17 Best Guitar Brands in India – 2024

The guitar is one of the most ambitious, challenging, and best-sounding instruments available in the world today. And in India, it has become the most loved instrument. But, if you are planning to buy a guitar, you don’t need to head to the nearest guitar shop. Instead, you can just look out for the best guitars online and find a brand that suits your needs and budget – for beginners and professionals. However, the problem lies in knowing which brand is most suitable for you. Therefore, in this article, we’ve reviewed and listed the best guitar brands in India (acoustic and electric) for your consideration. Read further!!!

Have you heard this amazing fact?

The world’s largest functioning guitar is as massive as a tour bus, measuring an impressive 13 meters in length (about 43 feet). This incredible instrument has been officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. You can find it on display at the Carnegie Science Center in the USA.

 Our Top Picks:

In a musical adventure, two part-time, bathroom musicians from our office set out to find the best guitar brands. With air guitar skills and a passion for music, they scoured shops, strummed countless strings, and debated passionately. After tireless research and jam sessions, they discovered a list of brands that hit all the right notes. These guitars stood out for their quality, playability, and that special something. Thanks to our bathroom musicians-turned-guitar-experts, we’ve found the guitars that will make your heart sing and your fingers dance.

Best OverallYamaha
Best BudgetBlueberry
Best QualityFender
Best WarrantyVault

Top 17 Acoustic Guitar Brands in India

This list has you covered with the best of the best guitar brands in the country. From affordable guitar brands like Blueberry to world-renowned Yamaha, Aston, and much more. Take a look!

1. Blueberry

blueberryIf you’re looking for a guitar that sounds great and is easy to play, then a Blueberry guitar might be the perfect choice for you. These guitars are made with high-quality materials and come with a variety of features that will make playing them enjoyable. The guitars from Blueberry are priced as low as Rs 2,695 and are best for beginners. Moreover, these guitars offer a pleasing sound, making them one of the top picks for first timers.

What We Like?

  • They are lightweight.
  • The tuning pegs are of great quality and offer a smooth tuning experience.
  • They come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find one that fits your personality perfectly.
  • Most of the guitars from Blueberry come with a bag, belt and inbuilt truss rod. And getting them all for such a low-cost is a deal for life.
  • You get a free pack of high-quality strings for extra playing time and two guitar picks too.

What We Dislike?

  • The strings are made of steel, which makes it harder while playing the instrument. However, if you are not happy with the quality, you can get a new set of nylon strings.
MaterialsString TypesWarranty
‎Lemonwood, Linden, CatalpaSteel1-Month

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2. Guitar Bro

guitar-broGuitar Bro is one of the most reputable guitar brands in India that produces high-quality guitars at an affordable price. They have a wide range of guitars that are perfect for different types of music. They are made from top-quality materials and construction, which is something you don’t find often on guitars in this price range. The brand also offers a variety of guitar accessories, such as straps, picks, and more. For those looking to kick-start their guitar journey, this, in our opinion, is the best choice, because it offers a learning kit and free of cost video lectures. Is this the best guitar in India? Continue reading as we discuss more about its pros and cons.

What We Like?

  • They have a great sound and are perfect for beginners as well as intermediate musicians.
  • It comes with a chord learning aid/kit, also called the guitar fret attachment or proprietary guitar gadget for easy learning of chords.
  • Offers video lectures and a song book for beginner guitarists that helps learn more about the instrument, tuning procedures, etc.
  • Comes with a bag and plectrum.

What We Dislike?

  • It comes with steel strings, and they cannot be replaced with different types of guitar strings like Clear Nylon, Titanium, etc while using the learning kit.proprietary gadget. But once you’re done learning the basics, we would recommend you buy a new pack of nylon strings.
MaterialsString TypesWarranty
Linden WoodSteel15-Day Warranty

 3. Hovner

HovnerHonver offers top notch guitars at a very affordable price range, between Rs 3,500 to Rs 5,000. They have a wide range of models to choose from, including the semi-acoustic guitars. The sound as well as the build quality is really great. And the playability is good. One of the advantages of Honver guitars is that it offers an in-built pick up that enables musicians to plug and play with an amplifier. And the best part is that it comes with a warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year.

