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60% OFF On Stainless Steel Electric Tandoor

60% OFF On Stainless Steel Electric Tandoor

Rs. 1999 Rs. 4999

Isn’t it shocking on your side to take away a 60% off merchandise, especially when its for the most adored thing, food? For the same, Askmebazaar is displaying this amazing Stainless steel electric tandoor at just Rs. 2200. So go ahead and shop for the same.

Product Description

A chef's ideal kitchen mate, this Stainless Steel Electric Tandoor works its magic in the kitchen. Its robust and solid built will withstand cooking at high temperatures which makes it the perfect kitchen appliance. What’s new in an electronic tandoor people ask? But let us have an opportunity to explain the same to you. Agreeing to the fact that a microwave also roasts up your favorite dish, but while using an electronic tandoor, especially a stainless steel one, you’d definitely experience a difference in time saving. Any dish you love can now be roasted or cooked within minutes and less strain. Plus, the product is a stainless steel one, so it wouldn’t have an issue of getting wrecked so easily as they’re durable.


  • Color - Silver
  • Material - Stainless steel
  • Capacity - 1500 watts
  • Type: Electric tandoor