10 Best Hair Wax For Men in India for 2022

Did you know that on average, men spend almost 80 minutes on personal grooming every day while women spend 75 minutes per day? Well, we don’t blame them! Who doesn’t like to look good? When it comes to men’s grooming, one of the most essential factors that play a huge role in their everyday look is the hairstyle. Believe it or not, hairstyles can break or make an everlasting first impression. Already wondering how to get that perfect suave look? Use one suggested by us to style your hair just the way you want.

If you’re new to the concept of hair grooming products for men, this article is for you. We’ve curated a list of the best hair wax for men in India that you can get your hands on for ultimate hair styling. However, since some of them are a little expensive, here are some great offers that will help you save. So let’s get to the brass tacks and help you find the best wax for hair grooming. Ready? Read along!

Here Is A List Of The Top 10 Hair Wax For Men

UrbanGabru Zero to Infinity Clay Hair Wax

UrbanGabru Zero to Infinity
Aiming for salon-style hair? With UrbanGabru, you can style and re-style your hair just the way you want. The wax leaves behind matte finish look along with a stronghold is certainly the most powerful USP of the brand. It also keeps the hair hydrated throughout the day.


  • Matte finish look
  • Strong Hold
  • Longlasting
  • Made of Natural Ingredients
  • Includes essential oils like Vitamin E & Almond Oil

Price: Rs 284/-

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Ustraa Hair Wax

Ustraa by Happily Unmarried
If you’re looking for a wide range of premium yet affordable men’s grooming products, Ustraa is just for you. If there’s one product by the brand that’s doing exceptionally well, it’s Ustraa Hair Wax. This non-greasy wax is Paraben and SLS free, keeping your hair away from harmful chemicals.


  • SLS and Paraben Free
  • Non-sticky
  • Antiseptic Agent for Hair
  • Contains Natural Oils and Ingredients

Price: Rs 299/-

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Gatsby Leather Styling Wax

Gatsby Styling Wax
Time and again, Gatsby has impressed its customers with products that totally deserve recognition. Perfect for every hair length, Gatsby Leather Styling Wax is suitable for all types of hair. It leaves behind the perfect look when applied on slightly wet hair.


  • Has both Glossy and Matte Finish
  • Affordable Product
  • Adds Volume to the hair

Price: Rs 180/-

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BEARDO Hair Wax is perfect for those who seek clean and high hold all day long. It is a non-greasy product for men that offers high hold hairstyling without drying out your hair. If you want to add texture to your hair, you can trust BEARDO without any doubt.


  • Pleasant Fragrance
  • Strong Hold
  • Long-Lasting Hair Wax
  • Pocket-Friendly Price
  • Light-Weight Wax

Price: Rs 233/-

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Brylcreem Hair Wax

Brylcreem Hair Wax
This one is for the trendsetters! If you’re someone who likes the hairstyle to steal the show right at first glance, Brylcreem Hair Wax is for you. This gentle wax has a firm hold on the hair, whether it’s curly hair or super dry hair.


  • Prevents Hairfall
  • Non-greasy Wax
  • Adds Gleam to the hair
  • Elegant Fragrance
  • Affordable Price

Price: RS 249/-

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Mountainor Anti-Dandruff Hair Wax

Mountainor Anti dandruff Wax
One of the most striking features of Mountainor hair wax is that it has essential oils that prevent dandruff and hair fall. Not just this, Mountainor Anti-Dandruff Wax is enriched with natural ingredients that prevent split-ends and add shine to your dull and damaged hair. Isn’t this a lifesaver?


  • It’s SLS and Paraben Free
  • Leaves Hair Smooth
  • Long-Lasting hold
  • Natural Conditioner For Hair
  • Fresh Fragrance

Price: Rs 499/-

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Beardhood Strong Hold Hair Wax

Beardhood Extreme Bond
This one is for those who like to use wax that’s not very sticky and can be washed off easily. Despite being a wax with the right amount of moisture for your hair, it provides a firm hold throughout the day. Not just this, it also provides natural-looking shine to your hairstyle that is capable of turning eyes wherever you go.


  • It’s made of natural ingredients
  • Non-sticky texture
  • Adds Moisture to hair
  • Makes Hair Soft & Healthy
  • Easily Washable

Price: Rs 260/-

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TIGI Bed Head Men Separation Workable Wax

This one is the most expensive product for men on our list but it’s also one of the best products for you to try out. The matte finish wax is perfect for all hair types, adding the most stylish finish to your trendy hairstyles. Go for this product if you are looking for a long-lasting hair wax with a firm hold and stylish texture, this brand will not disappoint you.


  • You can easily style and re-style
  • Contains Natural Beeswax
  • Firm Hold
  • Improves Hair Texture
  • Super long lasting

Price: Rs 1100/-

The Man Company Strong Hold Cream Wax

The Man Company wax
If you’re willing to shell out a little extra from your pocket, The Man Company’s Strong Hold Cream Wax should be a great pick for you. It’s not just a premium product but also provides ultimate long-lasting hold no matter what hairstyle you opt for. The brand has been introducing some of the best men’s grooming products and hair wax is certainly one of their best products.


  • It’s non-greasy
  • Doesn’t cause dryness
  • Non-greasy
  • Has Strong-hold
  • Adds luster to your hair

Price: Rs 599/-

The Real Man Hair Wax

Real Man Hair Wax
All you guys with short hair, this one is for you! It is a 100% organic and natural wax that you can consider if you want to stay away from chemicals. It works perfectly on short hair, whether thick or light isn’t a problem. Go for this if you desire a suave look for yourself.


  • All-natural and organic ingredients
  • Non-Sticky Texture
  • Recommended for Short Hair Length
  • SLS & paraben Free

Price: Rs 400/-

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