10 Best Home Pregnancy Test Kits in India

A pregnancy test kit is the easiest way to know about early pregnancy. Convenient, private, simple-to-use, affordable, and readily available, it can help you ease your anxiousness if you are anticipating a pregnancy. Early detection of pregnancy helps a woman make lifestyle changes and take care of her health early on to support the new life growing inside. In its real sense, it is science’s most beautiful gift to a woman. Let us know more about the top pregnancy test kits in India.

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Have a Look at Top Pregnancy Test Strips in India for 2021

1. Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit

PregaNews Pregnancy Test Strip

Manufactured by Mankind Pharmaceuticals Ltd, the prega news pregnancy test kit is one of the most common and readily available home pregnancy tests in India. The package contains a single-use chemical test strip and a dropper. To use it, you need to collect the sample of the first urine in the morning and dispense 2-3 drops of it into the sample well with the help of the dropper.

Within 5 minutes, you will see lines appearing on the sample well. A single line indicates a negative pregnancy test; two pink lines indicate a pregnancy. The other case might be due to a lack of hCG or dropping too little or a high volume of urine in the sample well. In such a case, you can retake the test with a new strip.

The MRP of the prega news pregnancy test kit is Rs. 50, and you can also buy packs of two and four under Rs. 100 and Rs. 200.

Prega News Online price: Rs. 100 (Rs. 99 deal price) (2 tests)

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2. i-Can Pregnancy Test Kit

i-Can Pregnancy Test Kit
You must have come across several advertisements for the i-Can pregnancy test kit in India. From the house of Piramal Healthcare, it has been widely marketed across all media, making it quite a popular brand with women. The package contains a kit and a dropper. You need to place about three drops of urine in the small aperture in the kit, which resembles S. The result will show within 1-5 minutes.

The appearance of a dark pink or purple-colored band near the control and test indicates a pregnancy. If no band appears in the test region, you are likely not pregnant. No band on both the control and the analysis shows the test has not worked, and you should try it again – with a new pack, of course.

i-Can Price Online: Rs. 50 (Rs. 32 deal price)
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3. Pregcolor Test Card

Pregcolor Test Card

A product of MSD Pharmaceuticals, pregcolor test card is widely used in India to detect a pregnancy. Urine needs to be poured on the sample well with the aid of a dropper, and it takes about 5 minutes for the card to give you the result. Again a single-use kit, you need to store the card in the refrigerator and take it out about 15 minutes before taking the pregnancy test.

Two lines are indicative of pregnancy, while a single line indicates you are not pregnant. A faint second line or no line render the test invalid, and it needs to be repeated.

It is priced at an affordable Rs. 70 per strip, it is 90% accurate with results.

Pregcolor Price Online: Rs. 70 (1 strip)

4. Dr. Reddy’s Velocit Pregnancy Kit

Velocit Pregnancy Kit
From the trusted house of Dr. Reddy’s Lab, the velocity pregnancy test kit is a one-step, simple, and easy to use home pregnancy test kit for millions of women in India. It can be taken on the day of the missed period itself by dropping a few drops of the first urine of the day on the rectangle label. You get a dropper to help you with this.

Two-color bands on the test kit in pink/purple colours appear at ‘c’ and ‘t’ indicating a positive pregnancy test result. The wait time is usually 5 minutes. Faint line(s) or no line render the test as invalid, and it should be repeated with a new kit.

Velocit pregnancy test kit can detect even 25 mil/L of HCG in the urine, making it one of the highly sensitive pregnancy test kits. The pack of two costing about Rs.100 is more readily available than the single package costing about Rs. 70.

Velocit Online Price: Rs. 130 (1 strip) (Rs. 100 deal price)

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5. Velocit Eazy Test Kit

Velocit Eazy Test Kit
Again from Dr.Reddy’s Lab, velocity eazy is India’s most advanced and accurate pregnancy test kit. It boasts an impressive 99% accuracy. You need to use it in the stream of urine directly by holding at the capped thumb grip. The absorbent strip should point downwards in the urine stream for a maximum of 10 seconds. Because it does not involve the use of any other accessory, it is quite an easy way to check pregnancy.

Wait for about 3 minutes for velocity eazy to show you the results. Exercise caution as you need to avoid urinating on the control, which may make the test invalid. The result is easy to read, and the screen is wide.

It can be used on the day of the missed period itself.

Velocit Eazy Online Price: Rs. 98

6. Clearblue Plus Pregnancy Test Kit

Clearblue Plus Pregnancy Test Kit
Classified as a premium pregnancy test kit, Clearblue plus is the only US FDA-approved pregnancy test kit available in India. It can be used as early as four days before you miss your period. Though it is 99% accurate, it is still recommended to repeat the test on the date of the missed period if the result was negative before.

The results come as ‘+’ or ‘-,’ implying positive for pregnant and negative for not pregnant. The design of the pregnancy test design is quite impressive, the grip is curvy to hold on to, and the absorbent tip is quite wide to target in the urine stream. The results are ready in just 3 minutes.

It comes in a pack of two, priced at about Rs. 175 for the pack.

