7 Best Vitamin C Serums in India

Here’s how it happened. You were at a party, blissfully comfortable with your skin regimen, talking to your group of gal pals, when suddenly the dreaded question sprang up. “Do you use Vitamin C serums?”

Now, you were no stranger to Vitamin C. But how were you to tell them that your dose came from some slices of orange, and not a highly-priced tinted-glass bottle?

So, you said what any one in your shoes would say- “no, I don’t use Vitamin C Serums.”

You know what happened next, we don’t need to tell you that, because that is what brought you here to this page, looking for a good serum to fill the pores on your self-esteem with. It feels like we’ve heard you, doesn’t it? Alright, time to hear us.

What’s wrong with putting citrus slices on my face?

Vitamin C Serums are a combination of 10-20% Vitamin C (not less, not more), Vitamin E, and Ferulic Acid.

Here’s why that’s important. Anything above 20% of Vitamin C will cause irritation and rashes to your skin. Anything less than 8% Vitamin C will hardly be effective. Without Vitamin E, the Vitamin C would not be stabilized for your skin, and without Ferulic Acid, you can bid goodbye to sun protection.

Compare this with the unreviewed and probably unsafe citrus slices, and there you have it. That is why you wanna steer clear from orange slices (and pop movies that tell you otherwise).

Alright GrabOn, recommend me some yum Vitamin C Serums

We thought you’d never ask. Here we go, these are some of the best Vitamin C Serums in India that we found in our research.

1. DERMA ESSENTIA Vitamin C Serum
Why you’re gonna love this serum:

I. The Vitamin C derivatives it uses are Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, L-ascorbic Acid 2- Glucoside, and Magnesium Lascorbyl-2 Phosphate, which are some of the most effective.
II. It has skin ceramides which help renew your skin’s natural layer, and save all the moisture from evaporating into thin air (This is also what makes it the best choice for dry skin types).
III. The Hyaluronic Acid gives it magical anti-ageing properties. Yes, more like hyalu-tonic acid.

Quantity: 15 ml
Price: Rs.845
Tip: Get it on Amazon for a kickass deal.

2. Himalayan Organics Vitamin C Serum
Himalayan Organics Vitamin C Serum
Why you’re gonna love this serum:

I. It has no harmful chemicals, sulphate, parabens, or mineral oil, which makes it completely safe for your skin.
II. It is 100% vegan, and is made completely of natural ingredients.
III. It has Botanical Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E which are meant to improve all signs of ageing.

Quantity: 30 ml
Price: Rs.575
Tip: Apply it nightly and follow up with a moisturizer for best results.

3. St.Botanica Professional Facial Serum
St.Botanica Professional Facial Serum
Why you’re gonna love this serum:

I. It has 20% Vitamin C, which is the most effective and potent amount.
II. Apart from Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Hyaluronic Acid, it has the goodness of Jojoba Oil, Green Tea, Geranium, Aloe Vera, and quite a few other plant extracts.
III. The combination of vitamins and plant extracts helps hydrate, brighten, and soothe the skin.

Quantity: 20 ml
Price: Rs.799
Tip: Use Healthkart coupons to get it for the best price on the internet.

4. Mamaearth Skin Illuminate Vitamin C Serum
Mamaearth Skin Illuminate Vitamin C Serum
Why you’re gonna love this serum:

I. Apart from Vitamin C, it contains turmeric which protects your skin from the sun.
II. It contains Squalane, which boosts collagen production, and heals your skin from within.
III. It is free from parabens, silicones, and other harmful chemicals.

Quantity: 30 g
Price: Rs.463
Tip: For best results, apply twice a day and follow it up with Mamearth’s Oil-Free Face Moisturizer

5. SebonCare Vitamin C Serum
SebonCare Vitamin C Serum
Why you’re gonna love this serum:

I. It uses Aloe Vera extracted Vitamin E, which is an amazing detoxifier and coolant for the skin.
II. It contains Dead Sea Salt which is rich in skin-friendly minerals like Magnesium, Bromide, Sulfur, etc.
III. The combination of Dead Sea Salt and Indian Ayurveda works like a charm for the skin.

Quantity: 30 ml
Price: Rs.414
Tip: You won’t need more than 2 drops of this for your whole face.

6. Natural Vibes Ayurvedic Vitamin C Serum
Natural Vibes Ayurvedic Vitamin C Serum
Why you’re gonna love this serum:

I. It extracts its Vitamin C from 6 ingredients: Amla, Peach, Grape seed, Lemon, Orange, and Aloe Vera.
II. It is absolutely non-sticky, and has a citrus scent.
III. It is 100% natural, vegan, and has Ayurvedic goodness.

Quantity: 30 ml
Price: Rs.787
Tip: Get it with Natural Vibes’ Tea Tree Serum and Tea Tree Face Wash for a kickass deal.

7. UPAKARMA Vitamin C Serum
UPAKARMA Vitamin C Serum
Why you’re gonna love this serum:

I. It has the Ayurvedic goodness of Green Tea Extract, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera, Lavender Oil, and Rosehip Oil
II. It has 20% Vitamin C which is just the amount you need for restoration and renewal of skin.
III. It has GMP Certification and OneCert- Organic Certification, which is proof for its organic make.

Quantity: 30 ml
Price: Rs.749
Tip: 1-2 drops of it is all you need for a replenished and revitalized skin.

What experts are saying about Vitamin C Serums

“Vitamin C is best implemented into your routine with a serum, as this allows the L-ascorbic acid to remain stable and more effective.”

– Dr. Kathy Taghipour, Consultant Dermatologist

“As we age, the skin’s natural levels of antioxidant vitamin C decrease, which is why it’s so important to add it to your skincare routine.”

– Dr. Michelle Henry, Dermatologist and Dermatologic Surgeon

“Whether you’ve been looking to simplify your skin care routine or amp it up, a vitamin C serum might be your golden ticket.”

– Jennifer Chesak, Medical Journalist


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