10 Best Home Pregnancy Test Kits in India

A pregnancy test kit is the easiest way to know about early pregnancy. Convenient, private, simple-to-use, affordable, and readily available, it can help you ease your anxiousness if you are anticipating a pregnancy. Early detection of pregnancy helps a woman make lifestyle changes and take care of her health early on to support the new life growing inside. In its real sense, it is science’s most beautiful gift to a woman. That’s why we would be exploring some of the best pregnancy test kits to buy in India.

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Best Home Pregnancy Test Kits

Listed below are some of the best home-based test kits for pregnancy confirmation. We considered user reviews and ratings to determine the rankings of these pregnancy test kits.

i-can One Step Pregnancy Test Devicei-can One Step Pregnancy Test Device

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You must have come across several advertisements for the i-Can pregnancy test kit in India. A product from the house of Piramal Healthcare, it has been widely marketed across all media, making it quite a popular brand with women. Behind its popularity is its accuracy, which the brand claims to be 99%.

The package of this pregnancy test kit contains a kit and a dropper. You can choose between a 3 testing strips pack, or a one with 5.

To test, you need to place about three drops of urine in the small aperture in the kit, which resembles S. The result will show within 1-5 minutes. The appearance of a dark pink or purple-coloured band near the control and test indicates a pregnancy. If no band appears in the test region, you are likely not pregnant. No band on both the control and the analysis shows the test has not worked, and you should try it again – with a new pack, of course.

Getnews hCG Pregnancy Test KitGetnews hCG Pregnancy Test Kit

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This is one of the most accurate pregnancy tests in India that claims to provide accuracy of as high as 99.9%.  It’s able to provide such a high accuracy, as it determines pregnancy by estimating the amount of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) hormone in the female urine (a hormone secreted by developing placenta).

Performing pregnancy tests with the kit is easy, as it comes with a pregnancy test cassette, a dropper for sample collection and desiccant pouch as a drying agent. The specific product we have mentioned comes with 3 testing strips, but there is a 10 pack kit available too.

To determine pregnancy, just take 2-3 drops of collected urine in a provided dropper, fill it inside the test kit, and just wait for 5 minutes to get the result. The presence of a dual pink line confirms a positive pregnancy, while a single line indicates a negative result. Take a new kit and wait for 2-3 days before re-trying the test.

Prega News hCG Pregnancy Test KitPrega News hCG Pregnancy Test Kit

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Prega News is India’s best-rated pregnancy test kit, because it’s both easy to use and gives accurate results in just 5 minutes. It’s very similar to the previous Getnews kit, as it uses the same reliable hCG-based detection mechanism. However, it enjoys relatively better customer testimonies compared to Getnews.

Every pack of prega news pregnancy kit contains a single-use pregnancy detection card, and a disposable dropper. The kit is available as a pack of 3, 4, 5, 6, or 10 pieces.

Performing pregnancy tests using this kit involves similar steps to Getnews kit. You take 2-3 drops of urine in the dropper, and wait for 5 minutes. Then, if you see 2 pink lines on C&T, the test is positive, while 1 pink line indicates a negative result.

Cipla Mamaxpert Rapid Pregnancy Detection KitCipla Mamaxpert Rapid Pregnancy Detection Kit

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see Cipla, India’s leading pharmaceutical company, making one of India’s best pregnancy kits. Their hCG-based rapid protection kit provides 99% accurate results, is simple and easy to use, and just like competitors, provides results in just 5-minutes.

Every kit of Cipla’s namaxpert pregnancy kit comes with a single-use pregnancy detection strip, one test device and one disposable dropper. It’s available as a pack of 1, 3, or 5.

Again, the kit has to be used like previous hGC-based pregnancy kits (read above paras if you skipped them). Results are also seen similarly, with two pink lines indicating positive pregnancy, one pink line shows non-pregnancy, and no lines correlate with an invalid response.

Ovlo Plus Pregnancy Test KitOvlo Plus Pregnancy Test Kit

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Capable of detecting the minutest level of hCG, Ovlo Plus pregnancy test kit doesn’t require the hassle of collecting urine and injecting it via dropper into the test device. Also, you don’t even need to wait for 5 minutes to see the results. That’s because these pregnancy test strips provide results then and there, and all that requires one is to urinate on the absorbent tip for mere 15-30 seconds. Alternatively, one can even dip the stick in a cup filled with urine – till the arrow marker for 10-15 seconds.

Ovlo Plus pregnancy test kit comes with highly-portable 5 pregnancy test strips, which makes it perfect for discreet on-the-go use at home or in the office.

