambh SD Pack (ZEE-STAR) _New228269
Hindi Value Lite HD Pack (ZEE-TV18)_New247291
Hindi Value Lite HD Pack_New247292
Hindi Value Lite SD Pack (ZEE-TV18)_New215254
Hindi Value Lite SD Pack_New203240
Hindi Value Sports HD Pack_New420496
Hindi Value Sports lite HD Pack_New410484
Hindi Value Sports lite Pack_New281332
Hindi Value Sports SD Pack_New305360
Karnataka Mega HD Pack_New582687
Karnataka Mega SD Pack_New432510
Karnataka My Family HD Pack_New492580
Karnataka My Family SD Pack_New401473
Karnataka Value Lite HD Pack_New306361
Karnataka Value Lite SD Pack_New242285
Karnataka Value Plus HD Pack_New374441
Karnataka Value Plus SD Pack_New291343
Karnataka Value Sports SD Pack_New324382
KER Superstar Ultimate Tamil Pack_New280330
Kerala Mega HD Pack_New498588
Kerala Mega SD Pack_New384453
Kerala Value Lite HD Pack_New275324
Kerala Value Lite SD Pack_New233275
Kerala Value Plus HD Pack_New369435
Kerala Value Plus SD Pack_New282333
MAH Mega HD Pack_New592699
MAH Mega SD Pack_New432510
MAH My Family HD Pack_New492580
MAH My Family SD Pack_New386456
MAH Value Lite HD Pack_New305360
MAH Value Lite SD Pack_New250295
MAH Value Sports HD Pack_New415490
MAH Value Sports lite Pack_New284335
MAH Value Sports SD plus Pack_New305360
Marathi Dabang Sports 1 M pack246290
Marathi Dabang Sports HD 1 M pack305360
New AP SD plus Pack_New236279
New Karnataka HD Pack_New245289
New Karnataka SD plus Pack_New231273
New Kerala HD Pack_New235277
New Kerala SD Pack_New186220
New MAH HD Pack_New204241
New MAH SD Pack_New175206
New Orissa SD Pack_New169200
New TN HD Pack_New250295
New WB HD Pack_New207244
New WB SD Pack_New186220
Orissa Mega HD Pack_New592699
Orissa Mega SD Pack_New432510
Orissa My Family HD Pack_New492580
Orissa My Family SD Pack_New381450
Orissa Value Lite HD Pack_New297351
Orissa Value Lite SD Pack_New233275
Orissa Value Sports HD Pack_New394465
Orissa Value Sports SD Pack_New282333
Oriya Dabang Sports 1 M pack250295
Oriya Dabang Sports HD 1 M pack305360
PB Mauja Hi Mauja Pack271320
Star Sports 1 and Ten 1 topup (Rs.44)3744
Star Sports 1 Hindi and Ten 3 topup (Rs.42)3642
Tamil Value SD Pack (ZEE-SUN)_New177209
Telugu Value SD Pack (ZEE-SUN)_New175206
TN Mega HD Pack_New592699
TN Mega SD Pack_New432510
TN My Family HD Pack_New466550
TN My Family SD Pack_New381450
TN Regional 1 M Pack169199
TN Regional 1M HD Karnataka Corridor296349
TN Regional 1M HD Kerala Corridor296349
TN Regional 1M HD Telugu Corridor296349
TN Regional 1M HD Urban_new253299
TN Regional 1M Karnataka Corridor211249
TN Regional 1M Kerala Corridor211249
TN Regional 1M SD Plus pack_New208246
TN Regional 1M Telugu Corridor211249
TN Regional 1M Urban_new169199
TN Value Lite HD Pack_New326385
TN Value Lite SD Pack_New233275
TN Value Sports HD Pack_New404477
TN Value Sports SD Pack_New288340
WB Anand191225
WB Dabang Sports 1 M pack246290
WB Dabang Sports HD 1 M pack305360
WB Mega HD Pack_New592699
WB Mega SD Pack_New432510
WB My Family HD Pack_New490578
WB My Family SD Pack_New384453
WB Value Lite HD Pack_New297350
WB Value Lite SD Pack_New231272
WB Value Sports HD Pack_New405478
WB Value Sports lite Pack_New281332
WB Value Sports SD plus Pack_New305360

