18 Best Domain Name Registration Sites In India

It’s been quite a few years that domain name registration sites have become popular. And that is because the digital world is more accessible. Every business looks forward to creating an online platform so that they can reach out to more people in no time at all. When you have a fantastic idea about starting a website or a new online business, you will need a domain name to go ahead. Choosing the right name is essential as it denotes what your business is all about.

There are quite a lot of good domain name registration sites in India that are available on the web. They offer a range of services like web hosting, registering domains, transferring domains, business registration, and a lot more. Here comes the question… which companies do the best job in domain name registration, pricing, and customer services? Check the below-listed best domain name registration sites to choose from.

What is Domain?

A Domain is a string of text that combines letters, numbers, and symbols associated with the numerical IP address of a website, making it much simpler for users to search your website online. A domain is a complete web address for your website. It plays a major role if you want to make your business digitally available to reach your target audience through a website. The domain works as the base that distinguishes your site from others. Hence, it is highly important for your brand to have a dedicated domain name, let’s understand the importance of a domain for your business before we jump into the topic.

Importance of Domain

  • Domains help to gain public visibility for your brand which helps to reach your target audience.
  • Having a unique domain name with a suitable extension adds credibility to your business.
  • Increases the visibility and awareness of your brand, digitally.
  • Domain helps to make your website accessible via the World Wide Web.

Top 18 Best Domain Registration Sites

In this blog post, we have covered the best affordable domain registration sites that you might require for your business. So, looking for a quality domain? We have got you covered.

1. Hostinger

Hostinger was started in 2004 and now is an employee-owned company with operations in 178 countries around the world. It not only lets you register your company’s domain name, and host a website, but its custom website builder can help you get started with creating a business website with ease. In addition, Hostinger is well known for its distinct domain services, you can choose your desired domain extension that starts at just Rs. 75 per year.

The provider supports cloud-based hosting and can host all your websites made in PHP, MYSQL, and more. WordPress hosting can also be opted for on the platform. Its packages start at $ 0.99 per month and discounts can be obtained by using suitable promo codes for Hostinger.

Key Features of Hostinger

  • With the purchase of Hostinger hosting services, a domain registration is offered for free.
  • An effective free domain checker tool to find your preferred domain name.
  • All the domain extensions offered by Hostinger are ICANN-accredited.
  • A free website builder tool for quick website setup.
  • Utilize its free WHOIS Domain Lookup tool to check the availability of domains that are about to expire.

Hostinger Domain Pricing

New        Domain  Price  YearlyRs. 75Rs. 79Rs. 149Rs. 299Rs. 75Rs.75
Renewal Cost Per YearRs.699Rs.699Rs.699Rs.699Rs. 699Rs. 699

2. BlueHost

BlueHostBlueHost is one of the best providers of cloud-based platform solutions. Most WordPress developers even prefer BlueHost for hosting services. They are involved in offering domain name registration, Linux Hosting, Windows Hosting, Linux Reseller Hosting, Windows Reseller Hosting, VPS hosting, and much more. If you want to learn more about Bluehost hosting pricing, or read a review, visit the linked blog post.

Coming to its domain section, BlueHost is one of the best domain registration platforms that offers an ample number of domain extensions at an affordable price. It even comes with free tools that will help you to design your website seamlessly that do not require any coding skills.

Key Features of BlueHost

  • Its auto-renewal features enable you to extend your subscription for another year automatically before it expires.
  • Domain privacy will help to keep website owners’ personal information concealed from spammers.
  • Every domain purchase includes a free trial of WordPress hosting for 30 days.
  • By opting for any of its hosting plans, you can transfer your existing domain for free.

BlueHost Domain Pricing

Top Domain.com.net.biz.info.org.bid.co
New Domain Price$12.99$14.99$9.99$11.99$9.99$39.99$14.99
Renewal Price Yearly $19.99$19.99$21.99$21.99$19.99$42.99$24.99

3. GoDaddy


GoDaddy is one of the leading domain name registration sites in India. There are over 21 million customers who have trusted this organization. Besides domain name registration, it also provides some of the best web hosting services on the market today. This company was established in 1997 as Jomax Technologies and later renamed GoDaddy. It has become everyone’s preferred option as it is an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar. They even provide web security that protects from viruses, hackers, and identity thieves.

