Amazon Prime User Statistics (2024)

Amazon Prime was launched 19 years ago offering free two-day shipping on over 1 million products. Now the service has over 230 million members and they collectively spent billions of dollars every year.

Amazon Prime delivered the fastest ever as more than 2 billion global units arrived the same or next day in Q1 2024 alone.

Let’s take a look at the state of Amazon Prime in this post.

Amazon Prime User Statistics At a Glance (2024) 

  • There are 230 million Amazon Prime subscribers worldwide.
  • The United States has 180 million Amazon Prime members.
  • Amazon’s Amazon Prime membership revenue stands at $10.72 billion in Q1 2024.
  • Amazon Prime membership is available in 25 countries while Amazon Prime video is available in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide.
  • Amazon Prime members tend to spend $800 more than non-Prime members.
  • Amazon made $12.9 billion during the 2023 Prime Day sale.

How Many Amazon Prime Members Are There

There are over 230 million active Amazon Prime members globally. The number of Amazon prime subscribers have grown by 53% since 2020 with largest share coming from the United states.

Number of Amazon Prime Members-min

Here is a table showing the number of Amazon Prime subscribers over the years:

YearThe Number Of Amazon Prime Users
201646 million
201766 million
2018100 million
2019120 million
2020150 million
2021200 million
2022213 million
2023230 million
2024230 million *

Amazon Prime subscribers over the years

Source: Business of Apps

Number of Amazon Prime Subscribers in the United States

There are 173 million Amazon Prime members in the United States accounting 75% of global membership. This also means that 50% of United States population has an Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon Prime Members in United States

Here is a table showing the growth of Amazon Prime members in the United States:

YearNumber of users
201325 million
201440 million
201554 million
201665 million
201799.7 million
2018112.1 million
2019124 million
2020146.1 million
2021161.7 million
2022168.3 million
2023173 million
2024173 million

Amazon Prime members in the United States

Source: BOA

Amazon Prime User Behavior Statistics

  • 50% of people get an Amazon Prime subscription for the Prime Day sales.
  • 45% of U.S. adults shopped at Amazon during the Prime Day 2023 event.
  • Prime members spend $1,400 yearly on Amazon, that’s 133% more than non-Prime members.


Amazon Prime Day Sales Over The years

Amazon Prime days has to be the biggest reason for people to get the Prime membership. In Fact Nearly 50% of U.S. shoppers subscribed to Amazon Prime to benefit from Prime sales.

Amazon Prime members spent $12.9 billion during the Amazon Prime Day sale in 2023 while the next sale is set to go live in July 2024.
Here is a table showing the Amazon Prime Day sales over the years:

YearSales On Prime Day
20150.9 billion
2016$1.52 billion
2017$2.41 billion
2018$4.19 billion
2019$7.16 billion
2020$10.4 billion
2021$11.2 billion
2022$12 billion
2023$12.9 billion

Amazon Prime Day sales over the years

Amazon Prime Video Users

More than 338 million people around the world have subscribed to Amazon Prime Video. The largest number of subscribers comes from the United States, with over 163.6 million people signed up. India follows closely behind with 65.9 million subscribers.

Here is a table showing Amazon Prime video members in different countries:

CountryNo. of Amazon Prime Video Subscribers
United States163.6 million
India65.9 million
United Kingdom26.9 million
Germany32.3 million
France13.6 million
Canada14.6 million
Australia4.9 million
Japan16.2 million

Amazon Prime video members in different countries

Source: Statista

Amazon Music Users

Amazon Prime Music holds 13.3% of global music streaming market share with 80 million users. The service has grown by 45% since 2020.

Here is a table showing the growth of Amazon Prime Music over the years:

20178 million
201816 million
201932 million
202055 million
202163 million
202274 million
202380 million

Amazon Prime Music over the years

Source: Business of Apps and Exploding Topics.

Amazon Prime Revenue

Amazon generated $10.72 billion in revenue  through its Prime service in the first quarter of 2024. This is an 11% increase year over year.

Amazon Prime is one of the world’s highest revenue making subscription services with a total revenue of $40.2 billion in 2023.

Here is a table showing the growth in Amazon Prime revenue over the years:

YearAmazon Prime Revenue
2014$2.76 billion
2015$4.47 billion
2016$6.39 billion
2017$9.72 billion
2018$14.17 billion
2019$19.21 billion
2020$25.21 billion
2021$31.77 billion
2022$35.22 billion
2023$40.2 billion
2024 (up to Q1)$10.72 billion

Amazon Prime revenue over the year

Source: Amazon Investor Relations

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