200+ FREE Educational Websites List 2023


Online Library – Missing the smell of stacked books on the library shelves? Well, we can’t take you to a physical library but we can certainly help you enter the world of knowledge virtually with these super awesome free online libraries. Click on the links to browse through the best collection of ebooks online that you can not only read but also download. Isn’t it awesome? Whether you want to learn a new theory of Quantum Physics or you are looking for some nice stories to read, these libraries have a wide range of ebooks on various subjects, fiction, non-fiction, etc.


Discover an innovative approach to PreK-5 learning by diving into SplashLearn. Explore over 4,000 Math, ELA, and life skill-building games and more than 4,000 worksheets. Start your fun-filled learning journey today!

Literature Books

Choose from over 60,000 literature books that date back to 1924. Reading at Gutenberg is free and does not require any registration or external apps.

Open library

Open library is an open source platform where readers can contribute or suggest changes to the books to make reading and enjoyable experience for others.

Children Library

Give your children an exciting in-depth to their roots so they don’t have to miss out just because they don’t live in the native town anymore.


Librivox is a public domain audiobook platform where you can listen to thousands of books recorded by volunteers all around the world. Downloaded to your computers free.

12 Story Library

Learn new topics with 12 examples. 12-Story Library covers many areas of study like biographies, social studies, science & technology, sports & wellness and more.


The National Digital Library of India has up to 47 million learning items available in more than 400 languages. These books are from different indian institutional repositories.

British Council

At British Council you can access the best of UK content in the fields of travel, horror, fashion, tech, literature etc. through ebooks, research materials, novels, newspapers, magazines, videos and more.

Mint Book

Give your kids the edge of learning over what school teaches them. Study from ebooks and videos on curriculum topics for grades I to XII or explore a Digital Library with over 6 lakhs content pieces.

National Library

The National Library, India receives a copy of every journal, paper or book printed and published in the country. it has an online resource to plenty of reading material around the globe, and a digitized books section.

GSD Network

When you Sign Up to the GSD newsletter, culturally enlightening content drops directly into your inbox every week. The emails are full of inspiring stories of youth


Browse from 5000 classic and rare books and select the ones you like based on the synonpis provided for each book. Questia is also the go to place to read journals and encyclopedias.

Full Books

Thousands of ebooks available with their released parts in a simple readable format free of cost. You can download as many books as you want from the website.


At Authorama, the books are categorized as per their authors. You can read plenty of books from your favorite author if you have one. The interface is user friendly.

Read Print

At read print, you can read from a huge collection of short stories, poetry, plays, essays and more. You can also join the online book club that lets you interact with others.

Chest of Books

Chest of Books feature books on topics like animals, architecture, arts, fairy tales, gardening, cooking, knowledge, religion, science, sports, business etc.

Classic Book Shelf

Read classic books with a twist. The ebooks support Java applets with which you can change the formatting of the book to what you like. The books as they are, are a treat to read.

Public Literature

Reading about a topic was never this easy before. Just click on the title and start reading. Public literature has poems and literature material written by top authors and aspiring writers both.


Fiction.us is an ebook directory featuring several novels, short stories, plays and children’s books that you can read with just a click. Enjoy the collection with your kids and family.

Page by Pagebooks

Why carry big books when you can have it inside your laptop or phone. Page by Page books has a long list of books by famous authors that you can randomly pick one from and have a great time reading it.

Public Book Shelf

If romantic novels are your thing, visit Public BookShelf where you can read from historical, contemporary, inspirational, regency, fantasy, vampire, suspense, paranormal and western romances all at one place.


Digital Library

Let your children have the best learning experience from the Global Digital Library pictographic books that are available in over 43 global languages.

Online Library Wiley

Wiley Online library gives you access to thousands of books and research papers written and edited by top academicians in fields like medical, agriculture, and more.

Library SI EDU

Browse from a rare collection of 7000 books and over 35000 digitized books from Smithsonian libraries and enhance your knowledge from research papers.

Digital Library India

The public library of India has an online archive of 20 million books that have been published across the world since more than 100 years and free for download.

Book BUB

With a BookBub account, you can compare prices across various platforms before buying a book. Signup for free and explore hundred of deals in over 43 generes.

Free Ebooks

Select the books, read the synopsys, and add the ones you like to the library. Freebooks has a huge collection of classics, fiction, non-fiction, and academic books.


Read books from sci-fi, thriller, crime, fantasy and many more generes, or add to favorites to read later. By creating a free account, writers can also distribute their work.

Feed Books

Feedbooks is a public domain platform with thousands of books in fiction and non-fiction categories that can be downloaded for free. Install an epub reader to read the books.

PDF Books World

Love classics? Don’t go hunting for them in the market or spend hours finding them in the library. Pdf Books World has classics like The Great Gatsby, and many more organized.


CNX is your online textbook library where you can find books of Algebra, Astronomy, Trigonometry, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Economics among more topics.

Arvind Gupta Toys

Arvind Gupta is a Padma Shri award winner and holds a special passion for toys. Arvindguptatpys.com features books on science, environment, inspiration etc from authors.