GoDaddy offers a vast range of over 500 domain extensions for you to choose from that start at just Rs. 139 per year. You can even transfer your existing domain to GoDaddy at just Rs. 449. But still, if you are looking for the best deals on domain services, check out  Godaddy promo codes! Besides all the above mentioned, GoDaddy even has a Domain Auction platform where you can sell your domain and can buy expired domains at the best price.

Key Features of GoDaddy

  • 24/7hour phone and chat support. Communicate in your native language with a live person.
  • Add up to 100 subdomains.
  • It also provides a Domain Backorder service, in which you may buy a credit to use when the desired domain is put up for auction.
  • Effective tools to check your website performance.
  • Get a free domain extension on acquiring any of its hosting plans.

GoDaddy Domain Pricing

New Domain CostRs.229Rs.149Rs.299Rs.539Rs.139Rs.163Rs.245Rs.149
Renewal Cost Per monthRs.270Rs.216Rs.215Rs.250Rs.289Rs.269Rs.299Rs.289

4. HostPapa


If you are a newbie, starting your website looking for a cost-effective yet reliable hosting platform to launch your website, then HostPapa is something that you should check out.

HostPapa offers over 400 domain extensions available at the best price you can choose what suits your brand. HostPapa also offers hosting services such web hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and reseller hosting in addition to domains.

Though its domains are paid, if you want to grab its free domain registration service then opt for any of its hosting plans that come with unlimited other features.

Key Features of HostPapa

  • Free transfer of your existing website.
  • Easy-to-use website-building tools.
  • Free SSL certificate for further security of your website.
  • Its servers are built to provide the best hosting experience along with fast loading speeds.

HostPapa Domain Pricing

Pricing yearlyRs.299Rs. 2999Rs. 1999Rs. 1190Rs. 699
Renewal Cost YearlyRs.1100Rs.1100Rs. 1100Rs. 1100Rs. 1100

5. BigRock

Bigrock Logo

BigRock is a leading platform that offers both hosting and domain services that offers its service across the world. If you are looking for an affordable domain name registration site, then you are in the right place. BigRock is engaged in providing top-class web hosting services that help your businesses to improve.

BigRock offers top hosting services like Linux hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and many more that starts at just RS. 179 per month. BigRock even offers affordable domain registration services that start at just Rs.99 per month. Undoubtedly you can grab a few exciting deals and discounts by using BigRock coupon codes. It offers over 6 million domain extensions for you that will help you to choose the perfect domain that suits your brand.

Key Features of BigRock

  • User-friendly interface to easy management of your domain.
  • Get a free service worth Rs.5000 with each domain.
  • BigRock provides 24/7 technical assistance for all your domain and hosting queries.
  • Its ICAAN accreditation provides the ultimate protection to your website.
  • With its domain theft protection, you can lock your domain name so it isn’t transferred accidentally without your permission.

BigRock Domain Pricing

New Domain Price- YearlyRs.799Rs.759Rs.249Rs.99Rs.699Rs.949Rs.119
Renewal Cost- YearlyRs.1199Rs.899Rs.679Rs.2439Rs.699Rs.899Rs.3419
Transfer Cost – YearlyRs.849Rs.999Rs.679Rs.2439Rs.699Rs.949Rs.3419

6. Reseller Club


We couldn’t have kept Reseller Club away from the list of the best domain registrars. The company provides hosting plans from Rs. 160 per month. Other than that, you get an email package with a custom domain from Rs. 20 per month. The platform also will help you host websites on a dedicated server, WordPress, or even G Suite.

Coming to domain registration, Reseller Club has over 300 domain extensions to offer. You will find almost all the domain variations that you might think of at an affordable price. You can even check out Reseller Club offers to find a few more exclusive discounts. At the same time, You can secure your website with the must-have SSL certification at less than Rs 50 per month. The customer automation panels and 24/7 support among other services have made the company sell over 5 million domains worldwide. The company operates in 150 countries.

