10 Best Mattress Toppers in India 2021

For admirers of good sleep, a mattress topper can make all the difference in the world. It’ll keep your back happy, your neck aligned, and you won’t welcome the new day sneezing. In fact, a good mattress topper ensures that you’re well-rested on different levels.

Now, what is a ‘good mattress topper’ exactly? Of course, something that’s 500 GSM and above, hypoallergenic, light in weight; but also, something that really complements your mattress. Amazon is filled with 2-star reviews of customers who bought a regular topper for a memory-foam mattress, or customers who bought a harder topper for a softer mattress. That’s not cute.

List of Top 10 Mattress Toppers in India 2021

1. Cloth Fusion FluffyCloud Mattress Topper

Cloth Fusion Mattress Topper

Price: Rs. 1499
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This Mattress Topper is a 600 GSM microfiber one that will fit a mattress up to 8 inches. While the outer material is of 110 GSM Micro Peach, the filling material is of 600 GSM Microfiber. This gives added comfort to the topper and makes it one of the most breathable, cool, and noiseless toppers on our list. The topper is also resistant to dust mites, making it the perfect choice for anyone with allergies.

Colors: Grey, Maroon, and Navy
Care: Dry clean only

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2. AVI Super Soft Mattress Topper

AVI Super Soft Mattress Topper

Price: Rs. 1419
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With an outer material of 100 GSM Polyester and a filling material of 500 GSM Hollowfiber, this mattress padding from AVI can cover mattresses as thick as 12 inches. Four elastic bands in the corners hold the topper in place. This topper too is anti-dust mite and has a unique cotton fabric shell for added comfort.

Colors: Beige
Care: Dry clean only

3. Daksh Mattress Padding

Daksh Mattress Padding

Price: Rs. 1409
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This mattress topper from Daksh Jaipur has an outer material of cotton and filling material of hollow fiber. It is a 500 GSM topper that fits mattresses up to 12 inches. The topper has an imported hollow filling, which is responsible for the luxurious comfort you get while using it. Super soft and comfy, the topper is designed to relax your body.

Colors: Green, Blue, Red, White, Black, and Grey
Care: Machine-washable

4. Rajasthan Crafts Microfiber Topper

Rajasthan Crafts Microfiber Topper

Price: Rs. 1550
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This premium mattress padding has a thickness of 2.25-2.5 inches, unlike the 2 inches of the other toppers in this list. It has an imported microfiber filling, which adds tremendously to the feel of the topper. An added benefit is that the topper is really easy to care for. It can be machine-washed and tumble-dried on a low setting.

Colors: Maroon, Blue, Brown, and White
Care: Machine-washable

5. Fitmat Memory Foam Topper

Fitmat Memory Foam Topper

Price: Rs. 3999
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Designed for a firm to medium-firm mattresses, the Fitmat Topper relieves pain/pressure points and provides proper support to the back. Over time, the memory foam will distribute your weight evenly and conform to curves to alleviate pressure points. The topper comes with a breathable and allergen-resistant cotton cover, which you can remove and wash easily.

Colors: White, and Blue
Care: Machine-washable (cover)

6. Relaxfeel Mattress Topper

Relaxfeel Mattress Topper

Price: Rs. 1449
Check Price on Amazon

Here is a 600 GSM super-soft mattress topper that is also waterproof. The topper fits mattresses that are as deep as 15 inches. With 3D embossed quilted fabric on the outside and Microfiber filling on the inside, the topper is not just durable, but also has a premium touch-and-feel. As it is designed to be breathable, you will also not feel hot while using it.

Colors: Navy blue
Care: Should not be bleached

7. AVI 2500 GSM Mattress Topper

AVI 2500 GSM Mattress Topper

Price: Rs. 3479
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With a thread count of 300, this topper gives you more comfort and support than a 5-star hotel bed. The filling material is an imported super microfiber with 2500 GSM. The topper has durable stitches, which will withstand regular washes easily. The elastic band in the corners can fit mattresses with a thickness of 6 to18 inches.

Colors: Maroon, Red, Pink, Brown, Grey, Blue, and White
Care: Machine-washable

8. AmazonBasics Quilted Mattress Pad

AmazonBasics Quilted Mattress Pad

Price: Rs. 2589
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If you’re looking for a cool, non-waterproof topper, then this one from AmazonBasics is just what you need. The top is lightweight and hypoallergenic. At the same time, there’s poly-cotton fabric on both sides that keeps the air circulation going, and doesn’t make you feel hot. The topper can fit up to 18-inches thick mattresses.

Colors: White
Care: Machine-washable

9. AMZ Mattress Topper

AMZ Mattress Topper

Price: Rs. 1599
Check Price on Amazon

This topper feels as luxurious as it looks. It molds according to your body and provides support to the neck, back, and other pressure points. It also uses high-quality microfiber filling that doesn’t let the topper get flattened and helps it retain shape even after regular use. If you’re looking for a high-quality topper that’s durable and also lightweight, then you should definitely consider this one from AMZ.

Colors: Grey, Pink, Light Pink, and White
Care: Machine-washable

10. Kuber Industries Microfiber Padding

Kuber Industries Microfiber Padding

This heavenly topper from Kuber Industries has hollow strand Polyester fiber filling, which makes it plush and soft. The hollow center is responsible for trapping air and helping you stay warm. The topper is also light in weight, and hypoallergenic, this ticking all the right boxes. The bands that help secure the topper are highly tensile elastic, and will stay durable for a long time. One of the highest-rated toppers on Amazon, this topper is a 500 GSM, which is great for enhanced comfort while sleeping.

Colors: White
Care: Washable

More About Mattress Toppers

What is difference between Mattress Topper & Mattress Protector?

So, with this article, we aim to list down the best toppers that the Indian market has to offer, and how well it’ll go with your mattress. Remember, a mattress topper is not the same as a mattress protector. While protectors protect your mattress from water, dust mites, etc, they do not enhance and alter the feel of your bed like toppers do. However, protectors do cost one-third the price of toppers; so if you’re looking for those instead, then you can read our review of the 10 Best Mattress Protectors in India.

That brings us to the end of this listicle. We hope we helped you find the mattress topper of your ‘dreams’. Remember that a topper can only prolong your mattress’s life by a couple of years. So, if this is your second or third topper for the same mattress, you might wanna consider buying a new mattress instead.

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