15 Best Air Coolers In India for 2024

When the summer heat turns up, staying cool becomes a top priority for most of us. While air conditioners are effective, not everyone can afford to install and maintain them. This is where air coolers come in. They are a budget-friendly alternative that provides relief from the scorching heat by circulating cool air throughout your space. But choosing the best air cooler can be a daunting task, with so many options available in the market.

To help you make an informed decision, we have scoured the web and put together a list of the best air coolers in India. From energy efficiency to cooling capabilities, we have considered all factors to ensure we bring you the top contenders. So, if you are looking to beat the heat this summer without breaking the bank, read on to discover the best air coolers in India!

Our Top Picks:

Best OverallBajaj
Best FeaturesCandes
Best ValueCello
Most MultifunctionalSymphony

Top 15 Air Coolers in India for 2024

Beat the heat in style with the coolest air coolers in India! Don’t let the scorching sun ruin your day; upgrade your cooling game with our top picks for the best air coolers. From sleek designs to powerful performance, we’ve got you covered for the ultimate summer experience!

Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36 Ltrs Room Air Cooler

Bajaj Platini PX97 Air Cooler
Bajaj’s Platini PX97 air cooler tops our list of best air coolers in India. One of the top-selling in India, it is durable, compact, and affordably priced and comes with the promise of Bajaj, the leader in home appliances in India. You can certainly not go wrong with this one

Capacity- 36 liters


  • Bajaj Platini PX97 is suitable for both small offices and rooms.
  • It has a cooling capacity of 150 square feet, and the air throw distance is 30 feet. Honeycomb pads on three sides ensure fast and efficient cooling, while 4-way air deflection makes sure the air goes to every corner of the room.
  • The water tank capacity is 36 litres, so you don’t have to refill it again and again.
  • The body is corrosion-free, the caster wheels make it easy to move it between rooms, and it also comes with chill trap technology for active cooling.

Cons: We could not find any cons. It works best in a well-ventilated room.

Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler

Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler
Crimpton’s unique range of air coolers for superior cooling helps you beat hot summers. You can now stay cool and refreshed with its excellent features like wood wool cooling pads, wide-angle airflow, and easy-to-clean chambers.

Capacity- 75 liters


  • The powerful air delivery of the Ozone 75 air cooler helps to keep the room cool and refreshing for a long time.
  • This weighs 14 kg (500 gm) and holds a capacity of 75 litres. This cooler has an ice chamber, which ensures that chilly air is infused with a boost of ice-like chill.
  • The Everlast pump prevents clogging in the cooler even with harsh water, ensuring its lifetime. Adjust the direction of the air according to your needs with 4-way air deflection, which not only keeps your room cool, but also relaxes you.
  • The inverter compatibility of the Ozone 75 enables continuous cooling even during power outages.

Note: It is better to ask for a demonstration before you start using it.

Symphony Diet Air Cooler for Home with Honeycomb Pad

Symphony Diet Air Cooler
Symphony Diet Personal Tower Air Cooler is the perfect cooling solution for small spaces, featuring efficient cooling with long-lasting dura pumps and honeycomb cooling pads.

Capacity: 12 litres


  • With i-Pure Technology, this air cooler filters out air pollution, odour-causing microbes, and allergens for fresh and clean air, allowing you to keep your doors and windows open for optimal cooling.
  • The Cool Flow Dispenser ensures an even distribution of water for a satisfying and consistent cooling experience.
  • This air cooler is energy efficient, using only 165 Watts of energy and functioning with inverters. It provides relief from the heat without fretting over electricity expenses or blackouts.

Cons: The only con of this air cooler is that it may not be suitable for larger areas, beyond its coverage of 12 square meters.

Orient Electric Smartcool Dx CP2002H 20 litres Air Cooler

Orient brings together cutting-edge features and a superior cooling experience with its wide range of personal and desert air coolers. The Smartcool Dx CP2002H is the brand’s bestselling with a host of attractive features.

