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Jabong Gift Card

If you like the shop, then Jabong can be your haven, your one-stop shop for all your fashion needs and wants. It is known that different people have different tastes, so similarly people believe one thing can’t be given to everyone. While in general sense that is true, a gift card can be given to everyone. We totally get that gifting can’t be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s exactly why we are here to provide you with Jabong Gift Cards, an answer to all your gift-giving dilemmas. Never again do you have to sit and wonder what to gift them? Will they like your gift? With a Jabong Gift Card? The answer is always going to be yes. Yes, they’ll like it.

Jabong E-Gift Card

Jabong Gift Voucher

Sold By GrabOn

Safe & Secure

We make sure your eGift Card purchase is safe and secure. We at GrabOn use SSL protocol to secure the transactions.

Fast E-Gift Card Delivery

The e-Gift Cards are delivered to your inbox instantly, courtesy our in-house email delivery system.

Ease Of Use

We have painstakingly designed the gifting & payments platform to be smooth and user friendly while also providing fast transactions.

Seamless Payments & Transactions

Our payment gateway accepts bank credit and debit cards along with netbanking services, UPI and mobile wallet services.

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value low to high
  • value low to high
  • value high to low
  • Card Value Rs. 100
  • You Pay Rs. 99
  • Savings 1%
  • Card Value Rs. 500
  • You Pay Rs. 495
  • Savings 1%
  • Card Value Rs. 1000
  • You Pay Rs. 990
  • Savings 1%
  • Card Value Rs. 2000
  • You Pay Rs. 1980
  • Savings 1%
  • Card Value Rs. 5000
  • You Pay Rs. 4950
  • Savings 1%
  • Card Value Rs. 7500
  • You Pay Rs. 7425
  • Savings 1%
  • Card Value Rs. 10000
  • You Pay Rs. 9900
  • Savings 1%

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Frequently Asked Questions



1. What does the Jabong Gift Card do?

A Jabong gift card lets the gift card recipient buy the best of fashion. So whatever occasion is coming up, be it a birthday, anniversary, festival, even corporate occasions, it is all sorted. The Jabong gift cards are available in 4 denominations.


2. How do I buy a Jabong Gift Card?

To purchase a Jabong gift card follow the below steps:


3. Go to: https://www.grabon.in/jabong-gift-cards/

Choose the Gift Card from the list.

Choose the required denomination for your gift card. Available denominations are Rs 250, Rs 500, and Rs 1,000.

Make the payment. You can pay via credit card/ debit card/ Net-banking.

Till when is my Jabong Gift Card valid?

Please refer to the terms and conditions to know the validity of your gift card.


4. What types of Jabong Gift Cards are available?

At present there are only e-gift cards. The physical gift cards are in the making and will soon be available to you.


5. How will I receive my Jabong Gift Card(s) after purchase?

You’ll receive your Jabong gift card in your email within 24 hours from the time we receive your payment.


6. How can I redeem my Jabong Gift Card?

To redeem your gift card, follow the below steps:


Select items for purchase. Click on the ‘Proceed To Pay' option on the checkout page.

In the choose payment method page select the ‘Jabong Gift Card’ option.

Enter your 16 digit gift card number and the 6 digit PIN number provided on your gift card.

If your order total exceeds the gift card value, you will be asked to select an additional payment method.

And, if the order total is less than your gift card value, then the balance will be credited back to your gift card. This can be used for the next purchase.


7. Can I use my gift card on the Jabong mobile app?

Yes, you can use the Jabong gift card on the app as there’s an official Jabong app.


8. Can I use multiple Jabong Gift Cards during one purchase?

No, you can only use one gift card per purchase at the any of the Jabong outlets or on the app/website.


9. What happens if the transaction amount is lower than the balance in my Jabong Gift Card?

Since you can use the gift card only once the rest of the gift card balance will be void.


10. If I cancel my purchase or booking what happens to the Jabong Gift Card that I have used?

In case of a cancellation, please get in touch with our customer support regarding the available options of repayment.


11. Upon applying my Jabong Gift Card the transaction failed. But the amount has been deducted. What do I do?

In such a case reach out to us as soon as possible and we will look into the matter and revert accordingly.


12. What are the customer support details?

Drop us a mail at giftcards@grabon.in or call us at 7997692233 and our team will get back to you.

