14 Best Sites To Buy Books Online In India In 2023

Do you believe books hold a portal to countless worlds waiting to be explored? If you’ve ever experienced the exhilarating thrill of turning pages and losing yourself in the magic of well-crafted tales, you, my friend, belong to an extraordinary tribe – the book lovers!

“A room without books is like a body without a soul,” said the great philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero, and he couldn’t be more right.

For within the covers of books lies the wisdom of ages, the dreams of visionaries, and the whispers of forgotten heroes. Books are more than ink on paper; they are gateways to knowledge, empathy, and boundless imagination.

In the digital age, the quest for the perfect book has been magnificently transformed. Gone are the days of bookstore visits, for the internet has a treasure trove of online bookstores ready to quench our insatiable thirst for stories. And that’s why we’re here – to take you through the virtual aisles of the best sites to buy books online in India!

So, grab your metaphorical passport for an unforgettable literary expedition. Remember, dear book lovers, the journey of a thousand words begins with a single click.

Top 14 Book Selling Websites In India

India has established itself as the biggest marketplace for selling books, with hundreds of books launching every year and new writers penning their creative ideas, publishing them as guides or novels. If you’re one of the aspiring novelists, seeking inspiration online to create something larger than life, you’re in the right place. Whether you wish to enhance your vocabulary, learn a new language, delve into writing stories, or cultivate a reading habit, the list of book websites provided below offers numerous benefits. Take a glimpse at these top book selling platforms:

1. Crossword

Crossword Bookstores have been a haven for book lovers since 1992. With a passion for empowering minds through reading and learning, Crossword blossomed from a humble Mumbai store into a chain of 92 outlets scattered across 32 cities, embracing readers for over 3 decades.

As India’s esteemed bookstore retailer, Crossword curates a handpicked collection encompassing books from fiction to nonfiction and from educational books to children’s tales. But that’s not all – Crossword goes beyond the confines of books, offering a vibrant range of premium stationery and toys to add a touch of magic and color to your life. You can navigate their digital shelves to find recommended reads, Top 50 lists, and exclusive signed copies.

Shipping cost: Rs.50/- (for orders below Rs.1000)
Return: 3 days refund or exchange

2. Kitabay

Kitabay is the brainchild of Vedas Corp, a Jaipur-based startup that believes in promoting sustainable and budget-friendly reading experiences. Kitabay, a treasure trove for book enthusiasts, offers a vast collection of new and pre-owned books (as good as new) across various genres at significantly lower prices.

Embracing their love for books, Kitabay goes a step further, organizing the renowned Kitabay & Koffee book fair annually, a celebration of all things literary that brings joy to readers across India. And here’s the cherry on top – Kitabay entices adventurous souls with their intriguing mystery boxes, offering bulk book purchases that can be fully customized according to unique preferences.

Shipping cost: Free on orders above Rs. 399
Return: 10-day return or replacement
COD: Yes (additional Rs. 60 applicable)

3. Amazon

If you are looking for a perfect marketplace to showcase your story-writing skills and sell ebooks, and novels online, Amazon is the right platform for you. Amazon, the world’s no.1 e-commerce platform, offers best-selling books, new releases, and classics in every category, whatever you are looking for – fiction, cookbooks, mystery, romance, thriller, history, entrepreneurship, or books for kids.

Once you head over to the Amazon books page, you will see recommendations from professional editors of different genres. Students can buy new, rent, or sell academic books and make some money. If you think the prices are on the expensive side, use the coupons and promo codes of the Amazon store to get them at affordable prices.

Return: within 7 days
COD: Yes

4. Flipkart

Do you want to keep yourself busy by reading books? Try purchasing from Flipkart online store. You can explore the top-selling author novels that refresh your mind, inspire, and let you learn something new to kick-start your day with a positive attitude. Genres like mythology, fiction, science, history, fantasy, thriller, classic, fairy tales, academics, etc., are available online at a single tap.  All of them are available in multiple Indian and foreign languages so that you can pick the right one at your convenience.

Before you shop online, you can check out the customer reviews, ratings, author bio, and summaries, and make an informed decision. Excited? Well, you can also use the deals and discounts on Books from the Flipkart store to save your money.

Return: Within 7 days
Delivery Charge: Rs 40/- (Orders below Rs 500/-)
COD: Yes

5. Bookish Santa

We have listed Bookish Santa among the best book-selling websites in India for its diverse collection of books. It offers books across all categories like adventure, art, music, film, business, comics, crafts, lifestyle, linguistics, fiction, non-fiction, literature, technology, and whatnot.

The best part is you will get 100% genuine books carefully packed to deliver to your doorstep. You can choose new or used books from popular categories like chart toppers, best sellers, pre-loved books, trending, and more. Also, the book prices seem to be affordable.

Shipping cost: Free for orders above Rs 299/-
Shipping time: 2-3 days
Return: Within 48 hours
COD: Yes

6. Used Books Factory

Used Books Factory is India’s first marketplace for selling second-hand books online. They are partnered with multiple retailers and markets across the country to offer books for school, college, and university students, and recreating novels, and activity-oriented books for kids.

Founder Thilak, a technical background person who works in the software field, started this as a small business and eventually spread its wings across the globe. The Used Books Factory aims to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers over a single platform.

Shipping cost: Free above Rs 399 (only pre-paid orders)
Shipping time: 1 to 2 days
Return: 24 hours return
COD: Yes

7. BookFlow

BookFlow is customer-to-customer books classified website that has become a one-stop platform for everything related to buying and selling used books. You can sell any type of book by submitting a free ad and searching for second-hand books posted by thousands of other users around your city.

