Top 10 Best Note-counting Machines in India

Counting money can be a bit boring, but it doesn’t have to be a big worry if you have a top-quality note-counting machine. There are some great ones out there that can do more than just count – they can detect fake bills, recognize different denominations, and even handle multiple currencies.

In the world of financial gadgets, these machines are the stars, turning the routine task of managing money into an interesting and efficient process. Let our experts take the lead as they explore and share some of the best note-counting machines that are available in the Indian market.

So, get ready, and let’s jump right in!

Did You Know…

Note-counting machines use various technologies, like infrared and magnetic sensors, to swiftly and accurately count large volumes of bills with minimal errors.

Our Top Picks: 

Best OverallGobbler
Best Features Godrej
Most Affordable Sunrise Technologies
Best Service and Customer Support VMS

The above table was prepared by our dedicated team at GrabOn by analyzing several factors, like a data-driven expedition, user-friendly interfaces, noise levels, evaluating machine speed, accuracy, hopper capacity, and counterfeit detection prowess. This will help you to streamline your decision to pick your preferred choice from the below list.

Top 10 Note-counting Machines in India 

Discover the pinnacle of efficiency and accuracy with our curated list of the top note-counting machines in India. From advanced counterfeit detection to lightning-fast counting speeds, these machines redefine the way you handle currency.

1. Gobbler

Gobbler cash counter

Gobbler stands for proven expertise in office equipment and thrives on innovation. The brand’s resolute pursuit of intelligent solutions has birthed a range of cutting-edge office tools. Committed to world-class office equipment, Gobbler seamlessly blends advanced tech with modern design.

Most of the products meet CE, FCC, and ROHS standards. From Money Counters to Laser Distance tools, their diverse offerings elevate efficiency. Their note-counting machines swiftly and accurately count up to 1000 notes per minute, streamlining financial tasks with a precision level of 99.9%. They enhance efficiency, save time, and ensure accurate and quick bill counting.

Features of Gobbler Note-Counting Machines:

  • Advanced Japanese sensor for accurate mixed denomination counting
  • Optional sound function
  • Total and specific note count display
  • Comprehensive counterfeit detection (UV / MG / IR / MT)
  • Efficient handling of damaged or aged notes
How To Save On Your Gobbler Orders?

Look for products that come with free shipping. Some products of Gobbler provide free shipping on orders above a certain amount, so consolidate your purchases to meet the threshold.

2. KrissKross

krisskross cash counter

KrissKross is committed to enhancing the lives of people in India, and seamlessly marries design and comfort with uncompromising quality, all at incredibly affordable prices. Catering to those with extended work hours, KrissKross offers chairs that combat work-related fatigue.

As a notable player in the realm of high-quality sanitary ware, KrissKross maintains its reputation as a leading manufacturer. When it comes to the accuracy level of these machines, it is usually about 99%; however, this percentage varies from machine to machine. Their note-counting machines in particular are recognized for efficiency in quick calculation and separation of mixed denominations.

Features of KrissKross Note-Counting Machines: 

  • Total value calculation for mixed denomination
  • Denomination-specific note count display
  • Color-changing LCD
  • Red LCD alert for non-genuine notes
  • Capacity to count up to 200 notes at a time 
How To Save On Your KrissKross Orders?

Before purchasing, review the return policies of KrissKross. It offers free returns, ensuring you won’t lose money if the product doesn’t meet your expectations.

3. Godrej


Founded in 1897, the Godrej Group’s journey is interwoven with India’s Independence and Swadeshi movement. Ardeshir Godrej, a visionary lawyer-turned-entrepreneur, transformed failures into triumphs, establishing a locks business that became the cornerstone of their legacy.

Talking about these note-counting machines, they boast high accuracy, with claims exceeding 99.5% depending on the model. However, environmental factors and worn notes can impact this. With a global consumer base of 1.1 billion, spanning diverse sectors from consumer goods to space technology, Godrej’s impact resonates far beyond borders. If you are looking for a note-counting machine meant for business requirements, stop right here!

Features of Godrej Note-counting Machines:

  • Counterfeit note detection and counting take place simultaneously
  • Counterfeit detection through UV and MG sensors
  • Detection of old, torn, and half notes through IR
  • Batch and Add feature for quick counting
  • Automatic self-check of all sensors
How To Save On Your Godrej Orders?

Create a wishlist for items you want to buy online. Keep an eye on Godrej for discounts and promos on your wishlist items, saving money. Check for Godrej coupons for extra savings.

4. Swaggers

Swaggers cash counter

Swaggers Technologies has been a prominent force in the realm of office automation and security solutions since 2007. Based in Delhi, the company is dedicated to delivering superior quality products at affordable rates.

Swaggers has a diverse range including vending machines, currency counting machines, fake note detectors, and billing machines. This brand boasts 100% accuracy claims for counting bills, though user reviews suggest occasional miscounts. Notable for reliable performance, fine craftsmanship, and cost-effectiveness, their note-counting machines meet industry standards.

