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Are you looking for the perfect gift to give someone you love and adore? Well, your wait is over: presenting to you PVR Gift Cards: the perfect gift for every occasion! PVR Ltd. is the largest and the most premium film exhibition company in India. Since its inception in 1997, the brand has redefined the cinema industry and the way people watch movies in the country. Currently PVR operates a cinema circuit of 617 screens at 133 properties in 51 cities in 18 states and 1 Union Territory. Why do we think they’re the best thing to give someone as a gift? Because with this, you give the chance to spend quality time watching a great movie of their accord, you would like that for yourself too, wouldn’t you?

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All About PVR

With a humble beginning in 1997 when the Priya Exhibitors Private Limited and Village Roadshow limited came together to form the Priya Village Roadshow, PVR serves as the benchmark to luxurious and elite cinema watching experience in India today. Changing the cinema viewing experience for the entire country, PVR has a strong presence all around the country with 625 screens in 134 locations across 51 cities including metropolitan cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and smaller cities like Bhopal, Vijayawada, Kanpur, Hubli etc.

Treat Your Loved Ones With PVR Gift Cards

There is nothing better than giving someone the chance to spend some quality time and relax away from worldly stress and blur. PVR Gift Cards provide with a perfect reason to breakout from the monotony and spend a couple of hours watching the movie of your accord. Providing a movie watching experience far superior than the rest at every city, no matter how hard or easy to reach. PVR Gift Cards also provides with the best way to express your gratitude, apology and appreciation to someone. It’s the new times and herein, Gift Cards are one of the best gifts one can give to someone.

Why Choose PVR Cinemas for Gift Cards?

PVR Cinemas is one of the most prominent theatre chains in India and offers a variety of amenities including surround sound, exclusive screen, comfortable seating, deluxe seating, food courts and a lot more others! There is nothing more you could as from PVR hospitality after their commendable services, do try them out now! The largest cinema chain in India, from PVR’s Gold Class and Mainstream Cinemas, Director’s Cut to the latest format- PVR Icon, the company has made exceptional technology like the IMAX® and the ECX (Enhanced Cinema Experience), 4 DX accessible to its audience. If you’re a movie buff who thinks watching cinema is great, watching cinema at the PVR is explosive.

PVR Gift Cards
PVR Gift Card Offer

Multiple Options To Choose From

PVR Cinemas offer you e-Gift Cards which are redeemable at the online PVR store. PVR promises of a very smooth experience and ensures that you have a good time while there. Providing the choice to customize the value of your Gift Card ranging from Rs.100 to Rs.500, you get to choose the exact amount you want to spend on this gift, and stick to it too. It also ensures the payment methods are entire secure and takes extra precautions to avoid important information from falling into the wrong hands. Additionally, our team works on sending out the gift card to your loved ones within 30 minutes from you placing the order. Go check them out now!

Deals And Discounts

PVR Gift Cards are already very affordable and reasonable but if you’re looking for some brownie points, here are some great deals, discounts and amazing offers from PVR Cinemas Gift Cards through GrabOn. Combine you Gift Card powers combined with the tested and verified coupon codes to be the unstoppable shopper! Check out the best of them here!

Fast E-Gift Card Delivery

Buying gifts online makes life far easier. It eliminates the extra time and effort it would cost to jump from store to store, look through each, travel, possible bad service,etc. However, the downside surfaces only once you’ve finished shopping, in the form of waiting for the delivery. With a PVR gift card from GrabOn, the gift will reach the receiver with in half an hour! With a team that ensures your gift card reaches as soon as possible, the next time you forget to buy somebody a gift, and don’t have the time to go shopping for one, you now know just what to do!

Ease Of Use

Online shopping portals can sometimes get fairly overwhelming and messy. Filters, panels, terms and conditions, and so much more! To ensure buying availing your PVR gift card offers is as easy and quick as possible, the process is simplified to a few basic steps. Find your PVR cinemas gift cards online at GrabOn, choose the amount, pick a receiver, and pay! That simple.

Safe And Secure

Fear of misuse of their credit card, wallet, or other online payment methods are one of the top reasons Indians still haven't entirely embraced the revolution that is online marketing. It’s a reasonable fear too, considering once the details are in the wrong hands, the risk is quite high. From emptying your account to ordering illegal products, this could result in an array of problems. Which is why, GrabOn goes the extra mile and uses the SSL protocol. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) ensures that all transactions remain completely private and highly secure.