Google Books

Need an ebook? Why not turn to the world’s biggest search engine. There are 25 million books that you can either read for free right away, or preview, and then buy.

UPENN Library

You can not only read books written by your favorite public figures/ authors, but also read about them.

Netbhet Ebooks

NetBhet is a Marathi ebook library with over 700 books based on plays, fiction, famous people, and more. The content will get you addicted.

Many Books

More than 50,000 ebooks are freely available at Manybooks.net in generes like fantasy, horror, action, mystry, thrillers and more.


Freeditorial publishes books on its channel from authors worldwide, and makes it available for free to the readers where thehy can either read them online or download them.


Download the latest ebooks from Obooko in fiction and nonfiction categories with a simple login and read about religion, computers, politics, history, homor, poetry and more.

Book Boon

Bookboon has tons of free ebooks written by professors from top universities around the world. A subscription to bookboon gives access to more free textbooks and business ebooks.


Download or read online from some of the most enticing novels or academic books from Chemstry to language learning manuals. All the books at Eodf are free.

Free PDF Books

Learn coding online from a collection of several books on programming languages. Choose your language and start learning.

Planet ebook

Readonline for free from a ranfe of ebooks displayed by their titles or the names of the authors. The books can be downloaded in 3 formats: .pdf, .epub and .mobi


Gone are the days when your little one had to solely depend on the school classes and a teacher instructing a class of 50 to learn a topic. In today’s time, edu-tech brands have come up with smart classes and online classes to help students learn new topics from the comfort of their homes. Whether the lockdown extends or not, you don’t need to worry about your child lagging behind as we bring the best online classes for school students of all grades. All you need to do is lookout for the best and most relevant link and start a fun-filled session of interactive sessions for your kids right away.

Scholastic Class Magazines

Scholastic Classroom Magazines is known for wide collection of magazines for students, teachers and parents spread across multiple genres. The platform offers both print and digital magazines to its users at an affordable price range.


At edX, you can avail the publicly supported K12 training from anywhere at anytime. It has online lessons for primary & secondary education and teacher training courses. Last, but not the least, the courses are available from big universities like Harvar, Michigan, Stanford etc.

Scholastic Classroom

Scholastic Classroom Magazines is known for wide collection of magazines for students, teachers and parents spread across multiple genres. The platform offers both print and digital magazines to its users at an affordable price range. A student can also avail its scholastic learning programs.

Math Hub

You always wanted to be a math genius? Don’t you? Third Space Math Hub can be your go-to math teacher and let you enhance your math knowledge. With dedicated and experienced tutor, the platform strives to cater the needs of students of different age groups.


Offering free access to the entire platform to help support educators and students during the coronavirus pandemic. The apps can be accessed without difficulty from multiple devices and platforms, with visual and audible.


At Curriki, one can acquire knowledge on any topic from the platform’s wide library ranging from Pre-K to high school. Through its high-end digital learning medium, the company has revolutionized the online learning world. It was started to provide high-quality and world-class education to people across the globe.

ETS Open Notes

With more than 60 years of experience in over 180 countries, ETS is serving its purpose of creating a better place for both teachers and students. It offers different exercises and projects to help students improve their english writing and reading skills.


Lalilo is the best teaching and learning tool for teachers and students up to 2nd grade. Students can enjoy personalised exercises with help of vocabulary rich stories, comprehensions and also learn about nature and animals. Teachers can assign tasks to the entire class and also track individual’s progress.

Carrot Top

Carrot-Top’s Educational resources was formed to support schools and teachers across America. Teachers can access the wide range of resources pages and print out students handouts to help them in the learning process.

Brain Pop

Started with an aim to creatively explain difficult concepts to students, BrainPop is undoubtedly the favorite learning platform for kids to learn and explore various topics. From genres like science, art, social studies, math to engineer, tech and math, the platform lets students engage in almost all the subjects and elevate their knowledge.

First in Math

Want to see your child become a math genius? First in Math can help you fulfill your dream. It helps students strengthen basic math concepts and develop an interest towards the subject. With the help of available lessons, quizzes and tests, students can improve their overall math knowledge.

Happy Numbers

Happy Numbers is the best math learning/teaching platform for both students and teachers alike. With fascinating video lessons, exercises, activities and tests, students and teachers can together make learning a fun concept using this platform.

Pebble go

Ever since its establishment, PebbleGo launched by Capstone has been producing engaging content for children. Used by over 3 million students, the platform has nearly 1.7 billion lifetime page views and 661 million articles read across various topics.

Help Me 2 Learn

With super fun activities and games, Super Star Online is dedicated to make learning an interesting thing for children. The courses are focused on core reading and mathematics. The platform teaches students by using captivating characters and images in the lessons.

Super Teacher Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets is an extensive online learning platform with the central aim to brace the knowledge of children. It covers lessons and exercises on various subjects like math, reading comprehensions, early literacy, grammar, phonics, science, social studies, brain teasers and much more.


Hand2mind teach@home is one of the best platforms to teach your children / students and conduct regular tests. From the wide range of topics spread across mathematics, science, literacy, social studies & art, students can excel in every subject with the help of available lessons, exercises & tests.