Features of Swaggers Note-counting Machines: 

  • Latest advanced technology for counting new denominations
  • Automatic UV (Ultraviolet) and IR (Infrared) fake note detection
  • Hopper and stacker capacity is 200pcs
  • Fast and accurate counting with UV, MG, and IR sensors
  • Automatic start, stop, clearing, batching, adding and self-examination
How To Save On Your Swaggers Orders?

Explore second-hand marketplaces for gently used Swaggers items. You can find great deals on products that are still in excellent condition, saving money compared to buying new ones.

5. JD9

JD9 cash counter

JD9 is an esteemed presence in stationery, ring mechanisms, machinery, and office furniture, and stands as a reliable brand. Rooted in the ethos of ‘Simplifying Work,’ JD9 is dedicated to streamlining tasks, from schools to offices.

The brand’s note-counting machines combine cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design, streamlining currency handling for businesses with speed and accuracy. These machines from JD9 come with a 99.9% accuracy rate for counting bills, minimizing miscounts, and ensuring cash handling confidence. Its advanced sensors scan each note thoroughly, leaving only 1 in 700,000 chance of a missed counterfeit.

Features of their note-counting machines:

  • Precise ultraviolet and magnetic counterfeit detection
  • Detection of various currencies: Rupees, Dollar, Euros
  • Versatile counting functions: Count, Add, Batch
  • Ideal for banks, supermarkets, businesses, and individuals
  • Note-counting capacity is up to 1000 notes per minute
How To Save On Your JD9 Orders?

Look for refurbished or open-box JD9 products. These items are often significantly cheaper than brand-new ones, and their quality is usually reliable.

6. Smars

Smars cash counter

Smars stands as a beacon of innovation, offering a diverse range of cutting-edge products designed to streamline various aspects of modern life. Among its exceptional offerings, the Smars note-counting machine emerges as a testament to the brand’s commitment to efficiency and precision.

With state-of-the-art technology, the note-counting machine ensures accurate and rapid counting of currency, catering to the needs of banks, businesses, and individuals alike. These machines advertise high accuracy, exceeding 99%. However, specific models and currency compatibility can affect this. Their products reflect the brand’s dedication to quality, user-friendly design, and seamless operation.

Features of Smars Note-counting Machines:

  • Unique and professional design
  • Powered by AC adapter or 4 AA batteries
  • Lightweight, portable, and handy
  • Cannot be used for value counting or fake note detection
  • Suitable for most paper currencies worldwide
How To Save On Your Smars Orders?

Purchase items in bulk to take advantage of volume discounts. This is particularly useful for non-perishable goods or items you use regularly.

7. Hexor

hexor cash counterHexor, operating under the distinguished Alpha Trade Ltd, finds its roots in a legacy of global trade excellence. Established within the formidable Alpha family in 1965, Alpha Trade Ltd envisioned a world united by commerce.

For 40 years, our forward-thinking company has supported global trade. These cash-counting machines guarantee 100% accuracy, with occasional miscounts possible due to factors like worn bills. Independent tests verify over 99% accuracy, ensuring dependable cash handling. Hexor’s note-counting machines, renowned for their versatility, are ideal for both home and industrial applications.

Features of Hexor Note-counting Machines:

  • Accurately counts notes and provides denomination breakdown with total.
  • Detects fake notes, and stops on fakes, chained, skewed, and old notes.
  • Multi-color TFT main screen with additional customer display.
  • Latest software for old/new notes of various denominations.
  • Mix note counter with fake note detection (no torn notes or tape).
How To Save On Your Hexor Orders?

Sometimes, Hexor has specific discount days or offers special deals on certain weekdays. Take advantage of these opportunities to save money.

8. Sunrise Technologies

Sunrise Technologies

Established in 2005, Sunrise Technologies has flourished as a prominent force in manufacturing, exporting, wholesaling, trading, retailing, and importing an extensive range of Heavy Duty Weighbridges, Hanging Scales, and more, all proudly bearing the esteemed “Sunrise” brand.

Renowned for superior quality and durability, Sunrise Technologies offers a diverse product line with competitive pricing. Its note-counting machines stand out for their automatic diagnostic features, ensuring a seamless user experience. Sunrise Technologies guarantees high accuracy, with models claiming over 99.9%, minimizing errors and enhancing trust in cash handling.

Features of Sunrise Technologies Note-counting Machines: 

  • Automatic/Manual start options
  • UV and MG counterfeit note detection
  • The display shows the number of notes added
  • Can count up to 1000 notes at a time
  • Detects chained notes, double notes, jammed banknotes, half notes, and counterfeit notes
How To Save On Your Sunrise Technologies Orders?

Use price-tracking tools to monitor the prices of products you want. Receive notifications when prices drop, ensuring you buy at the most affordable moment.

