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Pink And Blue Sailor Collar Dress

Pink And Blue Sailor Collar Dress

Rs. 1299 Rs. 1599

Wear confidence along with you this new year. Buy this amazing pink and blue sailor collor dress from Zovi at just Rs 1299. This dazzling dress is a sure shot way to popularity. Nobody will be able to spare their eyes from gazing at you. For Rs 1299 - you cannot just ask for more. Buy this amazing looking dress right now before someone else does. You sure wouldn't want to miss out on a chance to look fab.

Product Description

Wondering what to wear on a party that’s coming up? Wanting to look extra glamorous but don't quite know how? Here is you chance of hogging all the limelight. Dote this gorgeous looking pink and blue combination dress from Zovi. Say yes to fashion and style. This dress would let you look not short of glamorous. This dress features horizontal alternate stripes of blue and pink. The pink and blue color combination looks very beautiful as they compliment each other very well. The sailor collar is the main feature of this dress. This dress looks all the more special, courtesy the sailor collar. The tie up bow on the left shoulder adds on beauty to the already radiant dress.There is zipper on the side which is concealed. For a much appealing look this dress crafts darts at the waist. The fitting is all the more better now because of that. Don’t miss out on your chance to look glamorous this season. Take home this appealing dress and flaunt it. You are assured of tons of praises and compliments. You deserve to be pampered. Buy this dress today from Zovi. Fashion was never so exclusive. Take your style statement to a whole new level with Zovi. All the sizes range from S to XXL are available. Doesn’t matter if you are lean or healthy. Your desires are always fulfilled here.

Product details:

  • Item: Dress
  • Color: Blue and Pink
  • Brand: Zovi
  • Gender: Female
  • Return: Yes