19 Most Popular OTT Platforms in India

When televisions first came out, it changed the landscape for media. Pretty soon, Television became the most common form of dispensing media. Not only did the Television alter how people consumed media, but it also gave birth to visual marketing. Essentially, the dawn of the television also marks the renaissance of our content consumption practices.

Soon enough, the market saw a new player emerge in the market. With the introduction of Netflix in the market, the scene was changed entirely for Over-The-Top (OTT) media, or popularly known as Internet Streaming, and the landscape changed completely. Soon enough, many new players joined in, like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Voot, and, more recently, Apple TV (yet to be launched). In recent years, getting famous in India, online streaming apps and websites are taking over the television industry by storm. More and more people prefer these services over Television because it has better content, exclusive shows, movies, and faster premiers. So, with so many streaming services in the country, it comes down to selecting the best ones.

Which is the best online streaming service in India?
India now faces a host of options when it comes to OTT services. However, the most dominant ones are still Netflix and Amazon Prime. Regional online streaming sites do well and have a huge number of users. Despite that, beating Netflix and Amazon Prime can be a bit difficult.

List of Top OTT Platforms in India

We have compiled a list of the top OTT platforms that are suitable for watching TV series, films, and shows, 365 days. Review our list and choose the best option suited to your needs.


Netflix OTT Platform

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Since launching in India in 2016, Netflix has become one of the most popular streaming platforms around. Headquartered in Mumbai, its parent company is none other than the world-famous Netflix Inc., bringing an impressive selection of entertainment options to viewers across the country – from local language shows and films to international titles with subtitles or dubbed options. And that’s not all: those who want more bang for their buck can opt into a mobile subscription plan that makes enjoying movies and TV series even cheaper.

Top Shows: Some of the most popular ones like Outer Banks, Trial By Fire, Peaky Blinders, Manifest, Sex Education and 1899.

Subscription Plans: In India, Netflix has four different plans: Mobile (Rs 149/-), Basic (Rs 199/-), Standard (Rs 499/-), and Premium (Rs 649/-). The highest pack lets you share four screens at a time and also has UltraHD. The lowest one is available only on a mobile.

  • Compatible Devices: Laptop, Desktop, and Smartphone
  • Available Platforms: Web, Google Play Store, Apple Store

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video OTT Platform

Amazon Prime Membership Offers

Amazon Prime is a subscription-based streaming platform that launched in 2016. The platform offers a diverse selection of content, including TV shows, movies, documentaries, and original programming. Prime Video has expanded globally and is now available in over 240 countries, with regional content tailored to local audiences.

Top Shows: The platform has several prime originals including Fleabag, The Legend of Vox Machina, Lularich, The Devil’s Hour, Catastrophe, and Small Axe.

Subscription Plans: Amazon Prime Video has several subscription offers: Rs. 179 (monthly), Rs. 1,499 (yearly) Rs. 459 (Quarterly), Rs. 1499 (Annual) and Rs. 999 (Amazon Prime Lite, Annual). This comes with many benefits like Amazon Prime delivery, exclusive access to deals, and ad-free music! It is also accessible to Amazon Fire Stick. You can use coupons for Amazon Fire Stick to get it at best prices.

  • Compatible Devices: Laptop, Desktop, and Smartphone
  • Available Platforms: Web, Google Play Store, Apple Store


Hotstar OTT Platform

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Hotstar is an Indian subscription-based streaming platform that launched in 2015, and it is now owned by Disney after the acquisition of 21st Century Fox. The platform is headquartered in Mumbai and offers a diverse selection of content, including live sports, TV shows, movies, news, and original programming. Hotstar is particularly popular for live sports streaming, and it has exclusive rights to broadcast major international and domestic cricket matches in India.

Top Shows: They also have a host of original shows like On Air, the Son of Abish, Sarabhai, and Sarabhai.

Subscription Plans: Hotstar offers three different subscriptions plans: Premium (INR 299/month), which supports 4 devices, Premium Yearly (INR 1499/year), supports 4 devices and Super (INR 899/year), supports 2 devices.

  • Compatible Devices: Laptop, Desktop, and Smartphone
  • Available Platforms: Web, Google Play Store, Apple Store


Altbalaji OTT Platform

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ALTBalaji is a subsidiary of Balaji Telefilms. They have one of the largest media libraries in the country and have access to loads of original and Indian content, movies, shows and kids exclusives and a whole lot of other benefits.

Top Shows: A few of the most watched shows on the platform include Apharan, The Test Case, Gandii Baat and Romil and Jugal.

Subscription Plans: They have three major subscriptions. Rs 100/- for 2 months, Rs 199/- for 6 months, and Rs 300/- for 12 months. You can also rent different shows or movies, which come for a lower price and within validity.

