23 Best Backpack Brands in India for 2023(Updated)

Looking for the best backpack brands in India? Look no further! Whether you’re a student, hiker, or a frequent traveler, a backpack is an essential part of your gear. With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top backpack brands in India that offer quality, durability, and style. From well-known names to up-and-coming brands, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in and find your perfect backpack!

Our Top Picks

Backpacks are a daily staple in our lives. They come in various shapes and forms and indeed make travel a breeze. Challenged by the variety of backpacks available in the market, our experts at GrabOn, grabbed on to four qualities, the space the bag offers, its features, durability and the budget as per the features.

Best Expandable BagSkybags
Long-lasting BackpackAmerican Tourister
Most Stylish BackpackTommy Hilfiger
Best Budget BagF Gear

List of Top 23 Backpack Brands in India for 2023

Here is our list of the best backpacks on the market. It may seem rather exhaustive, but trust us when we say, every time we come back to our review, there is always something new to add to the list!

1. American Tourister (GrabOn Recommended)

American Tourister

American Tourister is a well-recognised name in the luggage, travel accessories and backpack brand globally. They offer backpacks that are economic, stylish, high quality, travel-friendly, and durable. The brand is known for its high-quality products that are designed to meet the needs of travelers and commuters.

What did GrabOn love about this brand?

  • Multiple compartments and side pockets to store all your basic essentials
  • If you are looking for a laptop-compatible backpack, check out the American Tourister 27L Grey Casual Backpack that comes with a separate laptop compartment
  • American Tourister backpacks generally include features like water resistance, gunmetal finish pullers, and zipper closure styles

2. F Gear

F Gear

F Gear is a popular Indian brand that offers a range of stylish and affordable backpacks for travel, work, and daily use. The brand is known for its trendy designs, durable materials, and functional features that cater to the needs of every customer. You can choose between casual backpacks or more professional backpacks with special laptop compartments from F Gear’s large selection of products.

What did GrabOn love about this brand?

  • Available in attractive colour combinations and designs such as graphics, colour blocked and textured
  • Adjustable well-padded shoulder straps with flap, zip or drawstring compartment closure
  • Comes with a mesh pocket for keeping water bottles or umbrellas
Fun fact: The word backpack was invented in 1910. Before this, backpacks were referred to as a rucksack or knapsack.

3. Fur Jaden Backpacks

Fur Jaden Backpacks

Designed to meet the needs of modern-day travelers and students, Fur Jaden offers a wide range of trendy and stylish backpacks. Their main focus is on quality, durability, and affordability. They feature innovative designs, spacious compartments, and ergonomic straps for comfort and convenience. The brand has gained popularity in recent years and is known for its unique designs and attention to detail.

What did GrabOn love about this brand?

  • Large compartments that can fit up to 15.6-inch laptop easily
  • Anti-theft design where the main-zipper is hidden from plain sight
  • Made using durable polymer fabric that is washable and easy to clean and handle



GODS is a premium backpack brand that offers high-quality, feature-packed backpacks designed for tech-savvy individuals. Their backpacks are equipped with multiple compartments, padded sleeves, and cable organizers to keep your gadgets and accessories organized and secure. With a sleek and modern design, GODS backpacks are perfect for both professional and personal use.

What did GrabOn love about this brand?

  • It has a patented anti-theft and pickpocketing design
  • Dedicated laptop compartment for laptops as big as 15.6 inches
  • Perfectly suitable for riders and travelers

5. Killer


Killer is a brand that needs no introduction when it comes to backpacks. Known for its trendy and stylish designs, Killer backpacks are the perfect accessory for anyone looking to make a fashion statement. But it’s not all about the looks – these backpacks are also built to last, with high-quality materials and attention to detail that ensure they can withstand the demands of everyday use. So, whether you’re looking for a new backpack for work or play, Killer has got you covered.

What did GrabOn love about this brand?

