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Amazon Pay is a service that allows you to pay for products and services that you might’ve purchased through any other third party website. How does it do it? Well, Amazon Pay uses the payment methods or services that are associated with your Amazon account in order to pay for the goods purchase. Signing up is really easy, once you have an account with Amazon all you need to do is accept the customer agreement while shopping online on a third party website which accepts Amazon pay. You can notify Amazon in case of any unauthorized payment charges made against your account. Amazon Pay lets you use all the payment methods that are associated with your Amazon account, however gift cards can’t be used while you’re browsing and ordering products via a third party website. Making the payment is easy as well, all you need to do is make sure if the third party website accepts payment through Amazon Pay and then click on the logo, punch in your Amazon credentials, voila! In case of any problem with your account, you can reach out directly to Amazon via mail or phone call to customer service. ( Last Updated - November 2017 )

Amazon Pay Offers & Promo Codes

    Amazon Pay - A Smarter Way To Make Online Payments This works like any other payment methods but is smarter. How? It is a faster payment option, completely secure and convenient at the same time. This option is equally beneficial for the businesses. And that is because by opting for the Amazon Pay, you can get to advertise on Amazon, thereby increasing the conversions. Building a strong customer has never been this easy. This payment option uses the information from your Amazon account to make the payments on all other sites,w hen you use Amazon pay. This means, no credit or debit card and shipping information would be required! 

    Amazon Pay Will Use Your Amazon Account Information If you already have an Amazon account and if you have been ordering things from Amazon through the same, Amazon Pay will be using the information from that account. This means that you need not enter all your information, be it the name, shipping address or card related details. How many times did you feel irritated when the site you have been shopping from required you to enter loads of information before you could actually place an order? Lots of times right? Now with Amazon Pay, all those worries and long checkout processes are a past. Your online shopping is just a few clicks away. What is even more exciting about the Amazon Pay account is you can get really good Amazon Pay offers and cashback when you use it! 

    Why Should You Use Amazon Pay? There are more than one benefits of using the Amazon Pay account. You can experience Instant Checkout when you use the Amazon Pay account. It doesn’t even require you to enter any OTP or banking passwords. Then you have the option of Balance Tracking, which makes it easier for you to find out how much you have been spending. You can do that by simply checking the balance statement section under your Amazon account. You can also enjoy faster refunds when you use the Amazon Pay account. That is, if you are returning any item that was bought via this account, the refund would be credited to your account within 24 hours. So, is it not the most trusted and convenient way to make your online payments.  

    More Secured Payment Option Amazon have their 100% Buyer Protection Guarantee in place that makes it safer for both the businesses and customers to do the online transactions. Fraud Detection Technology is what they use to offer greater customer satisfaction. This doesn’t cost you an extra dime for using this secure transaction method, irrespective of you being a merchant or a customer. You need not worry anymore about your money being stolen or lost while you buy or sell things online.  

    You Can Make On The Go Payments  Without you having to invest in any additional payment setups, you can easily make payments on the go, while using Amazon Pay. No more waiting, no more fretting, no more tensions. Use the Amazon Pay account to enjoy seamless payments while on the go. You can also enjoy Amazon Easy Ship to enjoy seamless delivery at your doorstep. Check out the Amazon Pay cashback listed on the page to earn exciting cashback when you sign up or use the account. 

    Amazon Pay For Mobile Recharges The mobile recharge set is mostly dominated by the likes of Paytm, Freecharge, and MobiKwik, but things are about to change as Amazon Pay enters the market. You can soon pay for your mobile recharge using your Amazon Pay wallet. Amazon had received it’s PPI license from RBI in Mid-April. This PPI license or Prepaid Payment Instrument license will allow them to venture into purchasing good via Amazon Pay and even transact money using the wallet. Apart from mobile recharge, Amazon Pay is already accepted by major food delivery services like Faasos and Box8. HouseJoy is another such service provider that accepts payment through Amazon Pay.