10 Best Nebulizer Machines in India 2021


Facing breathing issues now and then can keep you away from enjoying the important moments in life. Apart from restricting your everyday activities, being short of breath can also prevent you from pursuing any hobbies. This is why it is important to own a nebulizer machine to get rid of the symptoms associated with conditions like COPD, asthma, cystic fibrosis, etc.

Nebulizers are portable devices that are designed to dispense liquid medications into a gaseous form to support easy inhalation. When the medicine reaches the lungs quickly through a nebulizing device, it mixes into the bloodstream swiftly to provide relief faster. We have compiled a list of the 10 best nebulizer machines that are designed to make the active ingredients act in the affected area. These healthcare devices also prevent you from popping pills, which may have some serious side effects.

List of Top 10 Nebulizer Machines in India 2021

1. Omron Ultra Compact Nebulizer

Omron Ultra Compact Nebulizer

Price: Rs. 1349
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  • Omron Healthcare India Pvt. Has been offering innovative medical products backed by the latest technology to manage different medical conditions at ease
  • The Ultra Compact nebulizer is a convenient product created to cater to the respiratory issues of the whole family
  • It comes with a mouthpiece and nebulization masks for kids and adults to deliver medication with a particle size of 4.56 um
  • This product is offered with a medication tank having 10 ml capacity to assure minimal residue for effective management of respiratory disorders
  • The nebulizer is designed with detachable parts for convenient use and it maintains an inhalation speed of 0.3 per minute

2. Omron NEC 101 Compressor Nebulizer

Omron NEC 101 Compressor Nebelizer

Price: Rs. 1599
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  • Omron compressor nebulizer is offered with adult and kid masks as well as a mouthpiece to manage your respiratory problems with ease
  • It comes with a simple to use design to deliver effective performance while assuring excellent treatment for all breathing related issues
  • Designed to maintain an effective rate of nebulization at 0.3 ml per minute, this nebulizer can be used for treating chronic bronchitis, asthma and other issues
  • Experience optimum nebulization with this device that delivers small particles sized up to 3.9 um to reach your lower airways effectively
  • Fitted with a medication tank having 12 ml capacity, this product maintains a high aerosol rate at .109 ml/min
  • It is offered with detachable parts and flaunts an easy to clean design

3. Omron NEC 28 Compressor Nebulizer

Omron NEC 28 Compressor Nebulizer

Price: Rs. 2299
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  • This nebulizer offered by the global leader of healthcare devices, Omron is equipped with the advanced Virtual Valve technology to treat allergies, asthma and chronic bronchitis effectively
  • It is carefully designed to treat lower airways to keep the symptoms of respiratory issues at bay
  • The powerful compressor of Omron nebulizer lowers the wastage of medication while breathing out and optimizes drug usability while breathing in to ensure that the medication reaches the lungs directly
  • It flaunts a robust design to assure frequent usage and comes with a one-button operation supported by a water protected switch
  • This nebulizer operates with very low noise and uses 6 Watts of power

4. Dr. Morepen CN06 Compressor Nebulizer

Dr. Morepen CN06 Compressor Nebulizer

Price: Rs. 1585
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  • This product is an offering from the renowned brand, Dr. Morepen that specializes in delivering high-end healthcare products for home use
  • The compressor nebulizer is a lightweight and compact appliance that comes with distinct interchangeable jet caps
  • The selectable medication vent with open and close design helps the user to choose inhalation time with a short period based on their nebulization needs
  • It disperses the medication as particles at the rate of 2 micro meter from its 5 ml medication tank
  • This compressor nebulizing appliance operates at the rate of 50 KPa – 100 KPa while on operation
  • This product is a perfect choice to treat all kinds of respiratory tract infections

5. Nulife Handyneb Smart Compressor Nebulizer

Nulife Handyneb Compressor Nebulizer

Price: Rs. 1335
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  • Nulife offers this powerful and durable nebulizer that is based on piston type compressor designed for intensive and professional use
  • It is a safe and secure product for frequent use, as it is equipped with an anti-shock case and safety fuse
  • This nebulizing device is designed to deliver fine particles with 8 lpm as its air flow rate
  • It performs its functions with the pressure level of 2.5 bar to enable the medication particles to reach the respiratory tract quickly to provide better relief
  • The compressor nebulizer delivers its functions with noiseless operation with 55 dba while using 130V power while weighing 1.76 kgs