News School Specialty

News School Speciality has an impressive collection of math and reading workout series for grade 1 to 8 students. The series consist of multiple lessons which can help the students work on their basic concepts.


If you feel overwhelmed with your studies, try out Seneca Learning where content is condensed to what you actually need. The teachers can also set up home works. There are over a thousand sources for KS2, KS3, GCSE & A Level that are based on exam board standards & make learning 2 times faster than usual.

All in one home school

Easy Peasy All in one home school was started to help families to homeschool if they are running out of finance. It has all curriculum till high school. It also has many assignments and tests to assess the knowledge gained by the students.

Learning Path

With Learning Path, you can fulfill your dream of studying from world’s biggest universities. The platform offers high school courses covering a wide range of subjects like math, science and biology. Students can learn online video tutorials and enhance their knowledge on various topics.

123 Homeschool

123 Homeschool 4 Me is an online learning platform operated by a hometeacher named Beth. It has various lessons and workshops for both students and mothers. From classes on various subjects to art & craft lessons to homemade recipe tutorials, the website has a lot in its cart.

Digital Assets

An online platform where digital assets can be stores in the form of Anywhere eBooks, Read-to-Me eBooks, Interactive eBooks and Databases from a central secure bookshelf, for free. Selective and secure online access can be provided to students and patrons.

Grades 2-12

A platform for students in grades 2-12, helping them cope up with challenges in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. It enables registered students to complete lessons and continue to learn remotely.

Computational Science

With around 3 to 4 million monthly page views, Shodor is a renowned and trusted online platform to learn computational science. Its presence is spread across the world and is useful for both students and teachers alike. It aims to encourage the students to take up the technology oriented path.

Breakout EDU

BreakOutEDU allows children to play games online and learn various topics at the same time. Be it Math, Science or Social Studies, the platform strives to make the toughest of topics easy with the help of its interesting exercises and games.


Elementari is a platform that promotes literacy and computational thinking. It enables children to write and code interesting stories. Anyone can join the community and share their art work, writeup, music or any other interactive work and get credits for it. Students can access any project and learn new skills.

Trend Enterprises

Using this website, teachers/parents can download engaging printable worksheets, charts and activities which can help their students/children be more inclined towards studying.

ed Helper

Edhelper.com offers a large number of workbooks to let the teachers help their students to study & practice new skills even if the schools are shut. The worksheets are very engaging which can be printed & worked on by students under the guidance of their parents. The workbooks are available for various topics & various grades.

Kids Discover

Kids Discover Online has a vast award-winning library of science and social studies materials to help children develop an interest in such topics anytime on the go. With more than 15000 interesting topics, students can explore themselves and discover new interests while learning about the world they live in.

Reading IQ

Reading IQ offers an array of books for children of all ages. The platform was started with the motive to help children enhance their reading skills. The collection of books available also has audio books to improve childrens’ listening comprehension.


With more than 1000 stories, activities, exercises, lessons and songs, Homer is the best platform to improve the learning skills of your kid. The bunch of quality content available on the platform is fun, interactive, personalised and effective for children up to the age of 8.

Voyager Sopris

Vmath live helps students to nourish their math knowledge with the help of online lessons, exercises and tests at their own pace. The whole program is structured in such a way that students earn points at each level which motivates them to learn.

Topscore Writing

Top Score Writing offers an excellent online writing curriculum to improve the writing skills of students. It is for teachers and parents who want their students and children to improve their writing abilities. It also has weekly video lessons which can be downloaded & watched at students own pace.

Wonder Stories

Wonder Stories has tons of engaging material for kids that can be easily read on the phone. Questions and answers along the way keeps the readers engaged. Reading is interactive and fun with Wonder Stories that kids end up reading much more than they normally would.


Sumdog is the best place to teach math, spelling and grammar online to your children. It provides learning with revision and real-time feedback on students’ progress to help parents improve the overall skills of their children.


Loved by more than 50 million students and teachers, Prodigy is one the spectacular online math learning platforms. It offers curriculum-aligned lessons for students from class 1 to 8. With the help of Prodigy, teachers can engage and motivate students to practice problems at their own pace.


Coursera comes up with free high school courses affiliated to different prestigious universities. From designing courses to music lessons, from architecture courses to history classes, it has almost all the genres and fields covered.


3DBear is here to help your students learn courses through augmented reality with various 3D model collections. This is to make learning more attractive and full of fun. It also has an app which can be downloaded both on Android and iOS phones.

Purple Mash

Purple Mash by 2 Simple helps to make primary schooling easy and fun. With the help of award winning teachers and excellent curriculum, the platform lets students to easily make use of technology in any subject the want. It teaches students to code, to send an email, to blog and much more.


Mathscore helps students from Kindergarten to grade 8 acquire a deep understanding of math in a fun manner by providing adaptive practice through self-guided lessons. The learning takes place in 3 phases: Definition level understanding, computational excellence.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the worlds oldest and most renowned educational organizations, created in 2008. It is an online platform to educate students, through short lessons in video format, supplementary practice exercises.

Mathematics Learning

Launched by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), Illuminations provides the best mathematics learning tools to students and instructional support to teachers. With more than 700 lesson plans and over 100 activities, the website aims to bring the mathematics community together.

