21 Best Food Bloggers in India You Must Follow

Have you ever wondered who the best food bloggers are and how they share their tasty adventures with the world? Well, you’re in for a treat! The term “food bloggers” refers to individuals who are like food enthusiasts but with a twist—they write about their food experiences online for everyone to see.

Now, imagine this: there are millions of food bloggers out there, and the best ones have followers ranging from thousands to even millions! Yep, that’s right – some of these bloggers are like internet food celebrities. They create amazing content, from drool-worthy recipes to food reviews that make you want to try everything.

So, when you hear someone talk about the “best food bloggers,” we are basically talking about those online culinary wizards who make our taste buds tingle and inspire us to try new things in the kitchen. Keep your eyes peeled for these digital gastronomes; they might just lead you to your next favorite meal!

Top Indian Food Bloggers In India Are…

Below, we have compiled a list of top food bloggers from across the country just for you! We have also reached out to a few and asked them to share a bit about their blogging journey. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

1. Sowmya Venkatachalam

Sowmya Venkatachalam

  • Blog Name: Subbus Kitchen
  • Started In: 2012
  • Primary Recipes/Cuisine: South Indian (Vegetarian)
  • Popular Categories: Breakfast dishes, Kuzhambu, Rice varieties, Snacks, Sweets, etc

Hailing from a South Indian Brahmin family, Sowmya Venkatachalam is one of the most inspiring food bloggers today. And, if you are a vegetarian, then Sowmya’s Subbu’s Kitchen can be your all-time favorite. With more than 14k followers on Instagram and an excellent food blog, you can find some authentic South Indian recipes on her feed.

On being asked about what made her start this food blog, she says,

“I used to stay with my husband in the Netherlands. In late 2009, my husband got an idea of making the blog which will benefit so many ladies like me who are away from India but are very keen to follow the customs and traditions. So I requested my MIL to send recipes and she wrote them on paper, scanned them, and sent them to me through email. With that repository, I started the blog subbuskitchen(dot)com.”

Sowmya’s Favorite Cuisine

“My Favorite cuisine is always “South Indian”. Being born in Chennai, our regular Idli/Dosa, Poori, Sambar, and Rasam are my favorite.”

2. Chitra Sendhil

Chitra Sendhil

  • Blog Name: Chitra’s Food Book (Formerly – Ratatouille-Anyone Can Cook)
  • Started In: 2013
  • Primary Recipes/Cuisine: South Indian (Vegetarian), and North India (Vegetarian)
  • Popular Categories: Breakfast, Chutneys, Biryani, Millet and Oats, Sweets, etc

If your heart dies to eat South Indian food, then Chitra’s blog is a must-follow. Be it fantastic dishes from Andhra, Karnataka, Kerala, North India, or International, she is simply a pro at everything! Besides tempting South Indian cuisines, Chitra has also tried her hands at baking. She prepares toothsome cakes, pastries, and cookies that just look compelling and attractive.

On being asked about her entry into the food blogging segment, she says,
“I started food blogging to record my family recipes that I learn from my in-law and mom. It’s to help beginners in cooking and also to pass my free time in a useful way without sleeping in the afternoons.”

Chitra’s Favorite Cuisine

“My all-time favorite cuisine is Tamil Nadu and Kerala dishes.

But, recently I became fond of Karnataka cuisines.”

3. Thasneen Nazeema

Thasneen Nazeema

  • Blog Name: Cooking with Thas
  • Started In: 2009
  • Primary Recipes/Cuisine: Indian, and American
  • Popular Categories: Instant Pot, Main Dish, Sweets, etc

Thasneen Nazeema is an IT professional turned food blogger and YouTuber hailing from Kerala, and now settled in Canada. Her amazing food-blogging journey started in 2009 and is still going strong with more than 1000 unique & incredible recipes. Initially, she posted pictures on Facebook and soon she launched a food blog when her friends and family started showing curiosity about the recipes she made. Right now, she’s growing her YouTube channel by sharing her favorite recipes with over 35,000 subscribers. She achieved this by putting her heart into it, staying consistent, and keeping everything authentic.

When we asked about what made her start this food blog, she says,

“Being miles away from my family, nostalgia hit me hard. My humble attempt at recreating my favorite food made me fall head over heels into the cooking world. In the beginning, my taste buds had a hard time devouring my food. That’s when I explored different cuisines in my kitchen.”