What We Like?

  • The sound quality is very good.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty.
  • It offers an inbuilt pick up that can be used to plug and play with an amplifier.
  • The rosewood fretboard is of high-quality, which makes sure that the fretboard does not bend overtime.
  • The prices are very reasonable, making them a great option for budget-minded guitar enthusiasts.
  • You get a guitar bag, one set of extra strings for extra playing time and two picks.

What We Dislike?

  • Very few products are available online. However, we would recommend you check Amazon or other websites for more options.
  • The weight of most guitars is more than 4.5 kgs, meaning it may not be suitable for children under the age of 10.
MaterialsString TypesWarranty
‎Pine Wood, Rose WoodN/A1-Year Warranty

 4. Ashton

ashtonAshton is well-known for its fine work with acoustic guitars and ukuleles. They have a wide range of guitars, from beginner to professional level, and also offer a variety of accessories like strings, amps, and tuners. It has a great reputation for quality products, and their guitars are known for their playability and sound. Their acoustic electro-acoustic guitars are especially well-known for their beautiful tones and amazing construction. But most of the guitars are priced over Rs 10,000, making the guitars best for intermediate or professional musicians. Overall, Ashton is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality guitar that will last long.

What We Like?

  • They offer unique and interesting color choices.
  • Offers electric guitars for beginners and professional musicians at low cost.
  • Most of the guitars come with in-built tuners.
  • Their customer service is excellent, and they are always willing to help you find the perfect guitar for your needs.

What We Dislike?

  • Does not have a wide range of products in the offering on Indian eCommerce websites.
MaterialsString TypesWarranty
Maple, Basswood, Rosewood/SmartwoodN/A1-Year Warranty

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 5. Intern

InternIntern is one of the most preferred guitar brands for kids, globally, especially in India due to its dirt-cheap pricing, starting at Rs 2,090. Although it is not a professional guitar, the quality of the sound is surprisingly good. The guitars by Intern are easy to use and come with a stylish nylon bag so that kids can take it with them wherever they go. Additionally, it offers an adjustable guitar strap, extra set of strings and two branded Intern plectrums. If you are in search of quality guitars for children who are just starting out and want to learn how to play the guitar, we would definitely recommend Intern. This is the best acoustic guitar under the Rs 5,000 category.

What We Like?

  • They are very affordable. This is one of the top guitar brands as per the pricing in the kids guitar segment.
  • The instrument has a great sound quality and innovative design – an added advantage.
  • The bag is durable and comes with extra pockets and a handle that is comfortable and easy to carry around.
  • The wood used for construction is pretty decent.

What We Dislike?

  • The steel strings are really a matter of concern for kids. But you can opt for nylon strings (starts from Rs 230) as replacement for easy and comfortable playing.
MaterialsString TypesWarranty
Linden Wood, MapleSteel1-Year Warranty

6. Granada

GranadaGranada is a popular guitar brand that offers great sound and build quality. They have a wide range of guitars to choose from, including the best guitars for beginners (kids), intermediate, and professionals. The brand offers a 1-3-year warranty on all products, which is great for peace of mind. The fingerboard and bridge come with a smooth finish, made from Kabukalli Rosewood, that offers a lively tone and smooth feel. Overall, Granada is a great choice for guitar enthusiasts who are looking for high-quality instruments that will last long.

What We Like?

  • They have a beautiful sound, and they have a great user rating on eCommerce platforms like Amazon, etc.
  • They have a wide range of price points, so you can find the perfect instrument for your budget. The basic guitar for beginners starts at Rs 2,743. These guitars from Granada, as per our review, are the best acoustic guitars for beginners.
  • We also like that Granada guitars are built for the long haul. Their warranties are excellent, and they offer friendly customer service.
  • They are made with high-quality materials, which makes them a great choice for anyone looking for a quality instrument.