Recognition Done The Right Way

Have an employee who works hard? If you are looking for a way to show your employees that their efforts are appreciated, then here’s an answer to all your prayers- Gift Cards, more specifically Jabong Gift Cards. One of the reasons why these totally work in your favor is the flexible denominations that they come in. Yes, they are a total treat. This way you can buy Jabong Gift Cards and distribute them accordingly. This how you can work it out, the one that works the hardest, the best employee per se can get the Jabong Gift Card with the highest denomination or there are probably different areas that the employees fared well at and probably their recognition can be given along those lines. That’s when their customized templates come into the picture. The Jabong Gift Vouchers can be tailored depending on individual accomplishments. So yes the next time you are planning to appreciate someone’s efforts, you know a Jabong Gift Card is a great way to do that.

The Perfect Shopping Experience

Jabong was launched in 2012 and ever since it has taken the e-commerce industry by the storm. It has made a huge contribution to the Indian e-commerce industry on the whole. And if you see at what rate online shopping is taking place, it is safe to say Jabong is going to go a long way especially with a good delivery speed, great prices, and a very helpful customer service it is one of the preferred online shopping options for fashion. What makes the whole shopping experience perfect is the offers, so give someone a Jabong Gift Card and you know for sure they are going to be grateful. Some more reasons for the perfect shopping experience are their cash on delivery(COD) option that makes life so much better, you can get the order and then pay for it. Then they have a 15-day return policy, that makes trying the product and returning it in case you didn't like it or isn't the right fit, a whole lot easier. It also works in those cases where the products are actually a gift and the recipient didn't like the gift or isn’t the right fit for them either. It just makes the whole returning process hassle-free. One of the best parts of ordering from Jabong is their free shipping, yes order what you want to the places they deliver and you won’t get charged for the delivery.

Something For Every Season

There’s something for everyone, there is something for every occasion, and there’s definitely something for every season. Whether you want to cover yourself with jackets and sweaters for the harsh winter months or wear tank tops and shorts to escape the heat of the hot summers, there’s something for everyone, clothes that you can style up according to your own taste. You can accessorize them as well with their collection of watches and sunglasses. You can deal with all seasons in a fashionable way. While that was the season part. Here’s the one that covers all the occasions. There’s ethnic wear for the days that are filled with festivity or weddings, whether you want salwars and churidars or sarees, they have an amazing collection that will totally meet your requirements. Then there’s their sportswear collection for the ones that want to get fit and are doing something about it whether it going for morning runs or hitting the gym. Getting yourself to the gym can be a task in itself, why not do it by sporting something from their collection? Their sportswear section covers everything. Basically, they have everything one might need to stock up for the entire year. They also have collections from the top brands from everywhere, catering to everyone’s needs from Adidas to Lee Cooper to Dorothy Perkins to Inc 5 to Puma to Loreal Paris to Vera Moda etc they have something in their virtual store for everyone. Not just the above-mentioned brands, they have so much more as well. They have a section for the tiny tots too, yes they have a kids section that has clothing, footwear, toys, and accessories for the little fashionistas.

Let The Jabong Gift Card Speak For You

There are so many times, you have wanted to tell someone how you feel, a parent, a sibling, a friend, a partner but sometimes it so happens that words fail you and you don’t exactly know how else to convey your thoughts and feelings just the right way. What is there’s an option to do so and it is by giving them the freedom and authority of what they want to do with their gift. Isn’t that neat? Yes, that’s possible now with the inclusion of Jabong E-Gift Vouchers in your gift ideas. They totally make the perfect gifts to give anyone and for any occasion. Whether you are grateful for them or are apologizing for something or just want to shower your love for them, give them one of the Jabong Gift Cards is a sure shot way to do so.

Gifting Made Less Of A Task

If you have someone’s birthday coming up or if you want to show appreciation and gratitude to someone and are not sure how to do so. Showing it through gifts is a good idea but more often than not the gifts go unused or are unwanted and therefore exchanged or regifted. No one wants that. So what’s a better idea? Give them a Jabong eGift Card and let them decide what they want to do with it. A gift like that will never go to waste. They’ll put it to use according to their needs and requirements. Maybe there’s this dress or a watch that they have always wanted to buy, maybe they finally wanted to get into makeup or maybe they were planning to buy new sports shoes or loafers and they just never got around to buying them for whatever reason, they can avail their Jabong Gift Cards online and finally buy it, thanks to you.