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Green Apple 6 Power Gym @ 50% OFF

Green Apple 6 Power Gym @ 50% OFF

Rs. 6000

Rs. 2999 50 % OFF

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Buy this Green Apple 6 Power Gym at StarCJ and Get Flat 50% OFF to achieve better shape and a healthy body. It Helps in Toning of the Abs and buttocks by the repetitive movement. helps in toning of thighs and legs. Due to the stretch at the upper part of the abdomen muscles, it gives some pressure on the internal organs of the abdomen and therefore, increasing their efficiency. The muscles on the front part of the thighs are stretched and the calves are strengthening while doing and holding the pose. This will also help to strengthen the leg muscles. This pose is extremely beneficial for those who sit long hours in front of the desk or computer as they usually hunch over the desk all day long. The backward bend in the pose will relieves tension or stress from the body and help in decreasing the ailments arising out of it.