Yearly Bouquets of Pay Channels and their Retail Price

Airtel Bouquet NameDRP (Rs.)(Rs. incl Tax)
Airtel Hindi Movies 12M Topup Rs 720610720
AP Mega HD 12M pack_New6,6197,811
AP Mega SD 12M pack_New4,8485,721
AP My Family HD 12M pack5,5196,512
AP My Family SD 12M pack4,4275,224
AP Value Lite HD 12M pack3,1033,662
AP Value Lite SD 12M pack2,7313,223
AP Value Plus HD 12M pack_New4,4295,226
AP Value Sports SD 12M pack_New3,6364,291
Dabang HD 12M pack_New3,2643,851
Dabang Sports 12M2,7043,191
Dabang Sports HD 12M3,3513,954
Dabangg SD 12 Month pack_New2,6113,081
Freedom Entertainment HD Pack_12M3,3493,952
Freedom Sports & Kids HD pack_12M3,9714,686
Freedom Sports & Kids HD Pack_Guj_12M3,8314,521
Freedom Sports & Kids HD Pack_Mah_12M4,0274,752
Freedom Sports & Kids HD Pack_Oriya_12M3,9434,653
Freedom Sports & Kids HD Pack_WB_12M3,9954,714
Guj Dabang Sports 12M2,7063,193
Guj Dabang Sports HD 12M3,3533,957
Gujarat Mega HD 12M pack_New6,5167,689
Gujarat Mega SD 12M pack_New4,7565,612
Gujarat My Family HD 12M pack5,3696,336
Gujarat My Family SD 12M pack4,1944,949
Gujarat Value Lite HD 12M pack (ZEE-TV18)2,7143,202
Gujarat Value Lite HD 12M pack2,6663,146
Gujarat Value Lite SD 12M pack (ZEE-TV18)2,3672,793
Gujarat Value Lite SD 12M pack2,2392,642
Gujarat Value Sports HD 12M pack_New4,4305,227
Gujarat Value Sports SD 12M pack_New3,1323,696
Hindi Mega HD 12M pack_New6,5237,697
Hindi Mega SD 12M pack_New4,7625,619
Hindi My Family HD 12M pack5,4086,381
Hindi My Family SD plus 12M pack4,4265,223
Hindi Value Lite HD 12M pack (ZEE-TV18)2,7133,201
Hindi Value Lite HD 12M pack2,7223,212
Hindi Value Lite SD 12M pack (ZEE-TV18)2,3682,794
Hindi Value Lite SD 12M pack2,2382,641
Hindi Value Sports HD 12M pack_New4,6165,447
Hindi Value Sports lite 12M pack_New3,0973,654
Hindi Value Sports lite HD 12M pack_New4,4775,283
Hindi Value Sports SD 12M pack_New3,3593,964
Kannada Malyalam Superstar 12 M SD Pack3,2253,806
Kannada Marathi Superstar 12 M SD Pack3,9814,697
Kannada Superstar 12 M HD Pack3,2813,872
Kannada Tamil Superstar 12 M SD Pack3,1423,707
Kannada Telugu Hindi Superstar 12 M SD Pack5,7326,764
Kannada Telugu Superstar 12 M SD Pack3,4214,037
Karnataka Mega HD 12M pack_New6,4047,557
Karnataka Mega SD 12M pack_New4,7555,611
Karnataka My Family HD 12M pack5,4086,382
Karnataka My Family SD 12M pack4,4095,203
Karnataka Value Lite HD 12M pack3,3653,971
Karnataka Value Lite SD 12M pack2,6583,136
Karnataka Value Plus HD 12M pack_New4,1114,851
Karnataka Value Sports SD 12M pack_New3,5244,158
Kerala Mega HD 12M pack_New5,4816,468
Kerala Mega SD 12M pack_New4,2234,983
Kerala Value Lite HD 12M pack3,0203,564
Kerala Value Lite SD 12M pack2,5633,024
Kerala Value Plus HD 12M pack_New4,0564,786
Kerala Value Plus SD 12M pack_New3,1053,664
MAH Mega HD 12M pack_New6,5197,693
MAH Mega SD 12M pack_New4,7595,616
MAH My Family HD 12M pack5,4066,379
MAH My Family SD 12M pack4,2515,016
MAH Value Lite HD 12M pack3,3503,953
MAH Value Lite SD 12M pack2,7513,246
MAH Value Sports HD 12M pack_New4,5695,391
MAH Value Sports lite 12M pack_New3,1243,686
MAH Value Sports SD plus 12M pack_New3,3583,962
Marathi Dabang Sports 12M2,7073,194
Marathi Dabang Sports HD 12M3,3543,958
New MAH HD 12M pack2,2472,651
New MAH SD 12M pack1,9202,266
Orissa Mega HD 12M pack_New6,5197,692
Orissa Mega SD 12M pack_New4,7585,614
Orissa My Family HD 12M pack5,4056,378
Orissa My Family SD 12M pack4,1934,948
Orissa Value Lite HD 12M pack3,2723,861
Orissa Value Lite SD 12M pack2,5623,023
Orissa Value Sports HD 12M pack_New4,3365,116
Orissa Value Sports SD 12M pack_New3,1043,663
Oriya Dabang Sports 12M2,7083,196
Oriya Dabang Sports HD 12M3,3553,959
TN Mega HD 12M pack_New6,5207,694
TN Mega SD 12M pack_New4,7605,617
TN My Family HD 12M pack5,1266,049
TN My Family SD 12M pack4,1964,951
TN Regional 12M HD Karnataka Corridor3,1153,676
TN Regional 12M HD Kerala Corridor3,1883,762
TN Regional 12M HD Telugu Corridor3,1543,722
TN Regional 12M HD Urban2,6803,162
TN Regional 12M Karnataka Corridor2,1752,566
TN Regional 12M Kerala Corridor2,1882,582
TN Regional 12M Telugu Corridor2,1892,583
TN Regional 12M Urban1,6801,982
TN Superstar HD 12M Pack_New2,8153,322
TN Superstar SD 12M Pack_New2,0862,461
TN Superstar Ultimate HD 12M pack_New3,8504,543
TN Superstar Ultimate SD 12M pack_New2,3312,751
TN Value Lite HD 12M pack3,5884,234
TN Value Lite SD 12M pack2,5643,026
TN Value Sports HD 12M pack_New4,4475,247
TN Value Sports SD 12M pack_New3,1703,741
UDP Pack 12M new1,1431,349
WB Dabang Sports 12M2,7053,192
WB Dabang Sports HD 12M3,3533,956
WB Mega HD 12M pack_New6,5187,691
WB Mega SD 12M pack_New4,7575,613
WB My Family HD 12M pack5,3886,358
WB My Family SD 12M pack4,2224,982
WB Value Lite HD 12M pack3,2623,849
WB Value Lite SD 12M pack2,5362,992
WB Value Sports 12M pack_New3,3573,961
WB Value Sports HD 12M pack_New4,4565,258
WB Value Sports lite 12M pack_New3,0963,653