Capacity- 20 litres


  • Coupled with a powerful air gust and supercooling abilities thanks to 3-speed air delivery with four-way cooling and a 20 litres water tank, this one is an absolute buy for hot and humid summers.
  • It has a dust filter, an ice chamber, mechanical knob control, a water level indicator, and oscillating levers for maximum cooling.
  • It also features the innovative DenseNet technology, making the honeycomb pads give you 25% more cooling by retaining 45% water. It is also inverter compatible, energy-efficient, and has an ABS body for safety.
  • Ideal for small to mid-sized rooms.


  • At times, the noise levels may get too high. The water tank would need refilling again and again in run continuously

Havells Freddo Cooler

Havells Freddo Cooler
Havells, being a pioneer in product innovation, has once again brought in a unique range of smart coolers with Breatheezee Technology TM. Havells’ excellent features, compact design, and air purification system make it one of the best desert coolers in India for summer.

Capacity- 70 liters


  • The Havells Freddo Cooler is one of the small air coolers that come with a dust filter and honeycomb cooling pads that keep dust and insects out of the cooler.
  • The fan is designed elegantly with large space wings for a comfortable cooling experience. It holds up to 18 litres of water and is ideal for indoors, in children’s rooms, small shops, and personal spaces.
  • Other features include three-side dust filter nets, an ice compartment, and three-sided honeycomb cooling pads, making it one of the best home coolers!

Note: When you receive the package, make sure you look for the remote control.

Hindware Snowcrest Arctic 90 Liter Air Cooler

Hindware Snowcrest Arctic 90 Liter Inverter Compatible Desert Air Cooler With Honeycomb Pads (Black & White)
The first-ever air coolers with a changeable color panel were from Hindware Snowcrest. These coolers are manufactured with high air delivery, honeycomb pads, anti-skid top cover, inverter compatibility, auto-fill tank, ice chamber, humidity controller, dust filter, and water level indicator, which makes it the best air cooler under 10000.
Capacity- 90 liters

  • Hindware Snowcrest is designed for smarter cooling where the manual full-close louvres prevent dust and insects from entering the cooler.
  • It weighs 18 kg (500 gm) and ensures low maintenance and longer life. You can now choose between preferred levels of cooling from high, medium, or low levels of cooling.
  • It is compatible with inverters, which means that you can now enjoy stable cooling even during power cuts.


  • Some have said that the wheels are not strong enough to hold 90 liters of water.

Candes Elegant Personal Air Cooler

Candes Elegant Personal Air Cooler
The Candes Elegant Personal Tower Air Cooler is a high-performance portable air cooler that features a 12 L water tank capacity and an ICE chamber for turbo-chill air flow, making it an ideal choice for small households or office spaces.

Capacity: 12 litres


  • Its vertical auto swing and multi-way air flow offer uniform cooling and maximum coverage throughout the coverage area of 14ft, ideally for personal use.
  • With an airflow rate of 800 CMH and a noise level of only 65 DB, it is guaranteed to provide silent and uninterrupted operation even during the hottest summer days.
  • It is also inverter-compatible, making it an ideal eco-friendly option for those looking to save on energy bills.
  • With a power consumption of only 80 watts, it is highly energy efficient and the perfect choice for those who want to stay cool without compromising on their energy consumption.


  • One caveat to keep in mind is that this air cooler is best suited for small rooms or personal use and may not be sufficient for larger spaces.

HAVAI Bullet Tower Air Cooler

HAVAI Bullet Tower Air Cooler
Havai aims to make the process of choosing and owning a product stress-free for their clients by focusing on honest product descriptions with major benefits.

Capacity- 20 liters


  • The tower cooler has a 20-litre water capacity and is packed with compelling features, such as a high-grade ABS blower with a 34.5 cm height.
  • The electric motor has a Thermal OverLoad Protector to ensure safety while the cooler is in use. The ABS-grade base ensures great stability for the tower cooler.
  • Mosquito nets for both the Honeycomb Pads are provided.

Note: There may be times when the cooler does not provide cool air.