  • Compatible Devices: Laptop, Desktop, and Smartphone
  • Available Platforms: Web, Google Play Store, Apple Store

Zee 5

Zee5 OTT Platform

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As the name suggests, ZEE5 is the online video streaming platform from the ZEE Network. They have all the content from the Zee Network, including shows, movies, and even news! They even have originals, and fresh news content added regularly. One of the fastest-growing OTT services, Zee 5 has a loyal base owing to its TV content from the past. It also has a plethora of regional shows and movies.

Top Shows: Zee 5 has several hit shows including The Sunflower, Jeet Ki Zid, Abhay and State of Siege.

Subscription Plans: Zee 5 has subscription packs that allows you to stream your favorite content. Currently, this leading OTT platform offers three different annual plans to the users, including, the INR 399 for one device, INR 699 for Premium HD and 1499 for Premium 4k. You can check their website for more information!

  • Compatible Devices: Laptop, Desktop, and Smartphone
  • Available Platforms: Web, Google Play Store, Apple Store


Aha OTT Platform

Aha Subscription Plan Offers

Aha is an Indian subscription-based streaming platform that launched in 2020, and it is owned by the Telugu film industry’s production house, Arha Media & Broadcasting Private Limited. The platform is headquartered in Hyderabad and offers a variety of content, including movies, web series, and original programming.

Aha quickly gained a big name in India’s OTT market. For all the Telugu movie lovers, it is the go-to platform to explore a vast collection of Telugu entertainment content. The reason the platform garnered a huge fame is because of its amazing content library. Currently, the platform also caters to Tamil OTT content.

Top Shows: Be it top movies Colour Photo, Jallikattu, Zombie Reddy or famous series and shows like 11th hour, Sam Jam, All is Well, you are sure to enjoy an unlimited dose of laughter, fun and entertainment.

Subscription Plans: Aha subscription plans are super affordable. It has a 3-month plan for Rs. 199, and an annual plan for Rs. 399 and the Premium Aha Gold plan for Rs. 699/year.

Compatible Devices: Laptop, Desktop, and Smartphone
Available Platforms: Web, Google Play Store, Apple Store


Voot OTT Platform

Voot OTT Platform packages

Viacom 18’s digital platform, Voot, hosts all shows aired on Viacom 18 television channels. The performances on MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, and Colors have been shown across all languages. They also have movies and kids exclusives on their platform. Accessible through iOS, Android, and desktop, Voot has one of the most user-friendly interfaces. They also have loads of original content on their media.

Top Shows: Voot is known for whipping up a diverse cultural phenomenon, and its top shows are a testament to that. These include Saavi Ki Savaari, Anu, Pavada Purusha, Code M and Aadha Ishq.

Subscription Plans: If you are eager to binge-watch the movies and web series on the Voot OTT platform, do subscribe to your account with the yearly plan of Rs 299 for a single device. Voot also offers premium subscriptions for its Gold and Platinum members, wi, with prices ranging between Rs. 499 and Rs. 599, ectively. The best part is you can stream HD content without ads and have access to international shows.

  • Compatible Devices: Laptop, Desktop, and Smartphone
  • Available Platforms: Web, Google Play Store, Apple Store


SonyLiv OTT Platform

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Sony India’s own OTT, SonyLIV, has a lot of popular shows on its platform. The likes of Kaun Banega Crorepati, Indian Idol, Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Crime Patrol, and 10 Ka Dum, to name a few. They also live stream football tournaments like the UEFA Champions League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, UEFA Europa League, etc. They also have Animax on their platform. What more do you want!

Top Shows: There are several shows on SonyLIV that you shouldn’t miss out on including Nirmal Pathak Ki Ghar Vapsi, Gullak, The Rocket Boys and Undekhi.

Subscription Plans: SonyLIV has 4 slabs. You can pay for the following slabs: Rs. 299 (monthly), Rs. 699 (6 months), Rs. 999 (1 year) or Rs. 599 (yearly, mobile only). You can even watch live matches for free, but you will experience a delay of 5 minutes.

  • Compatible Devices: Laptop, Desktop, and Smartphone
  • Available Platforms: Web, Google Play Store, Apple Store


Viu OTT Platform

Viu Premium Packages

An over-the-top (OTT) video service operated by PCCW Media is based out of Hong Kong. Viu airs Asian dramas, original shows, anime, and entertainment news. With over 20 million users worldwide, they have a lot of originals targeted around the Indian fanbase. With multiple regional languages to choose from, Viu has gained a lot of traction in recent months.

Top Shows: Some of Viu’s top shows include Reborn Rich, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, Taxi Driver and What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.

Subscription Plans: Viu has a subscription plan: of Rs 99 per month.

