Zee5 Subscription – Plans, Price, Benefits & More

In the world of digital streaming, ZEE5 stands out for its diverse and engaging content. With a wide range of options in terms of genres, languages, and cultures, ZEE5 provides a unique entertainment experience for viewers globally. Whether you enjoy dramas, heartwarming stories, or action-packed content, ZEE5 has something for everyone.

In this blog post, we’ll explore ZEE5 subscriptions, looking at the available plans, their prices, and the numerous benefits they offer. From exclusive shows and blockbuster movies to live TV and original content, ZEE5 has changed how we enjoy entertainment. Join us as we break down the details of ZEE5 subscriptions, helping you make an informed decision based on your preferences and budget.

What is Zee5?

Zee5 is one of the most popular OTT platforms in India. Zee5 offers various plans through which you get access to content in over 12 languages including English, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kanada, Marathi, Oriya, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, and Punjabi. Zee5 has an excellent array of TV shows & movies for people to watch anytime from anywhere on compatible devices such as smartphones, tablets, and desktops, etc. Their library of content boasts an impressive 125 Lakh hours of video content and 90+ live TV channels, so you won’t run out of things to watch anytime soon.

And it’s not just for you but for your whole family, as you can find genres like Catch Up TV, Lifestyle Shows, Children’s Programme, Exclusive short series, and acclaimed plays. And all these at affordable prices. So, catch up with all the shows you missed.

Zee5 Subscription Pricing

At the moment Zee5 is offering only one plan which includes 2800+ Blockbuster movies, 150+ web series, Live TV, Edureka learning module, movies, TV shows, web series, news, music, ZAEPLEX, sports updates, and much more. Given the pricetocontent ratio, Zee5 is very affordable. Comparing Zee5 plans to platforms like Amazon Prime Video & Netflix, the monthly prices come down to Rs. 50/month.

In addition to that you get to stream all their content from any device you want and up to 3 devices at a time. Buying their premium subscription right now will get you a 40% discount on the price tag, bringing the price down to a measly Rs. 599/ year. And if that wasn’t enough GrabOn has an array of coupons and offers to help save even more money on Zee5’s subscription cost.

Zee5 Subscription Plans

At the moment, Zee5 is only offering a single premium subscription plan on its platform. But you can check their website for the latest pricing details.

Zee5 PlansZee5 Premium HD PlanPremium HDZee5 Premium 4k
PricingRs. 599/-Rs. 899/-Rs. 1199/-
Validity6 months12 months1 Year validity
  • Over 2800 movies
  • 150+ Web series
  • Live TV
  • Competitive Exam preparation course
  • Additional discount card worth 10%.
  • Alt Balaji content
  • Movies
  • TV shows
  • Competitive exam course.
  • News


  • 2800 blockbuster movies
  • 150+ Web Series
  • Live TV
  • Alt Balaji content
  • Movies
  • TV shows
  • Web series and more.
No. of screens2 screens2 screens4 screens

Different Zee5 Subscription Plans

Zee5 Premium HD Plan – With Zee5 premium plan you get access to the whole library of movies, TV shows, news, and more. And all to all the content from AltBalaji. This subscription plan will cost you Rs 599/- for 6 months. Furthermore, you can access all this content from smartphones, laptops, and TV.

Zee5 3–Month Premium HD Plan – The 12-months plan comes with a whole lot of content options such as movies, TV shows, competitive exam prep courses,and content from AltBalaji. This will cost you Rs 899/- per year and can be accessed from 3 separated devices at once.

Zee5 Premium 4k Plan – This plan comes with the usual content from the premium plan. It will cost you about Rs 1199/- per year and can be accessed through 2 separate screens.

Zee5 Free Offerings

Did you know, that you can watch movies and TV shows on ZEE 5. Here is what Zee5 has to offer for free:

  • Zee5 has a list of 1500+ movies you can watch for free.
  • They also have a plethora of TV shows you can watch for free.
  • You can watch their regular TV programs absolutely free from any device.