USHA 45BD1 Desert Cooler

USHA 45BD1 Desert Cooler
Usha’s personal coolers are the best air coolers in India because they are light, zippy, and fashionable to the max. They’re ideal for spot cooling because they can be put in any corner of the room or right by your side when you need a custom cooling experience.

Capacity- 45 liters


  • The Usha desert cooler comes with a foldable trolley to give the cooler a better height and the probability of a better cooling experience.
  • It holds up to 45 litres of water and consumes low power with the ability to work on inventors, making it energy efficient even during power cuts.
  • The float valve technology ensures that there’s water in the tank while minimizing water usage. Its large tank capacity and wider grill for superior airflow make it one of the best small air coolers.

Note: Make sure to check for the folding trolly after receiving the package.

HAVAI Bullet Tower Air Cooler

HAVAI Bullet Tower Air Cooler
If you’re looking for an air cooler that packs a punch, look no further than the Cello Osum Desert Air Cooler. With Aspen Wood Wool cooling pads and four-way air deflection, you can expect cool, refreshing air in no time.
Capacity: 50 litres


  • This 50-litre appliance has extremely efficient Turbo Cooling Technology, allowing for the rapid cooling of even its largest spaces.
  • The design of this product is revolutionary and efficient in electricity usage, which makes it both cost-effective and eco-friendly.
  • The air cooler works with any type of inverter, so it can remain operating even when electricity fails.


  • As with most air coolers, it can only cool down the air within the room and might not be as effective in extremely humid areas.

Note: There may be times when the cooler does not provide cool air.

Voltas Alfa 15 Personal Air Cooler

Voltas Alfa 15 Personal Air Cooler
Voltas is known to be the most trusted brand of air coolers as it offers a wide range of high-performance air coolers to its customers. Personal Coolers, Desert Coolers, Tower Coolers, & Window Coolers are products manufactured by Voltas.

Capacity- 15 litres


  • Enjoy pleasant air and fight the heat with the excellent Voltas Alfa Personal Air Cooler. It features a 15-litre water tank that may easily last for several hours.
  • It has honeycomb cooling media, which distributes air evenly and quickly cools the space.
  • Additionally, the cooler’s compact design makes it easy to fit into any corner of the room, and its wheels make it portable.

Note: There is a chance that the remote control will be missing from the package, so check for it when you receive it.

Singer Tower Cooler

Singer Tower Cooler
Singer’s room coolers are ideal for homes, workplaces, and retail stores, as well as for those who live in apartments and studio flats. Singer offers a variety of coolers to meet your needs. As a result, this makes the Singer Tower cooler the best air cooler under 10000.

Capacity- 20 liters


  • A Water Level Window, an ABS Body for Longer Durability, Castors, and Wheels for Easier Portability are all features of the Singer Tower Cooler.
  • It has a stylish front with horizontal levers, air delivery up to 1600 cubic meters per hour, a HoneyComb Cooling Pad, and motorized vertical lever.
  • It works with inverters and can cool a large area of up to 300 square feet. It has three-speed settings and a drain plug for easy cleaning.


  • Some have reviewed that the cooler might not be a great choice for coastal areas.

Ontel Arctic Ultra Evaporative Portable Air Cooler

Ontel Arctic Ultra Evaporative Portable Air Cooler
Ontel Arctic Portable Air Cooler is a must-have for any summer. With its cutting-edge Hydro Chill technology, this air cooler is able to turn hot air into refreshing cool air, making your home or office space more comfortable than ever before.

  • This fantastic air cooler features an easy-to-use top-fill water tank that runs up to 10 hours per fill, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing breeze all day long.
  • Its evaporative air filter is reusable, ensuring that the air you breathe is clean and healthy.
  • It is cost-effective and is worth the money.


  • Some customers have noted that the adjustable multi-directional air vent can be a bit tricky to set up correctly.

Symphony Hicool i 31 Litre Air Cooler

Symphony Hicool Air Cooler
The leading brand Symphony’s HiCool is one of the most popular personal air coolers. Stylish with a performance to match HiCool is one of the best under Rs. 10000 with many advanced and modern features on offer.

