Amazon Gift Cards – How To Buy And Redeem?

In the era of all things digital, gift-giving has leveled up from traditional wrapped presents to the hassle-free charm of gift cards. Amazon, the e-commerce titan, has caught onto this trend with its popularly known 'Gift Cards, offering a convenient way to spread the joy to your loved ones or treat yourself to a world of choices. But for those stepping into the Amazon Gift Card universe for the first time, the process of buying and using them might feel a tad overwhelming.

This blog post is here to be your trusty guide, walking you through the straightforward yet valuable steps to make sure you confidently snag and cash in those Amazon Gift Cards. Whether you’re a seasoned Amazon pro or a first-timer, this post has your back in navigating the Amazon Gift Card scene effortlessly. Ready to dive into the world of gifting and enjoying the endless goodies from this e-commerce giant? Let’s roll!

What Are Amazon Gift Cards?

Amazon Gift Cards are versatile digital vouchers that grant you access to the vast array of products and services available on the platform. Talking about the launch of these gift cards, the eCommerce giant first launched this service back in 2008 and since then it has become a new way to gift near and dear ones. These gift cards serve as a currency of sorts, allowing you to make purchases or payments on Amazon, whether it’s for that item you’ve been eyeing for a while or to cover subscription fees for Prime, Kindle Unlimited, or other services. They’re an ideal solution for occasions when you’re unsure of what to give someone, as they provide the recipient with the freedom to choose exactly what they want. On top of that, there’s a way to score these gift cards without spending a dime. You can either make the most of Amazon coupon codes you find online or explore gift card earning platforms to get them for free.

Different Types Of Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Cards come in various types, including:

  • Amazon Physical Gift Cards: These are real cards that you can give to someone. Each card has a special code that you can type into Amazon’s website to use the card’s value. You can purchase these cards with denominations from ?500 to ?5000 before gifting them to any of your friends and family. The best part about these physical cards is that you can also check out various cards that are designed by Alicia Souza.
  • Amazon eGift Cards: Amazon eGift Cards, also known as Amazon Gift Certificates or Amazon Gift Vouchers, are digital gift cards offered by Amazon, the popular online retailer. These eGift Cards allow customers to purchase and send gift card balances electronically to other individuals via email or through other digital means, instead of traditional physical gift cards. While sending these gift cards, you can choose different styles, like Birthday, Goodbye, etc. These cards support denominations from ?500 to ?10000 and they are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.
  • Amazon Anytime Gift Card: These are special Amazon Pay gift cards that you can fill with any amount you want, ranging from ?500 to ?10,000. They come with a 16-digit reference ID which is imprinted at the back of the physical card. Similar to eGift Cards, these cards also come with 1-year validity.
  • Amazon Brand Gift Card: These are a type of Amazon gift card specifically associated with certain brands or products. They could be used to purchase items from the specific brand or product category they were associated with on Amazon. They were often used for promotional or marketing purposes by brands and could be given as gifts or incentives to customers. You can purchase gift cards from brands, like Max which has a denomination limit of ?9000, Big Basket with ?4900, etc. There are a wide variety of gift cards from brands of different categories you can choose from.

How To Purchase And Redeem Amazon Gift Cards?

Before we start with how to redeem Amazon Gift Cards, we will learn how you can purchase them. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Go to Gift Cards: Visit the Amazon website and sign in with your credentials. Once you are logged in to your account, go to the Gift Card section by clicking on the "All tab present at the left corner.
  • Choose the type of Gift Card: After clicking on the "Gift Cards & Mobile Recharge in the All tab, you can access different categories of gift cards. Some of these categories are All Gift Cards, Popular Gift Cards, Birthday Gift Cards, etc. If you want to explore every single gift card, you can click on "All Gift Cards.
  • Select or enter the desired amount for your Gift Card: Post that, you’ll see various options, including eGift cards, physical cards, and more. Choose the type of gift card you want and add your required denomination before adding it to the cart.
  • Proceed with the payment: Once you have added the gift card to the cart, click on "Proceed to Buy. You will be directed to your shopping cart, where you can review your order. Make sure the type and amount of the gift card are correct. Post that select the shipping address and continue with the payment.

So, after you have learned how to purchase Amazon Gift Cards, we will discuss how you can redeem them with ease. Redeeming Amazon gift cards, whether they are physical or eGift cards, is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can do it:

1. For Physical Amazon Gift Cards:

  • Scratch off the coating: If your physical gift card has a coating covering the claim code, scratch it off gently to reveal the code underneath.
  • Go to Go to Amazon’s website and log in to your account using the necessary credentials.
  • Navigate to the “Gift Cards” Section: Click on “Accounts & Lists” in the top right corner, and then select “Your Account.” After that, go to "Amazon Pay Balance and select "Add Gift Card to Balance.
  • Enter the Claim Code: On the next page, you’ll be prompted to enter the claim code from the back of your physical gift card. Type it in carefully.
  • Click “Add Gift Carf to Balance”: After entering the claim code, click the “Add Gift Carf to Balance” button. Amazon will verify the code and add the gift card balance to your Amazon Pay account.
  • Check Your Balance: You can check your Amazon Pay balance to confirm that the gift card balance has been applied.