Benefits of Zee5 Subscription

For people who are looking for entertainment on an extremely low budget, Zee5 is your save and grace. As Subscribing to Zee5 comes with a buttload of benefits which is why it has become one of the most popular choices among people. With them you are not just getting content from Zee5 but also from Alt Balaji. Apart from movies and TV shows, you have access to a host of other content as well.

Here is a list of benefits you get when you subscribe to any Zee5 plans:

  • You can watch 2800 plus hit movies, so never run out of things to watch.
  • 150+ amazing TV shows are all available to you, one of the highest content counts on all of OTT platforms.
  • You can watch Live TV programs, from news to live TV shows and more.
  • Various News channels are also listed.
  • All the content is accessible through various devices like smartphones, computers and TV.
  • Competitive exam courses are provided for students planning to attend any of those exams.
  • Edureka courses for students from class 6th to IIT are available.
  • Access to a huge library of music, making Zee5 a one-stop solution for all your multimedia needs.
  • One of the most affordable platforms available.
  • Access to content from Alt Balaji, so get more out of your money.

Zee5 Registration: Steps to Follow

If you aren’t sure how to create a Zee5 account, here is a step by step guide:

  • Head over to the ZEE 5 website or mobile app.
  • Find the buy a plan option.
  • Choose the plan best suited for you.
  • Enter payment details and make payment.
  • You are all set to start watching content on Zee5.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Zee5 Subscription Plan

There are multiple factors that might affect your viewing experience on Zee5. So, it’s vital to consider these things before you buy a plan.

  • PriceThe six-month or 12-month premium HD plan might look cheaper but in reality, you get the best value if you buy the yearly plan as the monthly charge comes down to just Rs 99 per month.
  • Number of users – With any Zee5 subscription you can access all their content from any three devices at a time. Their content is also accessible through 3 devices which are smartphones, TVs and computers.
  • Amount of content – At Zee5 you are getting over 2800 movies, 150+ web series, Live tv, and content from AltBAlaji. So you can be sure that you will never run out of things to watch.
  • Languages – Many OTT platforms offer content only in Hindi & English or some language you don’t understand. But Zee5 has a multitude of content in regional languages of India and also English and Hindi.
  • Content Updates – Just the amount of content isn’t enough, you should consider how often do they add new content to their platform.

Zee5 Reviews

As Zee5 continues to grow in popularity and people all across India start migrating to Zee5, you can tell they have 99% positive reviews. This is one of the most helpful reviews left by a user:

It’s been 2.5 years since I have started using Zee5 and it has been a complete delight. They have very affordable subscription plans with a lot of content. So much so that I am mostly struggling to decide what to watch next. You would expect, with so much content, the quality might not be that great but that is not the case. Every movie, TV series I have watched on Zee5 is really good. I would recommend this 9/10 times to everyone. – Rajesh Sharma.

Zee5 Offers & Coupons

In case you are looking for some great offers on Zee5, no one can get you better deals than GrabOn. Head over to their website today and redeem jawdropping coupons, discounts, and more.

Why Is Zee5 So Popular In India?

Zee5’s popularity can be credited to several factors such as the quality of the content, inclusion of new and interesting content, prices, and additional perks a platform may provide to its customers. And Zee5 has done all of these things perfectly. So much so that Zee5 is a direct competitor to international brands like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney Hotstar. And for the most part, Zee5 is growing much more rapidly than any other OTT platform. Additionally, Zee5 has the lowest subscription price of all its major competitors.

How to Watch Content on Zee5?

Watching movies, TV shows, news and other content on Zee5 is easier than ever. You can get access to all of their content in two ways:

  • Mobile App
  • Official website.

Zee5 Mobile App

Their mobile app is available in the Google app store and iOS app store. It’s free to download, you just need to pay the initial subscription fee and internet connection to watch any content on their website.

Zee5 Official Website

In case you are watching continuously on your PC you can access their library via the browser and visit their website.

Free Zee5 Subscription with Mobile Network

A lot of telecom service providers have started to work together with OTT platforms to provide better offers to their customers. They are offering one month of free subscription when you recharge your phone with certain plans. There are multiple network providers offering a free one month Zee5 premium subscription, keep reading to find out who.