If you are a user of Airtel DTH looking forward to getting answers to your queries, this article will surely be helpful! Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the Airtel DTH plan.

Airtel Channel List, Channel Number with Price 2022

Airtel Assamese Channel List with Number & Price

Find the Channel number and updated prices for Assamese channels at Airtel –

BroadcasterChannelChannel NumberTypeTotal Price
OtherAssam Talks640SD0
DDDD Imphal648SD0
DDDD North East647SD0
OtherNEPAL 1642SD0
TV18News18 Assam/NE644SD0.3
OtherNorth East Live645SD0
OtherProtidin Time639SD0
OtherRamdhenu TV635SD0
OtherRANG TV633SD0

Airtel Bengali Channel List with Number & Price

Below table shows the Bengali channel list with channel numbers and prices. The data is recent and is updated a week ago.

BroadcasterChannelChannel NumberTypeTotal Price
OtherAakash Aath712SD0
ABPABP Ananda724SD0.59
OtherCN News728SD0
TV18Colors Bangla705SD8.26
TV18Colors Bangla HD706HD16.52
OtherCTVN AKD Plus714SD0
OtherDhoom Music735SD0
StarJalsha Movies719SD7.08
StarJalsha Movies HD773HD22.42
OtherKolkata TV726SD0
OtherMusic Fatafati734SD0
TV18News18 Bangla725SD0.3
OtherRuposhi Bangla709SD0
OtherSangeet Bangla736SD0
SonySony Aath711SD4.72
StarStar Jalsha707SD22.42
StarStar Jalsha HD708HD22.42
ZEEZee Bangla Cinema717SD5.9
ZEEZee Bangla HD704HD22.42

Airtel Bhojpuri Channel List with Number & Price

Bhojpuri language is primarily spoken in Bihar & UP. Let us have a look at the channels with numbers for Bhojpuri at Airtel and prices.

