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Get Cool White LED Bulb @ Rs 199 Only

Get Cool White LED Bulb @ Rs 199 Only

Rs. 199 Rs. 250

Verified Today. LED bulbs just at Rs 199/- is a mouthwatering feeling to tempt for. And if you are not tempted yet, then this is your chance to grab this amazing offer by Tolexo discount coupons in hand. EGK has finally excelled in the matte of distributing LED bulbs with such high quality, so hurry up for the same!

Product Description

LED bulbs with such high quality just arrived freshly from the markets of EGK are the one which are meant to be used in the field of housings which use electrical fittings for better and improved lighting. This luminous effect is featured by White LED bulbs at discounted rates for 2 purposes, first is the quality through which it maintains focused lighting at homes and second is the cost effective rate at which its offered. Not just this, but also for lamps, these LEDs can be used for better savings on energy.

  • Brand- EGK
  • Color- White
  • Material- Glass