Seamless Payments & Transactions

In the process of establishing safety protocols, it is often easy to add multiple verification steps, and carry out the payment in multiple different pages. However, this complicates the process, and increase chances of errors and denial for payments. GrabOn’s SSL protocol keeps your information safe without compromising on the ease of use or time spent when you gift your loved ones a PVR e-gift card.

Terms and Conditions

  1. PVR cinemas vouchers can be used to book movie tickets, food & beverages.
  2. Order once placed for PVR E-Gift Card can not be canceled or refunded.
  3. In case the value of the service exceeds the value of the E-Gift card, the difference must be paid by credit card or debit card or in cash.
  4. PVR E-Gift card does not guarantee seating and ticket availability.
  5. PVR E-Gift card can neither be redeemed for cash or credit nor would any unutilized balance be refunded & cannot be exchanged for a Gift card.
  6. PVR E-Gift Card can be redeemed at only once at Cinemas (offline. However, residual amount can be redeemed multiple times on the PVR website or app.
  7. PVR E-Gift Card is valid for 90 days from the date of activation.
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PVR Cinemas Gift Card FAQs

1. What does the PVR Cinemas Gift Card do?

The PVR Gift Cards are the best gifts for your movie enthusiast friend. These cards can be used to purchase tickets, food & beverages at the PVR cinemas. This is a prepaid card and it can be purchased to gift someone special or you could redeem it yourself. The gift cards are available at denominations: Rs 300 to Rs 500.

2. How do I buy a PVR Cinemas Gift Card?

The PVR Cinemas Gift Cards can be purchased from https://www.grabon.in/pvr-gift-cards/.

3. Till when is my Gift Card valid?

Please refer to the terms and conditions to know the validity of your gift card.

4. What types of PVR Cinemas Gift Card available?

There are two types of gift card available, physical and e-Cards.

5. How will I receive my Gift Card(s) after purchase?

You’ll receive your PVR Cinemas gift card in your email within 24 hours from the time we receive your payment.

6. How can I redeem my PVR Cinemas Gift Card?

There are two types of PVR Cinemas Gift Cards available and each has its own terms of use. The physical cards can be redeemed by purchasing tickets and candy bars. However, the e-Gift Cards can be redeemed ONLY ONCE at the cinemas (offline), the balance amount, if any, can be redeemed multiple times at the PVR website for the purchase of tickets, foods and beverages.

7. Can I use my gift card on the PVR Cinemas mobile app?

Yes, you can use the gift card on the app as the merchant does provide services over their mobile app.

8. Can I use multiple Gift Card during one purchase?

No. You can use only one gift card in one transaction.

9. What happens if the transaction amount is lower than the balance in my Gift Card?

If the order total is less than your gift card value, the specified total cart amount will only be deducted. The remaining amount can be used for your next purchase.

10. If I cancel my purchase or booking what happens to the Gift Card that I have used?

If you cancel your tickets, the amount will not be refunded or the balance will not reimbursed to your gift card.

11. Upon applying my Gift Card the transaction failed. But the amount has been deducted. What do I do?

In such a case reach out to us as soon as possible and we will look into the matter and revert accordingly.

12. What are the customer support details?

Drop us a mail at giftcards@grabon.in or call us at 7997692233 and our team will get back to you.

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  • This E-gift card is valid for all purchases done online through www.pvrcinemas.com (Tickets and F&B menu present online if applicable)
  • This Gift card/ E- Gift Card can be redeemed only at selected outlets.
  • This E-Gift card can be used for multiple purchases made online
  • No refund of cash will be made for any items purchased with the E-gift card.
  • E-Gift card cannot be used to purchase movie vouchers and candy bar vouchers.
  • This E-Gift card does not guarantee seating and ticket availability
  • This E-Gift card can neither be redeemed for cash or credit nor would any unutilized balance be refunded & cannot be exchanged for a Gift card.
  • This E-Gift Card is freely transferable
  • In case the value of the service exceeds the value of the Gift card, the difference must be paid by credit card or debit card.
  • If the E Gift card is lost or stolen, neither will a new E Gift Card will be issued nor will the money be reimbursed in any manner.
  • Protect the card numbers and pin numbers to avoid misuse. In case the card number gets stolen, it cannot be replaced, nor cash refunded.
  • E-Gift Cards are normally delivered instantly. But sometimes due to system issues, the delivery can be delayed up-to 24 hours.
  • No returns and no refunds on gift cards, E- gift cards and gift vouchers shipped by woohoo.in. Please check the refund policy at http://www.woohoo.in/faq for further details.
  • Note: A convenience fee might apply on the purchase at the payment gateway.
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