BroadcasterChannelChannel NumberTypeTotal Price
OtherAnjan TV658SD0
OtherBhojpuri Cinema TV661SD0
ZEEBig Ganga653SD0.59
TV18News18 Bihar/Jharkhand660SD0.3
OtherSangeet Bhojpuri667SD0
ZEEZee Bihar Jharkhand659SD0.12

Airtel Devotional Channel List with Prices

BroadcasterChannelChannel typeTotal Price
OtherAastha BhajanSD0.00
OtherDisha tvSD0.00
OtherDivya TVSD0.00
OtherGOD TVSD0.00
OtherGoodnews TVSD0.00
OtherJai ParasSD0.00
OtherMh-1 ShraddhaSD0.00
OtherParas TvSD0.00
OtherPeace of MindSD0.00
OtherPrarthana BhawanSD0.00
OtherSarv Dharam SangamSD0.00
OtherShubhsandesh TVSD0.00
OtherSurya BhaktiSD0.00

Airtel English Entertainment Channel List with Prices

BroadcasterChannelChannel typeTotal Price
DisneyDisney International HDHD14.16
TV18Colors Infinity HDHD10.62
TV18Comedy Central HDHD10.62
SonyAXN HDHD8.26
StarStar World HDHD10.62
StarStar world Premier HDHD10.62
ZEEZee Cafe hDHD22.42
TV18Comedy CentralSD8.26
ZEEZee CafeSD17.70

Airtel English Movies Channel List with Prices

BroadcasterChannelChannel typeTotal Price
SonyLe Plex HDHD5.90
SonyPIX HDHD17.70
StarStar movies HDHD22.42
StarStar Movies Select HDHD11.80
TimesMn+ HDHD11.80
TimesMNX HDHD10.62
TimesMovies now HDHD14.16
TimesRomedy Now HDHD10.62
TurnerHBO HDHD17.70
ZEE&flix HDHD22.42
ZEE&Prive HDHD22.42
SonySET PIXSD11.80
TimesMovies NowSD11.80
TimesRomedy NowSD7.08

Airtel English News Channel List with Prices

BroadcasterChannelChannel typeTotal Price
TimesTimes Now HDHD5.90
TV18CNN News18SD0.59
NDTVNDTV Profit/ PrimeSD1.18
OtherIndia AheadSD0.00
OtherNEWS XSD0.00
OtherRepublic TVSD0.00
TimesET NOWSD3.54
TimesMirror nowSD2.36

Airtel Gujarati Channel List with Prices

BroadcasterChannelChannel typeTotal Price
ABPABP AsmitaSD0.00
DDDD GirnarSD0.00
TV18CNBC BajaarSD1.18
TV18Colors GujaratiSD5.90
TV18News18 GujaratiSD0.30
OtherSandesh NewsSD0.00
OtherVTV NewsSD0.00
TV 9Tv 9 GujaratiSD0.00
ZEEZee 24 KalakSD0.12

Airtel Hindi Entertainment Channel List with Prices

BroadcasterChannelChannel typeTotal Price
DiscoveryJEET HDHD2.36
TV18Colors HDHD22.42
SonySAB HDHD22.42
SonySet HDHD22.42
StarStar Bharat HDHD22.42
StarStar plus HDHD22.42
DiscoveryDiscovery JeetSD1.18
StarStar BharatSD11.80
ZEEBig MagicSD0.12
ZEEZee AnmolSD0.12

Airtel Hindi Movies Channel List with Prices

BroadcasterChannelChannel typeTotal Price
DisneyUTV HDHD9.44
TV18Cineplex HDHD5.90
SonyMAX HDHD20.06
StarStar Gold HDHD11.80
StarStar Gold Select HDHD11.80
ZEE&Pictures HDHD22.42
ZEEZee Cinema HDHD22.42
DisneyUTV actionSD2.36
DisneyUTV MoviesSD2.36
TV18Rishtey CineplexSD3.54
NaaptolCinema TVSD0.00
NaaptolWOW CinemaSD0.00
OtherB4U MoviesSD0.00
OtherEnterr 10SD0.00
OtherMovie HouseSD0.00
OtherSurya CinemaSD0.00
SonyMax 2SD1.18
SonySET MAXSD17.70
SonySony WahSD1.18
StarMovies OkSD1.18
StarStar Utsav MoviesSD1.18
ZEEZee ActionSD1.18
ZEEZee BollywoodSD2.36