For eGift Cards:

  • Open the Email or Message: If someone has sent you an eGift card via email or messaging, open the email or message to find the gift card.
  • Click the Link or Button: In the email or message, you should find a link or button that says “Redeem Your Gift Card” or something similar. Click on it.
  • Log in to Your Amazon Account: You will be redirected to Amazon’s website. Log in to your Amazon account.
  • Verify the Claim Code: Amazon will usually automatically apply the gift card balance to your account. If it doesn’t, you may need to enter the claim code provided in the email or message.

Explore Gift Cards Across Different Categories

As we have mentioned above, Amazon has partnered with various brands to offer exclusive gift cards. Below is the list of gift cards across multiple categories to make a purchase decision.

Fashion Gift Vouchers

Fashion apparel is something everyone would love to purchase from the Amazon eCommerce store. Be it swimwear, jeans, tops, t-shirts, etc., Amazon fashion gift cards can be availed. Here is the table that depicts the list of popular brands that provide gift vouchers and offers. Check it out!

LifestyleFlat 5% off
MaxFlat 10% off
BataFlat 10% off
TrendsFlat 11% off
FabIndiaFlat 8% off
ArrowFlat 10% off
MyntraFlat 2% off
NykaaFlat 6% off

Jewellery Gift Cards

Jewellery is yet another popular item that one would love to wear, especially during weddings, engagement ceremonies, birthdays, and other special occasions in life. If you want to give your life partner a premium-themed jewellery item, use the exclusive jewellery gift cards that are worth buying at the Amazon store.

Kalyan JewelleryFlat 2% off
TanishqFlat 1% off
JoyalukkasFlat 2% off

Home Essentials Gift Cards

Keep your indoor environment clean and hygienic by purchasing the home essentials. You can look for the popular stores where these home essentials gift vouchers can be validated to cut down on your overall expenses.

Big BasketFlat 2% off
Apollo PharmacyFlat 10% off
SpencersFlat 4% off
Smart SuperstoreFlat 3% off

Travel Gift Cards

This is one of the most popular ways to surprise your loved ones by offering them travel gift vouchers. You can also plan a date night, honeymoon trip, and other special events. However, these gift cards can be redeemed to pay for domestic and international flights, hotels, etc.

UberFlat 2% off
VistaraFlat 6% off
Taj ExperiencesFlat 6% off
OlaFlat 10% off

Food Gift Cards

Got a friend who loves food more than anything? Give him food vouchers from popular food chain networks like Domino's, McDonald’s, BN, and Pizza Hut to get exciting deals and discounts.

Domino'sFlat 11% off
McDonald'sFlat 10% off
BNFlat 4% off
Pizza HutFlat 8% off

Entertainment Gift Cards

Are you a movie buff and looking for ways to save some bucks on movies, do check out the entertainment gift cards. You can use these fantastic voucher codes and experience unlimited fun in theatres and OTT platforms.

PVRFlat 10% off
Sony LivFlat 35% off
Zee5Flat 20% off
Book My ShowFlat 2% off
Google Play StoreUnlimited Entertainment
SteamUnlimited Gaming

Personal Gift Cards

Get up to flat 10% off on personalised gift items like soaps, bars, body lotions, scrubs, and more from premium brands. The table below replicates the brands and offerings.

Health & GlowFlat 9% off
MamaearthFlat 11% off
Kama AyurvedaFlat 11% off

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use Amazon Gift Cards for any product or service on Amazon?
Yes, Amazon Gift Cards can be used to purchase a wide range of products and services available on the e-commerce platform, giving you the flexibility to choose what you want.

2. What should I do if I encounter issues while redeeming an Amazon Gift Card?
If you experience any difficulties while redeeming an Amazon Gift Card, it is recommended to contact Amazon’s customer support for assistance. They can help troubleshoot and resolve any issues you may encounter during the redemption process.

3. Can I re-gift or transfer the balance from an Amazon Gift Card to someone else?
Amazon Gift Cards are generally non-transferable and intended for the recipient specified at the time of purchase. You may want to consider sending a new gift card to the intended recipient if necessary.

4. Are there any restrictions on the validity of Amazon Gift Cards?
All Amazon Gift Cards are typically valid for one year from the date of purchase. You can use the balance anytime in this time period to purchase any product.


Overall, Amazon Gift Cards offer a convenient and flexible way to give and receive the gift of choice in the digital age. Whether you opt for physical, eGift, Anytime, or brand-specific gift cards, the options are diverse and cater to a wide range of preferences and occasions. Purchasing these gift cards is a simple process, with various denominations and customization choices to suit your needs. Redeeming them is equally straightforward, ensuring that you can unlock the value of your gift with ease. So, whether you’re shopping for loved ones or treating yourself, Amazon Gift Cards open the door to endless possibilities in the world of online shopping and services.

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