  • Made with high-quality materials that are built to last, such as sturdy polyester and water-resistant fabric
  • Includes padded shoulder straps and back panels, making them comfortable to wear even for extended periods of time
  • Designed with a focus on style, with trendy and eye-catching patterns and colors that are sure to make a statement
Fun fact: Backpacks were first invented for hiking trips.

6. Mi


Mi is a brand that’s well-known for its affordable yet high-quality tech products, but did you know that they also make backpacks? Mi backpacks are built with the same attention to detail and quality as their other products, making them a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and functional backpack. With a range of designs and features, Mi backpacks offer something for everyone regardless of their requirements.

What did GrabOn love about this brand?

  • Made with lightweight yet durable materials, such as high-strength polyester, to ensure they can withstand everyday wear and tear
  • Features design elements that are focused on comfort and practicality, with padded straps and back panels for a comfortable fit, and easy-access pockets
  • Includes a water-resistant coating to help protect your belongings from the elements

7. MaheTri


MaheTri is a backpack brand that prides itself on producing durable and high-quality backpacks designed for travel, outdoor activities, and everyday use. The brand’s name is derived from the combination of the words “Mahe,” which means “great” in Sanskrit, and “Tri,” which is short for “trinity.” This represents the brand’s philosophy of balancing functionality, design, and sustainability in its products. The brand also emphasizes eco-consciousness by using sustainable materials and ethical production practices.

What did GrabOn love about this brand?

  • The bags by MaheTri are designed using full-grain goat leather.
  • They have large compartments and side pockets and are meant to be used as professional backpacks.
  • The zips and buckles are made using brass making them more durable.

8. HRX


Endorsed and owned by superstar Hrithik Roshan, HRX backpacks are indeed a hit with his fans. HRX Backpacks are sturdy, stylish, fashionable, and durable. Apart from offering some of the best backpacks on the market today, HRX is also widely loved for its range of sportswear, casual wear, and fitness equipment’s for men and women.

What did GrabOn love about this brand?

  • Come in funky colours and sleek patterns to rev-up the personal style quotient of the user
  • Features a haul loop, two padded and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Includes a stash pocket for quick access to small things

Looking for an opportunity to put your HRX backpack to use? Skim through our list of the best places to visit in South India and travel like the icon you are!

9. Safari


When it comes to durable and functional backpacks, Safari is a brand that’s hard to beat. With a focus on quality materials and smart design, Safari backpacks are built to withstand the rigors of daily use, whether you’re heading to work, school, or traveling the world.  So, if you’re in the market for a backpack that’s both practical and stylish, Safari is definitely a brand to consider.

What did GrabOn love about this brand?

  • Made with tough, durable materials such as ballistic nylon, polyester, and high-denier fabrics, to ensure they can handle heavy use and the wear and tear of daily life
  • Includes multiple compartments and pockets, providing ample storage for all your essentials, including laptops, books, and accessories
  • Designed with comfort in mind, featuring padded shoulder straps and back panels that provide cushioning and ventilation, even during extended wear

10. Polestar


Polestar is a brand that’s all about combining style and function in their backpacks. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and minimalist design or something with a bit more personality, Polestar has a range of backpacks that are sure to catch your eye. But it’s not all about looks – these backpacks are also built to last, with high-quality materials and attention to detail that ensures they can stand up to the demands of daily use.

What did GrabOn love about this brand?

  • Made with high-quality materials, such as water-resistant polyester and heavy-duty zippers
  • Includes several pockets for all your daily essentials and technology
  • Offers a variety of stylish and unique designs, from classic solids to bold prints, making it easy to find a backpack that matches your personal style.
Fun fact: When packing your backpacks, the lightest objects should be located at the bottom.

11. Gear


Gear is a popular backpack brand that offers a wide range of backpacks for different occasions, such as hiking, trekking, camping, and daily commuting. The brand is known for its durable and high-quality backpacks that are designed to withstand tough outdoor conditions. Gear backpacks come in different sizes, styles, and colors, making it easy to find a backpack that suits your needs and personal style.

