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An 'O' like no other

GrabOn brand strives to bring about a smile to all online shoppers by virtue of a thoughtful & research backed user-centric UI/UX. We believe in making our designs as user centric as possible to make your everyday shopping fun.

Usage Guidelines consistency is what we strive to deliver on your savings

Logo cannot have less than 150px in width with the empty space around the logo being at least 150% the size of the logo itself.
  • *Use the variations of the Logo mentioned at this page
  • *Use the 'O' of GrabOn in case short script representation has to be made
  • *Always use the Tagline "Save on everything" wherever Logo is being published unless:
    • -It has to be put on printing material and may not be visible
    • -The Logo is being used in creatives for brand collaboration purposes
    • -The Logo is being used to represent GrabOn in a tab linkv
  • *Use the logo in the same length:breadth ratio which has been specified in our downloadable file
  • GrabOn green O
  • GrabOn white O
White Space Logo

For usage below 150px, 'O' logo is recommended to continue brand consistency

  • *Rotate or change direction of the logo
  • *Animation of the logo
  • *Surround the logo with other elements
  • *Change the colour of the logo other than the predefined one’s
  • *Using older versions of the logo like ‘G’, previous logos, or any other that may be confused with the GrabOn brand
  • *Publish the Logo in any design oriented websites such as dribbble, behance, producthunt without prior consent from GrabOn's design team
  • *Apply any Graphic or Watermark that covers the logo, partially, wholly or in a semi transparent fashion. If an unavoidable situation arises, prior consent from GrabOn's design team is required

Official GrabOn Colors

colors that bring about a smile

GrabOn maintains its brand identity very carefully and hence the colours chosen have a purpose.

No person shall under any condition use any other colours or combinations to prepare and/or adapt the Company Logo. The pre requisite combinations (both primary and secondary) are clearly mentioned on this page. GrabOn does not put any restrictions on the colours being used for supporting elements as long as the overall aesthetic appeal of the particular product is not compromised.

  • #60A600

  • #061A38

  • #8DB654

  • #F7F7F8

  • #2491EF

  • #3F65A9


Brand Typography

word’s power reinforced by its form

For all creatives pertaining to GrabOn being pushed on any online or offline channels, the concerned people should try limiting the font usage to the following three:

  • 1. Avenir
  • 2. Gotham Round
  • 3. Ubuntu

GrabOn does not restrict them from using other fonts but does not encourage it. In case the above fonts are not available, closest rivals should be used in order to maintain aesthetic sense.

Brand Typography Style

All these and yes, this is just the beginning. As design is a continuous evolution, brace up for more combinations over the coming months with industry leading UI/UX.

Download GrabOn Brand Kit (1.2MB) Contains GrabOn & ‘O’ logos in .png & .psd format as well as fonts

By using the GrabOn brand assets, you agree to follow this policy as well as our Terms of Service and all GrabOn rules and policies. GrabOn reserves the right to cancel, modify, or change the permissions in this policy at any time at its sole discretion. For further information about use of the GrabOn name and trademarks, email, for gift card related queries contact at

grabon cap logo design

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