Key Features of Reseller Club

  • By opting for one of its hosting services, you can get a domain for free.
  • You can even sell your domain effortlessly through its domain reseller service.
  • Its world-class customer support is available 24/7 to serve you.

Reseller Club Domain Pricing

New Domain CostRs.849Rs.239Rs.239Rs.239Rs.171Rs.600
Renewal CostRs.929Rs.520Rs.520Rs.529Rs.1750Rs.755
Transfer CostRs.849Rs.485Rs.485Rs.485Rs.1440Rs.600

7. Name Cheap


Name Cheap is a leading ICANN-accredited, domain and hosting provider that has hosted over 17 million domains across 18 countries. Name Cheap was founded in 2000 with the goal of giving customers the highest quality domains at the lowest possible cost. This portal is a favorite for most people who have small or medium businesses. Since then, it has carved a distinct niche for itself among domain and hosting companies.

Name Cheap has some of the best top-notch domain extensions to offer at a very affordable price, starting at just Rs.782 per month. Apart from the domain it even offers hosting services like shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and more that are very reasonably priced starting at just Rs. 178 per month. By opting for any of its hostings you will get a domain for free. Enjoy unlimited offers by visiting Name Cheap promo codes.

Key Features of Name Cheap

  • With every domain you get free domain privacy to keep your data safe.
  • Enjoy free DNSSEC security that protects your website from fraudulent activity.
  • It provides 24/7 technical assistance for all your domain and hosting queries.
  • It’s free DNS that makes sure your domain is visible to the internet.
  • You may even purchase outdated, expired names on the Name Cheap marketplace at a reasonable price.

Name Cheap Domain Pricing

New Domain CostRs.782Rs.896Rs.610Rs.3020Rs.406Rs.5716
Renewal CostRs.1190Rs.1223Rs.1223Rs.3347Rs.2367Rs.6532
Transfer CostRs.798Rs.896Rs.896Rs.3020Rs.1999Rs.15517

8. Google Domains

Google-Domains-logoGoogle is a world-renowned multinational global search engine platform that has been used by millions of people worldwide. It offers various services like online advertising, cloud computing, and a lot more. You name it, Google has it.

Google Domains is another deserving mention. It is one of the best platforms for quickly registering domain names and requires no coding knowledge. However, unlike other websites, it does not offer any kind of hosting; as a result, you will need to buy hosting separately. It offers a large selection of more than 300 domain extensions, from which you can select the one that best fits your brand.

Key Features of Google Domains

  • It offers DNS and TDLs security that will protect your domain from spoofing and malware attacks.
  • Seamless domain configuration and integration with Google workspace are available at just $6 – $18 per month.
  • Effective tools to design your websites like a pro and it even provides automatic domain verification.
  • Its cloud-based billing enables you to renew your domain automatically.
  • Google Domains allows you to add up to 100 subdomains and helps create up to 100 email aliases.

Google Domains Domain Pricing

Pricing (Yearly)Rs.860Rs.860Rs.1010Rs.1530Rs.1440Rs.860Rs.2150Rs.860

9. DreamHost

DreamHost-logo-DreamHost is one of the leading domain hosting platforms that has been trusted by over 1.5 million websites worldwide. It offers a wide range of hosting services like WordPress hosting, Website hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, and many others that start at just $2.59 per month.

Apart from web hosting services, DreamHost even provides domain registration at a very affordable price. It has over 400 distinct domain extensions to choose from that would perfectly suit your business needs. You can avail of up to 92% off on all domain extensions, but still if you want to grab a few more mind-blowing discounts you can check use DreamHost exclusive coupons.

Key Features of DreamHost

  • Pre-installed free SSL certificate with all the domain and hosting services.
  • Multilayer free privacy protection with WHOIS privacy that will keep your details locked from website visitors.
  • Multi-Factor authentication for all the domain and hosting services.
  • Unlimited sub-domains at DreamHost with shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting.
  • Seamless domain management with a single-page panel to edit DNS records, set up forwarding, and more.

