33 Gift Ideas for Him 2024 – Surprise the Special Man in Your Life!

Gifts can make anybody happy. Who doesn’t love getting pampered? Everybody does, though not all may ask for it. Well,  gifting your near one feels as good as a person who likes receiving gifts. And you need not find any special day or occasion to surprise your loved one with a beautiful something. Here are the best and most trending Gift ideas for him this Valentine’s Day.

And don’t worry, if you’re looking for gift ideas for her, we have got you covered on that front as well.

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Gifts for your significant other

There are lots of gifts to choose from, and there’s so much so that you are likely to get spoilt for choice. So, I have listed 33 gift ideas for him:

1. Musical instruments

If your guy loves music and loves playing the guitar or any other musical instruments, then this can be a really good option. You will have to make sure that you do not end up gifting the same one that he already owns.



2. Gadgets

Every man loves gadgets. It is one of the safest options when you are unable to find a good gift for your man. He is bound to love it.



3. Sports items

Most guys are sports fanatics and if your man is into sports, you can take your pick from the numerous sports items available today.



4. Grooming Kits

And grooming, whether you just use a moisturizer or go the whole hog at a salon, can make that much-needed difference”, says Saif Ali Khan. So, grooming kits sit high on the list of gifts for him. Make use of the valentine’s day offers and deals, to get him what he needs and deserves.



5. Jack Daniels or any drink that he loves

A bottle of Jack Daniels is sure to please his palate. And if not Jack Daniels, maybe a bottle of Old Monk, that’ll be low on cost and high on affection 😉


6. Bar glasses

If you are already gifting a bottle of whiskey, why not go for the right kind of accompaniment? The essence of sipping on a beautiful glass of whiskey is even more than having it in random glassware. Get a set of shot glasses or whiskey glasses for him. I believe this is one of the best ones from the list of 30 Gift ideas for him.



7. Books

Do your significant other loves reading? If it is so, books can be a great gift. Make sure you know the genre he loves digging into.



8. Surprise date or vacation

If you can afford a surprise vacation, it is sure to make him go weak in the knee. Or else, you can plan a surprise date. Sounds interesting? Try it out then!



9. Handmade card

If you are into arts and crafts, nothing can be better than a personalized little something. Invest your time into making a handmade card. It is sure to blow his mind…. we can vouch for it.



10. Chocolates and cakes

Not every man loves cakes or chocolates. But there are lots of others who go crazy for chocolates and cakes. And if your guy falls into the second category, buy a whole lot of chocolates and get a personalized cake for him. Order cakes online and get awesome discounts on baked goods.



11. Personalized phone cover

A Personalized phone cover is another good option. There are various online sites like the Indian Gifts Portal where you can get cool personalized gifts at amazing prices.



12. Spa and relaxing massage

Has your guy been busy at work for the past few months and when he gets home, he looks all tired and sleepy? Then, this is the best Valentine’s Day you can gift to him. Nothing can be more relaxing than a spa or a massage session. It is the best way to unwind after hours of tiresome work. After all, there’s no better way to express your love for your guy than getting him this day of reprieve and peace after he’s been slogging at his job for a long time.



13. Watch

Gift a cool watch to your man. There are  innumerable brand, or rather international brands that are hugely popular in India as well.



14. Goggles

A Goggle is a cool gift indeed. Wayfarers, aviators, retro styles, round ones, sports styles, and lots of other sunglass styles are popular today. Get one for him.



15. Shoes

Casual or formal, shoes are a great gifting option as well. If you guy is a brand freak, there’s no dearth of it.



16. Leather Jackets

Those uber-cool leather jackets! Well even if we live in a tropical country, you can get the lighter versions that are available so easily now.



17. Rings or studs

A stud or a ring, made of precious metal or semi-precious metal and stones can be another good option.



18. Perfume

Davidoff Cool Water, is the only perfume I can think of when it comes to men. Yeah, it’s true that there are indeed lots of other options, but I simply love this one. You can find yours.



19. Poster

A poster is one of the coolest and most fun gift ideas. You can experiment with it as well, adding a personal touch. For example, you can create your  image containing what you and your partner love doing and then frame it.