Kid Citizen

KidCitizen allows children of different age groups to explore Congress and Civic engagement through primary sources from history. This is to help students develop an interest in politics and connect with the current daily happenings.

Age of Learning

To build a strong foundation for academic success, ABCmouse.com is all you need for your kids. Lessons here are taught using technology, creativity and fun exercises to motivate students to increase their study hours.

I Know It

I know it is one of the leading math practice sites which creates mathematics as an interactive subject for students up to 5th grade. With the help of awesome animations and thrilling videos, students will eventually develop an interest towards the subject. The platform also allows teachers to assign tasks and tests to each student and assess the performance.

Creosity Space

CreositySpace through its educational resources help children learn science. With the help of its curriculum, it allows parents and guardians to let their children engage in interesting activities at home. It also enables students to develop reading and writing skills along with learning a topic.


Want the classroom to be energetic and a place full of innovations and discoveries? Zaner-Bloser will be helpful to you! From dozens of educational resources available on spelling, vocabulary, grammar and more, the platform is useful for students up to 8th standard.

Holiday House

Browse from the award-winning books and develop an amazing learning skill with the help of a vast book collection published by Holiday House. The Holiday House platform is helpful for teachers, authors, parents, librarians and students.


Want your students to continue studying during school closure? Freckle Education can be your partner in this. With the help of this platform, teachers can assign projects and assignments across various topics and also keep a track of students’ performance.


Learning from home can be made fun and easy with the help of Summer Math Challenge. The six-week stretch program helps students practice math concepts and skills taught in the school. The performance of your children can later be tracked and analysed once the course is complete.

Teach Starter

Teach Started is a magnificent interactive online learning tool created for teachers to help their students teach various subjects online. Teachers can make puzzles, quizzes, questionnaires and any type of classroom activity and keep their students busy during such difficult times.

The TV Teacher

The TV Teacher has outstanding content for children spread across various topics which can help students develop an amazing set of skills. With compelling video lessons available on the platform, students will find learning a fun thing.

Generation Genius

Generation Genius brings school level science topics to digital life & makes them fun and interesting. With the help of amazing videos, activities, quizzes, reading material & more, the platform promises to increase the learning time of students. Moreover, all the videos published on the website are in partnership with the National Science Teaching Association.

Click & Learn

Click & Learn is not only a great place for study material, but also for tutorials, sample problems, tests and more. The online content is free to access for students and educators.


The best form of teaching happens outside the college classroom and you cannot agree more! If you are missing out on your syllabus or want to get a different perspective on topics, we have got your back. With these online classes, you can now learn everything that you want and master your knowledge in your favorite areas of interest at home. We have brought to you some of the best links to online classes from universities like Harvard, MIT, etc, where you can learn from the best professors and expand your horizon like never before.


Need to take a course online? Choose edX’s courses where you can learn from over 140 institutions and also get a certificate after completion. There are 2000 courses to choose from individually or for teams.

Online Courses

Learn Science, Humanities, Accounting, Languages, IT and more from top universities like Yale, MIT, Stanford, and Harvard for free. Onlinecourses.com follows Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) structure.


Take short term courses or create a complete degree plan with instructors from leading universities. After completion, you get a certificate from the university and a Coursera completion badge.

Open Education Database

Browse from 10000 free online courses and start learning. At Open Education Database, you can compare universities before applying and also learn about over 20000 scholarships in different regions.

Academic Earth

Academic Earth contains courses from 50 primary disciplines including Arts, Humanities, Engineering, Philosophy that you can learn through video lectures. Academic Earth links to other platforms for more courses.

Academy 4Sc

Learn about topics in Psychology, Philosophy, Civics and Economics at Academy4Sc and enhance your knowledge to tackle everyday situations and make a long term impact. Academy 4Sc uses interactive video content.


NPTEL is an extensive YouTube learning source covering topics from engineering, basic sciences, humanities and social science subjects. The video lectures are recorded classes from various IITs.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an online education portal for learners of all age and languages (36 languages are supported) to learn school subjects or to brush up concepts with thousands of video resources.


Passionate about Mathematics or just need to learn a topic for school? Study geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus without having to change the screen. GeoGebra is an all-in-one application.

ITC Curriculum

ITC Curriculum has vast courses in Graphics, Programming, audio and video, for teachers and students both. Check out the syllabus on the website and start learning online for free.

Hippo Campus

You can learn from 7000 free videos in 13 subject areas including humanities, social science, natural science and math. Teachers can also create a customized playlist.

Kialo Forum

Learn while you discuss a topic on the open debate forum of Kialo. It can be used to increase critical thinking of students though rational speech and break down complex subjects.


LabXchange is a tool by Harvard university where you can indulge in Science Education with animated video content with transcripts. Tool is integrated with many educational platforms creating a learning community.

National Constitution Center

The National Constitution Center is America’s most historic museum, and on its online website, students can learn about the US constitution through video lectures and discuss with fellow students all across America.

Project Exchange

Project Exchange connects high school students with college goers and alumni alike through field trips, and fellowships programs in order to promote learning through cultural exchange for students in all walks of life.


