Best Shoe Brands in India for Men & Women

Try imagining your life without shoes! Not happening right? Afterall, shoes have become our basic necessity just like food, shelter and clothing. Stepping out without them is next to impossible. Not just this, wearing a good pair of footwear also uplifts the confidence of both men and women.

One thing you hate the most about footwear is getting damaged or disfigured when you need them the most. However, this problem will never occur if you go for the best shoe brands in India. Identifying the best brands is yet another daunting task. But, don’t worry! In this article, we have compiled the best footwear brands for you using which you can fill your closet with the most stylish and comfortable shoes ever.

This article is quite different from others. It is divided into two sections for better understanding of brands and their place of origin. The two sections are

Best international shoe brands in India

In search for the best international shoe brands in India? Look no more! Below are the top 5 international shoe brands available in the Indian market.


Founded in 1964, Nike is one of the oldest and leading American footwear manufacturers. Popularly known for its sports shoes, the brand has grown by leaps and bounds, becoming the number 1 footwear company in the world. The reason being its exemplary quality and trendiest designs. Once you wear a shoe by Nike, then you are sure to fall in love with it.
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Price Range: Rs. 1000 and above


  • Versatility
  • Comfort
  • Light weight
  • Best technology


  • Shortage of products
  • Counterfeited


The second on our list is Clarks. This British shoe manufacturing company has taken over the world with its exquisite range of footwear for men and women. With more than 1000 stores across the globe, the company is known for its innovative designs and quality craftsmanship. The brand is also the best example of ‘style with comfort’.

Price Range: Rs. 1200 and above


  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Trendy
  • Breathable


  • Quality might differ with place of production


Adidas is one such brand which needs no introduction. Launched in 1949, this German shoe brand has revolutionised the world of footwear ever since its inception. It is the second largest footwear manufacturer in the world, after Nike. The company is known for its long lasting sportswear shoes, wearing which one can attain utmost comfort at the same time look fabulous like never before.

Price range: Rs. 1500 and above

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  • Brand value
  • Unique design
  • Fashionable look
  • Best for athletes


  • Highly Counterfeited
  • A bit expensive


Established in 1894, Bata is a renowned brand known for its casual and formal footwear. It became famous because of its ability to produce a wide range of specialised shoes that can cater to the needs of consumers. Moreover, high on fashion and comfort, the brand is one of the most favorite one because of its comfort and longevity.

Price range: Rs. 800 and above


  • Diverse designs
  • Best for casual wear
  • Outstanding grip
  • Lightweight


  • Narrow midfoot area in some models


The list is incomplete without Reebok. The American footwear company was started in the year 1958. It produces excellent fitness, sports and running shoes. Its shoes are popular because of their flexibility and durability. Coming in all shapes and sizes for both men and women, Reebok indeed personifies perfection and style.

Price Range: Rs. 1000 and above

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  • Affordable
  • Multifunctional
  • Comfortable


  • Narrow forefoot section
  • Less arch support

Best Indian shoe brands

Wondering which are the top Indian shoe manufacturers? You have come to the right place. We have listed the top 5 Indian footwear brands for you to choose from.


Paragon tops the list of Indian footwear brands. Formed in 1975, the brand set higher standards and bravely competed with the international brands. Paragon is all about style and comfort. The company is best known for its flip-flops across the Indian sub-continent. It is till date, the go-to brand of Indians to buy flip flops.

Price Range: Rs. 500 and above


  • Versatility
  • Durability
  • Environment-friendly
  • No. 1 in the rubber footwear sector
  • Reasonable


  • Not upto the fashion expectations of people


Born in India in 1992, Woodland has become the undisputed leader in the world of footwear. It has not only spread wings across India but also gained immense popularity in other countries. The brand is famous for its strong and solid boots and shoes that come with ravishing designs. One can never feel disappointed with the shoes and accessories offered by Woodland.

Price Range: Rs. 1000 and above


  • Amazing grip
  • Durability
  • Classic design
  • Best for hiking and trekking


  • Limited designs


As the name suggests, Relaxo was started in the year 1976 with the motive to provide relaxing footwear to men and women. The brand crafted its unique place in the market and is favorite for its slippers. Currently, it is the largest footwear manufacturer in terms of volume and second largest in terms of revenue.

Price Range: Rs. 600 and above


  • Versatility
  • Flexible sole
  • Durability
  • Affordable


  • Not upto the trend


Yet another eminent footwear manufacturer in India is none other than Lakhani Armaan Group. It has the finest collection of sports shoes, flip flops, sandals, formal shoes, boots etc for men, women and kids. They have been producing quality shoes for years and have also collaborated with global brands.