  • Compatible Devices: Laptop, Desktop, and Smartphone
  • Available Platforms: Web and Google Play Store


Hoichoi OTT Platform

An on-demand video streaming platform, Hoichoi was launched in 2017. Owned and maintained by SVF Entertainment Pvt Ltd, they focus only on Bengali exclusive content. You can watch original shows, movies and tv series on this platform. You can also listen to Bengali songs non-stop. To get ad-free content, just subscribe to their paid version.

Top Shows: A few of Hoichoi’s most watched shows include Gobhir Joler Maach, Karagar, Srikanto and Indu.

Subscription Plans: They have two yearly plans: Rs 899 (connect to 8 devices) and Rs 599 (connect to 5 devices).  You can purchase Hoichoi merchandise by downloading the app on your smartphone – Android, iPhone or from their website as well!

  • Compatible Devices: Laptop, Desktop, and Smartphone\
  • Available Platforms: Web and Google Play Store



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Run by Sun TV Network, Sun NXT is an Indian video on demand service. The platform has content in six languages, which are Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi and Bengali. They have over 4,000 movies and 30+ live TV channels. Apart from movies they also have TV Shows, live streaming, news, music videos, kids’ shows, comedy clips for people to choose from. You can find the latest South Blockbusters to beloved TV shows on their platform, which is why they have garnered over 20 million users.

Top Shows: Sun NXT’s current most popular titles include Kayal, Sundari, Kannana Kanne and Aruvi.

Subscription Plans: Sun NXT only has one subscription plan – INR 799/ year with an effective price of INR 66/month.

  • Compatible Devices: Smartphones, Tablets, TV and Computer.
  • Available Platforms: Web, Android and iOS.


The Viral Fever (TVF) is an India-based video on-demand streaming platform and YouTube channel founded in 2010 by TVF Media Labs. It has become a premium content destination, catering to the young generation who enjoy a variety of genres. TVF offers the perfect blend of comedic relief and serious drama which is why it has become so beloved by viewers around the world. With over 10 million subscribers on their YouTube Channel alone and millions of views per episode on every new season release, it’s easy to see why The Viral Fever has earned its place among the most popular streaming platforms in India.

Top Shows: The most successful and popular shows featured on their platform are TVF Pitchers, Panchayat, Kota Factory and Aspirants, just to name a few.

Subscription Plan: The content on TVF Play is free in India. For audience outside of the country, the pricing starts at $3.99 USD per month and $29.99 USD per year.

  • Compatible Devices: Laptop, Desktop, and Smartphone
  • Available Platforms: Web, Google Play Store, App Store

Hungama Play

Hungama Play, launched in 1999, is India’s first digital brand solutions platform. It provides users with a wide range of music, videos, entertainment news and gaming services, boasting a massive 1 billion customers served globally in 190 countries. With 87 million monthly users worldwide, Hungama Play is one of the most popular streaming services around and it commenced its OTT streaming services in 2015.

Top Shows: Hungama Play offers an extensive selection of shows such as Murder Mystery, Disconnect, Dhappa and Fark.

Subscription Plan: Hungama Play offers several subscriptions plans: Unlimited Movies and Videos, Unlimited Entertainment Combo Offer and the Hungama PRO Music. The annual packages for the three are priced between INR 499 – INR 799. The monthly packages are between INR 99 – INR 249.

  • Compatible Devices: Laptop, Desktop, and Smartphone
  • Available Platforms: Web, Google Play Store, App Store

Eros Now

Eros Now is an Indian subscription-based over-the-top, video on-demand entertainment and media platform launched in 2012 and owned and controlled by Eros Digital, the Indian digital media management arm of the Indian-American multinational media company Eros Media World. Initially, the platform began with films and music videos as its primary content, but over the years, it has evolved to incorporate short films, web series, and specially curated content under its originals bouquet while also expanding into other genres such as documentaries, standup comedy specials, and lifestyle shows.

Top Shows: Some of the most popular shows currently airing on Eros Now include Side Hero, Salute Siachen, Metro Park and Flip.

Subscription Plan: Eros Now Premium subscription for a single screen starts at a monthly fee of INR 99 or an annual fee of INR 399.

  • Compatible Devices: Laptop, Desktop, and Smartphone
  • Available Platforms: Web, Google Play Store, App Store

MX Player

MX Player is an Indian video streaming app developed by MX Media & Entertainment in 2011. As one of the most popular apps in India, it offers users access to a wide selection of content including movies, TV shows, web series, music videos and short videos available in several regional languages such as Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi, Bhojpuri and Kannada. The platform also provides exclusive original content with an emphasis on high-quality Hindi and regional languages. MX Player has 20 original shows and over 50,000 hours of premium content across various languages for its audience.

Top Shows: Some of MX Player’s top titles include Dharavi Bank, Manayek, Mastram and Aashram.

Subscription Plan: There are no subscription requirements or fees for MX Player. The platform is free of cost.