Thasneen Nazeema’s Favorite Cuisine

“Two of my favorite cuisines are Malabar and Thai.”

4. Shristi

F and B Recipes

  • Blog Name: F and B Recipes
  • Started In: 202o
  • Primary Recipes/Cuisine: Indian, and International
  • Popular Categories: Beverage, Food Guides, Food Stories & Interviews, etc

During the lockdown, all of us were trying something different at home, especially trying new recipes and Shristi is one among them. She was born and brought up in Indore, the food capital of central India. She started her corporate journey working as a freelance content writer and worked her way towards becoming the Chief Content Officer at a prestigious IT company. Her first e-cookbook was published in September 2020 after which she decided to start her own blog F and B Recipes.

When we asked Shristi about her passion for starting a blog, she says,

“I always share fresh, flavorful recipes that I love to make and eat in my everyday life with friends and family. During the pandemic, I was sharing recipes almost every day. That’s when my cousin suggested starting a blog so more people could try and enjoy healthy recipes.”

Shristi’s Favorite Cuisine

“Italian and Chinese!”

5. Maria


  • Blog Name: Flavors of Mumbai
  • Started In: 201o
  • Primary Recipes/Cuisine: Mumbai Street Food Recipes, Goan Cuisine, and Indian Recipes
  • Popular Categories: Breakfast, Baking, Snacks, Mains, Dessert, etc

Flavors of Mumbai is one of the most celebrated blogs in India handled by this cute Mumbai girl Maria. Be it seafood, Punjabi food, desserts, or sweets, you just name it and Maria is going to help you out with the best recipe. Specializing in Mumbai street food recipes, her blog will never leave you disappointed.

Maria shares a few lines about how her food blogging venture came into existence,

“During my father’s hospitalization, I left my job to care for him. While at home, I discovered a passion for cooking and baking by shadowing my mom and acquiring culinary skills. The positive response to my dishes prompted my family to encourage me to start a food blog, leading to the creation of Flavors of Mumbai.”

Maria’s Favorite Cuisine

“My favorite cuisine is Goan, Kerala, Punjabi, and Italian. But raised in Mumbai love Maharashtrian and Punjabi Cuisines too followed by Gujrati.”

6. Shivesh Bhatia


  • Blog Name: Bake with Shivesh
  • Started In: 2014
  • Primary Recipe/Cuisine: Indian, and Chinese
  • Popular Categories: Breakfast/Brunch, BBQ/Kebabs, Seafood, Mangalorean, Pizza, Pasta, etc

Shivesh Bhatia stumbled upon his passion for cooking in 2014, thanks to the encouragement of his friends on Instagram. Today, he’s a renowned figure in the Indian food blogging community, with his blog “Bake with Shivesh” evolving into a comprehensive website dedicated to creating elegant yet simple recipes.

When asked about his journey and love for cooking, 

Shivesh emphasizes the accidental nature of his culinary beginnings. Over the years, his commitment to providing delightful and straightforward recipes has earned him recognition. Notable achievements include winning the Outlook Social Media Award in 2016, securing positions on Vogue’s “20 Under 26” and “30 Under 30” lists in 2017 and 2023, and being honored with CondeNast Traveler India’s Social Media Star of the Year award in 2017.

Shivesh Bhatia’s Favorite Cuisine

“Apart from my love for Indian Food, Thai Food also has my heart. I am doing my best to familiarize my Indian readers with Thai recipes.”

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7. Sandhya


  • Blog Name: Sandhya’s Recipes
  • Started In: 2016
  • Primary Recipes/Cuisine: Tamil Nadu, South India, and Indian Recipes
  • Popular Categories: Indian, Desserts, Sweets, Snacks, Instant, etc

Sandhya is a fabulous cook and a passionate food blogger. From snacks to biryanis to desserts, her blog has recipes for everything that you might look for.

Sandhya’s blog is the perfect blend of authentic Indian to international recipes altogether. Her love for food can be seen in her lip-smacking veg and non-veg recipes that she shares in her blog. For more regular updates on new recipes, you can follow her Instagram handle and Facebook page.