9. TVS Electronics

tvs cash counter

From its inception, the brand has harnessed powerful ideas to address ever-changing challenges. With a rich legacy of market leadership, TVS Electronics has expanded its horizons to encompass a vast array of solutions for the electronics industry.

When it comes to their note-counting machines, they are user-friendly and well-designed, and come with a simple, LED-display display option. The machine is super reliable and detects both old and new currencies with precision. When it comes to its accuracy, although its data is not available publicly; however, according to some reviews, its accuracy is above 99.5%.

Features of TVS Electronics Note-counting Machines:

  • Super-fast currency counting: 1200 notes/min
  • Allows batch function
  • Built-in, LED display
  • Detects and counts both older and new denominations
  • Easy maintenance and self-check functions
How To Save On Your TVS Electronics Orders?

Use cashback websites or credit cards that offer rewards for online purchases. Earn points or receive cashback that can be redeemed for future savings.

10. VMS

vms cash counter

Vinod Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd., known as VMS, stands as a beacon of excellence in healthcare imaging, diagnostic equipment, photography, signage products, and e-commerce. Since its establishment in 1988, VMS has evolved into a distinguished manufacturer with two ISO-certified production units.

Committed to quality and ethics, VMS is the go-to business partner. Its note-counting machines offer nearly flawless accuracy, exceeding 99.9%. While results may vary based on factors like bill condition, VMS stands out with its versatile design. Ideal for smaller needs, it minimizes errors and instills confidence in cash handling.

Features of VMS Note-counting Machines: 

  • Beeping sound for detected counterfeits or residual money
  • Error-free cash handling: UV and MG sensors ensure accurate results
  • Counts bills of all INR denominations
  • Sturdy design, large LCD screen with dual views
  • 1-year warranty
How To Save On Your VMS Orders?

Add items to your online shopping cart and then leave the website. VMS may send you a reminder with a discount to encourage you to complete the purchase.

Why Should You Be Using Note-Counting Machines?

Below are some of the important reasons why a business or an individual should be using a note-counting machine:

1. Speed and Accuracy:

Imagine the time and effort saved when a note-counting machine can accurately tally a stack of bills at a lightning-fast pace, dwarfing the speed of manual counting. These machines eliminate human error, ensuring your financial records are accurate to the last cent.

2. Streamlined Operations:

Businesses, both big and small, can experience a substantial boost in efficiency. Note-counting machines allow cashiers to focus on customer interactions, speeding up transaction processes and reducing waiting times.

3. Anti-Counterfeit Measures:

Modern note-counting machines are equipped with advanced counterfeit detection technology. They can easily identify fake or damaged notes, safeguarding businesses from fraudulent currency and potential losses.

4. Precise Denomination Recognition:

Say goodbye to the hassle of sorting bills by denomination manually. Note-counting machines can effortlessly differentiate various denominations, offering a comprehensive overview of your cash holdings.

5. Detailed Reports:

Many note-counting machines come with the added advantage of generating comprehensive reports. These reports offer insights into your cash flow, helping you make informed financial decisions.

6. Ergonomic Design:

User-friendly and compact, these machines are designed to fit seamlessly into any workspace. Their intuitive interfaces make them accessible even for those less tech-savvy.

7. Cost-Efficiency:

While the initial investment might seem significant, note-counting machines ultimately lead to substantial cost savings by reducing the need for additional manpower dedicated to counting and verifying cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What factors should I consider when choosing a note-counting machine?

Look for features like speed, accuracy, counterfeit detection, denomination recognition, and ease of use. Consider your specific needs, whether for personal use or business, to make an informed decision.

2. Can these machines handle different currency denominations?

Yes, many note-counting machines in India are designed to handle a variety of currency denominations, including INR, USD, Euro, and more, making them versatile for international transactions.

3. Do note-counting machines only count currency, or can they also detect fake notes?

Most modern machines offer counterfeit detection using UV, MG, and IR technologies. They can identify fake or damaged notes, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of your cash handling.

4. Which note-counting machine is approved by RBI?

The RBI approves note-counting machines by Gobbler, Godrej, and VMS. These machines excel in accuracy, counterfeit detection, and diverse features, meeting high standards in currency handling.

5. Which cash-counting machine is used in banks?

The note-counting machines used in banks include top brands like Gobbler, Godrej, Swaggers, JD9, Hexor, Sunrise Technologies, TVS Electronics, and VMS, known for their accuracy and counterfeit detection features.

The Final Word

Wrapping up this blog post, we discussed a variety of note-counting machines from various brands. Out of all the above, Gobbler and Godrej are one of our top picks. These premier note-counting machines epitomize precision, efficiency, and innovation. Choosing the right tool in your pursuit of streamlined cash handling is paramount. Gobbler and Godrej redefine financial operations, marking a decisive step towards excellence.

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