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Glitz LED Downlight At Just Rs 549

Glitz LED Downlight At Just Rs 549

Rs. 549 Rs. 999

The smarter way has just begun with Glitz LED down light which is just sold for Rs 549. Imagine a product with 45% discount, wouldn’t that be finger licking good? This LED is the same good we are talking about. So, hurry up, grab the product with a gleam to save more.

Product Description

Electricity consumes lots of energy they say, but while considering Glitz LED down light at hand, it gives you in return an extra amount of savings. And a much more radiant light when compared to mediocre bulbs at stores. This down light can also be used for lamp or lamp sides for the benefit of concentrating light energy into a less scattered atmosphere and not disturbing your partner during the nights. Ceiling lights is also one of the spatialities of this LED light.

  • Brand- Glitz
  • Material- Steel and LED