Study online from Cliffnotes – the study guide, and learn every subject with examples and notes, all on an easy to use website.

Edudose online tests

Get the rank you need in competitive exams like SSC, PO, IBPS, and bank exams with online tests, study materials and exercises.


Practice for government exams by taking online tests designed by experts and get recommendations based on your performance.


Register and start preparing for TNPSC, VAO, RRB, Bank,TANCET Exams. Exam2win is a self-training module where students get material based on previous exams.

Toppers Exam

Prepare for groups from old question papers, hundreds of mock tests and quizzes for Defence, Police, Post Office, Agriculture, Railway exams and more.

India Study Hub

Answer question papers and prepare for interviews, competitive exams, entrance exams and more at India Study Hub. Enhance knowledge about Computer Science.

Free Guru Helpline

Visit Free Guru Helpline for SSC-CGL section-wise preparation. Having the whole syllabus structure at a glance helps you to learn every subject separately by dedicating individual time to each.

Competitive Exam

Choose the competitive exam that you are applying for and start taking free mock tests. Monitor your growth through analytical reports and continue to progress.


Train students by crating a TestYou profile. Here you can conduct training online and select from a rage of training templates to design. Oh! You can design your own too.

Derivative Calculator

calculator-integral.com is a free online integral calculator that displays step-by-step workings for integrating functions. This useful math website offers understandable guidance, customizable formatting, and useful tips for learners wanting to grasp integral concepts or verify their integral calculations.

Integral Calculator

calculator-integral.com is a free online integral calculator that displays step-by-step workings for integrating functions. This useful math website offers understandable guidance, customizable formatting, and useful tips for learners wanting to grasp integral concepts or verify their integral calculations.


Want to upskill your knowledge but don’t have enough time to take a break from work? Here are some of the most sought after online courses that you can join for free (mostly) and gain competitive skills. Most of the brands like Udemy, Coursera, etc are providing free online courses in data science, digital marketing, AI and ML, etc for people to enroll in and gain skills. If you are one of those who are hungry to gain new knowledge and skills, it’s time to check out these courses without delay. In case you want to take up some of the paid courses, you can also get some best deals using the top Udemy Coupons here.


Udemy is currently the most acclaimed and go-to online platform to upgrade one’s skills and learn new courses. With availability of over 1,00,000 courses and new additions published every month, Udemy also gives you lifetime access to its platform.


Testbook provides the best online courses for government exams like SSC, Railways, Banking, Insurance, Defence, etc,. The platform offers super interactive classes, doubt sessions and practice questions in its programs at discounted rates.


Unacademy is the most prominent and leading market leader in the online education world. With a wide range of professional courses and competitive exams courses, the company has established itself as the most favorite digital learning platform.


OpenLearn Create is an innovative open learning online educational place where people can study courses as well as create free courses. It is a kind of Open University where students can choose any course from the available ones and gain immense knowledge.


Vedantu has the best online training classes for students between 6th to 12th standard. Their central goal is to prepare students for board exams and competitive exams. With more than 500 teachers and over 9,00,000 happy users & 1 million hours of live learning.


Coursera is the pioneering leader in the online learning industry. It offers an incredible range of courses, certificates and degrees from prestigious universities and companies. With nearly 4000 cases, 13+ professional certificates and 20+ degrees.

Project Academy

With 99.6% first attempt pass rate, Master of Project Academy is the leading project management online trainer provider. With more than 5,00,000 professionals enrolled from 100+ giant companies, the platform offers the best of self-paced certificate courses.


Whether it’s your favorite magazine or the latest novel that you want to read, we have listed the best online links to educational resources. Check out these links and explore your favorite reads and indulge in some productive and meaningful reading. Not only this, but you can also read up news, latest updates from sports around the world, best storybooks for kids, and everything else that you can think of.

Lifestyle and Travel

Need to take a course online? Choose edX’s courses where you can learn from over 140 institutions and also get a certificate after completion. There are 2000 courses to choose from individually or for teams.

Theater Works

Take your love for theater to a professional level by learning how to adapt a book to the stage along with actual theater content.

TIME magazine

Subscribe to the TIME magazine for kids from one of the biggest sources of news, entertainment, education, multimedia, and more.


Learn remotely with experiments, ebooks, and interactive activities and be engaged with your STEM studies.


Knowledge upgrades are needed by everyone. Working environment demands many new adaptions and habits that recruiters, job seekers and freelancers should remain abreast with. CareerMetis lets you gain insightful information on a bunch of topics like hiring, stress management, work culture, entrepreneurship and even increasing you revenue by proven methods, among more. Visit CareerMetis now and advance you understanding of the industry so you are always ahead of the game.


Teaching isn’t a child’s play! There is a lot of effort that goes behind delivering a fun and successful lecture. To help all the teachers out there to prep from a one of its kind lecture that students remember for ages. Check out the best teaching trends, interactive examples, out of the box ideas, and everything that one needs to make knowledge more interesting. Here are the best resources for teachers to use for free.


Accessibyte is offering free access to the entire platform to help support educators and students during the coronavirus pandemic. The apps can be accessed without difficulty from multiple devices and platforms.