When we asked Sandhya about her passion for starting a blog, she replied, 

“My love for cooking is what motivated me to start the blog @sandyaathome which has gained worldwide recognition today. I love inventing new recipes and learning new recipes and cooking techniques. Hence, I started my little food blog diva to keep all the records of my treasure recipes.”

Sandhya’s Favorite Cuisine

“I like to prepare foods from all different cuisines, but I adore Indian food since I believe there are countless variations to learn, experience, and enjoy!”

8. Shaheen


  • Blog Name: Spoon Fork And Food
  • Started In: 2014
  • Primary Recipe/Cuisine: Indian Recipes, including Kerala, Chettinad, and Bengal.
  • Popular Categories: Desserts, Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian, Soups and Salads, Snacks, etc

Spoon Fork And Food is one of the best food blogs in India, founded by Shaheen, a foodie by heart and a physiotherapist by profession. Honoured with many awards such as Best Food Stylist 2021 and Best Recipe Blog 2021, she is indeed one of the leading food bloggers in the country. Scroll through her Instagram feed and you are sure to see a plethora of irresistible and mouth-watering dishes.

On being asked about what made her enter the food blogging segment, she says,

“In 2014, I began blogging after leaving my job. Cooking has always been a skill of mine, and I think doing what you love is the most fulfilling thing in life. I’ve always approached things with an artistic mindset, and cooking, arranging, styling, and taking photos are activities that bring me joy.”

Shaheen’s Favorite Cuisine

“Indian, precisely Bengali, Awadhi, and Rajasthani are my all-time favorites. Other than this is like Thai food as it has an Indian flavor & touch.”

9. Preeti


  • Blog Name: Simply Tadka
  • Started In: 2012
  • Primary Recipe/Cuisine: Indian and International
  • Popular Categories: Babies & Toddler Food, Bread & Baking, Desserts & Sweets, etc

Simply Tadka is a great food blog created by Preeti, who is both a food lover and a human resources professional. Preeti lives life on her own terms, staying dedicated to whatever she takes on. She enjoys experimenting with new things, but she keeps it within certain limits, preferring a practical approach to life. Preeti is outgoing and likes to share her thoughts on various topics. Her motto is “Simple living and High Thinking.”

On being asked how she got into food blogging, she says,

“I didn’t have a great experience in the corporate world. Back then, I really enjoyed cooking and used to share random food pictures with my friends. One of my friends suggested that I start sharing my pictures on Facebook and other platforms. After a while, I discovered Google Blogger in January 2012, and that’s when I officially began my blogging journey. Now, it’s been 10+ years of food blogging, and I’m grateful for the love and support I’ve received.”

Preeti’s Favorite Cuisine

“South Indian and Mexican cuisines are my go-to cuisines.”

10. Sheetal Jandial

Sheetal Jandial

  • Blog Name: WhiskMixStir
  • Started In: 2017
  • Primary Recipe/Cuisine: Indian
  • Popular Categories: Mains, Snacks, Desserts, etc

Hailing from Pune, Sheetal’s culinary journey knows no bounds, as she explores a diverse range of foods from various regions. Her blog, “Whisk Mix Stir,” serves as a delightful space for food enthusiasts, where she passionately shares an array of food varieties. What sets Sheetal apart is her dedication to providing valuable insights, including cooking tips and quick meal preparations in under 30 minutes.

When we asked Sheetal about her passion for starting a blog, she says,

“I very much enjoy cooking and writing, so I decided to combine the two and create WhiskMixStir. I’ve been inspired by watching my mom, grandmothers, and aunts effortlessly prepare meals for the family. Now, as I learn to cook myself, I document my cooking experiences as a way of sharing and giving back.”

Sheetal’s Favorite Cuisine

“I love Indian food, especially the everyday home-cooked dishes. There’s so much variety, from lentils and curries to different vegetable dishes and various types of flatbread. And let’s not forget the countless rice dishes prepared at home. Oh, and everything tastes better with a touch of ghee!”