Capacity- 31 liters


  • It is ideal for bedrooms because of its optimum airflow at bed level. Symphony’s HiCool looks stunning, has a compact design, and comes with a full-function remote control. The digital touch control panel is made of feather-touch technology
  • . It comes with an innovative cool flow dispenser for even distribution of water on cooling pads, thus higher and better cooling performance overall.
  • SMPS feature protects against voltage fluctuations, while the i-Pure technology filters air five times to give you allergy-free and bacteria-free air.
  • A 31 litres tank capacity and other features like an empty water tank alarm, timer function, Dura Pump technology, humidity control, etc., make it one of the tops in India.


  • Though the buttons are feather touch, the control panel sometimes gets damaged especially if kids press the buttons again and again

Bajaj PMH Personal Air Cooler

Bajaj PMH Personal Air Cooler
Bajaj Personal Air Cooler is a powerful and stylish air cooler that promises to keep you cool even during the scorching summer months. With its convenient mobility and easy-to-use controls, this air cooler is a great investment and a must-have for people looking for an affordable and effective way to stay cool.

Capacity: 24 litres


  • Dura marine pump ensures that the pump is protected from moisture, increasing the life of the air cooler.
  • Hexacool anti-bacterial technology pads provide a sterile and safe environment as they protect you from disease-causing bacteria.
  • Hexagonal shape of the cooling medium minimizes water use while achieving maximum cooling efficiency.
  • Turbo fan systems present a unique cooling method by encouraging proper aeriform circulation.


  •  It is a small-sized cooler, which means that it might not be suitable for larger rooms or spaces.

Tips to Make the Air Cooler Perform Better This Summer

In addition to keeping our summers cool with coolers, it is also essential to take care of them properly to keep them lasting for a long time! Here are some tips to make your cooler perform better this summer!

Maintain proper ventilation in the room
In contrast to air-conditioners; air coolers need open spaces to evaporate hot air. It works efficiently by providing smooth airflow for better cooling.

Fill the water with ice
You can increase the cooling efficiency by adding ice to the water in the tank. Some coolers come with ice compartments, making the pads and air cooler.

Ensure the air cooler is well-maintained
Check the air coolers before using them in the summer. As dust and pollen build up on the pads, they should be cleaned regularly. Clean the blades and get the cooler serviced for better cooling!

Pre-saturating the cooling pads
Let the pump run water through the cooling pads and allow them to soak before using the cooler. This helps with efficient cooling as soon as you turn the cooler on.

Place your air cooler near the window
Air coolers work on the principle of evaporative cooling. Place the air cooler near the window and adjust it a little so that it provides better cooling.


  1. Can air coolers be used in humid areas?

Yes, air coolers can be used in humid areas as they work by adding moisture to the air. However, their cooling efficiency may be affected in high-humidity areas.

  1. How do air coolers compare to air conditioners?

Air coolers are more affordable and energy-efficient compared to air conditioners. They work by using water to cool the air, while air conditioners use refrigerants to cool the air. Air coolers are also more eco-friendly as they do not release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.

  1. What is the ideal room size for an air cooler?

The ideal room size for an air cooler depends on its cooling capacity. For a small room, a cooler with a capacity of up to 150 square feet is sufficient, while for larger rooms, a capacity of up to 300 square feet is recommended.

  1. Can air coolers be used outdoors?

Yes, air coolers can be used outdoors, but their efficiency may be reduced due to the presence of natural air currents. To maximize their cooling capacity, air coolers should be placed in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight.

  1. How often should air coolers be cleaned?

Air coolers should be cleaned regularly to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold. The frequency of cleaning depends on usage, but it is recommended to clean the cooler every two weeks or once a month. The water tank and cooling pads should be cleaned and replaced periodically for optimal performance.

 Wrapping up

Air coolers is one of the best budget-friendly ways to survive dry summers. They are popular as they are easy to maintain and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Through this article, you can find the best air coolers under Rs 10,000 and how you can maintain them. These environmentally friendly air coolers provide fresh, filtered, and cool air to beat the heat!

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