Animation Illustrations

Vooks has an amazing collection of animation illustrations and story books for children of different ages. Teachers and parents can sign-in and download any lesson from any topic. Free one year access to all the teachers.

Carnegie Learning

Carnegie Learning provides the best online education resources spread across various languages to help teachers train the students in the best way possible. With interactive courses and free courses till the end of summer 2020.

Civic Knowledge

Passionate to gain world-class civic education? iCivics can be the go-to platform to expand your civic knowledge and move your interest towards the political activities of the country. Through its online classes, games and activities, teachers can make students more inclined towards the subject.

Musical Learning

If your students are music lovers just like you, Muzology can be the best online learning and teaching platform for both the students and teacher alike. The platform adds music to learning and makes subjects like math and science fun and interesting. Learning is more effective and easy.

Seneca Learning

If you are a teacher or a parent looking to improve the learning speed of your student or child, nothing can beat the smart learning algorithms used by Seneca. It includes some funny GIFs and memes in the lessons to make the entire learning process fun and gripping.


In this time and age, if there is one skill that each one of us seeks to acquire, it has to be an impeccable command over English. A proficient English speaking skill can not only help you stay at par with the other professionals out there and also leave an ever-lasting impression every time you communicate with others. Join these online English speaking classes and gain the confidence you have been seeking ever since!

English Grammar

Are you looking forward to improving your english language through an online mode? This platform helps you to improve your english reading and writing skills. The wide range of posts, quizzes and exercises available on the website can help you improve your language and style of communication.

English Teaching

Launched by the US States Department of State, English Teaching is mainly for english language teachers around the world. With the help of brilliant essays, quizzes, news, videos and other educational resources, teachers can find it easy to help their students improve their grammar skills.

Carnegie Mellon University

With the help of state-of-the-art speech recognition from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University, Carnegie Speech has established itself as one the leading online language learning companies. It focuses on enhancing a person’s spoken language skills to help him succeed professionally.

Education First

Education First gives you the liberty to learn any aspect of conversational English at your own pace. With various activities, exercises, posts and tests available on the platform, one is sure to brush up his writing skills, grammars, idioms, and vocabulary.

British Council

Launched by the US States Department of State, English Teaching is mainly for english language teachers around the world. With the help of brilliant essays, quizzes, news, videos and other educational resources, teachers can find it easy to help their students improve their grammar skills.

Perfectly Spoken

Perfectly Spoken, as the name suggests, helps one to gain perfection and command over the english language. With over 450 video lessons, outstanding learning materials and excellent teaching faculty, the platform is one of the #1 online english language teaching website.

Cambridge English

Looking for the best online website to improve your english? Nothing can replace the extremely remarkable collection of educational resources provided by Cambridge Assessment English. It lets individuals improve their language speaking skills.

Learn 30+ languages

Learn 30+ languages like Dutch, Japanese, Italian, Portugese, Arabic and more on Duolingo from anywhere you are with easy access on your desktop or mobile. Practice from exciting lessons online and join the league of millions of users.


Perfectly Spoken, as the name suggests, helps one to gain perfection and command over the english language. With over 450 video lessons, outstanding learning materials and excellent teaching faculty, the platform is one of the #1 online english language teaching website.

Learn English

Learn grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and more with BBC by taking courses on tons of interesting topics that not only teach you english but also improves your overall knowledge. You can choose a course as per your current level of expertise.

Online english classes

Enrol for online english classes from edX and learn from trainers of top schools like Tsinghua, ASU, HKPolyU. There are several courses depending on different purposes like doing business, academics, general conversations, for interviews.

Learn Spoken English

Perfectly Spoken, as the name suggests, helps one to gain perfection and command over the english language. With over 450 video lessons, outstanding learning materials and excellent teaching faculty, the platform is one of the #1 online english language teaching website.

Oxford Online English

Oxford Online English helps you master English by preparing you in different areas like vocabulary, grammar, listening by teaching syllables, word stress.

Talk English

Learn to talk fluently in english with ‘Talk English’ from over 10000 free audio files and articles. Master speaking, listening and also use the extra english resources all free of cost.

English Lessons

Know your language from the community that has been teaching English since 1999. Here you can learn from over 50 comprehensive lessons that teach you every part English.

Free Coursera Courses

Join the coursera course that teaches you to speak English professionally and personal scenarios. The course also helps you improve your telephonic skills. In this digital age it’s important to learn the language ethics.

Writing English Course

Join the 2 million people who learn from alison.com. It offers a speaking and writing english course where you learn to communicate in English more effectively.

English courses

Select from a range of English courses from top universities and institutions like British Council, King’s Council London, Coventry University and more and master English in various disciplines.



Prodigy Game is suitable for people from ages 1 to 8 and covers 1500 essential skills that kids can learn while they play. The games are built to adapt the student’s aptitude and offer them best learning experience.

Math is Fun

Math is really fun with mathisfun.com for students from 1st to 8th grade. Students learn concepts in Calculus, Algebra, Geometry and more through puzzles, games, and interactive activities. Worksheets are available for students to work on and test their knowledge.