  • Compatible Devices: Laptop, Desktop, and Smartphone
  • Available Platforms: Web, Google Play Store, App Store

Jio Cinema

Jio Cinema is an Indian advertising video-on-demand and over-the-top streaming service owned by Viacom 18, a subsidiary of TV18. Launched in 2016, it has quickly become one of the most popular services among Indian viewers, offering a comprehensive library of films, television shows, web series, music videos, documentaries and sports. Jio Cinema stands out with its ability to provide viewers with the highest quality content available across genres and languages. It also offers an extensive selection of both local and international content for movie lovers to choose from.

Top Shows: Jio Cinema’s current most popular titles include London Files, The Undertaker, Celebrity Game Face and Molkki

Subscription Plan: There are no subscription requirements or fees for Jio Cinema. The platform is free of cost.

  • Compatible Devices: Laptop, Desktop, and Smartphone
  • Available Platforms: Web, Google Play Store, App Store

Discovery +

Discovery Plus is an American streaming service owned by Warner Bros. Discovery and first launched in India on March 23, 2020. It has a vast library of content that includes the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, Travel Channel, Magnolia Network, HGTV, Food Network and Investigation Discovery as well as CNN. With its wide array of content library with 40 categories ranging from entertainment to educational programming – plus its factual-based storytelling making it one of the most sought-after streaming services available today.

Top Shows: Among the most popular shows on Discovery Plus are Mythbusters, Unprecedented, American Detective and House of Hammer.

Subscription Plan: The subscription plan for Discover Plus is approximately INR 199 for a month and INR 399 for a year.

  • Compatible Devices: Laptop, Desktop, and Smartphone
  • Available Platforms: Web, Google Play Store, App Store


Lionsgate Entertainment Corporation, established by Frank Giustra on July 10th, 1997, is a Canadian-American entertainment company that offers an expansive library of both in-house and sub-licensed films for pay-per-view. Through their in-house production arm distributed across multiple platforms worldwide, Lionsgate is committed to creating quality films that appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Top Shows: As one of the leading providers of content to multiple mediums, Lionsgate has developed a diverse range of titles, most notably series such as Ghosts, Mad Men, Orange Is the New Black, and BMF.

Subscription Plan: The subscription plan for Lionsgate Play is INR 99 for a month and INR 699 for an annual membership.

  • Compatible Devices: Laptop, Desktop, and Smartphone
  • Available Platforms: Web, Google Play Store, App Store


MUBI is a global curated film streaming platform, production company and film distributor that seeks to provide audiences from around the world with access to both emerging and established filmmakers’ works. As part of this goal, MUBI publishes Notebook, a critically acclaimed film criticism and news publication, and offers weekly cinema tickets to selected new-release films through MUBI Go. Their acclaimed curated streaming service offers an ever-changing selection of hand-picked films, introducing one new film each day.

Top Shows/movies: Amongst some of their most popular titles include Ludwig, Araby, Europa and Fanny and Alexander – all celebrated as exemplary works in contemporary cinema that have captivated viewers from every corner of the globe.

Subscription Plans: MUBI offers two subscription plans to its Indian audience. The monthly membership charges are INR 1999 for MUBI and the annual memberships for MUBI Go are INR 3588.

  • Compatible Devices: Laptop, Desktop, and Smartphone
  • Available Platforms: Web, Google Play Store, App Store

Final Thoughts

So, there it is! The top OTT services in India 2023, based on popularity and users. However, if you are on a plan to watch a movie with friends and family members, do book the tickets using the Paytm Movie Coupons to get huge cashbacks and rewards.

Did we miss out on any? Do you have a favorite? Please let us know in the comments section, and don’t forget to catch up on your favorite shows and movies this week. Keep streaming!

FAQs About OTT Platforms

1) Define OTT?

OTT is abbreviated as Over The Top. It is a streaming service that connects viewers directly using the internet as a medium. You can browse for live events,  web-series and movies of all genres.

2) Which are the best OTT platforms in India?

Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, and Amazon Prime are the leading OTT platforms in India due to the HD streaming content in multiple languages. They allow multiple device compatibility with a single subscription plan.

3) Can I use OTT apps on multiple devices?

Yes, It is possible for the users to stream the content on laptops, desktops, mobile devices without any hassle.

4) What are the top 10 popular OTT apps in India 2023?

Here is the list of top 10 popular OTT applications in India 2023. Have a glimpse:

    1. Netflix
    2. Amazon Prime
    3. Disney+Hotstar
    4. Zee 5
    5. SonyLIV
    6. ALTBalaji
    7. Aha
    8. Voot
    9. Viu
    10. Hoichoi

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    • Hey Victor, although there are services like Yupp TV if you want to enjoy the Indian content, however, these are not very smooth platforms. So I would prefer you to get a free VPN and watch Indian content on nice platforms such as VOOT or even Hotstar. Further, there is a ton of Indian content on Youtube that is much better than that pirated movie quality.

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