11. Sasmita Sahoo

First Timer Cook

  • Blog Name: First Timer Cook
  • Started In: 2017
  • Primary Recipe/Cuisine: Indian (Vegetarian and Vegan), Especially Odia
  • Popular Categories: Gluten-free, Vegan, Desserts, Baking, etc

This blog is sure to amaze you and make you hungry for every dish mentioned. Sasmita Sahoo, the owner, didn’t know much about cooking before getting married. However, her love for cooking grew over time, leading to the creation of ‘First Timer Cook.’ The blog shares a variety of delicious recipes in a simple and easy-to-follow manner.

When asked how she got into food blogging, she explained,

“I didn’t cook much before I got married. Afterward, with the guidance of my mom and mother-in-law, I began making some of our family’s favorite dishes. When those dishes received praise, I felt really happy. That’s how my journey began. I started writing down everything I learned in my blog.”

Sasmita Sahoo’s Favorite Cuisine

“Odia and South Indian cuisine.”

12. Jolly Makkar

Jolly Homemade Recipes

  • Blog Name: Jolly Homemade Recipes
  • Started In: 2014
  • Primary Recipe/Cuisine: South and North Indian, Punjabi, and International (Vegetarian and Vegan)
  • Popular Categories: Breakfast, Mains, Desserts, Drinks and Beverages, etc

Next on our list is Jolly Makkar. A Punjabi woman who married a South Indian guy, and ever since, she’s been sharing amazing recipes that bring together the best of both worlds. When you check out her blog, you’ll discover a delightful combination of South and North Indian cuisines. Whether you prefer vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or vegan dishes, Jolly has a variety of mouth-watering recipes, accompanied by some truly enticing pictures.

When asked about how she got into food blogging, Jolly explains, 

“After leaving my job in 2014 for personal reasons and becoming a mom in 2017, I started honing my cooking skills. Later on, I decided to refresh my SEO knowledge from my studies and work days. After doing that, I realized I should write my own blogs about homemade recipes and promote myself on social media.”

Jolly Makkar’s Favorite Cuisine

“Whenever I try something new, and my husband and son enjoy it, it becomes my favorite. I don’t have any strict food preferences, but Punjabi food made by my mom will always be my top choice.”

13. Sneha Dalvi

Sneha Dalvi

  • Blog Name: The Talking Bee
  • Started In: 2014
  • Primary Recipe/Cuisine: Indian
  • Popular Categories: Food Reviews, Hotel Reviews, etc

Meet Sneha Dalvi, a travel enthusiast from Mumbai who loves delicious food, discovering new places, and trying out different experiences. She shares her insights on restaurants, hotels, travel adventures, and recipes on her blog. Sneha has been recognized for her culinary travel contributions and was a runner-up at the FBAI Awards 2020 in the Culinary Travel category. Inspired by Zomato reviews and her own cooking adventures, she enjoys sharing her favorite recipes on her blog.

On being asked about what made her start this food blog, she says,

“A few years ago, I began blogging because I was really into food and beverages. My work in events allowed me to travel to various places, where I got to try out different regional cuisines and specialties. That’s when I officially started my adventure as a food blogger.”

Sneha Dalvi’s Favorite Cuisine

“I love a good hearty regional Indian meal any day, so it can be a good Gujarati Thali or an authentic South Indian Sadhya or a wholesome Maharashtrian meal. However, I indulge in a good old Desi Chinese meal too.”

14. Wasim Mohideen

Wasim Mohideen

  • Blog Name: Grub Waz
  • Started In: 2019
  • Primary Recipe/Cuisine: Indian
  • Popular Categories: Biryani, Dessert, etc

Meet Chennai’s wellness physician, Wasim Mohideen, whose captivating blog ‘Grub Waz’ has captured our admiration. His remarkable journey began with restaurant reviews and has since transformed him into an outstanding cook. With years of industry experience, he has mastered the language of food, exploring and creating the most delightful flavors.

On being asked about how he entered the food blogging world, he says,
“I was writing detailed reviews in an ORKUT (anyone remembers?) food group for nearly 3 years before I decided to start a dedicated food blog in 2007. It was probably Chennai’s first dedicated food blog. Over the years, I’ve moved towards a deeper understanding of food and its role in the history, culture, and health of communities from around the world.”

Wasim Mohideen’s Favorite Cuisine

“I love all cuisines, but Mexican and Indian are very intriguing cuisines for me, given the way they have evolved over a very long time.”