What We Dislike?

  • They have limited color options. However, if you are looking for quality at pocket-friendly prices, considering colors may not be the right choice.
MaterialsString TypesWarranty
Kabukalli/Composite Rosewood, ‎Okoume Wood, MahoganySteel1-3 Year Warranty

 7. Kordz

KordzKordz is one of the widely used guitar brands in the world and is known for its strong build quality. The guitars from Kordz come with an inbuilt pick-up and are in rich colors. As per several skilled technicians, it has world-class quality standards and the sound it generates is really pleasing. Exception finishing and unique glossy touch make these guitars stand out from the rest in the best guitars under the Rs 5000 segment. The starting price for Kordz guitars is Rs 3,503. Almost all the guitars come with a bag, a strap, and an extra set of strings.

What We Like?

  • The designs are unique and eye-catching, making them perfect for both professional and casual use.
  • The brand offers an inbuilt pick up and an output jack that allows musicians to connect the guitar with an amplifier.
  • The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products, so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible deal.
  • And their customer service is something we’ve liked. Currently, their official website is inactive, however, you can reach out to them on social media platforms like Instagram, etc.

What We Dislike?

  • The bag in the offerings is of normal quality. However, you can buy a padded guitar bag that will cost you Rs 500 to Rs 1,000.
MaterialsString TypesWarranty
RosewoodHigh Quality Steel1-Year Warranty

8. Hertz

HertzEstablished in 2005, Hertz Digitron Pvt Ltd has become a prominent guitar brand associated with excellence. As one of the early Indian manufacturers to launch a dedicated website, Hertz has gained a strong reputation and loyal customer base in India. Through continuous efforts in infrastructure development, efficient management, and the utilization of cutting-edge technology, Hertz has achieved remarkable success. Their extensive product lineup includes beginner and intermediate level acoustics, electrics, classical guitars, as well as strings, cables, amplifiers, violins, ukuleles, Cajons, drums, tuners, and other accessories.

What We Like?

  • Hertz was the first Indian musical instruments brands to make their products available globally.
  • Their guitars are easy to maintain and perfectly suitable for beginners as well as experienced musicians.
  • The quality of sound is great and good for live performances.

What We Dislike?

  • The image of the product does not necessarily correspond to the product.
MaterialsString TypesWarranty
Mahogany, Spruce WoodN/AN/A

Best Electric Guitar Brands

9. Yamaha

YamahaWhen it comes to Yamaha guitars, you can’t go wrong. They have been producing quality instruments for years and their products are known for their reliability and sound.  The guitars – acoustic, electric and bass are built with top-of-the-line materials, which ensures that they will last longer and sound great. The guitars from Yamaha are some of the most popular and well-known guitars in the world. The configurations and the options in the range are perfect for guitar playing.

What We Like?

  • They are built to last.
  • They’re easy to play, meaning the quality of the strings and fretboard is great.
  • Yamaha guitars aren’t as expensive as some of the other top brands, which makes them a good option for budget-minded musicians.
  • They come with a warranty that covers defects in materials, faulty design and workmanship for a period of 36 months.
  • They come with a wide range of accessories, which means that you can customize your guitar to suit your needs.

 What We Dislike?

  • The bass guitars are too expensive.
MaterialsString TypesWarranty
Mahogany, SpruceSteel Strings3-Year Warranty

 10. Fender

FenderFender is a well-known guitar brand that has been in the business for over 75 years. They make a wide variety of guitars, from beginner to professional level, and they have a wide range of prices too.

One of the best things about Fender guitars is that they are built to last. They use high-quality materials, and their craftsmanship is legendary. Another great thing about Fender guitars is that they are versatile – you can use them for both acoustic and electric guitar playing. If you’re looking for a quality guitar at a competitive price, then Fender is definitely worth considering. If you are looking for discounts and the latest deals on musical instruments, including offers on guitars, then do check out this link.