DreamHost Domain Pricing

Register Cost For a year$8.99$10.99$11.99$13.95$1.99$1.99$39.95
Renewal Cost yearly$17.99$16.99$15.99$16.99$12.95$12.99$39.95
Transfer Cost (One time)$9.99$13.95$13.95$13.95$12.95$12.99$13.95

10. WebSpaceKit


WebSpaceKit is a prominent web domain service provider based in India. Although it has a global reach, it primarily targets Indian website owners. With servers in India, it enables Indian consumers to have websites that load quickly. Apart from domain, it even offers web hosting services like WordPress hosting which are priced very transparently, starting at just Rs. 199 per month.

With a wide selection of domain extensions available at a low cost, WebSpaceKit is a great choice. Even your current domain can be transferred effortlessly. With the purchase of one of its hosting plans, it even provides a free domain.

Key Features of WebSpaceKit

  • User-friendly dashboard for quick launch and management of your websites seamlessly.
  • Free business email and SSL certificate.
  • It has a great interface that enables you to design your website beautifully using its robust WordPress technology making it possible for your website to go live within a few seconds.
  • Excellent customer support that is available 24/7 for all your queries.

WebSpaceKit Domain Pricing

Price YearlyRs.529Rs.2400Rs.582Rs.965Rs.678Rs.335Rs.1028Rs.197
Renewal CostRs.1499Rs.2904Rs.624Rs.965Rs.678Rs.1991Rs.1028Rs.1007
Transfer CostRs.1483Rs.2904Rs.582Rs.984Rs.668Rs.1681Rs.1067Rs. 984

11. Dynadot


Founded in 2002, Dynadot is the fastest-growing ICANN-accredited web domain service provider. Unlike other platforms, Dynadot predominantly deals with domain registration and does not provide web hosting, which makes Dynadot different from other sites.

In addition to domain registration, it also provides other services like domain purchasing, selling, and international domain purchases, among others. It deals with some of the best top-level domains, including.com, .NET, .ORG, and .BIZ. There are over 500 domain extensions available at Dynadot.

Key Features of Dynadot

  • Advanced domain management with an optimized control panel.
  • Personalized 24/7 customer support for all your domain-related queries.
  • Its app service is available for both Android and iOS users for easy navigation and site performance.
  • Dynadot offers free domain parking and free forwarding for all its domains.
  • Free DNS and free one-page web hostings are applicable for all its domain extensions.

Dynadot Domain Pricing

Pricing for 1 Year$1.99$1.50$10.99$1.50$8.99$10.99$2.99
Renewal Cost Yearly$10.99$13.99$10.99$25.99$10.99$10.99$13.99
Domain Transfer Cost$7.85$7.85$7.85$7.85$7.85$7.85$7.85

12. Namesilo


Namesilo is one of the most affordable domain registrations cum web hosting providers you would ever find. But it majorly focuses on domain services rather than hosting.

Its domains start at just $0.99 per month comparatively speaking to other domain providers, Namesilo has distinguished itself in the market. It offers over 400 domain extensions to help you pick the perfect domain name that suits your brand. However, not only domain, Namesilo even has web hosting services at the best possible price starting at just $2.99 per month. Namesilo is truly a blessing for small and mid-enterprise or for individual users who are with a minimum budget.

Key Features of Namesilo

  • Namesilo provides an SLS certificate that starts at just $9.59 per year.
  • Namesilo enables you to transfer your existing domain at a cheaper price with less complexity.
  • You can buy expired and un-renewed websites from the Namesilo marketplace from auctions or by counter-offer sale.
  • Domains offered by Namesilo come with WHOIS privacy protection that will keep the website owner’s details confidential.
  • Through its DNS management tools, you can add, delete, and modify the DNS resource records associated with your domain.

Namesilo Domain Pricing

Top Domains.com.net.org.club.biz.life.icu.info
New Domain Cost$10.95$11.79$10.79$3.59$5.75$2.99$2.59$3.79
Renewal Cost$10.79$11.79$10.79$12.95$15.55$23.99$6.49$17.49
Domain Transfer$9.95$11.79$10.79$11.95$14.99$23.49$5.99$16.99

13. SiteGround

sitegroundSiteGround is one of the best WordPress hosting companies in the world trusted by over 2.8 million domains. It is a hosting service provider but that’s not limited to what SiteGround offers, they even provide cheap domain name registration services.

