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Best Price On D-Link Wireless Router

Best Price On D-Link Wireless Router

Rs. 1045 Rs. 2006

Internet is an essential need for modern day people. So making sure that all your devices get connected to the world wide web sometimes becomes a tedious work as not many routers are capable of handling many inputs and give out a vast internet range. But this router from D-Link at just Rs. 1045, a never before offered price is just for you. Hurry up! Connect your home with technology with this router from D-link.

Product Description

Equip your abode or your workplace with this router from D-link and enjoy lightning quick internet speed. It has a wireless frequency range of around 2.4Ghz and well compatible with major internet service providers . You are given a ready ADSL connection with a 24Mbps downstream and Mbps upstream ensuring a stable and hassle free streaming nonstop. Now play your favorite movies or games or videos with no lags at all. Quick internet speed and superfast wifi are two amazing things but when both of them combine, then it’s nothing like anything else. With internet comes the threat of your privacy being intruded.This highly advanced router stops any unauthorized access to internet and gives you high level of privacy. This router comes with a very good wifi range. No matter how big or small your house is each and every corner of the house is assured of a very good wifi speed. This router is not just easy to maintain but also easy to install. Anybody and everybody can install this router from D-link. Technology wasn’t this simplified before. You are assured of having a brilliant experience with this router and in case you experience any lag then D-link promises to fix the bug for you. Happy surfing!


  • Item: Router
  • Manufacturer: D-Link
  • Model No: DSl-2600U
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Speed: N 150 technology