What We Like?

  • The guitars are durable and can last for a long time.
  • They have a variety of styles and colors to choose from.
  • The sound quality is great, and they can be used in any genre of music.
  • It has one of the best pickup configurations in the offering.
  • The pickguard, the dot inlays and the chrome hardware is really impressive.
  • They come with a two-year warranty, so you can be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth.
  • They come with a lot of accessories, such as straps, picks, and cables, which makes them versatile and convenient to use.

What We Dislike?

  • Most of the guitars are a little heavy, but considering the quality of wood and other offerings, this should not be a problem as it is recommended for children above 12 years.
MaterialsString TypesWarranty
Spruce, Maple, Rosewood, MahoganyNickel Plated Steel Strings2-Year Warranty

 11. Ibanez

IbanezIbanez guitars are some of the most popular guitars on the market today. They are known for their quality and sound. If you’re looking for a guitar that will provide you with excellent sound and playability, then an Ibanez is a good option. They have a wide variety of models to choose from, so there’s sure to be one that’s perfect for your needs. Another benefit of choosing an Ibanez guitar is that they’re built to last. They use top-notch construction techniques, which means that they’ll hold up over time and provide you with years of enjoyment.

What We Like?

  • Excellent sound quality – Ibanez guitars produce clear, vibrant tones that will suit any genre of music.
  • Durable construction – The guitars are built to last, with high-quality materials and construction that ensures long-term performance.
  • Wide range of styles – They come in a variety of styles, from jazz to metal to rockabilly. There’s sure to be a guitar suited for your needs on the market today.

What We Dislike?

  • The electric guitars are very expensive, making them a best buy for professionals only. In my opinion, the company could have rolled out affordable electric guitars for beginners.
MaterialsString TypesWarranty
Spruce, Rosewood, Ash WoodN/A1-Year Warranty

 12. Epiphone

EpiphoneEpiphone is a well-known guitar brand that has been around for many years. It produces high-quality guitars that are affordable and can be used by both beginners and experienced musicians. The guitars by Epiphone – the acoustic, electric and bass are often recommended to beginner guitar players as they provide good sound and durability.  They are often considered to be some of the best sounding guitars on the market.

You can also get free access to online lessons from eMedia. One of the best parts about these guitars is that they have the most comfortable and extra light strings in the offerings, making playing easy.

What We Like?

  • Epiphones typically have good sound quality, which is due in part to their Mahogany construction.
  • Epiphones are built to last, which is why they are often recommended to beginner guitar players.
  • While not always the cheapest option available, Epiphones are generally affordable compared to other high-end guitars.
  • Because Epiphones are well-made and versatile instruments, they can be used for a variety of genres and styles of music.

What We Dislike?

  • Limited color and style options.
  • Does not have basic guitars for beginners. We would recommend you buy guitars from Kordz or Intern for learning purposes and then switch to Epiphones after a year-long learning.
MaterialsString TypesWarranty
Mahogany, Layered mapleN/A1-Year Warranty

13. Vault

VaultVault is a musical instrument company that offers a range of high-quality guitars, including acoustic, electric, and bass guitars at a pocket-friendly price. The company has a great reputation for providing quality products and excellent customer service. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their products, which is a rarity in the guitar industry. This apart, Vault is also known for offering the best ukuleles on the market. Currently, it is considered the top choice of professional musicians all over the globe.

What We Like?

  • The quality of the materials used in our guitars is second to none. The craftsmanship that goes into each and every one of our guitars is amazing.
  • The customer service at Vault is top-notch, and they are always willing to help you find the perfect guitar for your needs.
  • We like that Vault Guitars offers a three-year warranty on all of their guitars. This is a great policy because it gives customers peace of mind when purchasing a guitar. If something goes wrong with the guitar within the first three years, customers can always bring it in and have it fixed or replaced. That’s far better than what other guitar brands are offering.
  • The prices are very reasonable, and the company offers a wide variety of options to choose from.

