25+ Instagram Threads Statistics And Demographics (2024)

Meta’s Threads, a social media platform and social networking service with a similar interface to Twitter, took the world by storm upon its launch on July 5th. Within a few hours, Threads became the fastest-downloaded app in history, surpassing even the record set by ChatGPT. It garnered millions of users within just 1 hour of its successful launch. To shed light on this massive rise, we have gathered key statistics about the Threads App, along with bonus content.

Top Meta Threads Statistics (Editor’s Pick)

  • There are 160 million thread users as of 2024.
  • Threads achieved a user base of 2 million within just 2 hours after its launch, surpassing ChatGPT’s record.
  • More than 100 million Threads were shared within 24 hours.
  • Threads App accumulated 100 million users within five days.
  • On the day of its release, Threads App was downloaded the most in India (22%).
  • Threads is expected to generate $8 billion in revenue by 2025.
  • Threads is accessible to users in more than 100 countries, encompassing the US, the UK, and Europe.
  • The onboarding process for Threads can be completed in less than 10 seconds.

Mixed Reactions-

What is Threads App by Meta?

  • Threads is a new app the Instagram team developed, allowing users to share text updates and participate in public conversations.
  • Users can log in using their Instagram accounts and create posts with up to 500 characters, including links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes long.
  • The app’s interface resembles Twitter, featuring text-based posts, real-time conversations, and the option to share photos and videos.
  • With the advantage of Meta’s scale and infrastructure, Threads aims to simplify onboarding and enhance user retention.
  • The app offers engagement features like liking, commenting, and rethreading while supporting both followed and unfollowed threads.
  • Verified accounts, indicated by blue checkmarks, are likely available through Meta’s paid verification program, further establishing credibility.

Threads Overview

Launch DateJuly 2023
HQMenlo Park, California
Parent CompanyMeta Platforms
Key TeamAdam Mosseri (CEO), Mark Zuckerberg (Meta CEO)
OwnerMeta Platforms
IndustrySocial Media
Area ServedWorldwide

2024 Top Threads Statistics

Threads User Statistics By Demographics 

    1. Among Threads’ users, 11% of males and 5% of females belong to the 18-25 age range. (Source: Skillademia)
    2. Among Threads App users, males constitute 58.99%, while females account for 41.01%. (Source: similarweb)
    3. Users aged 45 and over represent 25.68% of all Threads users. (Source: similarweb)
    4. About 59% of the Threads app downloads were from the App Store, and 41% came from the Google Play store. (Source: vistasocial)Gender Distribution
    5. The USA has the highest shares of users on Threads based on web traffic.
CountriesThreads’ Web Traffic
United States25.52%

(Source: similarweb)

  1. The 25-34 age group uses Threads the most, making up for 31% of the user base, followed by the 18-24 age group. (Source: similarweb)
    Age Distribution

    Threads App User Engagement Statistics 

  2. Threads reached 130 million active users in 2024, after experiencing a significant drop in activity following its initial launch. (Source: Business of Apps)
  3. The average time spent on Threads is 3 minutes and 23 seconds. (Source: similarweb)
  4. The most popular features among users include the built-in chat app, disappearing messages, and the ability to share updates with select groups of friends.
  5. The top searched category on Threads is related to Adult content, followed by Technology. (Source: similarweb)Top Categories
  6. Threads had a total page visit of 90 million in March 2024. (Source: similarweb)
  7. The top searched topic on Threads is related to News, followed by Shopping. (Source: similarweb)
    Top Topics
  8. The traffic share for Threads from the mobile app is 48.88% and 51.12% from the desktop. (Source: similarweb)
  9. Threads has had 325.7 million page views from January 2024 to April 2024. (Source: similarweb)
  10. Threads ranks 29th among all social media platforms in terms of users. (Source: similarweb)
  11. In India, the average visit duration on Threads is 1 minute and 40 seconds. (Source: similarweb)
  12. Threads app has 54.2 million downloads in India. (Source: Famewall)
  13. Threads App Statistics for Most-Followed User

  14. MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) accomplished an extraordinary feat on Threads, becoming the fastest to get 1 million followers. He made his account on July 6, 2023, and achieved this milestone, earning a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.
  15. As of 2024, the most-followed user on the Threads app is the Brazilian football star Neymar, with an impressive 14.3 million followers.
  16. The most followed singer on Threads is Selena Gomez, with 9.1 million followers.
  17. The most followed actor on Threads is Will Smith, with 4.9 million followers.
  18. Threads Market Share And User Growth

