100 Smart & Easy Ways to Save Money 2022 – Beginners Guide

100 Ways To Save Money

No matter what it is that you plan on doing, you can achieve it in plenty of ways. Let that be hunting for a new house, learning a new skill or simply increasing your savings for a better future.

This list will show you ways in which you can save your money effectively. You will find that some of these points are very popular already, whereas you may hear the others for the first time. In both the cases, you will get to know how to save money instantly, or in the long run. And the best part? You can implement them directly with 0 hassle.

No matter where you are in life right now, these hacks will be handy to you at some point or the other. So share it with your friends and let them know that you care about them.

      1. Create a budget calendar.
      2. Switch to a debit card instead of a credit card.
      3. Sell appliances that you don’t use.
      4. Learn to DIY
      5. Use bank and wallet offers while paying online
      6. Shop during festival sales.
      7. Share your OTT subscriptions.
      8. Buy more shoelaces and fewer pairs of shoes
      9. Use coupons to save on your bill
      10. Redecorate instead of buying new items
      11. Invest in the share market
      12. Follow the 30-day rule before you buy anything.
      13. Cut your unnecessary subscriptions
      14. Refer friends to new apps and websites for referral discounts
      15. Look for the product you want to buy on bargain websites
      16. Don’t miss out on signup offers
      17. Learn skills on free e-learning websites
      18. Signup for long-term memberships
      19. Download YouTube videos to watch later
      20. Get an all-in-one subscription
      21. Visit party places during free nights
      22. Checkout wallet offers while paying
      23. Use image search to compare product prices
      24. Buy in bulk
      25. Watch your mobile data
      26. Get a travel pass
      27. Use public transport more often
      28. Limit visits to expensive restaurants
      29. Shop quality, not quantity
      30. Pack lunch from home
      31. Avoid other bank ATM withdrawals
      32. Reuse old clothing creatively
      33. Share clothing with your siblings
      34. Maintain a piggy bank. It works!
      35. Enrol in groups instead of alone
      36. Use Kindle to read free e-books
      37. Don’t buy items you don’t need
      38. Create a fixed deposit
      39. Let your PF account grow
      40. Drive fuel-efficient cars
      41. Turn off the stove when the oil is hot
      42. Go thrift shopping
      43. Buy groceries on wholesale
      44. DIY home decor items
      45. Buy furniture from factories instead of retails shops
      46. Switch to energy-efficient bulbs
      47. Grow your own vegetables
      48. Barter your skills
      49. Call over the internet
      50. Explore multiple shops before buying
      51. Bargain before you buy
      52. Install an Adblocker
      53. Put a spending limit on eating out
      54. Buy Winter wear when they are cheap
      55. Trade old items while buying new ones
      56. Book cabs and autos online
      57. Use scratch cards
      58. Visit multiple websites before making a purchase
      59. Prepare spending limits on shopping
      60. Apply online offers while paying utility bills
      61. Redeem points which you earn
      62. Upgrade your debit card
      63. Shop with a list
      64. Subscribe to offer notifications about offers
      65. Get a warranty card with new purchases
      66. Plan your ATM visits
      67. Cycle for short distances
      68. Enjoy Early bird discounts
      69. Use gift vouchers
      70. Get a library card
      71. Listen to free podcasts
      72. Shop during sales
      73. Get Amazon Prime
      74. Signup for Swiggy POP and waive delivery fee on food
      75. Get a Filmy Pass on BookMyShow
      76. Save on restaurant bills with Zomato Gold
      77. Buy Summer clothes during off-season
      78. Snoop Around For Garage Sales
      79. Monitor your expenditure
      80. Don’t buy on credit
      81. Search Exclusive Deals Sites
      82. Signup to newsletter from deals websites
      83. Follow coupon companies on social media
      84. Use free tools
      85. Buy good quality clothes
      86. Keep your health insured
      87. Check savings schemes with your bank
      88. Reserve travel tickets in advance
      89. Buy with No Cost EMI
      90. Leverage your network
      91. Game nights, not Club nights
      92. Free events, not paid parties
      93. Well maintenance, not ignorance
      94. Organised living, not messy living
      95. Go on dinner dates
      96. Pay with wallets to collect more rewards
      97. Consume office space perks
      98. Share food
      99. Get custom finance schemes
      100. Signup for an insurance policy

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