How to Save on Your Domino’s Pizza Order Online

Welcome to our ultimate guide on how to score fantastic savings while ordering your favorite Domino’s pizza online! We get it – there’s something magical about sinking your teeth into a slice of cheesy goodness. But what’s even better is knowing that you can satisfy your pizza cravings without breaking the bank.

We’ll unveil the hidden secrets and top-notch tips to ensure that your Domino’s pizza orders are as pocket-friendly as they are palate-pleasing. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a mouthwatering journey filled with exclusive deals, clever tricks, and a sprinkle of tech-savvy magic that will leave you shouting, “Mamma mia, that’s one delicious deal!”

Ordering the Cheapest Pizza Online

When Domino’s introduced Pizza Mania, it paved the way for winning India’s heart. The one-dollar pizza range was an instant success, especially in smaller towns where the company was previously considered expensive. Today, a one-person meal at Domino’s India is more affordable than Domino’s elsewhere.

As for the rest of the menu, there’s always a good offer on it. The giant runs Friday Offers, Tuesday Offers, and a few others so that no pizza is out of your budget.

Special Offer – Rs. 100 OFF on orders above Rs. 400.** The details for it are given below. Most people are using these coupons today

Domino’s Coupons Offers
Flavorsome Pizzas at Flat 40% OFF
Flat 40% OFF on all Pizza Orders
Special Discount – Flat 50% OFF On Your Pizza Orders
Flat 50% OFF On First 3 App Orders
SBI Credit Card Offer – Flat Rs 200 OFF On Your Orders

There are many more offers available than the ones listed above at the GrabOn main website. You can find the best deals from the extensive list of Pizza coupons for Dominos at GrabOn.

Total Deals:Offer Details
Thursday Offer:Oder 2 Pizzas at Rs 199 Each
Pizza Mania:Pizzas Starting at Rs 49
Mobile Wallet OfferFlat Rs 50 on Orders Above Rs 500
Everyday Value OfferUp to 40% OFF on all Pizzas

The most used offers from Domino’s are:

– Two regular pizzas at Rs. 99 each
– Two medium pizzas at Rs. 199 each

Please note that this is valid for selected pizzas only. It is an everyday value offer, and you can grab this by following the same link mentioned above. No coupon is required to avail of this offer.

About Domino’s India

Dominos Pizza, a global pizza giant, has earned a well-deserved reputation for delivering more than just a scrumptious pie. With its humble beginnings in 1960 as a single store in Michigan, USA, Dominos has grown to become an international sensation, dishing out a wide array of delectable pizzas, sides, and beverages. What sets them apart? Lightning-fast delivery times, a vast menu catering to all tastes, and a commitment to using high-quality ingredients.

In addition to its global presence, Domino’s Pizza has made an indelible mark on the vibrant culinary scene of India. Since its arrival in the country in 1996, Domino’s has captured the hearts (and taste buds) of millions with its irresistible offerings. Adapting to local tastes, they’ve introduced a delightful array of unique toppings like paneer tikka, chicken keema, and spicy tandoori flavors, celebrating the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine.

Pizzas for the Veggie Lovers

There are several global and local options for vegetarians. Domino’s offers signature pizzas like Margherita, Double Cheese Margherita, and Farm House. These are loaded with international herbs and toppings like olives, mushrooms, paprika, and jalapenos. On the other hand, there are Domino’s local offerings, including Peppy Paneer, Deluxe Veggie, Paneer Makhani, and Indi Tandoori. You’ll have a hard time finding these in any other country.

Non-veg Pizza Treat

Chicken dominates the non-veg menu. Offering neither beef nor pork in India, Domino’s has experimented with chicken as much as possible. The fare includes Pepper Barbecue Chicken, Chicken Sausage, Chicken Golden Delight, Non-Veg Supreme, Chicken Dominator, Pepper Barbecue & Onion, Chicken Fiesta, and Indi Chicken Tikka.

Pizza Mania

This section of pizzas contains offerings that cost more or less a dollar. There is Tomato, Veg Loaded, Cheesy, Capsicum, Onion, and the crowd-favorite Golden Corn that you must try.

Pastas to Die For

The giant fast-food ushers in international flavors with its Pasta Italiano White. Available in both veg and non-veg options, these pastas are a delight to the senses.

Breads & Tacos

Baked with a tang of garlic, Domino’s Garlic Bread has everything that we love. With Mozzarella Cheese, Sweet Corn, and Spicy Jalapenos, nothing could go wrong with this dish. There are also garlic breadsticks if you want to savor the taste of garlic by itself. As for tacos, there are Taco Mexicana Veg and Taco Mexicana Non-Veg, inspired by northern India’s kebabs and parathas.