Airtel Hindi News Channel List with Prices

BroadcasterChannelChannel typeTotal Price
BAGNews 24SD0.00
DDDD Madhya PradeshSD0.00
DDDD NationalSD0.00
DDLoksabha TelevisionSD0.00
DDRajyasabha TVSD0.00
TV18News18 IndiaSD1.18
TV18News18 Madhya Pradesh/ChhattisgarhSD0.30
TV18News18 Punjab/Haryana/Himachal PradeshSD0.30
TV18News18 RajasthanSD0.30
TV18News18 Uttar Pradesh/UttarakhandSD0.30
OtherBansal NewsSD0.00
OtherBharat SamacharSD0.00
OtherFirst India NewsSD0.00
OtherFM NewsSD0.00
OtherHindi KhabarSD0.00
OtherIBC 24SD0.00
OtherIndia VoiceSD0.00
OtherIndia WatchSD0.00
OtherJK 24×7 NewsSD0.00
OtherKhabrein Abhi TakSD0.00
OtherNational VoiceSD0.00
OtherNews NationSD0.00
OtherNews State MPCGSD0.00
OtherNews World IndiaSD0.00
OtherPatrika TV RajasthanSD0.00
OtherShagun TVSD0.00
OtherSudarshan NewsSD0.00
OtherSurya SamacharSD0.00
OtherTV 24SD0.00
ZEEZee HindustanSD0.12
ZEEZee Rajasthan NewsSD0.12

Airtel Infotainment Channel List with Prices

BroadcasterChannelChannel typeTotal Price
DiscoveryAnimal Planet HD WorldHD3.54
DiscoveryDiscovery world HDHD7.08
TV18History TV18 HDHD8.26
SonySony BBC Earth HDHD11.80
StarFox Life HDHD1.18
StarNational Geographic HDHD11.80
ZEELiving Foodz HDHD11.80
DDGyan DarshanSD0.00
DiscoveryDiscovery ChannelSD4.72
TV18FYI TV18SD0.30
TV18History channelSD3.54
OtherOk IndiaSD0.00
SonySony BBC EarthSD4.72
StarFox LifeSD1.18
StarNat Geo WildSD1.18
OtherDW TVInternationalSD0.00
OtherNHK WorldInternationalSD0.00
OtherRussia TodayInternationalSD0.00
OtherTV5 MondeInternationalSD0.00
TurnerCNN internationalInternationalSD0.59

Airtel Kannada List with Prices

BroadcasterChannelChannel typeTotal Price
TV18Colors Kannada HDHD22.42
starStar Suvarna HDHD22.42
ZEEZee Kannada HDHD22.42
TV18Colors KannadaSD22.42
TV18Colors Kannada CinemaSD2.36
TV18Colors SuperSD3.54
TV18News18 KannadaSD0.30
OtherBTV News 24×7SD0.00
OtherDighvijay 24×7 NewsSD0.00
OtherPublic TVSD0.00
OtherSaral JeevanSD0.00
OtherSuvarna NewsSD0.00
RajRaj Musix KannadaSD0.30
RajRaj News KannadaSD0.00
StarSuvarna PlusSD5.90
SUNChintu TVSD7.08
SUNUdaya comedySD7.08
SUNUdaya MoviesSD18.88
SUNUdaya MusicSD7.08
SUNUdaya NewsSD0.12
SUNUdaya TvSD20.06
TV 9Tv 9 KannadaSD0.00

Airtel Kids Channel List with Prices

BroadcasterChannelChannel typeTotal Price
TV18Nick HD+HD11.80
DiscoveryDiscovery KidsSD3.54
DisneyDisney ChannelSD9.44
DisneyDisney JuniorSD4.72
DisneyDisney XDSD4.72
DisneyHUNGAMA tvSD7.08
TV18Nick JrSD1.18
SonySony YaY!SD2.36

Airtel Lifestyle Channel List with Prices

BroadcasterChannelChannel typeTotal Price
DiscoveryTLC HD WorldlifestyleHD3.54
OtherFashion tvlifestyleSD0.00
OtherFood FoodlifestyleSD0.00
OtherTravel XPlifestyleSD3.54
ZEELiving foodzlifestyleSD1.18