You can choose from a number of web hosting options provided by SiteGround, including WordPress, WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, cloud hosting, and reseller hosting. All of its hosting plans starts at just $3.99 per month.

Coming to the domain, its new domain registration starts at $17.99 per year, and it has over 300 unique domain extensions for you to choose from. You can even transfer your existing domain into SiteGround for free.

Key Features of SiteGround

  • Super 24/7 customer support over mail or call and even live chat.
  • Free SLS certificate and content delivery network.
  • Free domain transfer.
  • Easy to set-up and powerful domain management tool.
  • From excellent customer support to providing CDN, SSL certificates, and personalized email accounts, Siteground is the best option to opt for.

SiteGround Domain Pricing

Top Domains.com.org.biz.info.ni.net
Pricing (Yearly)$17.99$19.99$19.99$24.99$17.99$19.99
Renewal Price Yearly$19.99$21.99$19.99$24.99$17.99$21.99

14. Inmotion Hosting

InmotionInmotion Hosting is one of the leading web hosting platform, serving its customers across the world. You can find various hosting services like shared hosting, WordPress, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and more that starts at just $3.49 per month.

Apart from hosting, you will even find the best affordable domain registration services at Inmotion Hosting. You can select the one that best fits your brand from a variety of domain extensions available. Even a free domain is included with the purchase of any hosting package at Inmotion Hosting. Even your current domain can be transferred without cost. For more exciting offers and discounts, you can check out Inmotion Hosting coupons.

Key Features of Inmotion Hosting

  • Secure domain lock – It blocks unauthorized transfers.
  • Automatic domain renewals for your website protection.
  • Uncomplicated optimized control panel to manage your domain.
  • Free lifetime SSL certificate.
  • Free WordPress custom theme and templates for building your website.
  • You can reach out to them 24/7 via phone or live chat or email at your convenience.

Inmotion Hosting Domain Pricing

Top Domains.com.info.org.biz.net.us
Price Yearly$19.99$19.99$19.99$19.99$19.99$19.99
Renewal Cost$19.99$19.99$19.99$19.99$19.99$19.99

15. HostingRaja

HostingRaja-logoBased out of India, HostingRaja is one of the best yet affordable web hosting provider, and has its data centers and servers in India.

Apart from providing affordable domains, it even has world-class hosting services such as Web hosting, WordPress hosting, Java hosting, Window hosting, and more that starts at just Rs 204 per month.

Domain registration with HostingRaja is the hassle-free simplest way to get your domain register that starts at just Rs. and you can even transfer your existing domain for free. Though the domains nominally priced but who doesn’t like extra discounts. So, check out HostingRaja discount codes that will surely help you to save a few bucks on your next purchase.

Key Features of HostingRaja

  • A flat 55% off on each domain registration.
  • For advance security for your website, it provides a free SSL certificate.
  • Free domain theft for all domain extensions.
  • You will even get free email forwarding and registered lock with all the domains available at HostingRaja.
  • You can even get free hosting if you would opt for any of their hosting plans.

HostingRaja Domain Pricing

Price yearlyRs.99Rs.99Rs.99Rs.99Rs.99Rs.99Rs.99
Renewal PricingRs.899Rs.1200Rs.1300Rs.799Rs.599Rs.899Rs.940

 16. Hosting24

Hosting24-logoFounded in 2008, Hosting24 is one of the fastest-growing web hosting providers that has been trusted by over 29 million customers worldwide. Hosting24 offers web hosting services such as shared Linux hosting, WordPress-optimized hosting, Cloud hosting, VPS hosting, and more starts at just $1.49 per month.

In regards to domain registration, Hosting24 offers more than 1200 different domain extensions at competitive prices. Even free domain registration is available to those who subscribe to any of its hosting services. All of its domain plans come with exclusive discounts, still, if you want to save more you can use Hosting24 promo codes.

Key Features of Hosting24

  • Hosting24 is an ICANN-accredited domain register that provides ultimate security to your website.
  • Free domain checker is convenient and user-friendly tool enables you to find your ideal firm name in less than a minute.
  • You can even transfer your existing domain to Hosting24 effortlessly.