20. Gaming consoles

Gaming consoles….one of the best gifts that can be for him. Isn’t it so? You will see his face beaming with happiness when he unboxes this.



21. Wallet

Wallet is a man’s best friend. So, why not gift one to him?



22. Gift card

A gift card is a great option if you are not sure what to gift him. This option is for those couples who are high on practicality.



23. Suspenders and Cufflink

A cufflink is a great choice and when coupled with a suspender, it becomes the best pair ever. Find a classy or a quirky one depending on the style that your guy likes.



24. Customised T-shirt or a casual shirt

A casual shirt or even a formal one is a nice gifting option. And if you want to add that extra zing, go for a personalized t-shirt!



25. Sports History Book

This is again for the sports freaks; well most men are. A sports history book can be a really interesting read. You can add a beautiful message in the beginning.



26. Travel Backpacks


Does your partner love traveling to holiday destinations frequently? Now it’s the time to gift them with backpacks. These backpacks come in handy and provide extra space to pack all your travel necessities. On this Valentines Day, gifting a backpack could be the perfect way to show your partner that you care about them.

27. Action Cameras


If photography is your husband’s hobby, then gift him an action camera.  Its lightweight nature makes it easy to carry effortlessly. The latest technology has improved recording capabilities, making it easier for your husband to capture his footage with clarity. Overall, this is a great gifting option on Valentine’s Day for an adventure-loving husband who loves taking pictures and videos of his activities.

28. Bracelets


Bracelets are the nicest jewellry to gift to your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. They look stylish and compliment the overall attire. Many bracelet styles go well with a suit or jeans. Leather bracelets can be paired with a dress shirt or even less formal attire like sweatpants. Whereas metal bracelets are popular for men because they’re durable and won’t tarnish over time.

A good way to find the perfect bracelet for your boyfriend is by looking online at different websites that sell jewellry. There you’ll be able to find some unique designs that he might like the most.

29. Coffee Mugs


Want to give something unique to your dear ones, personalized mugs can be the right choice. There is a perfect example of showcasing your deep and true love with a collage of memories on a coffee mug. You can also add a favourite quote or witty lines to bring smiles to your partner’s face. Also, the prices are a bit affordable. What are you waiting for? Grab a piece of customized coffee mug and spend some precious time with your soulmate.

30. Gaming Devices


In a world full of technology and innovations, who doesn’t love playing games online? If your soulmate has the habit of playing games, present him with a gaming device. Some popular gaming devices include the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. There are several other gaming devices on the market as well. If you’re not sure what your loved one enjoys playing games, you can either go with a popular device or find something specific that he’s interested in.

31. An experience gift

Instead of buying him something materialistic this year, why not plan an unforgettable experience that he can enjoy? From a beach vacation to tickets to his favourite band’s concert, or from cooking classes to private wine tastings – there are plenty of experiences out there that he’ll love.

32. Charm Neck chain and Perfume



The perfect gift for your handsome man who loves fashion and fragrance! This chic combo features a men’s necklace and a classy perfume. The chain boasts multiple charms, with one displaying a personalized name, giving it a trendy and cool vibe.

33. Personalized Caricature



Surprise him with a personalized caricature, capturing his unique charm and personality in a fun and creative way. This thoughtful gift adds a touch of humor and sentimentality, making it a memorable keepsake for any occasion.

Few more gift ideas for him:

Besides the 31 gift ideas for him shared above, here are a few more:
You can cook delicious dishes for him which will floor him.
You can go for a long drive
You can give him a bunch of flowers and a lovely message in a bottle. For this, we have coupons from FlowerAura that you can use to get the perfect gift with great deals and

If this list doesn’t cut and you wish to go through more gift ideas, here’s a list of Valentine’s Day gifts and offers for him and her.

Do check out our list of best things to buy on this Valentine’s Day sale, there might be something there to your liking.

So, do you people have any other gifting ideas in mind other than these 31 gift ideas for him? I think you do. So, why not share those with us….we would love to get your input.

That’s all from our end, have a happy and loving Valentine’s Day!

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