7. AccuTest hCG Pregnancy Test

AccuTest hCG Pregnancy Test Kit
Manufactured by Cadila, CLIA-Waived, widely available, and pocket-friendly, AccuTest hCG is one of the top pregnancy test kits in India. It has a cassette like design, wider and designed for single use. You get a dropper with the help of which you need to place a few drops of early-morning urine onto the sample window. You can use a clean container to collect your urine sample.

The results display after 3 minutes. The appearance of one line means hCG was not present in the sample urine, and you are not pregnant. Two lines indicate hCG and hence, a pregnancy.

It is priced at Rs. 40 for a test, making it a very affordable way to check pregnancy.

8. Prega News Advance Pregnancy Test Kit

Prega News Advance Kit
Manufactured by Mankind Pharmaceuticals, Prega News pregnancy test kit was made famous after the likes of Kareena Kapoor and Shilpa Shetty Kundra endorsing it. You can hold the absorbent strip in the urine stream direction for 10 seconds. Let it rest for about 3 minutes, and you will instantly know whether your body is making a baby inside or not.

The appearance of 2 distinct lines in the result window- one at C and one at T, no matter faint or dark confirms a pregnancy. A single line in the C window negates your chances of being pregnant. Any other result renders the test invalid, and you need to repeat it with a new kit.

It is priced at Rs. 50 for 1 and a pack of 4 can be bought for Rs. 200. The kit could be brought for Rs. 420(12 Tests) here.

9. Clearview HCG Pregnancy Test

Clearview HCG Pregnancy Kit
If you are looking for a pregnancy test kit that can be used several times, then Clearview HCG Pregnancy Test should be what you are looking for. The pack contains 20 individually foil-wrapped devices. You can use it by holding the absorbent tip in midstream urine for 3-7 seconds or by dropping a few drops of urine on the absorbent sample. The device needs to be held upright in all cases.

Two blue lines indicate a positive pregnancy test, and a single blue line indicates a negative pregnancy test. Clearview HCG Pregnancy Test is 99% accurate and can detect hCG levels as low as 25 ml/L.

10. Cardinal Health Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit

Cardinal Rapid Test Kit
In the medical world, Cardinal Health is a name to reckon with. You can check a pregnancy with this simple to use one-step pregnancy test kit within 3 minutes with urine and 5 minutes with serum. The package contains specimen droppers and needs requires refrigeration until about 15 minutes before use. The stick needs to be dipped in urine for about 3-4 minutes to get the results.

It has an accuracy greater than 99% and is a premium pregnancy test not available commonly. You can get a pack of 30 dipsticks ranging from 3000-4000 INR.

Pregnancy Test Strip Instructions

Types of pregnancy test kits

Pregnancy home test kits are readily available all across the country and come in the following types-

  • Strip pregnancy test kit: Commonly known as the dipstick pregnancy test kit, it indicates a pregnancy by changing the colour on detecting the hormone hCG when placed in a stream of urine.
  • Cup pregnancy test kit: To test pregnancy with a cup pregnancy test kit, you need to collect a sample of urine in a cup or beaker provided and then place a few drops on the test device in the designated area. It normally shows two lines when pregnant and one when the test is negative.

How does a pregnancy test kit work?

When you get pregnant, the body produces certain hormones like progesterone and estrogen to support the growth of the fertilized egg. A pregnancy test kit usually contains a chemical strip that changes from one line to two lines when it detects the pregnancy hormone, the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in the urine. You also get digital pregnancy test kits that spell the test result as positive or negative, depending on the case.

If you are anticipating pregnancy, a pregnancy test kit is the simplest way to confirm the same. You may also experience other pregnancy symptoms such as a missed period, tender breasts or nausea, and a home pregnancy test to know whether you are pregnant or these are just PMS symptoms.

When to use a pregnancy test kit?

You can use a pregnancy test kit if you are already planning for a pregnancy, or have had unprotected intercourse due to any other reason. Sometimes, protection fails, and you may be left at your wit’s end, wondering if you have conceived or not. That’s when these easily available over-the-counter pregnancy test kits help – to detect pregnancy early on. You can buy them without a doctor’s prescription across stores and even online.

Usually, hCG can be detected in urine 5 to 12 days after the egg gets implanted in the uterus. The best time to use a pregnancy test kit is morning when the pregnancy hormones are at their maximum level in the urine. The chances of getting an accurate pregnancy test result are the maximum with the first urine of the day.

Additionally, if you have had unprotected sex and have also missed your period and are experiencing fatigue, nausea, sore and tender breasts, you should check whether you are pregnant or not so that necessary action is taken.

Why one should use it?

Its usage saves the hassles of visiting a doctor every time one anticipates a pregnancy. Women planning a family usually keep a small package of pregnancy test kits at home to test at their convenience. Once the result is positive, they visit the hospital for prenatal tests.

For women who may not be planning a pregnancy but have had an episode of unprotected coitus, pregnancy test kits can help them terminate a pregnancy quickly. Since they help you know of pregnancy as early as two weeks, the process of termination is much more straightforward and more manageable.


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