Airtel Malayalam Channel List with Channel Number & Price

BroadcasterChannelChannel NumberTypeTotal Price
OtherAmrita TV836SD0
StarAsianet HD827HD22.42
StarAsianet Movies843SD17.7
OtherAsianet News852SD0
StarAsianet Plus835SD5.9
DDDD Malyalam871SD0
OtherFlowers TV832SD0
OtherGoodness TV870SD0
OtherHarvest TV872SD0
OtherJai Hind849SD0
KairaliKairali TV834SD0
KairaliKairali WE837SD0
MatrubhumiKappa TV864SD0
OtherKaumudy TV839SD0
OtherManorama News851SD0
MatrubhumiMathrubhumi News853SD0
OtherMazhavil Manorama830SD0
Mazhavil ManoramaMazhavil Manorama HD831HD0
TV18News18 Kerala855SD0.3
RajRaj Musix Malayalam865SD0
RajRaj News Malayalam856SD0
OtherShalom TV869SD0
SUNSurya Movies845SD12.98
SUNSurya Music863SD4.72
SUNSurya TV828SD14.16
ZEEZee Keralam832SD0.12

Airtel Marathi Channel List with Prices

BroadcasterChannelChannel typeTotal Price
TV18Colors Marathi HDHD20.06
StarStar Pravah HDHD17.70
ZEEZee Marathi HDHD22.42
ZEEZee Talkies HDHD22.42
9X9X JhakaasSD0.00
ABPABP MajhaSD0.59
TV18Colors MarathiSD11.80
TV18News18 LokmatSD0.30
OtherFakt MarathiSD0.00
OtherSAAM TVSD0.00
OtherSangeet MarathiSD0.00
SonySony MarathiSD4.72
TV 9TV 9 MaharashtraSD0.00
ZEEZee 24 TaasSD0.12
ZEEZee TalkiesSD14.16
ZEEZee YuvaSD4.72

Airtel Music Channel List with Prices

BroadcasterChannelChannel typeTotal Price
SonySony Rox HDHD5.90
9X9X JalwaSD0.00
BAGE 24SD0.00
TV18MTV BeatsSD0.59
OtherB4U MUSICSD0.00
OtherWoW MusicSD0.00
TimesZOOM tvSD0.59

Airtel Oriya Channel List with Prices

BroadcasterChannelChannel typeTotal Price
TV18Colors OriyaSD7.08
TV18News18 OdiaSD0.30
OtherKalinga TVSD0.00
OtherKanak NewsSD0.00
OtherMBC TVSD0.00
OtherNews World OdishaSD0.00
OtherO TVSD0.00
OtherPrameya News 7SD0.00
TarangPrathana TVSD2.36
ZEEZee SarthakSD22.42

Airtel Punjabi Channel List with Prices

BroadcasterChannelChannel typeTotal Price
9x9X TashanSD0.00
OtherBalle BalleSD0.00
OtherChardikala Time TVSD0.00
OtherMH oneSD0.00
OtherPitaara TVSD0.00
PTCPTC Chak deSD0.00
PTCPTC PunjabiSD0.00
ZEEZee Punjab Haryana HimachalSD0.12

Airtel Shopping Channel List with Prices

BroadcasterChannelChannel typeTotal Price
NaaptolNaaptol TeluguSD0.00
NaaptolNT 1SD0.00
NaaptolNT 2SD0.00
NaaptolNT 3SD0.00
NaaptolNT 4SD0.00
NaaptolNT 5SD0.00
NaaptolNT 7SD0.00
OtherHomeshop 18SD0.00
OtherMubu TVSD0.00
OtherShop CJSD0.00

Airtel Sports Channel List with Prices

BroadcasterChannelChannel typeTotal Price
SonySix HDHD22.42
SonySony ESPN HDHD8.26
SonyTEN 1 HDHD22.42
SonyTEN 2 HDHD20.06
SonyTEN 3 HDHD20.06
StarStar Sports 1 HD HindiHD22.42
StarStar Sports HD1HD22.42
StarStar Sports HD2HD22.42
StarStar Sports Select HD1HD22.42
StarStar Sports Select HD2HD11.80
SonySony ESPNSD5.90
SonyTen 1SD22.42
SonyTen 2SD17.70
SonyTen 3SD20.06
StarStar Sports 1SD22.42
StarStar Sports 1 HindiSD22.42
StarStar Sports 2SD7.08
StarStar Sports 3SD4.72
StarStar Sports FirstSD1.18
StarStar Sports Select 1SD22.42
StarStar Sports Select 2SD8.26