 What We Dislike?

  • Limited availability of acoustic guitars on eCommerce platforms.
MaterialsString TypesWarranty
Basswood, Linden, Sycamore, RosewoodNylon3-Year Warranty

 14. Juarez

JuarezIf you are looking for a high-quality guitar brand that offers great value, Juarez Guitar is the perfect option for you. They have a wide variety of guitars and other instruments that are sure to meet your needs. Their guitars are made with high-quality materials that ensure durability and long-term use. They offer a wide range of options, including different woods, finishes, and sizes. The company also offers a wide range of accessories, including picks, straps, and cases.

Overall, I think the Juarez Guitar Brand is a good choice for those looking for quality instruments at affordable prices. The guitars are well-made, and the customer service is excellent. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality guitar or amp at an affordable price.

What We Like?

  • We like the fact that Juarez offers a quality product at an affordable price. The guitars are made with top-of-the-line materials, and they come with a one-year warranty.
  • We also like that Juarez guitars are designed for beginner musicians. You can get the best acoustic guitars as well as electric guitars too.

What We Dislike?

  • The quality of the product could have been better. However, among the best guitars under 3000 and best guitars under 3000 segment, Juarez tops the chart.
MaterialsString TypesWarranty
Wood, Ebony, BasswoodSteel Strings1-Year Warranty

 15. Kadence

Kadence guitar logoKadence is a brand that produces a wide variety of acoustic and electric guitars. They offer both classical and modern styles of guitars, as well as bass guitars. One of the things that makes Kadence guitars stand out is their attention to detail. Each guitar is handcrafted with special attention to the smallest details, which results in a guitar that sounds great and feels great to play. Another thing that makes Kadence guitars popular is their warranty policy. They offer warranties on all their products, which means that you can always count on them if something goes wrong.

What We Like?

  • Offers a variety of models that are suitable for different types of music lovers.
  • Electric guitars for beginners start from Rs 6,300 and come with a one-year warranty. For acoustic guitars, the warranty ranges between 6-12 months. Lately, the company has rolled out an Extended Warranty Service to all its customers.
  • Offers an inbuilt tuner for most of the acoustic guitars, with additional accessories like a strap, extra strings, capo, etc.
  • Offers online courses, including basic guitar courses for beginners.

What We Dislike?

  • The warranty for a few acoustic guitars priced over Rs 7,000 is just 6 months.
MaterialsString TypesWarranty
Spruce Wood, Rose WoodSteel/Nylon6 Months – 1Year + Extended Warranty

 16. Givson

GivsonThe Givson Guitars brand is known for its quality and affordability. Their acoustic guitars are some of the best on the market, and their bass guitars are also highly rated. One of the benefits of buying a Givson guitar is that you can be sure that it will sound great no matter what style of music you want to play. They have a wide range of guitars that cater to different genres, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your needs. However, one thing to note about Givson Guitars is that they do not offer any warranty or support on their products. This means that you will need to be able to repair or replace your guitar on your own if something goes wrong.
What We Like?

  • Very affordable and the best choice for beginners.
  • At least 40 percent of the guitars are priced under 5000, meaning that it is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate musicians.

What We Dislike?

  • No warranty is a matter of concern for sure.
MaterialsString TypesWarranty

17. Cort

CortCort, a renowned guitar brand with over 50 years of experience, embodies an unwavering dedication to the art of guitar making. Committed to crafting the finest instruments in the world, Cort combines extensive knowledge, production expertise, and a steadfast belief in quality and value. As a global instrument manufacturer, CORTEK exports over a million guitars and 300,000 amplifiers annually. By leveraging state-of-the-art production facilities in Indonesia and China, Cort maintains its core expertise, investing in wood selection, drying facilities, advanced CNC equipment, and painting processes.

What We Like?