Varsity Tutors

Select from a range of English courses from top universities and institutions like British Council, King’s Council London, Coventry University and more and master English in various disciplines.

Math Goodies

Learn math from Mathgoodies with tons of lessons and interactive materials like puzzles, games, problems and more. Students can practice the topics they learn as soon as they finish the online chapter. If your kids love to do math, or need some help with it, introduce them to mathgoodies. They’ll have a great time while improving their knowledge.

Indian Math Society

The Indian Math Society was formed in 1907 and is the oldest organization in India which is dedicated to study and research in the field of Mathematics. The organization is based out of Pune, India. The online website has a bunch of publications and papers that are free to browse through and learn from.

Ricks Math

Start learning at ricksmath.com where you can find all topics from addition & multiplication to percentages & square roots. You will also learn cool skills like telling time and counting. Students can also download worksheets from the website to practice what they learn. This guide is available for all age groups of school going children.

AAA Math

At AAA Math, students learn math topics like decimals, exponentials, ratios, statistics, fractions, basics like addition, subtraction & more through interactive lessons. Just explore the chapter and start learning as per your convenience. After lessons, you get to solve problems by setting time limits. This creates a competitive environment for the students encouraging them to spend more time learning.

Chili Math

Chillmath provides resources for students, parents and teachers all to increase their knowledge of math. Students can learn from lessons for all math related topics, and can also get instant answers online if they face any difficulty through Math Solver, an online tool that helps students with instant answers. Moreover, students can practice what they have learnt by solving problems on downloadable worksheets

iPractice Math

Practice math online for free at iPracticemath. The solutions are available for students from class 1st to 9th. Moreover teachers can also use the tools to teach a class and monitor the progress. Later as an encouragement a certificate can be provided to the students. iPracticemath keeps students engaged and enhances their knowledge with essential math concepts.


You can learn from basic math to advanced topics at math.com for free. You also get a lot of practice material to test your knowledge and improve while learning. Moreover you will find the mathematical tools very fun and easy to use. If that wasn’t enough, you can literally play cool games to enhance your knowledge about mathematical concepts.

Math TV

Learning is better with videos. At MathTV, you can explore over 10000 videos for your child. All topics from Fundamentals of Math, Trigonometry, Calculus, Algebra and its subtypes are covered. Lessons are delivered by experienced math teachers that your kid can enjoy without having to take extra classes or tutions

Math Game Time

Can’t get your child to leave that video game or stop playing games on your phone? Maybe you don’t have to stop them from playing games when you could just change the games that they play. There are plenty of educational games at mathegametime.com that are not only fun but will also help your kids learn and increase their math knowledge.

Vedic Maths India

Give your kids the edge in learning math by teaching them from the concepts first derived by Bharati Krishna Tirtha – the father of Vedic maths. Anyone from grade 3 or above can take the online classes. All classes are conducted on a one-on-one basis by expert faculty. The syllabus is customised as per the student’s needs. Vedicmathsindia.org is also a great resource for students who aspire to appear for competitive, banking and entrance exams for degrees like engineering.

Math Planet

High school students got a friend in Math Planet! Learn Algebra, and geometry with video lessons and textual material both. The syllabus covers mostly the 4 subjects: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and geometry where multiple chapters with examples allow students to enhance their math skills.

Cool Math

You don’t have to buy any toys or kids laptops as with Coolmath there are plenty of cool games which will help your kid learn math merely on the internet. These games are based on Calculus and Algebra. All the learning activities are fun & engaging that will improve students’ critical thinking and make them mathematically strong.



Code.org encourages children to learn computer science from a young age. Courses are designed from K-5 to beyond K-12. You can also indulge in fun coding activities like coding a dance party and sharing it with your friends. All this at no cost.

Crunch Zilla

Who said learning to code wasn’t fun. If it’s not, you might want to learn in a different way. Maybe at Crunchzilla, as here coding is anything but boring. Children learn in an interactive method with a monster character that keeps them hooked while they gain new skills.

Khan Academy

The famous Khan Academy brings you its Computer programming course where you start from the basics, and master HTML, SQL, JavaScript, JQuery, Games and more. After completing the course, you can easily make a website of your own.


Create your own interactive stories, games and animations by following fun tutorials so you don’t feel that they are studying, like most kids might want. You will love spending time on Scratch. Scratch is a Media lab product and is translated into more than 70 languages.


Make games that everybody loves with easy tools at Stencyl. Through a very easy to use and amazing drag and drop feature, your games will be ready in no time. Games built with Stencyl can also be adapted for Android, iOS, Windows and so on.


Let your 8 year old start to code with edX’s self-paced coding courses. The course is developed by MIT. You get comprehensive lessons and you do not need any prior knowledge to master the skill.


Keeping your kids engaged during the lockdown is one of the toughest things to do. How about looking up some of the most interesting online activities for kids to keep them engaged and let the learning happen in a fun away? Yes, that’s right! Here are some of the best kids activities websites that you can resort to in order to keep your kids engaged. Browse now, thank us later!