Price Range: Rs. 600 and above


  • Comfortable
  • Durability
  • Reasonable price


  • Not upto the trend
  • Less popularity compared to other brands


Last but not least on our list is Liberty. Started with a small store in 1954, the company has now become one of the top footwear manufacturers in the country. The brand also comes in the top 5 leather footwear manufacturers in the world. With more than 6000 multi-brand outlets and over 400 outlets across the globe, Liberty surely designs the finest shoes for both men and women.

Price Range: Rs. 700 and above


  • Best leather shoes
  • Durability
  • Fascinating design
  • Affordable


  • Limited franchise

Shoe Buying Guide – How to Pick the Right Shoe Brand?

So, this was our list of the best footwear brands available in India. The next important step that comes in the picture is choosing the right pair of shoes to match with the attire. If you are someone who is very bad at it. Don’t worry. The below style guide will help you choose the ideal sandal for your dress, perhaps making you look like a million dollars.

We have done extensive research by referring to the popular e-commerce stores, websites, and interacted with the sellers. Check out the information given below to make an informed choice.

How to select the right footwear for your attire?

Selecting the perfect footwear for your attire can be a daunting task. Do you always get confused about choosing the best suited footwear from your shoe rack before stepping out of the house? Don’t worry! The below guidelines will help you to perfectly match your footwear with your attire.

How to select the best footwear for women?

Below tips will help you to match your footwear with your attire and make you look gorgeous.

  • Do not go for strict color matching of shoes with your attire.
  • Choose shoe colors that compliment your attire and not compete with them.
  • Select brighter shoe colors for plain and dull colored clothes.
  • Change your footwear according to the season.
  • Wear heels with party wear clothes, gowns and office wears.
  • Opt for sneakers and flip flops while wearing a casual dress.

How to select the best footwear for men?

Following list of tips will help men to select the best footwear for their attire.

  • Always wear shoes that match your pants or are a shade darker than your pants.
  • Try to match your shoe with the color of your belt
  • Wear footwear that compliments your shirt/t-shirt.
  • If you are wearing casual and dull colored clothes, add little spark by wearing bright colored shoes.
  • Select sneakers or flip flops if you are wearing t-shirts and loafers or oxfords with formal shirts.
  • You can style your attire by wearing boots and brogues in winters.

Comfortable Fit

Shoes are a must-have fashion apparel for everyone. It helps to prevent infections, toe burns, and provides arch support for better posture. Different shoe models are available for different requirements. If you are not sure about the comfort the shoe offers, refer to the size guide provided by the manufacturer to avoid injuries before making a purchase.

Soft Cushioning

The soft cushioning with thick soles absorbs the sweat during running or other physical activities. Usually, there are two different types of cushioning. They are:

  • Plush Cushioning
  • Responsive Cushioning

Survey also reveals that maximized cushioned shoes are crafted for heavy runners by considering comfort and injury prevention. Whereas minimally cushioned shoes stay low to the ground, have less weight, and provide less protection.

Online Reviews and Ratings

When buying online, you may come across critic’s reviews that state product damage and other flaws. So, buyers need to consider the best e-commerce platform to ensure the shoes are delivered safely without any damage. Check for the online reviews and ratings for a particular brand you wish to make a purchase.

Affordable Pricing

The cost of shoes varies from brand to brand. It is mainly due to the seamless construction, materials usage, mesh, memory foam layers, etc. The top-notch brands are a bit expensive and offer excellent quality compared to cheap local brands. If you cannot afford such high prices, you can still get them by applying the shoe coupons and discounts online. However, it’s up to an individual to choose the brand according to budget preferences.

Warranty Services and Return Policies

Do you know the warrant represents the shoe quality and durability? The branded shoes offer warranty services and return policies if the product received is damaged or torn out quickly. In comparison, the basic models come with a limited manufacturing warranty.

Above all, only a well-reputed brand can offer a return policy to build trust among the potential customers. So choose the shoes wisely that tend to last longer.

Final Verdict

Wrapping up, we hope the above information helps you in choosing the right shoe for your requirement. However, it is vital to consider the size, material quality, and comfort options before purchasing online. You can also explore the other popular footwear brands for everyday use. Which shoe brand do you prefer the most? Did we miss any of the brands? Do you have any queries? Let us know in the comment section given below. Our team of experts will be right away to clarify them.

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