6. MCP Compressor Nebulizer

MCP Compressor Nebulizer

Price: Rs. 1199
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  • This air compressor nebulizer is the best choice for getting relief from respiratory issues like wheezing, cough and bronchitis that require you to nebulize regularly
  • It is designed to be compatible with saline water alone or with any medications prescribed by your healthcare professional
  • Backed by advanced technology, this product ensures the medication is atomized as finer particles to reach the respiratory system quickly
  • This noiseless nebulizer operates at 60 dba while nebulizing at the rate of 0.25 ml/min
  • The medication is nebulized with the compressor pressure range of over 35 Psi with 6 to 8 lpm flow range
  • This appliance is suitable for both children and adults

7. HealthSense Pulmo-Elite CN 500 Compressor Nebulizer

HealthSense Pulmo Elite Nebulizer

Price: Rs. 1499
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  • The Pulmo-Elite range of nebulizers are compact-sized machines that can dispose the medication to your bronchial lung tract easily
  • Carefully created for offering reliable service, this appliance can effectively treat allergies, asthma, and other chronic breathing disorders
  • It houses an oil-free piston pump equipped with compressed air technology to transform medication in to aerosol
  • The rotary regulator on top of the lid helps in regulating the flow of mist while nebulizing
  • To experience maximum medicine usage, you can choose high atomization levels on this nebulizer
  • It delivers superfine mist with size of particles lower than 5 um for enhanced inhalation
  • The polymer filters ensure longevity even if frequently used, as it is resistant to carbon

8. AccuSure Compressor Nebulizer

AccuSure Compressor Nebulizer

Price: Rs. 1375
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  • Specifically created in conjunction with respiratory experts, AccuSure compressor nebulizer assures effective respiratory treatment with an excellent medication nebulization rate
  • The lightweight and seamless design of this nebulizer make it easy to clean and disinfect
  • It is designed with a sturdy nebulizer chamber to deliver optimum medication as fine particles
  • The open flap design at the top helps in storing nebulization tubes and masks
  • It performs with noiseless operation and comes with masks for child and adults

9. MCP Economy Compressor Nebulizer

MCP Economy Compressor Nebulizer

Price: Rs. 1299
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  • This powerful nebulizer with child and adult mask can be used for adult and pediatric use
  • It has a spacious design featuring an in-built storage compartment for storing all accessories easily
  • The dedicated compressor nebulizing chamber distributes the medication with low particle size with clinical accuracy to treat upper / lower respiratory tract problems
  • It has a special air filter with cover, which makes it convenient to use
  • Its potent piston compressor performs with 3 bar pressure level to produce 4 micrometer particles
  • The auto cut-off feature ensures the nebulizer doesn’t get heated and assures longevity of piston pump

10. NULIFE SlimNeb Piston Type Compressor

NULIFE SlimNeb Piston Type Nebulizer

Price: Rs. 1389
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  • The SlimNeb nebulizer of piston type are a perfect choice to get aerosol therapy to provide prescribed medication solution for all respiratory problems
  • The compressor unit within this appliance ensures the medication solution is compressed in to vapour or aerosol with 0.5 – 5 micron size
  • It uses 90 Watts power to perform the task with an airflow at the rate of 8 lpm with 0.18 ml per minute nebulizing rate
  • This product has a medication chamber with 10 ml as its average capacity to prevent wastage of medication
  • It is offered with a nebulizing mask and a pouch for quick storage and to carry it during travel

To summarize, a nebulizer machine is a useful device that can treat all respiratory disorders, allergies, and other issues within a short time. We have created a list of the top 10 nebulizer machines for you after considering several technical aspects like pathology, the technology used, sound level, rate of nebulization, particle size, etc. to help you keep those symptoms of respiratory illnesses in control while enjoying a carefree life.


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