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‘Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.’ -Scott Adams
  • More About Minds Foundation

    The aim of The Minds Foundation is to bring high quality mental health services to each and every part of rural India at cost effective price. The people in rural areas who are in need of mental health help either don’t have access to it or the services are way too costly for them.

    According to WHO reports, about 4 out of 5 people in low-middle income countries don’t get the mental health services and medicines when required. Since, 72% of our population lives in rural areas where the health infrastructure is really bad, it is of prime importance that someone steps in to do the part and that is exactly what The Minds Foundation is doing!

    For more info, log on to https://www.mindsfoundation.org/

    The Minds Foundation works at grassroots level encouraging people to talk openly about mental health issues which still remains largely a taboo. They do this using workshop and conducting community engagement lessons. They also participate directly with the people by training the community members in becoming mental healthcare workers. Step by step they’re dealing with a major problem plaguing the rural areas of the country.

    How can your contribution help?

    You can sponsor a mental health workshop for school children in 2 schools at Rs 8000 or you can sponsor a mental health workshop for about 200 people at Rs 4000. You can do your part by contributing towards mental healthcare training starting at Rs 1,700. You can also donate towards the general and the corpus fund with a minimum donation of Rs 250 and a minimum donation of Rs 500 respectively.

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