Airtel Tamil Channel List with Prices

BroadcasterChannelChannel typeTotal Price
StarVijay HDHD22.42
SunKTV HDHD22.42
SunSun Music HDHD22.42
SunSun TV HDHD22.42
ZEEZee Tamil HDHD22.42
DDDD PodhgaiSD0.00
DiscoveryDiscovery TamilSD4.72
TV18Colors TamilSD3.54
TV18News18 Tamil NaduSD0.30
JayaJ MoviesSD4.43
JayaJaya PlusSD1.18
JayaJaya TVSD22.42
MKMK TunesSD0.00
Other7S MusicSD0.00
OtherAngel TvSD0.00
OtherCaptain TVSD0.00
OtherCauvery NewsSD0.00
OtherMadha tvSD0.00
OtherMalai murasuSD0.00
OtherMega TVSD3.54
OtherNambikkai TVSD0.00
OtherNews 7 TamilSD0.00
OtherPolimer NewsSD0.00
OtherPuthiya ThalaimuraiSD0.00
OtherPuthu YugamSD0.00
OtherSathiyam TVSD0.00
OtherSri Sankara TVSD0.00
OtherTamilan TVSD0.00
OtherThanti TvSD0.00
RajRAJ Digital PlusSD1.77
RajRaj Musix tamilSD1.18
RajRaj News tamilSD0.30
RajRaj TVSD3.54
StarStar Sports 1 TamilSD20.06
StarVijay SuperSD2.36
SUNAdithya TVSD10.62
SUNSun LifeSD10.62
SUNSun MusicSD7.08
SUNSun NewsSD1.18
SUNSun TVSD22.42
ZEEZee TamilSD14.16

Airtel Telugu Channel List with Prices

BroadcasterChannelChannel typeTotal Price
StarMaa HDHD22.42
StarMaa Movies HDHD22.42
SunGemini TV HDHD22.42
ZEEZee Cinemalu HDHD18.88
ZEEZee Telugu HDHD22.42
10 tv10 TVSD0.00
CVRCVR EnglishSD0.00
CVRCVR HealthSD0.00
CVRCVR Spiritual OMSD0.00
DDDD SaptagiriSD0.00
DDDD YadagiriSD0.00
ETVETV AbhiruchiSD2.36
ETVETV Andhra PradeshSD1.18
ETVETV CinemaSD7.08
ETVETV TelanganaSD1.18
OtherABN Andhra JyothiSD0.00
OtherAP 24×7SD0.00
OtherAradana tvSD0.00
OtherBhakti TVSD0.00
OtherDivyavani TVSD0.00
OtherSakshi TVSD0.00
OtherT NewsSD0.00
OtherV6 NewsSD0.00
RajRaj Musix TeluguSD0.00
RajRaj News TeluguSD0.00
RajVissa TVSD0.59
StarMaa MoviesSD11.80
StarMaa MusicSD1.18
StarMAA TVSD22.42
SUNGemini ComedySD5.90
SUNGemini LifeSD5.90
SUNGemini MoviesSD20.06
SUNGemini NewsSD0.12
SUNGemini TvSD22.42
SUNKhushi TVSD4.72
TV 9Tv 9 TeluguSD0.00
ZEEZee CinemaluSD11.80

Airtel Urdu Channel List with Prices

BroadcasterChannelChannel typeTotal Price
DDDD KashirSD0.00
DDDD UrduSD0.00
TV18News18 UrduSD0.30
OtherGulistan NewsSD0.00
OtherTehzeeb TVSD0.00
ZEEZee SalaamSD0.12

Airtel DTH Buying Guide & Tips

Frequently Asked Questions About Airtel DTH Plans

1. What is the base pack in Airtel DTH?

TRAI’s new framework mandates all DTH providers to maintain a base pack with 100 channels. Airtel’s base plan offers a package of 100 channels starting at Rs. 99. You can enjoy a series of free channels by just Rs 99 per month.

2. How can I know my current Airtel DTH plan?

To know your current Airtel DTH plan, SMS ‘INFO’ to 54325 from your registered mobile number. You will get details regarding your DTH plan with some additional information like your remaining customer ID, last recharge, monthly rental/top-up, etc.

3. How can I recharge my Airtel DTH plan?

To recharge your Airtel DTH plan, install the Airtel Thanks app and log in using your credentials. After login, select the ‘DTH recharge’ option, enter your DTH id or registered name and select your DTH operator. Click on ‘Pay Now’ to recharge your DTH pack.

