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Buy Weighing Scale At Rs 689

Buy Weighing Scale At Rs 689

Rs. 689 Rs. 776

A flat 11% off on weighing scale offered by Atco for customers to keep healthy by regular check up with this home assisted diet controller. Believe us, Rs 689/- is the best you could ever imagine, so rush up online and order this fit product.

Product Description

For your regular weight checkup at home, this weighing scale is a completely credible product to deal with the same. A designer good for weight check with bent rods attached at the circumference, this product is a completely amazing deal to stick with. Don’t stun now because this is just a start. Along with this, the weighing machine by Atco is also capable of weighing the baggage for your undisturbed check-in during flight times. And with that, material handling also come handy.

  • Brand- Atco
  • Color- White
  • Material- Iron rods, Glass