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Kids Footwear Below Rs 1000

Kids Footwear Below Rs 1000

Rs. 1000 Rs. 1000

In search of a good and eye grabbing footwear that will make your little one grin? Stop your search right now because Firstcry presents to you their special footwear collection that will leave you gasping in wonder. The best part is all the footwear are available at below Rs. 1000. Fascinating offer this one, isn't this? Give your child another reason to smile today. Buy footwear for your kids only from Firstcry.

Product Description

How many places have you been to trying to buy the footwear your kid likes and that would stay in your budget? All kids love wearing shoes with their favorite comic character's print on it but finding one that doesn't make a whole in your pocket and is to your child's liking is a task not so easy. Firstcry brings to you its wholesome range of spectacular shoes that'd make you buy'em right away. You have a wide range of shoe designs and patterns to choose from. They offer you shoes in all colours and designs spreading across various sizes. The materials too used in making of these shoes are of very high quality. The latest technology that has been used in the shoe ensures the comfort of your toddler. Cushioning around the feet and flexibility of the sole are some of the technologies that have been used. With the sharp and precise design works the shoe just stands out effortlessly. Your kid is in a special treat with this shoe. Buy your little one or gift someone this amazing shoe and get ready to take all the compliments.


  • Item: Shoe
  • Age: Kids
  • Designed: Yes
  • Durable: Yes