15. Shanaz Rafiq

Shanaz Rafiq Recipes

  • Blog Name: Shanaz Rafiq Recipes
  • Started In: 2017
  • Primary Recipe/Cuisine: Indian, and Chinese
  • Popular Categories: Breakfast/Brunch, BBQ/Kebabs, Seafood, Mangalorean, Pizza, Pasta, etc

Shanaz’s passion was always inclined toward cooking and this made her quit her mundane job in 2011. After that, she never looked back because of her trial and tested recipes, and still has. To this day, she still amazes people with her cooking blogs and videos that show cooking is never the Rocket Science that we think, it is just an art that refines itself with every single personal touch.

When asked about her journey and love for cooking, she says,

“Hi, I’m Shanaz Rafiq from Mangalore, currently residing in the UAE. Raised in Oman, I completed my B.Com in Mangalore, cherishing those moments. Through my blogs and camera lens, I’m sharing my passion for cooking. I started my food page on Facebook, never expecting it to become popular. My goal is to provide easy, practical recipes to help others enjoy home-cooked meals hassle-free and promote their health benefits among the future generation.”

Shanaz Rafiq’s Favorite Cuisine

“Besides my love for Indian Food, Thai Food also has my heart. I am trying to familiarize my Indian readers with Thai recipes.”

16. Pooja

Poojas Cookery

  • Blog Name: Pooja’s Cookery
  • Started In: 2015
  • Primary Recipes/Cuisine: Goan, and Indian Cuisine
  • Popular Categories: Mains, Goan, Baking, Desserts, etc

Pooja is a passionate blogger, recipe creator, and food photographer too. She loves to cook and try different dishes in the kitchen. In her blog, she talks about vegetarian, non-vegetarian, snack items, baking, and desserts. So, if you are a foodie and want to try something new, do check out Pooja’s Cookery blog.

When we asked Pooja Nadkarni about her passion for starting a blog, she says,

“I had no intention of starting a blog as I was a full-time technical assistant in Engineering college. Later, I had to leave my job and move to California with my family. I was feeling depressed sitting at home and then started blogging on a free website. Thanks to my husband for giving me this idea.”

Pooja’s Favorite Cuisine

“My favorite is the Goan Cuisine. I was born and brought up in Goa and love all kinds of food my mom used to cook, especially mackerel curry, fish fry, and Goan sweets.”

17. Archana Doshi


  • Blog Name: Archana’s Kitchen
  • Started In: 2007
  • Primary Recipes/Cuisine: Indian and International Recipies
  • Popular Categories: Desserts, Meal Plan and Lunch Box Ideas, etc

In 2007, Archana Doshi initiated her journey into the world of food blogging, giving rise to the renowned platform, “Archana’s Kitchen.” What initially served as a humble archive for her family’s recipes has now evolved into one of the globe’s most favored cooking websites. Archana’s primary objective is to demystify cooking and enhance its appeal for home chefs. She encourages you to explore her vast recipe collection, assuring that each dish is crafted to streamline your culinary experiences.

When questioned about her culinary journey and passion for cooking, Archana Doshi says, 

“Me entering Archana’s Kitchen means stepping into a realm where cooking is not only simplified but also made delicious. I highly value feedback and eagerly anticipate hearing your thoughts on my recipes, recognizing the immense worth of your input.”

18. Padhu


  • Blog Name: Padhu’s Kitchen
  • Started In: 2010
  • Primary Recipies: Indian (Vegetarian)
  • Popular Categories: Bachelor, Breakfast, Beverages, Cakes, and Bakes, Festival Recipies, Pickles, etc

Padhu Sankar, the creative force behind Padhu’s Kitchen, has transformed the perception of vegetarian cuisine. Her collection of diverse and flavorful vegetarian recipes is a testament to her passion for cooking. Padhu’s Kitchen offers a delightful array of dishes that will pleasantly surprise anyone who thinks vegetarian food is dull. Beyond her culinary expertise, Padhu Sankar is a multi-faceted individual with interests ranging from beauty blogging to painting, and from nature appreciation to practicing yoga.

When asked about her journey and love for cooking, Padhu says,

“I enjoy sharing insights into my culinary endeavors, shedding light on the inspiration and dedication that drive my creations in the kitchen. My story is a captivating blend of personal growth intertwined with a sincere love for crafting mouthwatering vegetarian delights.”

