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33% Off On Sofa Set @ Snapdeal

33% Off On Sofa Set @ Snapdeal

Rs. 35879 Rs. 53689

It’s a new season and your house too needs something new. Buy this fabulous sofa set from Snapdeal at 33% off. This L shaped sofa set can bring life to your house by its radiant colour combination. Style up your living room with this iconic piece from Snapdeal and bring home some life and colour.

Product Description

Snapdeal offers to you one of a kind sofa set at 33% off. This sofa set comes in a L shaped design. The sofa set comes in a radiant red and black color combination. Any living room needs to look lively and peppy. A dull living room can put off not just your mood but effect others too. This sofa set from snapdeal promises to raise the bar of the perfect living room you were dreaming off all the time. The back support of this sofa also makes you feel much more relaxed and refreshed than any other sofa sets out there. The neck support that is provided gives your neck a soothing feeling. The bottom too of this sofa is very comfy. Overall, you are assured of a very relaxing and comfy stay on the sofa. It’d be quite a task to get back to your daily chores once you sit on it. The cushion just adds on to the comfy and beauty of the piece. The red and black colored sofa is made with a strong wood material that will be durable for years together. Snapdeal always strives to deliver quality products so be assured that your sofa set is made from nothing but the best of  materials. You wouldn’t be having any qualms about this sofa set. Take home on of these happening products from Snapdeal and bring home some life and some good cheer.


  • Item: Sofa set
  • Vendor: Snapdeal
  • Color: Red and Black
  • Durability: Yes