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Waterproof LED Flood Light @ Rs 399 Only

Waterproof LED Flood Light @ Rs 399 Only

Rs. 399 Rs. 999

A fabulous chance at your doorstep to grab a Waterproof LED flood light for just Rs. 399. This product is sold to you by Tolexo at an amazing 60% less from the original price. So hurry up your backs and order this absolutely useful product because this deal wouldn’t arrive anytime soon.

Product Description

The most critical usage of floodlights, as you all are aware of, is for charging up the stage at which some event or sports tournaments happen. It’s generally a high density light and with a beam of LED onto the stage on which people perform, it would have a brightening effect all through. Sports matches, movies outdoor, entertainment and even for circuses, such LED floodlights can be used, which is brought to you for cheap just by making use of Tolexo coupons. And not just this, these amazing goods are water proof by nature, so the effect of rain wouldn’t stop them from working.


  1. Brand- EGK
  2. Material - LED
  3. Feature - Waterproof