What did GrabOn love about this brand?

  • Vibrant and colourful with fashionable motifs and designs
  • Grab handle, dual adjustable back strap with anti-sweat fabric padding
  • Choose from an array of designs with or without laptop compatibility and other utility pockets and features

12. Wildcraft


Wildcraft is an Indian backpack brand that offers a non-exhaustive range of spacious and comfortable backpacks suitable for various purposes. They are durable with simple designs and come in various colours and graphics, which epitomize modern sophistication.

What did GrabOn love about this brand?

  • Compact with different compartments and are nicely padded with adjustable shoulder straps. The arms don’t hurt even if you carry it for long hours.
  • One of the most popular bag companies from India, Wildcraft is known for its durable and long-lasting products
  • There is provision for a side fabric pocket to carry a water bottle and a quick-grab haul loop to grab it on the go

Between American Tourister and Wildcraft Backpacks, if the price is the deciding factor, then put your money on AT backpacks. However, for more extended and varied use with just one bag, place your bet on the Wildcraft range of backpacks.

13. Skybags


Skybags is one of the most recognized backpack brands with international standing from the house of the VIP Industries of India. Lightweight, durable and stylish, Skybags’ selection of bags and backpacks fall within the affordable range for most people. Talking about the quality, and designs, they are the best versus others.

What did GrabOn love about this brand?

  • Durable, long-lasting, spacious and compact
  • Available in both zipper and drawstring compartment closure types
  • Many designs to choose from including geometric, graphic, solids and textures
Fun fact: Evidence of contraptions similar to backpacks goes back to as old as 3300 BC.

14. Lino Perros

Lino Perros

Lino Perros is a premium fashion accessories brand that offers a wide range of products including handbags, clutches, wallets, and backpacks.  Lino Perros backpacks are designed for both style and functionality, with features such as multiple compartments, padded straps, and durable materials that make them suitable for everyday use. The brand offers a variety of backpack styles, from classic designs to more modern and edgy looks, so customers can find the perfect backpack to match their personal style.

What did GrabOn love about this brand?

  • Their bags are made of high-quality synthetic material protecting it from wear and tear
  • They often cater to a more feminine audience
  • There are several big and small compartments for all kinds of necessities

15. Nike


Nike is a well-known sportswear brand that also offers a range of backpacks for athletes and casual users alike. The brand is known for its high-quality materials, innovative designs, and superior performance features. With their iconic swoosh logo and reputation for excellence, Nike backpacks are a popular choice for anyone in need of a reliable and fashionable backpack. Nike has several discounts on their products; make sure to check them out.

What did GrabOn love about this brand?

  • Spacious, long-lasting, durable and compact, elegant designs
  • Attractive and bold multi-colored backpacks ranging from solids, geometric and colour-blocked designs
  • Lightweight, includes back padding and a top haul loop provides alternative carrying options

16. Puma


Whether you are looking for a backpack for your next adventure trip, gym session, casual hangout, or sports meet, Puma has got you covered. This leading sportswear brand offers a range of backpacks, suitable for both athletes and casual users alike. The backpacks by Puma are known for their sleek and modern designs, with bold colors and patterns that make a statement.

What did GrabOn love about this brand?

  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Built-in straps and anti-theft compartments.
  • Available in several designs, graphics and geometric patterns

Your travel itinerary is calling you! Pick your back backpack, find and location and get going. In case you are at a loss of where to look for a good location check out our list of the best adventure destinations in India.

17. Lunar


Lunar is a brand that’s all about innovation and style. Their backpacks are designed to be both practical and fashionable, with unique features and eye-catching designs that make them stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re heading to work, school, or on a weekend adventure, Lunar has a backpack that will fit your needs and complement your personal style.

What did GrabOn love about this brand?