4. How can I know my current Airtel DTH balance?

To know your current Airtel DTH balance, SMS ‘BAL’ to 54325 using your registered phone number. This will also give you additional information like the validity of your balance. To know more about your DTH plan, SMS ‘INFO’ to 54325 using your registered mobile number.

5. How to deactivate Airtel DTH subscription?

To deactivate your Airtel DTH plan, log in to the airtel app using your credentials. You will find activate and deactivate steps on the dashboard.
You can simply unsubscribe by writing to Airtel on or by calling on customer care number 121.

6. Can I create my own DTH plan?

Yes, you can custom your own DTH plan by choosing your favorite channels. But, to create your own Airtel DTH pack, you must make sure you have a minimum balance of Rs. 100 in your Airtel Digital TV account.

TRAI’s new rules made the channel selection process easier. It’s just like online shopping and adding your favorite channels to the cart. Once you are done adding channels, you can view your cart and submit the final list of selected channels.

7. How to add a single channel to the Airtel DTH pack?

To add a single channel to your existing DTH pack, send an SMS ‘ADD ‘ to 54325 using your registered mobile number. The channel you chose will be added to the channel list of your pack.

8. How to remove a channel from the Airtel DTH pack?

To remove a channel from your DTH pack, follow the below steps:

  • Log on to Airtel’s official website.
  • Log in using your registered mobile number.
  • Select the ‘Manage Account’ option.
  • Click on ‘Top-up’ option from right corner.
  • Choose the channel you want to remove.

9. Is it necessary to have a registered mobile number to change the Airtel DTH pack?

Yes, it is important for any user to have a registered phone number to change the Airtel DTH plan as the SMS containing the OTP will be sent to it.

10. How can I mark a channel as my favorite?

To set a channel as your favorite, keep the miniguide on and press the green button on your remote while you are viewing the channel. Then select the favorite list to which you want to add the channel too.

11. How can I resume my Airtel DTH service?

To resume your Airtel DTH service, recharge your account. If you have enough balance, then SMS ‘HR’ to 54325 using your registered mobile number. After recharging your account or sending the SMS, keep your Set Top Box on for the next 20 minutes.

12. How can Airtel DTH service be activated after suspension?

Your Airtel DTH service will get deactivated automatically if you don’t recharge your Dish TV connection till its switch-off date. To activate your Airtel DTH service after its suspension, all you need to do is recharge your account with Rs. 250 to activate it again and enjoy the DTH service.

13. How can I change the audio language?

If you have subscribed for a channel that is available in more than one language, you can change the language by pressing the “Blue” button. Choose the language of your preference and bingo, it’s done!

14. What are the Payment options available on Airtel DTH?

There are multiple payment options available for you to pick from. You can either pay from the Airtel bank or alternatively, you can also pay via all the major debit cards, credit cards, wallets, Google Pay, Paytm wallet, etc. You can also club exclusive GrabOn coupons and deals to save more on the payment.

15. How can I turn off TV notifications?

To turn off the notifications, all you need to do is go to the Settings screen and Turn Off notifications.

Airtel DTH Set Top Boxes

Airtel Xstream

What is Airtel Xstream?
Airtel Xstream is an online TV box that runs on Android 9 Pie OS. It is an Android TV box that supports both satellite and TV signals and offers entertainment content from OTT platforms.

Features of Airtel Xstream
If you are looking forward to buying an Airtel Xstream Box, you can have a look at its following features.

  • As a part of its connectivity features, the box has Bluetooth and WIFI options
  • It has in-built Chromecast
  • It has a universal-remote powered with Google-Assistant’s voice search feature
  • Xstream box offers a free limited subscription to content from OTT platforms such as Netflix, Hotstar, Airtel Xstream app, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube
  • The box provides access to more than 500 TV channels and supports 4K streaming

Price of Airtel Xstream
The Airtel Xstream Box is available on all e-commerce websites and offline stores at Rs. 3,999. However, the box is priced at Rs. 2,249 for people who already have an Airtel Digital TV subscription.

HD Box

Airtel HD set-top box lets you explore the world of HD and gives you a theatre-like experience. It offers excellent picture clarity and comes with a 1080i display resolution. It weighs around 500 gm and has an aspect ratio of 16:09. It is a recorder-enabled box that has HDMI connectivity and a universal remote.

What is the price of Airtel HD box?
The price of an Airtel HD box with a 1-month HD pack is Rs. 1,999. The price of the box with recording and my family pack is Rs. 2,350.

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