  • Their guitars are crafted with the best quality wood including jatoba, wood, maple and meranti.
  • Most of their creations have a 6-screw tremolo bridge system that makes the playing smooth.
  • Their guitars are extremely lightweight, making them the perfect fit for stage performances.

What We Dislike?

  • The brand is meant for experienced players. They have very few guitars for beginners.
MaterialsString TypesWarranty
Jatoba, Maple and MerantiN/A1 year

It’s A Wrap!

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician, there’s something for everyone on this list. If you’re looking to get started on your musical journey, these are the best brands to invest in. There are plenty of options available when it comes to guitars, so don’t hesitate to take a look at all of them! Which guitar brands have impressed you? Let us know in the comments below

Types of Guitars

  • Acoustic Guitars:
    Acoustic guitars are the most popular type because they are easy to play and produce a warm sound. They are usually played unplugged and are perfect for beginners.
  • Electric Guitars:
    Electric guitars are perfect for those who want to rock out and have a powerful sound. They come in many different styles and can be used for both acoustic and electric songs.
  • Bass Guitars:
    Bass guitars are designed to provide deep bass sounds that help create an overall thumping sound in your music. They come in both electric and acoustic versions and can be used with either an amplifier or speaker system.
  • Classical Guitars:
    Classical guitars are often considered the best type because they have a mellower sound than other types of guitars and they require more skill to play.
  • Resonator Guitars: Resonator guitars produce sound by using one or more metal cones instead of a traditional soundboard. They are known for their distinctive, metallic twang and are commonly used in blues, bluegrass, and slide guitar playing.
  • Archtop Guitars: Archtop guitars have a curved top and back, giving them a distinctive look. These are commonly associated with jazz music and are known for their warm, rich tones.
  • Twelve-String Guitars: Twelve-string guitars have double courses of strings, creating a fuller and richer sound compared to a standard six-string guitar.


1. What are the best guitars under Rs.5000?
One of the best guitars under 5000 can be found in the beginner or intermediate range, and may include models such as the Vault EA20, the Kordz Luana or the Hovner Carlton that costs Rs 4,699, Rs 3,690, and Rs 4,149, respectively. When it comes to features, all three of these guitars offer a variety of sounds and styles that would be perfect for anyone starting out or looking to expand their musical horizons. And if price is a concern, all three guitars fall within a reasonable budget range. So whichever guitar you choose, you’re sure to be happy with your purchase.

2. Which is better: Yamaha vs Fender Guitars
There is no definite answer to this question as it depends on personal preference. Yamaha and Fender are both great brands that make quality guitars.
However, if you are looking for a specific type of guitar, then Yamaha may be a better option. For example, if you are a rock guitarist, then Yamaha guitars are likely to be a better choice than Fender guitars.
Another thing to consider is the price range of the guitars. Yamaha guitars tend to be more expensive than Fender guitars, but they also offer higher-quality instruments.

3. How can I choose the right guitar brand for myself?
It’s important to consider your budget, style of music, and preferred features when choosing a guitar. You should also take into account your playing level and skill level before making a purchase.

4. What are the best guitar brands in India?
There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as everyone has different preferences and opinions. However, some of the most popular guitar brands include Fender, Gibson, and Yamaha. Each of these brands has a long history of producing high-quality guitars that are loved by musicians all over the world. If you’re looking for a reliable brand that will provide you with years of satisfaction, then any one of these three companies would be a good choice.

5. Which is the best guitar for a beginner?
The best guitar for a beginner is usually an acoustic guitar. Acoustic guitars are easier to learn on than electric guitars, and they don’t require any special equipment or lessons to start playing. You can find an acoustic guitar in any music store or online.

6. How do I know if my guitar needs tuning?
If you notice that your strings are not staying in tune or sound out of tune, it may be time for your guitar to be tuned. To check if your guitar needs tuning, gently pluck each string and listen for any inconsistencies or notes that are sharp or flat. If you notice any problems with your strings, it is recommended that you tune it for a better playing experience.

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