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Blue n Pink Mayuri Menpattu Jacquard Saree

Blue n Pink Mayuri Menpattu Jacquard Saree

Rs. 12584 Rs. 14805

Grab the best ethic Indian saree from Cbazaar at the best price of Rs 12584 now. This saree is of menpattu jacquard material, which is very free flowing, soft and supple. Easy to wear and should only be dry-cleaned. This saree will ignite a spark in any party or wedding you will wear it to. Attract more eyes towards by buying this and wearing it to the next big occasion. You can buy best indian ethnic wear sarees, wedding sarees from the vast collections at Cbazaar. Choose from wide selection of products. No coupon code required. Buy this blue and pink mix mayuri menapattu saree for Rs 12854 and wear it at your next wedding event. Order now!

Product Description

This saree is very elegant and royal and who ever adorns it will look breathtakingly beautiful. This saree is made of jacquard fabric which is a hand-woven material, very intricate and light. It is a special loom that is done with figure fabric weaving. Mayuri menputtu is a type of peacock design that this saree carries which is makes this saree look very elegant and royal. The colors of the saree will look super pretty on anyone. The colors of blues, purples and pinks will just make your skin glow and also will make you stand out in crowd. The sides of the sarees has this heavy golden pattu which looks royal and rich enhancing the whole look of the saree. 

You can more of these sarees in the same fabric but different designs and colors on Cbazaar site. Go and check out the site today to know more about this sarees and to indulge in some serious ethnic shopping. These sarees will never go out of fashion and can be stored for a long time as the fabric makes sure that it has a longer life.&nbs