Delicious Sides

From the cheese-loaded Zingy Parcel and Potato Shots to the fantastic Fries and Crunchy Strips, the Sides menu is one that we can all get behind. For the lovers of baked goodies, this menu is a dream come true. It also features the universally loved Cheese and Jalapeno dips. There is a heavenly fare of Lava Cake, Butterscotch Mousse Cake, and Brownie Fantasy for desserts. Finally, there’s the exclusive dish that looks like a burger and tastes like a pizza – the Burger Pizza.

History of Domino’s India

Before coming to India in 1995, Domino’s history can be charted like this:

  • 1960 – James and Tom Monaghan take over a small pizza restaurant named DomiNick’s
  • 1965 – Tom (now the sole owner) renames the business as Domino’s Pizza, Inc.
  • 1967 – Domino’s first franchise store opens
  • 1978 – Domino’s has opened 200 stores within America
  • 1983 – Domino’s starts expanding overseas, with its first international store opening in Canada
  • 1995 – Domino’s enters India

Now you must be wondering why it took so long for Domino’s to come to India. The fact is that it couldn’t until India’s globalization in 1991. Once India opened its doors to foreign investment, the biggest food chains started pouring in. This was when Domino’s came, along with its competitors Pizza Hut and McDonald’s.

But even among these, McDonald’s didn’t hit profitability until 20 years of being in business. And Pizza Hut couldn’t open half the number of outlets as Domino’s. India’s market proved to be cutthroat for American food chains. So much so that even Papa John’s, which entered in 2011, shut down all 62 outlets by 2017.

So, how did Domino’s make it so big? The answer is Ajay Kaul. The man who joined Jubilant Foodworks (which owns Domino’s franchise rights in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka) as CEO completely transformed India’s pizza industry. Until 2005, Domino’s had only opened 93 outlets in India. Enter Ajay Kaul, and the food chain expanded to 1,062 outlets within ten years.

Now India is the largest market for Domino’s outside the US. But the journey was not as easy as it sounds. In order to make it appealing to Indians, the company underwent many makeovers. For example:

  • They lowered the prices and introduced Pizza Mania at Rs. 35
  • Boosted the ’30 minutes or free’ campaign across all cities
  • Penetrated into small locations that were not previously serviced
  • They localized the flavors while careful not to over-localize them
  • In small cities where people prefer to dine-in with families, they opened larger outlets
  • They were the first to enable online ordering in India

Saving Tips to Save on Your Next Online Domino’s Order

Craving a slice of cheesy heaven without emptying your wallet? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with a scrumptious assortment of money-saving tips to keep both your taste buds and your budget satisfied when ordering Domino’s pizza online. So, before you hit that “Place Order” button, take a moment to indulge in these wallet-friendly tricks:

  • Sign Up for Domino’s Rewards: Become a Domino’s VIP and unlock a treasure trove of exclusive deals, early access to promotions, and mouthwatering offers. It’s your ticket to pizza paradise!
  • Hunt for Hidden Coupon Codes: Domino’s loves sprinkling their website and social media pages with secret coupon codes. Uncover these gems and enjoy irresistible discounts and exciting add-ons.
  • Embrace the Combo Magic: Opt for meal combos that perfectly pair pizzas, sides, and drinks, offering you a wholesome feast and great savings all at once.
  • Time It Right: Keep an eye on special occasions, holidays, and weekends when Domino’s dishes out limited-time offers. Timing is everything, and you might just snag an incredible deal.
  • Download the Domino’s App: Unlock app-exclusive deals and perks by downloading the Domino’s app. It’s like having a pizza genie in your pocket!
  • Stay Connected on Social Media: Follow Domino’s on social platforms to stay updated with flash deals, giveaways, and exciting contests. It’s a pizza lover’s paradise.
  • Subscribe to Newsletters: Join Domino’s mailing list to receive juicy discounts directly in your inbox. No more FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) on fantastic deals!
  • Opt for Takeout or Carryout: Skip delivery charges and opt for takeout or carryout, saving some extra bucks while still savoring the same delicious pizza.

The Final Word

Saving on your Domino’s Pizza order online is simple and rewarding. By leveraging various money-saving strategies such as using promo codes, opting for value deals, and exploring loyalty programs, you can enjoy your favorite pizzas without breaking the bank. Take advantage of these cost-effective tips to savor the delicious taste of Domino’s while keeping your wallet happy.


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