Good House Keeping

Nurture your kid’s love of crafts with Good Housekeeping where they can learn new DIY projects every Friday in a live session. Moreover there are tons of blogs which will help your kid make custom candles, wall hangings, pen holders.

Its Always Autumn

Enhance your child’s creativity with It’s Always Autumn by making them learn crafts that are fun and easy to make. Like attractive murals, origami, or a fun indoor escape maze. Your kids can also try out ideas for Christmams, birthdays, Halloween, Teacher’s day, and a lot more.

Free Kids Activities

Collab with your kid and have some fun parent-child time. There are more than 4500 brilliant ideas for various age groups where kids can have so much fun while they make, color, splash and enjoy. So if you think that your kid has a special aptitude for crafts.

Education Activities

Educations.com’s activity section has tasks like how to make a bouncy egg, a peace rock, cup tower, slime and thousands more. There are also educational topics like how to make tough decisions in life.


We love art when we are young more than any other time. Capture this interest of your child with artistic works from world class exhibitions all present at Boca Museum. There are 5000 pieces of art with lessons on all of them.

Jarrett Lerner

Jarrett Lerner has interesting illustrations and letters that you can print out and make your own. With the templates available, you will be able to create comics from scratch, or complete the half written ones.

Coloring Worksheets

Download coloring worksheets for your 7 year old. The sheets show many real life scenarios and drawings of famous people and situations that will help your kids learn more about the community in an engaging and effective way.

Disney Parks

Learn to draw so many loved cartoon characters like Tinkerbell, Alladin’s Genie, Mickey Mouse and many more from actual video tutorials by experts from the Animation Academy.

StoryLine Online

Who wouldn’t like a lovely story. What if someone else was reading it? StoryLine Online has mamy videos of narrators reading story books like The Tale of 2 Beats, Me and My Cat etc.


Rao IIT Academy

Best Scholarship exam for school students from III to IX grades. Students can attend the exam for the class they are in. First ranker gets a scholarship of Rs. 2500 and mementos, and everyone else up to Rank 200 can take home certificates along with cash prizes of varying amounts.

Global Scholarship Trust

Indian Academic Aptitude Test (IAAT) is a global scholarship programme that helps aspiring students to opt for higher education who otherwise do not have the resources to do so after appearing for an entrance exam. Students pursuing 12th grade are eligible to apply for the programme.


SarvGyan National Scholarship Test (SNST) lets students take a test as preparation for JEE Main & NEET and other exams. All the first 100 rankers get the scholarship. Along with that students can also win Laptops, Smart phones, Free mock tests & Cash prizes. Red more about it on the Sarv Gyan website.

Nice Foundation

The National Scholarship Exam (NSC) by NICE Foundation provides students with financial aid. Everybody from class 5th to 12th can apply only with a registration fee of Rs. 400. Attend the exam online. The questions are multiple choice types.


You can become an engineer or a doctor at EMSCC with 100% Scholarship by attending the Extramarks Young Scholarship Exam. Extramarks Smart Coaching Centers (EMSCC) provide coaching in JEE and NEET and more through fun digital learning solutions.


Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) scholarships aims to promote science studies and offers scholarships to anyone showing an aptitude for science from class XI to Ist year of an undergraduate programme who can later earn general fellowships up to pre PhD level.


NEST (Nationwide Education and Scholarship Test) is open for students from 9th grade to 12th and those studying Diploma programmes. Scholarships can be won starting from Rs. 20000 and can rise up to Rs. 50000.

CFA Institute

CFA Institute offers scholarships for the Chartered Financial Analyst Program (CFA). There are quite a few scholarships to choose from like Student scholarship , women’s scholarship. Professor chilarshipo, media scholarship etc.

ATSE 2020

Students from 5th class to 12th can register for the ATSE exam that they can avail from the comfort of the homes and avail huge scholarship for their academic career. The registration fee is Rs 500. So head over to the website and register.


Students who get a seat through NEET in MBBS/BDS/BAMS/BHMS/BUMS are awarded the benefits of AIPMST scholarship after they qualify the AIPMST scholarship test.


The AISEE exams are conducted on computers all across India. All 12th grade passouts who are planning to pursue higher education in Engineering, MBBS, or BDS are eligible to apply.

AIEESE Secondary

Have you just completed 12tg grade and are planning to opt for Engineering as a career? Take the AIEESE test and get a scholarship for getting admitted into leading institutions like IIT/NIT/IIIT/GFTI/ICAR/TOP.

My Study Cart

Prepare for the NTSE examination by getting all the information at one place. At My Study Cart, you can learn about the application process, exam schedule, eligibility criteria and all the details that you need. NTSE is a national level scholarship that entitles students to get a fixed amount of scholarship every month for the complete academic career.

Jagran Josh

To learn about more scholarships and Competitive Scholarship Exams, read this article by Jagran Josh, You will surely find a good match for your needs.


Students aiming for higher studies can get their scholarships from AIYSEE. The AYSEE test series is provided to students for a period of 1 year at a cost of Rs. 1150. The talented students are selected for the award.


Find a list of popular scholarships in India and download the guide to know more from Shiksha.com. Get to know the exam dates, syllabus, download the application forms and get loads or previous question papers for the exams all at one place.

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