  • Built-in USB ports, RFID protection, and even solar panels that can charge your devices on the go.
  • Made with high-quality materials such as water-resistant nylon and premium zippers, ensuring durability and long-lasting use.
  • Offers a large range of unique and eye-catching designs that are sure to turn heads, from bold patterns to sleek and modern silhouettes, making it easy to find a backpack that suits your personal style.

18. Harissons


Harissons is a popular backpack brand based in India that offers a range of backpacks for different purposes, such as travel, college, work, and daily commuting. Harissons focuses on utility with style. These bags have everything from USB ports, headphone jacks, inbuilt rain protectors and more. With a bag like this, rain or shine, you will always be prepared.

What did GrabOn love about this brand?

  • Large selection of bags available including duffles, messengers and vintage models
  • Good quality material which ensures durability and strength
  • Enough storage space and compartments for all your essentials so you don’t leave anything home.

19. EUME


EUME is a brand that’s all about combining style and functionality in their backpacks. With innovative features like anti-theft designs and built-in charging ports, EUME backpacks are perfect for the modern, tech-savvy traveler who wants a reliable and stylish way to carry their belongings. Plus, with eco-friendly materials and airplane-friendly designs, EUME backpacks are a great choice for environmentally conscious and on-the-go individuals.

What did GrabOn love about this brand?

  • Anti-theft features such as hidden pockets, lockable zippers, and cut-resistant materials, providing added security for your belongings.
  • Contains built-in charging port and a dedicated pocket for power banks, making it easy to charge your devices on the go.
  • Convertible designs that can be transformed into a duffel bag or a messenger bag, providing versatility for different travel needs.

20. Artistix


Artistix is a fashion-forward backpack brand that combines art and fashion to create unique and vibrant designs. Their backpacks feature colorful patterns, bold graphics, and artistic details that make them stand out from the crowd. With a focus on style and functionality, their backpacks have multiple compartments, adjustable straps, and padded backs for maximum comfort and organization.

What did GrabOn love about this brand?

  • Equipped with a trolley strap for convenience and easy mobility while travelling
  • Contains hidden card pockets
  • Most backpacks contain USB port connectors for effortless charging experience
Fun fact: Gerry Outdoors was the first company to own the credit of creating the first “modern nylon backpack in existence” in 1967.

21. Tommy Hilfiger


Tommy Hilfiger is a leading global clothing and lifestyle brand that functions on a single motive: ‘waste nothing and welcomes all’. But talking about the backpacks this brand has to offer, these are for people who enjoy solid or print designs with a classy style quotient. The bags are carefully designed, keeping in view the functional utility and offering the utmost comfort to the user. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for several deals and coupons from Tommy Hilfiger to find the offerings at the best price!

What did GrabOn love about this brand?

  • Thick shoulder straps combined with padded back cushion provide excellent comfort
  • Colourful yet classy and have professional and casual appeal
  • Compartment closure ranges from durable zips to drawstrings

22. Fastrack Backpacks

Fastrack Backpacks

Fastrack is a household name for college-going men and women and youngsters who look for value for money while upping their style quotient. Additionally, Fasttrack is primarily concerned with designer and regular-use watches. It offers a decent range of affordable backpacks with many features and attractive designs that appeal to the younger generation.

What did GrabOn love about this brand?

  • Specialises in school and college backpacks that are suitable for carrying books
  • Some variants come with laptop compartments, but many users have felt that the padding is light and unsuitable for laptops
  • Water-resistant, durable and chic designs

23. Swiss Military Bags

Swiss Military

Swiss Military is a brand that offers high-quality backpacks for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers. Their backpacks are designed to be durable, functional, and stylish, with features such as water-resistant materials, multiple compartments, and padded straps for comfortable carrying. Swiss Military backpacks are made with Swiss precision and attention to detail, ensuring that they can withstand the toughest conditions.

What did GrabOn love about this brand?

  • Large selection of bags for all occasions and events
  • Great quality, durability and cost-effective
  • There are always huge discounts on the bags

How To Select the Best Backpacks Online?