Results are displayed in the standard format i.e.two lines indicating good news while single line indicates no pregnancy. Anyone can understand results from this kit as it uses an easy-to-read line system.

Accurate Advanced HCG Pregnancy Test KitAccurate Advanced HCG Pregnancy Test Kit

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Similar to Ovlo Plus, this pregnancy test kit from Accurate Advanced is a professional grade midstream test kit. That means, it can be used by placing it directly on the urine flow, which allows for mess-free, convenient, and hygienic use. However, we placed it lower than Ovo Plus, as it doesn’t provide instantaneous results, but rather takes 3-5 minutes to display results.

This kit, containing 3 testing strips, comes with just a single text device and one leaflet. It’s perfect for those who are looking for an easy to use, fast, accurate, and reasonably-priced pregnancy kit.

Plush Preg-Oh! Pregnancy Kit TestPlush Preg-Oh! Pregnancy Kit Test

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This is another great midstream pregnancy test kit that provides 99% accuracy via its early detection technology, comes with an easy-to-read instruction manual, and displays clear results without any faint lines.

Every pack of this gHC-based pregnancy kit contains 3 individual pouches with a midstream pregnancy stick.

To perform a pregnancy test using it (or any midstream pregnancy kit), first remove the cap from the test kit, and then pee on the wick. Put the pink cap back on the stick and keep the stick on a flat surface. After that, wait for 3-5 minutes, breathe in, and then read your results.

Out of all the midstream pregnancy test kits we mentioned in this list, if you are confused which one to pick, we would recommend the highest-rated and quickest Ovlo Plus Pregnancy Test Kit.

Prega month Test StripPregamonth Test Strip

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A product of German Remedies, a premium name in pharma, Pregamonth test strip is meant to be used on the day of the missed period or later for getting the best results. It does work in other scenarios too, but a minimum gap of a week (after intimacy act) is required to get usable results.

Every single-use pregnancy detection strip of this home pregnancy kit comes with a ​urine collection tray, a test ​device​, a disposable ​dropper​ and a desiccant pouch.

While this kit makes it to our list of top pregnancy kits in India, it’s placed so low as it isn’t as accurate as other gHC-based kits. Also, one needs to take several precautions related to handling and timing for its appropriate working.

IS IT Pregnancy Test KitIS IT Pregnancy Test Kit

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This is another midstream pregnancy kit to make it to our list. We gave it a spot because it promises a 99% accuracy, is easy to use, and provides results in just 5 minutes. Every test kit comes with a single strip. To use, one needs to place 3 drops of urine on the apertures marked. Results are read in the standard way. Repeat the test with the new strip if no line shows up.

Medrop Pregnancy Urine Test Strips

Medrop Pregnancy Urine Test Strips

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Medrop’s pregnancy test kit is the last one to make it to our list of best pregnancy kits in India. This is an hCG-based 5-minutest testing kit that can be bought either as a pack of 10 or 25. We can’t comment on its accuracy, or ease of usage, as neither the brand has mentioned it nor anything could be found in user reviews. Maybe you should pick this up, and let people know if it’s really effective and deserving.

While we have only linked to Amazon pages, medical websites like Pharmeasy are also great places to purchase pregnancy kits from. You can get as much as 25% off and avail a handsome cashback on your first order using GrabOn’s Pharmeasy Coupons! Do check the offer before it’s gone!


Are pregnancy test kits really effective?
Yes, home pregnancy test kits have an accuracy of as high as 99 percent, and so are really effective at detecting pregnancy. Some kits, like Getnews hCG Pregnancy Test Kit, can even provide a near-perfect accuracy of 99.9%.

When is the best time to use the pregnancy kit?
Right after the first day of your missed period! Alternatively, one can also carry out the test 21 days after their last unprotected sex. In case you are anxious, you can also search out for “very early pregnancy tests”. These tests can sense a pregnancy even before your missed period day.

What’s hCG-based pregnancy kit?
These pregnancy kits detect pregnancy by checking out for a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in the woman’s urine. This is a special hormone which is only made in a woman’s body after a fertilized egg implants in the uterus.

What’s a midstream pregnancy kit?
These are special pregnancy test kits that allow women to detect pregnancy by directly urinating on the testing kit’s absorbent tip. This is much more convenient and hygienic than conventional pregnancy test kits which require you to collect urine, use dropper, and pour it or inject it for testing. Some of these kits (like Ovlo Plus Pregnancy Test Kit) are fast, and generate results in less than a half minute.


We hope that you have enjoyed reading our list of the best home pregnancy test kits in India. For those who are still unsure, we would suggest they reach out to their healthcare provider or nearest hospital.

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