Hosting24 Domain Pricing

Price Per year$9.99$0.99$1.99$3.50$1.99$3.99$9.99$0.99
Renewal Cost – Yearly$35.00$35.00$35.00$35.00$35.00$35.00$35.00$35.00

17. HostGator

hostgator-logoThis is another gem in the web hosting industry. HostGator is a US-based company that has become popular in India. Most WordPress hosting companies choose HostGator for their services. The low prices which it quotes for its services make them a preferred name. It offers some of the top preferred best affordable domains that start at just $0.95 per year.

Apart from the domain name registration, it even offers other services like shared hosting, reseller hosting, windows hosting, application hosting, KVM VPS Hosting, etc. It partnered with Paytm to make payments easy. Their web hosting services start at Rs 222/month. You can surely bag a good deal when you use a Hostgator hosting coupon code. Not just that, you will also find deals to save while purchasing a domain name, email suit, or more.

Key Features of HostGator

  • HostGator even allows you to transfer your existing domain at just $7.95 which comes with 1 year of free registration.
  • You can easily renew your subscription for an additional year before it expires thanks to its auto-renewal feature.
  • For a free domain, you just need to grab any of its hosting plans.

HostGator Domain Pricing

New Domain Cost – Yearly$12.95$0.95$15.00$0.95$1.95$3.95
Renewal Cost – Yearly$12.95$15.00$19.99$15.00$15.00$30.00

18. Scala Hosting

scala-hosting-logoStarted in 2007, Scala Hosting is one of the top-notch hosting service providers that has been trusted by over 700000 websites worldwide.

If you want to boost your e-commerce business, this hosting provider is all you need! From VPN hosting to Web hosting, from reseller hosting to business email hosting, you can choose from the list of services offered. Its services are par-excellent and top-notch. You can completely rely on Scala for your hosting needs and focus on your business growth.

Apart from hosting, you can also find a domain registration service at Scala Hosting. It offers some of the finest top-rated domain extensions that start at just $10.95 per year, you can choose one that suits your business. Get a price cut on all hosting and domain services by using Scala Hosting discount coupons.

Key Features of Scala Hosting

  • Its free DNS server allows translates domain names to IP addresses so browsers can load internet resources.
  • Scala hosting also gives free domain forwarding that helps you to forward your domain name to another location.
  • You can opt for any of its web hosting plans to get a free domain along with free SSL certificate.

Scala Hosting Domain Pricing

New Domain Cost – Yearly$16.95$17.95$16.95$24.95$12.95$10.95
Renewal Cost  Yearly$16.95$17.95$16.95$24.95$12.95$10.95
Transfer of domain$16.95$17.95$16.95$24.95$12.95$10.95


Without a doubt, having a domain is essential if you want to launch your business online and make it digitally available to clients. We truly hope that this post has assisted you in selecting the ideal domain site for your brand. Please feel free to comment with any feedback or suggestions you may have.


1. Which is the best domain registration site?
Though you may find an ample number of domain registration sites there are a few sites that really standout such as DreamHost, BlueHost, HostGator, Dynadot, and HostingRaja are some of the best domain registration sites.

2. Which are the most affordable domain registration sites?
Domain providers like Google Domain, WebSpaceKit, HostPapa, HostingRaja, BlueHost, GoDaddy, and Hostinger are some best yet affordable domain registration sites.

3. Why domain is important for your website?
A domain name is an address where Internet users can access your website. A domain is important for your website because it provides visibility for your brand and it adds credibility to your business.

4. Which is the safest domain platform for your website?
You will find numerous domain providers on the internet. But certain firms like Google Domains, DreamHost, WebSpaceKit, Siteground, Hosting24, BlueHost, GoDaddy, and Hostgator are some of the safest domain registration platforms. Because all the mentioned sites are world-renowned, come with SSL certificates, and some of them are even ICANN accredited.

5. Is buying a domain online safe?
Yes! Buying a domain for your business is absolutely safe. Today it has become easy to figure out and choose the best domain for your business. Since the sites have a secure payment method, even offer 24/7 customer services that make them the safest sites for domain buying. Sites such as Google Domain, BlueHost, DreamHost, GoDaddy, Hostinger, and many others.

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