The founder, Saransh Jain, says that “Each section of BookFlow is crafted with love and passion for users who search for a platform for books”. To add further, the customer support team is available 24/7 and you can connect with them through chats, and emails.

Availability: Website, Android App

8. Bookywooky.in

Fill your bookshelf with exciting books and fall in love with reading all over again with Booky Wooky! Bookywooky emerged from a mother’s frustration when she is not able to find quality books online for her little ones. Mahima Chhangani, founder of Booky Wooky curated the best-quality books for every parent who cared for their children. On their birthdays and events, you can gift them nursery rhymes, sound books, storybooks, general knowledge, education, and more.

The payments can be made securely using credit, debit, UPI, internet banking, and Paytm. The Cash on Delivery option is available when the cart value is below Rs 2000/-. Based on your geo-location and cart value, the delivery charges get added automatically. Also, the courier charges start from Rs 35/-.

Shipping cost: Starts from Rs 35 (differs as per the orders)
Returns: Damage products can be returned
COD: For orders under Rs 2000

9. Pustak Kosh

Do you love to read books of all genres? PustakKosh is the right choice for you. It provides a one-stop solution for buying second-hand books, rentals, ebooks, and new books, and saves up to 70% for students by providing the best deals and promo codes of PustakKosh. If you are eager to use them, check out the official store for valid coupons to apply and save money before making the final payment.

PustakKosh offers books for graduate and undergraduate students who enroll in computer science, medicine, biotechnology, software, and more courses. In contrast with other book-selling websites, they have become the first choice for college and school books. Their presence is seen only in India and has become a viable option for those looking to save money on purchasing new or rentals.

Shopping cost: Free for Noida/ Greater Noida
Return: Books can be returned after 30 days of the rental period
COD: Yes

10. AbeBooks

Are you passionate about reading historical, law, and literature books? You should consider buying from AbeBooks. They have been in the market since 1996 to make it a passion for voracious readers. They offer millions of books from their extensive collection like academic journals, magazines, and more.

Wrapping up, they offer books to the customers as new and used versions. The cost of new books is comparatively higher than that of used books. However, you can get your desired novels at a low cost and save money with the AbeBooks coupons while purchasing online.

Shipping: Free shipping depending on location
Return: Within 2 days

11. Bookswagon

Books are like friends that shape your thoughts and keep you motivated to focus on your goals. Now we are discussing Bookswagon, founded by Shubham Jain. From the Bookswagon, you can look for your favorite books by ordering from the new arrivals, best sellers, award winners, featured authors, and pre-orders of all genres.

It is possible for users to make payments using internet banking, credit, debit, and cash on delivery (COD) options. You can even use the Bookswagon deals and coupons online to save up to 75% off on e-magazines and newspaper subscriptions. In case you receive any damaged product, reach out to the team via email. You will get the replacement, and if the order is out of stock, you will get the money refund within 10 working days.

Shipping time: 1 to 2 days
Return: Within 2 days
COD: Yes
Final Thoughts

12. My Book Shop

Be it for kids, teenagers, adults, job seekers, and working professionals, all sorts of books are available at reasonable prices in the My Book Shop store. With their vast book collection, you can head over to the drawings, storybooks, competitive exams, dictionaries, activity books, and more. Their main aim is to improve people’s lives with the trouble-free shopping experience of buying books online.

If the book you purchased is damaged, you can raise the request within three days from the day of delivery. The refund will be initiated after the team receives the product. For further queries, you can reach out to the team via info@mybookshop.co.in.

Shipping time: 5 days
Return: 3 days.

13. Diamond Books

Diamond Books are one of the popular publishing platforms in India across fiction, non-fiction, culture, health, yoga, astrology, sports, literature, and more. All of these wonderful novels are published in multiple languages – English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Assamese, Oriya, Urdu, Gujarati, and French.

You can also explore kid’s story tales, comics, ebooks, and magazines that are a bit affordable to buy. You will also be eligible for free shipping on orders above Rs 600/-, valid only in India. Not to forget, you can also track your order status by entering details like order ID, billing name, and email address. In case of any help, you can reach out to the support team who are available 24/7 via email –  info@dpb.in.

Shipping Time: 2 Days
Returns: 7 Days
COD: Yes

14. Order Your Books

Order Your Books has 30 years of experience in selling books and has constantly adapted to emerging trends and consumer preferences. You can explore college books, competitive books, bestsellers, and more. This site has a wonderful feature, track order status, where you can put the tracking number and know the current order’s status.

Aren’t you happy with the book you received? No worries! You can claim for free exchange within 72 hours of delivery. Or else, if you wish to cancel the order, the amount will be refunded within 5-10 working days.

Shipping time: 5-7 days (South), 3-5 days (North)
Return: 3 days

Final Thoughts:
In a nutshell, if you are looking for the best websites to grab your favorite books, be it for work, entertainment, or educational purposes, you will be flooded with numerous bookselling sites. However, not every site will offer the services as required.

Some of the websites provide books absolutely for free and a few with premium prices. If you do not wish to invest more in buying books from reputed e-commerce and book-selling stores, you can use book-specific coupons available online to get them at a minimal price.

Fortunately, we have listed a few websites that offer best-selling author books that can benefit you in myriad ways. We hope the above-mentioned websites help you in picking the desired book you want to read. Who is your favorite author? And which book do you like the most and why? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section given below. We would like to hear from you.

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