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HLP Portable Table Mate For Rs. 699

HLP Portable Table Mate For Rs. 699

Rs. 699 Rs. 1999

For all those people out there who wish to have something compact and something more useful than a conventional table, Paytm offers to you table mate from HLP at an amazing discount of 65%. Take home one of these exclusive products from Paytm before someone else does. Hurry up! Limited offer time.

Product Description

Table mate is a one of a kind invention which can easily find a place in any home. Table mate is a product for anybody and everybody. You can use it at any place you like according to your convenience. Be it indoor or outdoor activities, you can position table in any way you desire to. The best thing about table mate is that you can take it from place to place easily without any hassle. Table mate has been made from durable plastic so that it lasts longer and is of much use to the buyer. The maintenance of table mate is very easy. You do not have to follow any precaution or measures to clean table mate. Any stains or marks can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth. Products like these are essential for any household tasks. But this compact and sublime product called table mate and start a new life to ease and comfort. Use it as your laptop stand or while reading newspaper or while gorging on some delicious food. Your daily chores never happened this easy before. Other than the above discount, Paytm lets you enjoy the best discount on your cart value automatically. You may also check various Paytm Coupons where you can avail such additional discounts on this page.


  • Item: Tablemate
  • Brand: HPL
  • Vendor: Paytm 
  • Water resistant: Yes
  • Material: Durable plastic