  19. Threads is projected to contribute a staggering $8 billion to Meta’s annual revenue by 2025. (Source: Business of Apps)
  20. Threads quickly gained traction in the social media space, with over 100 million sign-ups in its first week. (Source: Business of Apps)
  21. Threads users are active in sharing content-Threads experienced a steep decline in activity but stabilized and grew its user base to 130 million monthly active users by February 2024. The platform’s user growth continued, reaching over 160 million users by April 2024. (Source: Exploding Topics)
  22. As of 2024, Threads has 160 million monthly active users, showing a significant increase from 2023. (Source: Exploding Topics)
  23. Threads’ expansion into the European Union in December 2023 contributed to a spike in users, adding potentially over 40 million additional monthly users to its network. (Source: Exploding Topics)

Threads Key Events

  • January 2023: Development of Threads begins.
  • March 2023: Information on Threads is released.
  • June 2023: The Verge publishes details of an internal company-wide meeting about Threads.
  • July 3, 2023: Threads appears on the Apple App Store, with a planned release date of July 6.
  • July 5, 2023: Threads app released 24 hours ahead of schedule
  • Threads app launched in more than 100 countries
  • Threads app gains a live user base of over 10 million people worldwide
  • Early celebrity adopters include Shakira, Coldplay, and Gordon Ramsay
  • Meta’s share price increases, closing at $294.37.
  • Meta’s trading volume is more than three times higher than on July 3rd.
  • July 6, 2023: Threads becomes the fastest-downloaded app in history.

Threads User Statistics By Demographics-

Threads is the fastest consumer application to reach 1 million users.

Time Taken For Platforms To Reach 1 Million Users
(Source: Statista)
PlatformLaunchedTime to reach 1 million users
Threads20231 Hour
ChatGPT20225 Days
Instagram20102.5 Months
Spotify20085 Months
Dropbox20087 Months
Facebook200410 Months
FOURSQUARE200913 Months
Twitter20062 Years
Airbnb20082.5 Years
Kickstarter20092.5 Years
Netflix19993.5 Years

Threads has quickly become one of the most rapidly downloaded apps, surpassing ChatGPT and Instagram. The remarkable 1 million users feat was achieved within just 2 hours of its launch, showcasing the app’s instant appeal and Meta’s strong user acquisition strategy. The data also indicates that as the internet became more pervasive, online services were able to attract users at a faster rate.

Social Platforms to reach 1 million users

What Are The Benefits of Threads for Marketers?

Although ads are not supported on Threads as of now, brands can still benefit from creating a profile to grow their organic traffic and reach new audiences until paid options become available on Threads. Here are a few ways brands/marketers can benefit:

  • Real-time Conversational Connection: Threads’ text-based platform allows for real-time interactions between brands and consumers, facilitating immediate responses and fostering a personal connection.
  • Increased Brand Awareness: The platform is particularly appealing to early adopters and a younger demographic, which can help elevate a brand’s visibility among these groups.
  • Integration with Instagram: Since Threads is integrated with Instagram, it provides a seamless transition for existing followers, allowing brands to leverage their current audience base on a new platform.
  • First-Mover Advantage: Being one of the early brands to adopt Threads can position a company as an industry thought leader and provide a competitive edge.
  • Targeting a Younger Audience: Threads is popular among Gen Z users, offering brands a chance to establish a long-standing relationship with this demographic before the platform becomes more saturated.
  • Future Potential: Threads has shown rapid growth since its launch, indicating a promising future for marketers to reach an engaged and growing audience.

Threads Vs Twitter 

FeatureThreadsTwitter (X)
Launch dateJuly 5, 2023March 21, 2006
PlatformsiOS, Android, WebiOS, Android, Web
FocusPersonal and intimatePublic and global
FeaturesDisappearing messages, built-in chat app, Stories, reactions, live location, chat heads, sticker packs, dark mode, privacy settings, security featuresTweets, replies, retweets, likes, quote tweets, polls, Spaces, Fleets, Moments, Lists, Bookmarks, Communities
User base160 million+500 million+
Account VerificationUses Instagram verificationTwitter Blue subscription
Verification Cost$14.99 per month (via Instagram app)
$11.99 per month (via web)
$7.99 per month (for individuals)
GrowthRapid growth in the first week after launch, but growth has slowed since theSlow and steady growth
ProsFocus on privacy, built-in chat app, integration with InstagramGlobal reach, large user base, variety of features
ConsStill a relatively new app, so it lacks some of the features of other social media platformsCan be overwhelming for some users and has been criticized for its moderation policies


In conclusion, the user statistics of Meta’s Threads App paint a vivid picture of its widespread popularity and engagement. With an impressive user base of millions, it has become a go-to platform for connecting and sharing thoughts. The app’s seamless interface and innovative features have captivated users, leading to an average daily usage time that speaks volumes about its addictive nature. As Meta continues to evolve and enhance the Threads app, we can expect even greater numbers and deeper integration into our digital lives.

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