When it comes to buying a backpack, there are a lot of factors to consider. Whether you’re using it for travel, work, or school, you want to make sure you’re choosing the right one for your needs. Here’s a guide on how to select the best backpacks online:

  • Determine the Purpose: Consider what you will be using the backpack for, is it for hiking or camping, work, school or travel. This will help you determine the size, type, and features you need.
  • Check the Size and Capacity: Make sure the backpack size is suitable for your body size and it can carry all your essentials. The capacity of the backpack should be based on the duration of the trip or the amount of stuff you need to carry for work or school.
  • Look for Quality and Durability: A good backpack should be made of high-quality materials that are durable and can withstand wear and tear. Check for features like reinforced stitching, water-resistant fabric, and quality zippers.
  • Comfort is key: Look for padded shoulder straps, a ventilated back panel and a hip belt for support to ensure that the backpack is comfortable to wear, especially for longer periods.
  • Consider the Style and Design: Backpacks come in various styles and designs, and it’s important to choose one that suits your personality and needs. You can choose from different materials, colors, and patterns to find the right backpack for you.
  • Price: Set a budget for your backpack purchase and look for options within your budget. Don’t compromise on quality just to save money, as it may cost you more in the long run.
  • Read Reviews and Check Ratings: Before making your final purchase, make sure to read reviews from other customers who have bought the backpack. Check the ratings of the product, customer service, and the seller before making the final purchase.
  • Warranty and Return policy: Look for a backpack that has a warranty and a return policy. It’s always better to buy from a seller who offers a warranty and a return policy in case the backpack doesn’t meet your expectations.

By following these tips, you can select the best backpacks online that meets your needs, style, and budget. Whether you’re traveling the world, commuting to work, or hitting the books at school, the right backpack can make all the difference.


1. What are some of the best backpack brands in India?
There are several top-rated backpack brands in India, including:

  • Wildcraft: Known for its quality and durable backpacks for travel, work, and outdoor activities.
  • American Tourister: Offers a range of stylish and functional backpacks for travel, college, and work.
  • Puma: Known for its sporty and trendy backpacks that are perfect for gym and outdoor activities.

2. What factors should I consider when choosing a backpack brand in India?
When choosing a backpack brand in India, consider the following factors:

  • Quality and durability: Look for backpacks made with high-quality materials that can withstand wear and tear.
  • Comfort and support: Look for backpacks that are comfortable to wear, with padded straps and a ventilated back panel for support.
  • Style and design: Choose a brand that offers backpacks in styles and designs that match your personality and needs.
  • Price: Look for a brand that offers backpacks within your budget.

3. Are expensive backpack brands always better than affordable ones?
Not necessarily. While expensive backpack brands may offer premium features and high-quality materials, there are many affordable brands that offer good quality and functionality. It’s important to consider your needs, budget, and the features you require in a backpack before making a decision.
strong>How do I choose the right backpack size?
Choosing the right backpack size depends on your needs and body size. Consider the following tips:

  • Measure your torso length: This will help you find a backpack that fits your body size.
  • Check the capacity: Look for backpacks with a capacity that can hold all your essentials for travel, work, or school.
  • Consider the weight: Make sure the backpack is not too heavy when empty, as it may be difficult to carry when fully loaded.

4. Do backpack brands in India offer a warranty?
Yes, many backpack brands in India offer a warranty on their products. It’s important to check the warranty period and terms and conditions before making a purchase. Some brands may offer a limited warranty, while others may offer a lifetime warranty.

To conclude…

Choosing the right backpack brand can make all the difference in your outdoor adventures or daily commute. From the stylish and functional offerings of American Tourister to the rugged durability of Tommy Hilfiger, there are backpacks out there for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for top-notch craftsmanship, innovative designs, or eco-friendly materials, the best backpack brands have something to offer. So, don’t settle for a cheap and unreliable backpack – invest in a high-quality one from a trusted brand listed above and enjoy the benefits of a backpack that will last for years to come.

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