19. Nags


  • Blog Name: Edible Garden
  • Started In: 2016
  • Primary Recipies/Cuisine: Kerala, South Tamil Nadu, Andhra
  • Popular Categories: Dal, Chicken, Egg, Indo-Chinese, etc

From flavorsome Kerala recipes to delectable quick bites to tempting chocolate dishes, Edible Garden is full of toothsome food and cuisines. Managed by Nags, a super cool mommy, and a loving wife, this blog will help you with some healthy homemade recipes. You can also follow her beautiful Instagram handle and get instant updates on her new dishes, cooking hacks, and much more.

20. Harini


  • Blog Name: Cook Click N Devour
  • Started In: 2007
  • Primary Recipes/Cuisine: South Indian
  • Popular Categories: Indian Breakfast, Curries, Paneer Recipies, Desserts, Starters, etc

Harini, the creative mind behind “Cook Click N Devour,” expresses her genuine love for food through her blog. Formerly an engineer, she has transitioned into a devoted food enthusiast, dedicated to sharing accessible and flavorful recipes using everyday ingredients. Harini’s blog reflects her unwavering commitment to delivering fresh and delightful dishes, whether you’re seeking quick recipes for busy days, restaurant-style treats, or unique culinary creations. Her specialty lies in eggless baking, adding an extra layer to her culinary expertise.

In discussing her journey and passion for cooking, Harini says,

My focus is on providing recipes that cater to everyone, including the littlest foodies with toddler and kid-friendly options. As a vegetarian, my blog predominantly features vegetarian recipes, with a particular exploration of the flavors found in Tamil Nadu and Tamil Brahmin cuisine. One can explore “Cook Click N Devour” for a delightful array of vegetarian fare and more culinary inspiration.

21. Sailaja Gudivada


  • Blog Name: Sailu’s Food
  • Started In: 2006
  • Primary Recipes/Cuisine: Indian (Vegetarian), Especially Andhra
  • Popular Categories: Andhra, Breakfast, Indo-Chinese, Snacks, etc

Sailaja Gudivada, a passionate food enthusiast, draws inspiration from cherished memories of her grandmother (Ammamma) and mother (Amma) skillfully preparing a wide range of both simple and intricate Indian dishes. Her blog, “Sailu’s Food,” serves as a heartfelt tribute to India’s rich culinary heritage, reflecting her dedication to preserving and respecting this tradition. Despite lacking formal food photography training, Sailaja’s creativity shines through the captivating images showcasing her culinary creations.

When asked about her journey and love for cooking, she expresses, 

“Cooking has been a journey of love and nostalgia for me. It’s a way of connecting with my roots and sharing the flavors that have shaped my fondest memories. Each dish tells a story, and I hope to inspire others to create their own culinary tales through my blog.”

Final Words:

“Food has a special ability to unite people and enhance our experiences, as Guy Fieri rightly points out. The food bloggers we’ve introduced serve as your reliable sources for culinary inspiration in India. If you’re in the mood for a pizza night, you’re in for a treat. Similar to these bloggers, Pizza Hut has its own special recipes for mouthwatering pizzas. When you’re craving pizza, enhance your experience with a money-saving Pizza Hut promo code. It’s a great way to add a unique twist to your pizza adventure. Enjoy your meal with a side of savings and a slice of creativity!”

Have you ever wondered who the best food bloggers are and how they share their tasty adventures with the world? Well, you’re in for a treat! The term “food bloggers” refers to individuals who are like food enthusiasts but with a twist—they write about their food experiences online for everyone to see.

Now, imagine this: there are millions of food bloggers out there, and the best ones have followers ranging from thousands to even millions! Yep, that’s right – some of these bloggers are like internet food celebrities. They create amazing content, from drool-worthy recipes to food reviews that make you want to try everything.

So, when you hear someone talk about the “best food bloggers,” we are basically talking about those online culinary wizards who make our taste buds tingle and inspire us to try new things in the kitchen. Keep your eyes peeled for these digital gastronomes; they might just lead you to your next favorite meal!

Shruti Maithani

Shruti Maithani is a content writer by the day and an avid podcast listener by the night. When not working she can be found paying her bills, doing her laundry, organizing or looking for interesting places to travel.

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