Zee5 mobile recharge plans

Zee5 Free Subscription Vodafone Idea

Vodafone Idea has multiple recharge plans offering free subscriptions to its customers. You will receive up to one year of Zee5 premium subscription free. The plans are as follows:

Available only with vi one fiber plan

  • Rs 1,112 plan – 2 GB data per day, 100 SMS/day, unlimited calls, 90 days validity, 90 days Sony LIV mobile + TV, 90 days Zee5 subscription, 90 days Hotstar subscription, Vi movies and TV App – 5000+ movies & shows with 200+ TV channels.
  • Rs 1,111 plan – 2 GB data per day, 100 SMS/day, unlimited calls, 90 days validity, 90 days Sony LIV mobile + TV, 90 days Zee5 subscription, 90 days Hotstar subscription, Vi movies and TV App – 5000+ movies & shows with 200+ TV channels.
  • Rs 4,219 plan – 2 GB data per day, 100 SMS/day, unlimited calls, 365 days validity, 365 days Sony LIV mobile + TV, 365 days Zee5 subscription, 1-year Hotstar subscription, Vi movies and TV App – 5000+ movies & shows with 200+ TV channels.

Zee5 free subscription Reliance Jio

For prepaid users

  • Rs 999/- plan – 30 days validity, 150 Mbps speed, free unlimited calls and 1 year of Zee5 subscription.
  • Rs 1499/- plan – 30 days validity, 300 Mbps speed free unlimited calls and 1 year of Zee5 subscription.

For postpaid users

  • Rs 1499/- plan – Bill cycle (3/6/12 months plans available), 300 Mbps speed, unlimited data, free unlimited calls, 550+ TV channels, and 13 OTT apps including 1 year Zee5 subscription.
  • Rs 999/- plan – Bill cycle (3/6/12 months plans available), 150 Mbps speed, unlimited data, free unlimited calls, 550+ TV channels, and 13 OTT apps including 1 year Zee5 subscription.
  • Rs 899/- plan – Bill cycle (3/6/12 months plans available), 100 Mbps speed, unlimited data, free unlimited calls, 550+ TV channels, and 13 OTT apps including Zee5 subscription.
  • Rs 599/- plan – Bill cycle (6/12 months plans available), 30 Mbps speed, unlimited data, free unlimited calls, and 13 OTT apps including Zee5 subscription.

Free Zee5 Subscription

Who doesn’t like free stuff, to get a 6month long free Zee5 subscription you can buy a Paytm First membership which costs Rs 799/-.

Paytm First Subscription

If you use Paytm, you can buy a Paytm first subscription. With this subscription, you get access to a free 6monthlong Zee5 subscription.

Access Zee5 Subscription Information

In case you want to know about your subscription plan information, you can head over to their subscription page. The following details can be found here:

  • Subscription Plan
  • Country
  • Payment Method
  • Autorenewal option
  • Expiry date
  • Status of your account
  • Date of purchase.

Zee5 customer care contact info

In case you run into any issues with Zee5 plans, pricing, etc. You can visit their website to contact their customer service department. Or else listed below is their helpline number:

Helpline No. – +91 22 7106 1234

Languages available on Zee5

The best thing about buying a Zee5 subscription plan is that it’s available in various languages. So, people from any part of India can watch and enjoy their content. The languages include English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Kanada, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi and Bhojpuri.

Now, Save More On Zee5 Plans

FAQs about Zee5 Subscription

What is the Zee5 subscription price for 1 month?

Currently, Zee5 is offering a 12month plan for just Rs. 599/-, which is about Rs. 50/- per day.

How to buy a Zee5 subscription?

You can buy a subscription from their official website or mobile application.

How to adjust video quality on Zee5?

Technically Yes, But Zee5 does this by default. It adjusts your resolution based on the speed of your internet connection.

Is Zee5 free?

Yes, you can watch your regular Zee5 content on the app and website for free. But the subscription plan gives you access to a multitude of hit movies and TV shows.

Is Zee5 free for Jio users?

1 year of Zee5 subscription comes with the Jio Fiber Silver membership plan.


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